An unused drug or leftover drug is the medicine which remains after the consumer has quit using it. Individual patients may have leftover medicines at the end of their treatment. Health care organizations may keep larger amounts of drugs as part of providing care to a community, and may have unused drugs for a range of reasons. The unused drugs should be destroyed utterly to eliminate the toxic effects of undisposed drugs on flora and fauna. The improper disposal of unused drugs could be the reason for the contamination of Surface, Ground and Drinking Water. Discharge of unused antibiotics and disinfectants in the sewage system may ruin the aquatic life or contamination of drinking water.
The determination of appropriate ways for disposal
of unused medications can predict the number of contamination problems of the environment. There are several studies which evidence the toxic effects of medications on the environment which are disposed of inappropriately.

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  1. T

    Unused solar Thermal Thermal

    Morning, Does anybody know what happens to a solar thermal flat panels (a pair on south facing slate roof) that have been unused for at least 12 months possibly year before also. System has been switched of due to loss of pressure. How will last years heat wave conditions have effected the panel...
  2. T

    Unused Stopcock Valve Crusty

    Hi Folks, Over the weekend, my wife insisted that I cleared out a junk cupboard in our utility room, in doing so I discovered a stopcock (that we have never used) had a load of crust around it. It looks to me that at some stage it probably leaked and sealed itself. I've never used it as it's...
  3. J

    Capping off unused toilet

    Hi! Totally inexperienced DIY newbie so bear with me for descriptions! Pictures hopefully help. I’m trying to remove an unused downstairs toilet in our new house. It’s eventually going to be moved to the other side of the house. The seal around the back of the toilet had failed so I switched...
  4. OldSoul71

    Remove Old Unused Flue Pipe?

    Hi, long story short, our boiler has been replaced with a combi and the loft and airing cupboard are now devoid of tanks and pipework, except.... ... this old flue pipe, which was once connected to the original boiler when our home was built in the mid-80s. It runs from a vent on the roofline...
  5. D

    Removing unused stack pipe

    Hi, Just wondering if the 4" stack pipe shown on the attached photo can be removed and capped at ground level? The bathroom was originally upstairs and now relocated to downstairs with the waste plumbed directly into underground pipework. Not sure whether this is still required for the...
  6. P

    Unused toilet with sewer gas smells

    Hello. I have an unused toilet in my house that I need to sort out. It hasn't been used for a couple of years, and the bowl has dried up. It is emitting sewer gas smells. Is there anything I should be aware of before I flush it to refill the trap? For example, could anything have happened to...
  7. A

    How can we block off an unused external boiler flue?

    We had a boiler in an old shed adjacent to the house. The flue is encased in a brick chimney stack that runs up the outside of the house. Some years ago, the boiler was moved inside, but the old flue remains. It looks like a chimney but is open at the bottom and unsightly. I am not sure...
  8. P

    Unused UFH port...........

    Afternoon Lads and Lasses. I am setting up a 2 circuit UFH system the manifold has 3 ports. Do I blank off the spare ports or do I fit a loop and leave it turned off ? The other ports will be controlled with room stats.
  9. G

    Vaillant flue parts job lot. (all unused and wont be split)

    Due to imminent retirement plans, Im having a clean out; 2x vertical flues 0020223472, 15x 1Mtr straight lengths 303903, 10x telescopic lengths 303906, 3x Vaillant condensate pumps, 4x incomplete Vaillant condensate pumps, 5x stand off brackets 308650, 25x boxes flue brackets 303935, 35x 45...
  10. R

    How to seal unused soil pipe

    Hi, I've just uninstalled a bathroom, and need to cap off the 110mm soil branch pipe from the WC which has been removed. The pipe goes straight down underground and connected to the main soil pipe. I bought a 110mm cap, however this requires the use of a standard 110mm coupler to fit it into...
  11. S

    Firebird enviromax unused for 2 years causing trouble after oil tank filled

    Hello all I have recently moved in to a property that was vacant for 2yrs. After spending £600 having a service, replacement hot water flow switch, pump valves, top up valve, oil pump, solenoid actuator and several weeks of the engineer coming back and forth before we got any heating, it worked...
  12. J

    Unused 6 inch cast iron soil pipe

    Hiya fellas been meaning to join up for some time now, just looking for some info on an old soil pipe which has it's base in my garage and what I would guess runs into the sewer mains. The thing that I don't understand most is that it has no connections into the house whatsoever or no bird...
  13. N

    Seeking instructions/advice for an unused 30+ year old Myson "Heat Generator"

    I'm completely new to the forum so I apologize in advance if i'm in the wrong area. Today I acquired what is best described as a "Hot Water Generator" by Myson. It has never been installed, the previous owner had it for 10 years but never installed it (It just sat in the garage). The issue we...
  14. Dan

    Clearing out unused accounts from the Plumbing Forum

    I'm clearing up unused accounts on most of the forums. So if people haven't confirmed their new account within 30 days, I'm assuming they're not going to and they'll be erased. If people haven't logged into the forum for 300 days, and have no posts under their account, I'm assuming they don't...
  15. C

    Thought I had better log in as your email said unused account

    Hi, I have been a member for a while but as I have not had a problem for some time I have not been on forum, I got email to say unused account so I thought I had better log on. Although I can do most things I don't know it all so nice to know the forum is there when I need help as things are...
  16. S

    Modena 22kw multifuel stove for sale with back boiler brand new unused

    Modena 22kw multifuel stove for sale with back boiler brand new unused has airwash syste and ash pan drawer cost £700 will accept £600
  17. A

    Will switching radiators off do any long term damage in a unused room?

    If I switch off radiators in rooms that are unused and not going to be used for a few months will that do any long term damage? I don't really think that the pipes can freeze as the rest of the house is still heated and is warmish. The rooms where the heating is off are really cold if that makes...
  18. M

    Quantity of unused Speedfit fittings for sale

    Anyone interested in bidding on a quantity of unused JG Speedfit fittings please see my ebay auction. Just search for item number 300538323379.
  19. G

    Unused Warm Air Heating System

    We have recently moved into a house which has a combi boiler with radiators in each room. However it is obviously a recent install and it replaced a warm air system. They have not blocked up any of the vents or removed the ducting. I am a little concerned that these vents will...
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