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The tight end (TE) is a position in American football, arena football, and Canadian football, on the offense. The tight end is often a hybrid position with the characteristics and roles of both an offensive lineman and a wide receiver. Like offensive linemen, they are usually lined up on the offensive line and are large enough to be effective blockers. On the other hand, unlike offensive linemen, they are eligible receivers adept enough to warrant a defense's attention when running pass patterns.
Because of the hybrid nature of the position, the tight end's role in any given offense depends on the tactical preferences and philosophy of the head coach as well as overall team dynamic. In some systems, the tight end will merely act as a sixth offensive lineman, rarely going out for passes. Other systems use the tight end primarily as a receiver, frequently taking advantage of the tight end's size to create mismatches in the defensive secondary. Many coaches will often have one tight end who specializes in blocking on running plays while using a tight end with better pass-catching skills in obvious passing situations.
Offensive formations may have as few as zero or as many as three tight ends at one time.

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  1. T

    Stopcock turned tight but water still running upstairs. Help!

    Hi all, thank you so much in advance for any help. I’m always really grateful for the advice and support from experts when I have been on here a few years ago. There’s a dripping coming from my bathroom and I can hear it coming from behind the toilet and I’m worried it’s causing a buildup which...
  2. S

    Removing a tight immersion element.

    Got all my stuff together to finally fit the recirculation pump to my hot water tank, but I can't budge the immersion element. I need this out because a) I'm fitting solar which will be used to heat the hot water and although the fitted element has not been used so far, it's been in maybe 20...
  3. S

    Sink waste pipe unable to get water tight

    Hi, Noticed a leak in my sink and the pipe collapsed down for the P trap. So I was going to replace it all. However, i've been stuck because this starting part from the sink isn't forming a good water tight seal. The rest of the pipes kind of insert into each other nicel and have a grove in the...
  4. S

    Do you fit Elements XPS panels tight to floor and ceiling?

    When fitting waterproof XPS (Elements) boards in a shower recess, should they be cut tight to the floor and ceiling or should a gap left at one or both ends? If a gap is to be left, which end should it go and what do you put in the gap? TIA
  5. Bogart

    Tight compression fitting

    Trying to get the 3 port valve off so I can get on with changing from Y plan to S plan. Problem is one of the compression treads will not come free. And being sods law it is the one feeding into the DHW tank. Have tried brute force with 2 large spanners, tried heating it, and freezing it and...
  6. M

    Why so tight - Magnafilter cap

    Hello All, My gas engineer did a first annual service in August. We've had new rads fitted and its time to add inhibitor and check the Greenstar Magnafilter. So I've added inhibitor through a rad and have isolated the magnafilter. Try as I might to remove the top of the filter to access the...
  7. milleniumaire

    Help on getting a water tight fitting

    Forgive my ignorance. I was performing a test of a new manifold today, using mains water pressure to the 22mm flow pipe and back through the return. Unfortunately it failed as one of the joints where the 22mm copper pipe connects to the manifold failed and water leaked out. I'm now wondering...
  8. J murton

    Drip on very tight tee

    Hi does anyone have any ideas on how to get round this. the 15mm tee is leaking. no movement in pipe coming through the wall. This is very tight and can only think to try and sweat tee off. All pipework is between joists.
  9. D

    Plastic coated 10mm copper tubing - how tight a radius?

    Hi. I'm looking to run a rad supply using 10mm plastic-coated copper pipe and, as it'll be under a laminate floor, to use as few actual fittings as possible. How tight a radius can it be bent without using a pipe bending tool or former - ie hand-bend? This is standard pipe, 0.7mm wall thickness...
  10. O

    CH radiator routing pipework from ceiling around joist tight to the wall

    Hi All, 1st post on here and hoping someone can help out. Im in the early stages of a garage conversion; I've temporarily hung the vertical radiator where its planned to go and my plumber has routed a couple of feed and return pipes in ceiling; i've attached a couple of photos showing the...
  11. Bogart

    Tectite fitting for tight space

    Need to use a couple of 28mm tectite fitting, space very limited so soldering is out. Looking on the Peglar site there seems so many that look the same. Some they state as slip fittings, how do they work on a grab ring fitting?
  12. S

    How to check if air tight trapped sealed gully was installed as designed?

    I have a Zip water heater installed in a cupboard under the kitchen island. There is not normally any discharge into the Zip "font" in the worktop other than maybe a small amount of near-boiling water. The Zip guy accused us of chucking dregs down there, which I categorically deny. There is a...
  13. Ray Stroud

    Fitting a PRV in a tight space.

    I'm about to replace my house stopcock (gatevalve) with a new one (Pegler Lever Ball) and thought I'd take the opportunity to add a Honeywell D05F Pressure Reducing Valve and a Fernox Electrolytic Scale Reducer. However, 'the book' says the PRV must be followed by a straight length of pipe...
  14. townfanjon

    Who says us Yorkshire men are tight

    PMSL at this today , this would be me , how about you @YorkshireDave lol .
  15. J

    Compression fittings. How tight?

    Hi all I have just finished the last thing in our ensuite. The thing I was most worried about actually. I had to re-install the shower valve onto my new pipework. Anyway, after installation I had a few little drops of water from one of the compression nuts. I nipped up the nut a little more and...
  16. C

    Threading Old 3/4" Steel Pipe Tight To A Wall.

    Hi I'm looking to have some pipework altered underneath the kitchen sink. There is some 3/4" steel pipe coming up from below the floor which I need shortening to allow for a deep Belfast sink and quite a thick timber worktop. Plus all the adjoining pipework is leaking and needs replacing. I've...
  17. townfanjon

    "I am too tight to pay sky"

    I posted a thread on the old style forum about this a while ago , we have a lot of new members here now who may be able to help with their opinions and experience . Very simply, has anybody bought one of these streaming boxes or dishes that give you reliable tv. For a one-off payment Thank...
  18. M

    Need a new c/h radiator that fits tight to the wall with brackets out of sight.

    I need advice on what radiator will fit my situation. Rad is to be Single panel, 600 x 1200 horizontal, White Rad is to be installed on the side of a hall-way, so the end of the rad is very visible. For that reason, the brackets must hold the rad tight to the wall and the brackets should be...
  19. gassafe

    Unsweating a soldered joint tight to ceiling!

    I often find on replacing a boiler I have to unsolder a joint far too close to the ceiling than makes me comfortable!! How do you guy say do it without setting fire to the house, I'm always worried the flame will catch something in the ceiling... this is is an example, the 22mm flow pipe...
  20. J

    Tap washers - new ones a tight fit

    Hi all, Just a general question. I have a steady stream of customers with leaky taps. Some taps have been a right pain to re-washer - old washer comes off OK, but new washer is incredibly tight to fit. The one I'm thinking of was an old basin tap, with a rim around the washer and a little screw...
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