1. D

    Pop quiz, does anyone recognise this radiator valve?

    Hi Does anyone recognise the make/brand of the radiator valve. It leaks when closed and Iam hoping I can replace a seal etc?
  2. M

    What's happening to this radiator, paint flaking off?

    Rad is only a few years old. Paint is flaking away at the top curved section and it looks like faint spots of rust where the rad is now bare.
  3. S

    Regular radiator bleeding

    Oil boiler (now~15 years old) unvented system with 17 radiators. We moved in 5 years ago and I had to keep bleeding the same radiator. The bleed gas could be burned with a blue flame and the water was acidic (pH 5.5). Since then system has been chemically flushed (it was not too bad) and the...
  4. D

    Radiator return valve shutoff issue

    Hi, I need to remove some radiators for redecorating and went to try and shut off the valves either side of my rad. I have TRV on one side and on the other side I noticed a blank top with no valve or peg sticking out that allows you to turn on or off (see pictures). I checked the other rads in...
  5. B

    Leaking TRV

    Hi I have a leaking TRV on a downstairs radiator and need to get it replaced/fixed. Can anyone on here tell me the average cost to have this done professionally please?
  6. Johnny1973

    Weird, nonsensical radiator problem. Out of ideas...

    Hoping somebody can help, So, in a nutshell… Standard 90s Westbury home – condensing boiler, pump, wall thermostat, etc etc... Normal, common or garden, run-of-the-mill British housing estate CH setup. Downstairs radiator, 1 of 2 in our living room, went cold one evening mid-November last...
  7. J

    Swapping K1 radiator to a bigger P+ one

    I want to swap a K1 radiator with a P+, the same size on a combi system. Can i turn off both valves, remove the existing radiator, put the new one on the existing brackets, and reconnect the existing valves, and then top up. Would draining the entire system be necessary? If draining is not...
  8. M

    Radiator Not Heating Up

    Hi, Sorry if question already answered in previous posts, but I can't find a solution to the below: We recently moved house to a new home that has previously been extended. In one of the bedrooms that has been extended there are 2 radiators, one which looks like it was fitted when the...
  9. M

    Radiator half hot and half cold

    Hi all. I noticed this winter my living room rad only get hot in the top half. Radiator is 1600mm(DP SC) double panel single convector. System was flushed just last year. Both flow and return values are fully open and don't stick. Boiler is serviced each year. Baxi combi boiler about 8 ton9...
  10. J

    Undersized radiator opinion

    I have a slightly undersized radiator in my living room. The calculation says 6315 btus and my rad is 6019 btus. It was a replacement radiator, the same size as the previous one (so pipes were in the right place). There is a gas fire in the room as well. Should this undersizing cause a problem...
  11. D

    Radiator Heat Up Order

    I am trying to workout in what order my radiators heat up in order to then balance them. I am able to figure out which radiator pipe is the flow/return on each radiator so that I can then grab the right pipe to check which heats up first. There has been an extension done on this house at some...
  12. F

    Vertical Radiator Makes A Bang When Heating Up & Cooling Down

    Hello, I have a customer with a modern anthracite vertical radiator and a modern TRV and lockshield. The radiator makes a loud metallic bang from within the radiator, when it heats up and cools down. I have opened the lockshield fully, lowered the boiler pressure from 2.5 bar to just over 1...
  13. R

    Broken Radiator Valve, what's the solution?

    Hi Everyone, The metal spindal on the top of one of our radiator valves is snapped off and the radiator is always off, is there a quickish fix for this or will I have to drain the whole system to replace it, pictures inculded, thank you!!
  14. seweller51

    Vertical radiator not heating up

    Hi all. Could someone help with a issue I have been having with my vertical radiator. I have one vertical radiator in my bungalow and it does not heat up unless the surrounding radiators are shut off. I have tried turning the surrounding radiators down but the have to be completely or very...
  15. R

    Always lots of air in our CH system

    When I turn on our CH there's a lot of noise from one specific part of the system - the pipes on the landing, and one radiator. It sounds like air, and the landing radiator needs bleeding regularly (about once a month), even though it isn't the highest point in the system. The two upright rads...
  16. T

    Are radiator drain-offs now mandatory?

    My father is getting quotes to have his back-boiler replaced. The firm he wants to use have told him that they will have to fit drain-offs to every radiator as this is now required by regulations. Can anyone confirm that this is correct, and which regulation has changed to now require this?
  17. W

    Radiator replacement

    Hullo everyone its a while since I posted on here basically because i have had no plumbing issues however I have one now. My son recently moved into a house which has cellar within which is a radiator which is part of the central heating system. The rad looks old, rusty and horrible as does the...
  18. P

    Replacing a radiator and Valves

    Hi All, I need to replace a radiator in the kitchen, the 10mm copper has split so using this opertunaty to replace it with a towel one and also need to remove both valves and make the pipes shorter. Its a gravity fed system and the last radiator in the system , I have a bung kit, i know i can...
  19. R

    Free running radiator

    Free running radiator change. I currently have 1 radiator free running with all of the others fitted with TRV's. Problem is that the free running radiator is in the porch and I'd rather not pay to waste heat there. Question is will it be ok to close this radiator off and ensure that one of the...
  20. notsohandyman

    Radiator Sleeve Question

    Hi guys, These sleeves cover 10mm PVC central heating pipes (see picture and ignore tape measure) and I believe this is what makes it possible for the 15mm nut and olive to attach to take the radiator valve. As you can see they are installed before nut and olive. I've ordered a black towel...

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