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Gas disconnected by supplier

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Dear all,

We were disconnected by our gas supplier. We have no managed to find the money to clear the bill. They have told us it will take 10 days to reconnect us.
There is a vulnerable old person in the house and we have no heating or hot water. Also we are worried that the pipes will freeze and burst.
Where we live it is expected to drop to 0 degrees this weekend for a few days.
If we keep the house warm with heaters will that prevent the pipes from freezing?
Also how do the companies actually reconnect you? Is it a case of just turning your gas valve back to the on position?
Our gas meter is outside.
Any reassurance would be great.
tell them
1. you have a vulnerable old person in the house
2 you have PAID the bill and pay it now.
all being well 2 days to get it sorted.

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