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A screw and a bolt (see Differentiation between bolt and screw below) are similar types of fastener typically made of metal and characterized by a helical ridge, called a male thread (external thread). Screws and bolts are used to fasten materials by the engagement of the screw thread with a similar female thread (internal thread) in the matching part.
Screws are often self-threading (also known as self-tapping) where the thread cuts into the material when the screw is turned, creating an internal thread that helps pull fastened materials together and prevents pull-out. There are many screws for a variety of materials; materials commonly fastened by screws include wood, sheet metal, and plastic.

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  1. A

    RAK toilet seat coming loose

    I have a RAK toilet and seat, the seat keeps coming loose on one side, I tighten the screw but it doesn't last long. My question is will a replacement screw cure the problem or will I need to get a new seat?
  2. A

    Strange Radiator Valve Screw

    I need to turn on a radiator and want to remove the valve top to put a spanner on it as it as it is stiff, however the screw holding it on looks like a security screw as it has two holes in it. Has anyone seen these before?
  3. S

    How to remove these shower screw fittings from the pipes?

    I'm retiling my bathroom, and so everything in this photo minus the copper pipes must be removed. Anyone familiar with these screw fittings that go over the pipes? They have filed down areas to get an adjustable spanner in there to turn them, but when I grip the copper pipe and the screw...
  4. V

    Shower unit leaking from screw

    Hello, amateur DIYer here. My shower has recently started slowly dripping from the unit / bar, right where there is a screw fitting. (photos attached) My best guess is an internal washer has failed, but unsure whether this screw has any other purpose and shouldn't be removed? Would be...
  5. S

    My in wall toilet seat screw won’t tighten

    I tried to install a new toilet seat and I’m stuck in a process where I couldn’t loosen or tighten the screw. I also tried rotating the screw in both ways but that’s just a endless process and it wouldn’t come off. It’s a in wall built toilet so I could only stick my hand underneath a bit and...
  6. C

    Spare bleed screw for Grundfos boiler pump? Please help!!

    Hi all, After trying to solve my boiler problem via YouTube as my usual plumber wasn't available, I have stupidly dropped Grundfos bleed screw below the boiler and it has fallen through a gap which is inaccessible. Is there anywhere I can buy spares for this part only or someone who could...
  7. J

    Vado Elements basin mixer with no grub screw

    HI there I have a 10 year old Vado elements 3 hole basin mixer with quarter turn taps. One of the taps is leaking, but there doesn't seem to be a way to remove it because there is no grub screw or other obvious method. The mixer is tiled into place...
  8. C

    How to screw back in a click clack sink stopper

    i have unscrewed the small click clack stopper from the sink, it is one where the head is attached to the mechanism. i am finding it hard to secure back into place when screwing. there is only two little prongs in the sink that it screws onto. any suggestions on how to put it back?
  9. M

    Rusty screw removal advice

    Good day fellow plumbers. As the title says, what do you use to extract rusty screws from boilers? Vailliant and glow worm plates and the bottom screw on the diverter ? Cheers
  10. D

    Tap head and screw stuck

    Hi, I am trying to replace my washers but on one tap the screw I can’t remove and the second. Removed screw but I can’t pull of the handle :/ Does anyone have Any ideas ? Kind regards
  11. D

    Leaky back screw male to female 1/2 junction for shower outflow.

    Hi there I connected a new shower wand which has a chrome outlet back into a 4" inch thin wide wall and comes out to a 1/2 inch male. I put a 1/2 inch female screw (90-degree bend to a 15mm compression join) over it and tightened it and used PTFE tap ( alot) to seal but the female fitting...
  12. K

    1970s bathtap washer problem

    i am trying to change the washer in a 1970 bath tap that's dripping i cannot find any screw that holds the tap spindle on there is no screw in the side and nothing apparent under the blue plastic indicator any ideas please
  13. G

    Air vent screw help !!!

    Morning all I have main boiler could you tell me from the photo is the black screw suppose to be open or tightly closed don’t know what is best
  14. S

    Screw fit 15mm end cap required?

    Hi All, I've recently removed my dishwasher and I want to remove the dishwasher water supply pipe highlighted in the picture in yellow. Is it possible to get a screw fit end cap (should be 15mm) for the point highlighted in red? Or will I need to replace the whole connector highlighted in...
  15. M

    Replacing pop up plug and waste in bath. No screw to remove drain cover from plug hole.

    Hi, the pop up plug system has broken and needs replacing. I would like to replace the whole lot. My issue is trying to remove the waste drain cover from the bath isn't what I'm expecting. There is no screw holding the trap to the plug section in the bath. As the bath is fiberglass, I don't want...
  16. D

    Can't pull out lever mira shower after removing grub screw

    I would like to replace the lever of Mira shower so I removed the grub screw but cannot pull the current lever. It is stuck, if I pull too much the whole unit may fall. I sprayed some lubricant without success. Any ideas? Thanks.
  17. B

    Quick question - Can i screw a 1/2" BSP outdoor tap onto this?

    Hi All Looking to replace this so i have a standard threaded end outdoor tap, looks like they have managed to fit an indoor tap outside as is? Will a standard 1/2" outside tap like this screw on where the union is? https://www.screwfix.com/p/outside-tap-with-double-check-valve-15mm-x/37241...
  18. G

    Automatic air vent screw

    Just a quick question the black screw on the vent is it suppose to be screwed tight or undone under normal operation
  19. A

    Remove a lever spindle tap (no grub screw)

    Hi, My tap is drippping and I wanted to try and replace the washer myself but am struggling to get the top part off. I have removed the lever handle and everything online says there should be a grub screw inside the hole that I can use an Allen key to open but it seems to be empty. I don't...
  20. spaceboy_psy

    Bath drain plate won't come off... Or screw back down

    Hi all, new here so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm having a hell of a time with my bath drain cover. I just wanted to take it off to get a better look at whether the P-Trap was dry. So I unscrewed it. And it won't come off, but neither will it screw back down! Now I just want to...
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