1. gingalig

    Non return valve on unvented

    Hi, thanks in advance for any advice, I've come to change a manifold for the ufh, I have noticed a non return valve on the main dhw outlet on the unvented cylinder Is this acceptable ? 1570704464 My thoughts are no it's not.
  2. M

    Secondary Hot Water Return on Pumped Shower supply.

    New Shower being installed - thermo mixer - new shower is around 60 feet from HW cyclinder, multiple swept 90 deg bends plus around 10 feet of vertical rise, so negative head - 22mm pipe is installed (15mm last 1 meter) - without pump - dribble so intend fitting dedicated Salmander 3 bar pump...
  3. mgw

    Pump on return is there a problem?

    I know years ago before the TRV the pump went on the return, but new house to me, all TRV's on radiators except for bathroom which does not really count as that is thermo syphon, not worried about boiler as thermo syphon domestic hot water with no motorised valve, but am worried about pump, will...
  4. B

    15mm flow and return, plate exchanger blockage?

    The combi boiler has 22mm flow and return outlets but they are immediately reduced to 15mm as they come out the boiler. After the pipes come out of the boiler, they split off into 3 branches. Branch 1 is for a single radiator only. Branch 2 feeds about 9000BTU diownstairs and branch 3 feeds...
  5. A

    Non return valve- Hot water bath?!

    Hi (System is header tank in loft, indirect hot water tank) After the hot water isolation valve under my bath, there is a non return valve between the isolation valve and the hot water tap. When I switch the hot water (mixer tap) on in the bath nothing happens until I flick the SINK mixer...
  6. G

    Non Return Valve on low pressure system

    Hi, Previously wrote on here as the tank in the attic was overflowing due to mains pressure back flow up the hot water tank fed pipes. Resolved this issue with a NRV on the hot pipe coming from my twin pump. (See pic) Solved my issue but because the NRV is spring loaded the pump doesn’t...
  7. H

    Identify Boiler Return

    Hello Forum, Please could you help confirm that Pipe 'A' is the boiler return? - Pipe 'C' confused me, but I believe it is the return from Upstairs/Downstairs heating zones. Pipe Description A Boiler Return? B Boiler Flow C Return from Upstairs/Downstairs heating zones? D...
  8. A

    Why does filling loop have to be installed to the return pipe?

    Hi all Im a 'Registered Professional Gas Engineer' and just after clarification into this,as genrally manufatures state to install on return pipe of boilers. Im only asking for advise, as a senior 'Registered Professional Gas Engineer' said to me that its best to install on the flow side as when flushing the system connecting to the filter, it helps filling water...
  9. D

    Underfloor heating - supply & return flow temperature question

    Hi I have a wet based underfloor heating system and I've noticed that the stone floor in our kitchen isn't warming up evenly. There is one patch that is much warmer than other areas. I have noticed that when I look at the manifold the supply temperature is running at around 50 to 55 degs but...
  10. G

    Radiator problem - busted lock shield / return valve

    Hi I am not an expert so I apologise if any of my post come across as naive. I have a pretty new boiler and there is one radiator on the system that never warms up and it hasn't for a long time but have just ignored it. It is most likely the last radiator in on the system. After having a look...
  11. R

    Connecting flow and return on radiators

    Hello I have been told that I can connect a new radiator circuit to the pipe work in the airing cupboard. I guess the flow can be teed off below the zone valve? Where do you pick up the return from? It’s a s plan system and in this forum I have heard about the last tee. Is this where the pipe at...
  12. A

    Flow and return the wrong way around

    I would really appreciate your view on this underfloor heating set-up. I’m experiencing what sounds like a knocking noise from the manifold/pipework (can’t tell which) for a few seconds whenever the underfloor heating zones are switched on, so am wondering if it’s an issue with a valve or...
  13. K

    What is the correct orientation of a tee in a flow return circuit?

    Hi all, I suspect I've incorrectly used a tee in the flow return as the two radiators don't seem to get hot enough. I have two radiators and their flow returns feed into opposing ends of a tee. Like below. Rad ----|---- Rad Return I think it should be like - Rad -------|------- Return...
  14. T

    The final return tee: always the immersion cylinder return, but is it a standard?

    Hi, Long story short: my boiler (gas, conventional, vented, three port system) has been moved from one side of the house to the other. Previously the immersion cylinder return was the final tee before reaching the boiler, and all worked fine. Now the immersion cylinder return is a few tees...
  15. Mark Garland

    Hot flow and return pipes, hot upstairs rad but cold rads downstairs

    As in the title, the flow and return pipes both get hot when the heating is turned on, yet only the upstairs radiators get hot. I am very puzzled by this. Even turning off all thermostatic valves upstairs, none of the downstairs rads get hot. Our plumber says there must be a blockage looking...
  16. B

    Common return off 2 separate systems??

    Hi guys. I am putting in 2 altherma heating system into a house. We need 5 pipes from the plantroom to the house however the plumber has only put in 4 pipes. Would it be possible to have a common return off the upstairs and downstairs systems returning to 2 low loss headers in the plantroom. The...
  17. A

    Flow and return in airing cupboard.

    Guys, After a long lay-off I am looking at getting back into the gas industry. I have tried to attach a drawn pic, but was unable to due to a repeated error. My question is, if a conventional boiler is fitted within an airing cupboard (above the DHW cylinder - vertical flue) and the F/R pipes...
  18. D

    Urgent Help Please! :) Twin/Double Entry Valve - Return pipe

    Hi all, I'd appreciate some advice pretty urgently please. Our house has a rare (apparently) radiator system in that is has twin/double entry return valves. Rather old. Been told only 1 in every 10000 homes still have these. Anyway. Trying to remove one of the radiators ready for wall...
  19. J

    Best way to measure flow & return temperature's at radiators?

    What's the best way to measure flow & return temperature at radiator? What type of thermometer?
  20. J

    DHW secondary return pump - which do you recommend?

    What is/are the best bronze/stainless steel DHW secondary return pump's on the market for largish domestic applications?
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