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In finance, return is a profit on an investment. It comprises any change in value of the investment, and/or cash flows (or securities, or other investments) which the investor receives from that investment, such as interest payments, coupons, cash dividends, stock dividends or the payoff from a derivative or structured product. It may be measured either in absolute terms (e.g., dollars) or as a percentage of the amount invested. The latter is also called the holding period return.
A loss instead of a profit is described as a negative return, assuming the amount invested is greater than zero.
To compare returns over time periods of different lengths on an equal basis, it is useful to convert each return into a return over a period of time of a standard length. The result of the conversion is called the rate of return.Typically, the period of time is a year, in which case the rate of return is also called the annualized return, and the conversion process, described below, is called annualization.
The return on investment (ROI) is return per dollar invested. It is a measure of investment performance, as opposed to size (c.f. return on equity, return on assets, return on capital employed).

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  1. Robjolla

    Tee off primary Flow and Return

    Hi new to the forum here and after some advise please. I have done a garage extension and need heating in the room. I am in a town house with no Rads on the ground floor. (Underfloor heating). My boiler (not combi) is downstairs, but megaflow tank is upstairs along with rads upstairs. I have...
  2. V

    Central Heating - Blocked 22mm return pipe?

    Hello all. I've just joined, was going to post in the new members forum, but the first site generated email sent me here... I am here, as have a challenging and interesting problem, which I'll try as best to describe below keeping to the point and as short as possible, to avoid boring any of...
  3. B

    DHW recirculating loop connection to cylinder

    Can the return pipe in a domestic hot water recirculating loop be connected to the cold feed to a direct HW cylinder
  4. R

    Air lock in boiler return pipe

    I have a issue which I’m assuming is an airlock in the return pipe just above the boiler. The pipes go up and over and then enter the boiler at the bottom. The boiler fires up normally but the heat doesn’t get far and the the pipes next to the boiler make like a fluffing noise. I’m not the most...
  5. J

    Secondary return issur

    Hi When secondary return pump is on theres no flow to hotwater taps but when the pump is not running water flows through tap. Any one come across this before??
  6. J

    Secondary return problem

    Need advice on secondary return issue. When secondary return pump is running no hot water flows from hot taps.when pump off the taps work. Anyone come across this before?? Appreciate any reply
  7. J

    Boiler Return Temperature Control

    I have rarely if ever seen mention of this form of control being used, which Valliant, for one, have available for years, is there a reason for this?
  8. D

    Secondary Return Advice

    I'm running a secondary return hot water system and I'd appreciate your advice please. I'm working on a long house where the furthest draw off point Is around 40m away from the unvented cylinder. There are 3 bathrooms 2 kitchens a boot room and a utility. I have installed a 28mm hot supply...
  9. G

    Radiator size and return to boiler temperature

    Afternoon, Recently had a new boiler fitted with new radiators, old radiators were the old steel type. The installer recommended reducing the size as the new panels are more efficient, which we were happy to do. Now, I believe that for the output of the boiler the radiators are too small/not...
  10. R

    Central Heating Return Pipe for Magna Clean

    Evening all, I want to install a Magna Clean onto my CH system, I am of the understanding that it needs to be installed on the return pipe. However I don't know which pipe is what in my airing cupboard and need help to identify. I am unable to install it near my boiler unfortunately due to...
  11. E

    Tool to undo the non return valves on shower mixer?

    I am trying to undo the non return valves on my shower to clean them but they won't budge, I guess there is a tool for doing this but can't find one on line - help would be appreciated! It's basically a very wide slot but my largest screwdriver does not do the trick, the maintenance...
  12. E

    Tool to undo the non return valves on shower mixer?

    I am trying to undo the non return valves on my shower to clean them but they won't budge, I guess there is a tool for doing this but can't find one on line - help would be appreciated! It's basically a very wide slot but my largest screwdriver does not do the trick, the maintenance instructions...
  13. J

    Firebird Condensing Oil Boiler Flow / Return?

    Hi all, I am new here and a capable plumbing DIYr. I have just purchased a Fire Bird Silver Boiler House model to replace my old and now leaking Worchester Bosch oil Boiler. The oil condensing boiler instructions have no reference regarding the flow and return connections!! Nor are they...
  14. B

    Hot radiator return pipes but warm flow pipes

    Although my CH radiators are hot to touch eventually, I have noticed that one in the downstairs sitting room and probably one of the last to get really hot, has a warm flow pipe and a very hot return pipe. The same applies to some of my other radiators but not all. Is this a balancing issue...
  15. Lidds82

    S plan return back feed??Hi

    Hello everyone my first post so here go's. I have a combi boiler heating system which is zoned for upstairs and downstairs rads. I have noticed that when only one of the zones is calling for heat and the other one is not, the rad circuit that is off is getting luke warm. It seems that the...
  16. R

    Flow and no return

    My Son has a problem with rads not getting hot and we think it may be caused by either the flow or return pipework. He has 2 rad on his living room one is hot and one is cold. Fig 1 is how the pipe work is currently, both the flow and return have tee connectors feeding the rads, the first rad is...
  17. D

    How to unblock a rad feed pipe and return post partially successful fresh water flushing?

    Hi All My radiators were full of sluge/residue so I put in a flushing point and flushed then through with fresh water by connecting a mains hose to the system and then opening each rad in turn to flish through. This worked well for all the 7 radiators except 1 of them, the bathroom radiator...
  18. J

    Motorized valve on return

    When you have your MV on the return is there any danger of the first rad on that circuit heating up?
  19. J

    Secondary return

    Hi Just wondering can anyone tell me why a secondary return can not be plumbed with plastic pipe like pex or pb
  20. L

    Non return valve to mains supply

    Hi Guys. I will be fitting an outside tap in my house. Teeing off under sink and direct to outside. Should i install a non return valve on mains ?
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