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In product development and process optimization, a requirement is a singular documented physical or functional need that a particular design, product or process aims to satisfy. It is commonly used in a formal sense in engineering design, including for example in systems engineering, software engineering, or enterprise engineering. It is a broad concept that could speak to any necessary (or sometimes desired) function, attribute, capability, characteristic, or quality of a system for it to have value and utility to a customer, organization, internal user, or other stakeholder.
Requirements can come with different levels of specificity; for example, a requirement specification or requirement "spec" (often imprecisely referred to as "the" spec/specs, but there are actually different sorts of specifications) refers to an explicit, highly objective/clear (and often quantitative) requirement (or sometimes, set of requirements) to be satisfied by a material, design, product, or service.A set of requirements is used as inputs into the design stages of product development. Requirements are also an important input into the verification process, since tests should trace back to specific requirements. Requirements show what elements and functions are necessary for the particular project. When iterative methods of software development or agile methods are used, the system requirements are incrementally developed in parallel with design and implementation. With the waterfall model requirements are developed before design and implementation.

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  1. C

    Identical complete shower waste required

  2. H

    Problem with unfamiliar CH - embarrass me by how simple it really is!

    I am generally a decent handyman, can usually make 2+2=4 and take care of most things to avoid troubling experts with just the basics, but know also not to bumble around blindly beyond that. We moved house last week and with the glorious hot weather we weren't bothered about the heating, more...
  3. A

    URGENT Tundish - shorter than the required 300mm???

    Hi, Recently had a new heating system and unvented hot-water cylinder installed (conversion from vented with tank). Everything is working fine despite the installation being rushed at times. The 'main' guy (not the installer) from the company I used (with very good ratings) - can work with...
  4. JackyBailey

    What sort of shower waste is required for this tray?

    Hi, Just looking for some advice as seen a few different things online. I'm installing a shower tray in our bathroom but this one has a square inlay to it first. Is this just a standard wet room square plate and then a normal shower trap underneath? I have seen some mcalpine ones but they are...
  5. Jagobezzer

    Hi Guys - A bit of advice required

    Hi Folks, I need a bit of advice or help. I have a low pressure hot water system due to the Hot Water Tank being in a bedroom, not in the attic. I have a Salamander Electric Pump fitted, which until recently has now started "hunting". It's driving me banana's as I was told by Salamander to...
  6. B

    New Boiler Replacement - Clarification/Advice Required

    Hi, I have a Y plan open vent system, boiler 30+ years old, and requires replacement. My plumber is recommending fitting a new Viessmann 11kw System boiler in the current boilers position. The problem is he plans to run two new separate pipes fro the boiler to the hot water cylinder. Once this...
  7. Lukman

    Tap diverter O ring advice required

    Hi. I have a Vado summit bath tap with hand diverter. Recently the diverter stopped working and after liaising with Vado, I managed to remove it. When I removed it , it appeared that the O ring had come off the diverter and when placed back , it works fine. My question is that please can...
  8. L

    Commercial or Domestic plumber required?

    Hi We are a commercial premises Have been using the same plumber for years and very happy with his work but recently came to light he has a domestic ticket. When questioned he said it was ok as all the boilers he works on are under 70kw? He also says he does not touch the commercial catering...
  9. T

    Heating eng` required in Fife to service a 3 year old Vogue combi C40

    I`m looking to hire asap. I feel the heating isn`t heating the room(s) up as quickly as they used to. I have about 16 radiators but only really use 4-5. The rest sit on frost free. I bled them all and apart from the bathroom towel warmer that hissed a little, all were fine. Went away 2 weeks...
  10. R

    Nottingham/Newark G3 Plumber/Heating Engineer Required

    Is anyone local available to help survey my current unvented heating set up including underfloor heating? Thank you 😊
  11. D

    Installation required

    Morning All, I have 1800’s farm house 3 storeys. Have a single floor side extension. The ground floor single storey extension houses Worcester oil boiler and unvented water tank, in the next door room I have a 30KW Henley Druid stove with back boiler giving 23KW to HW/CH I have also purchased...
  12. P

    Height differential required between an F&E tank and a cylinder?

    Trying to add a shower into a small bathroom, I'm looking at moving my hot water cylinder to the loft. Currently, I have a vented 200L cylinder (in the bathroom) with the principal source of heat being an Economy 7 setup, which gives adequate hot water for our needs. The cylinder also has an...
  13. F

    Megaflo Problem - advice please

    Hi All - I have a Megaflo which has required frequent repressurisation in the last year or so. The last time I did this, I had a continuous stream of water through the tundish for a couple of minutes which has never happened before. My naive guess is that the compartment membrane has died...
  14. S

    Auto bypass required ?

    Hi Guys I had UFH added to my extension, my system was a Baxi 30he with CH and unvented cylinder. The UFH has never really worked correctly first of all I noticed they had install the flow and return the wrong side of the circulation pump which I rectified myself as they have disappeared on...
  15. M

    Help required for replacing union valves.

    Hello, New here. I have some older type single radiators in my home, that I want to keep. The are supplied by 15mm copper pipe, into the valve, that has a 3/4 union type fitting. I want to replace these fittings with TRV's and am having difficulties finding a direct replacement. My floors are...
  16. M

    Kingfisher MF Valve required!

    Do any of you lovely engineers happen to have a new (obsolete) gas valve for a Kingfisher MF they want to get rid of? It's a VK4100T1000 / 5102729. (I have an engineer lined up to fit it.) Should be able to make it worth your while! Cheers, Mike.
  17. E

    Plumbers / plumbers mates required - England, Scotland and Wales

    EPAS is an innovative environmental, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing business working on solutions to environmental & drainage issues. We are looking for experienced Plumbers/plumbers mates to undertake installations of our award-winning drainage protection equipment, in addition to a...
  18. 8

    URGENT Gas safe engineer required

    URGENT Hi Were a property maintenance company based in Shropshire looking for a gas safe engineer to carry out minor works as and when required this year on kitchen installations Contact paul Please get in touch for full details
  19. I

    Boiler advice required

    New Build and looking for a boiler. Ive been offered a new Vaillant 425 very cheap and its the right KW etc but its described as "open vent boiler" Can they still be used on a pressurised system? We are needing it to heat an unvented cylinder and our wet UFH. Any body familiar with the make...
  20. D

    Is tanking required over STS tile backer boards?

    Morning All. I'm considering using this product below to fix to the walls of my new shower. I can't seem to find out whether or not tanking is required? When the special silicon adhesive is used on all of the joints it's supposed to be waterproof. Any advice is appreciated, Thanks...
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