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  1. M

    Changing radiator on one pipe system

    I have a rad. To swap and pipework for the rad. To hide in a wall on a one pipe system. The rad. That is in is a 1600 double but only 300mm heigh. Its an original rad. From when the system was put in 70s I think. Will a 1600x600 double panel/convector work on this system? 1582573054 Or do I...
  2. Konfetaz

    Need help with radiator valve extension.

    Hello, I have bought: "Westminster Cross-Head Manual Traditional Radiator Valves " and my plumber did install sometime ago.. While i was waiting for the radiator. So after some time finally i got it! And guess what? Fitting was king off. So anyway i bought those bad boys radiator valves at UK...
  3. M

    Is it possible that a radiator cannot be turned off?

    We just bought a big house and the radiators are controlled centrally, as you'd expect, but it doesn't appear that the knobs adjust the heat output so we can't heat the house piecemeal. We intend on re-plumbing the house but this is a huge problem in the interim. Thanks.
  4. D

    valiant EcoTEC radiator temp

    Thanks in advance. I have a valiant EcoTEC whilst the flow temp is set to 70 the heating flow only reaches a max of 45 when heating is demanded. (I can use chimney sweep mode to get to 70) but it means roads are never hot enough to warm house and boiler always on. does this seem right?? Any ideas
  5. S

    Valliant ecotec 637 no water sign on display and radiator flashing

    Hi. i have new installed valliant ecotec 637. The tap button is not showing on the display and the radiator is flashing on the screen. I can press the right button and change all the radiator settings but I am unable to access any of the tap settings as there is nothing on display. Please help!
  6. N

    changing horizontal radiator for vertical

    Can anyone advise me on changing a horizontal radiator for 2 verticals. Do they have the same output?
  7. C

    URGENT Old radiator and no key, how do i bleed or just replace?

    I have a very old radiator for which we cannot find a key for. It desperately needs bleeding, any ideas on how I can do it or is it time for a new radiator?
  8. H

    Cardiff area work required

    Remove and cap off gas fire. And remove and install a radiator with some small pipe work. Quote please.
  9. S

    Why is my radiator making clicking noises when the heating is on?

    I hope someone can help. I have had an issue with the radiator in my room for months. Every time the heating is switched on, the radiator makes an awful clicking noise. It's so irritating that I can't sleep. I've tried bleeding the radiator several times and this hasn't solved the issue. What do...
  10. N

    Changing radiator for 2 verticals

    Hi all, I have a 6 ft x 2 ft double radiator in my 18ft x 13 ft lounge and want to change to 2 vertical radiators to gain space. My heating system is a Worcester Bosch greenstar 30i and I have 6 radiators in the house. My question is should I replace the one by working out the btu output and...
  11. N

    New bleed valve or new radiator?

    Our radiator is leaking from around the bleed valve. Not sure if the damage around the valve is superficial and it could be fixed by replacing the bleed valve or if we need a new radiator. Would appreciate any advice!
  12. P

    Reasons for lukewarm radiator?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice on potential causes of lukewarm radiator. It's a bedroom radiator (double panel, single convector). When we moved into the house just over four years ago, it just didn't get warm. Took it off, flushed it, put it back on, not really any different. Changed it for a...
  13. V

    Movement between TRV and radiator.

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if there is supposed to be any movement between a TRV and the radiator, as have replaced a radiator and tightened the connections as much as possible, but the TRV can still be moved backward and forward. Many thanks, Von 🤔 🤔 🤔
  14. P

    One Radiator not heating

    HI. I have one radiator in the house of 8 not heating. I have removed twice and flush through replacing the TRV value also. After refitting both times the radiator gets hot but after two days it stops getting warm. I;ve checked and theres no air and the pipework is all copper with no changes to...
  15. P

    One radiator not getting hot

    Ive got one radiator that wasnt getting hot so i removed and flushed through to ensure no 'sludge' creating a blockage. Removed the TRV and replaced. After putting back on and bleading the radiator gets hot but after 2 days its stops getting hot. Turned all other radiators off and still...
  16. S

    Can one inactive radiator impact combi boiler operating pressure?

    Ideal C34 combi boiler, operating pressure dropping slowly but consistently. All active radiators regularly bled. However we have one radiator with TRV set to 0 (we don't want it come on) and this is never bled. Could this be impacting the boiler pressure and should we still bleed this rad? (Be...
  17. P

    Plumber left me with luke warm radiator

    Hi there. I'm after some advice on some work that we have had done today in the house to replace a single panel radiator with a larger double panel one. The chap has been out, drained down the system, installed the new larger radiator and refilled the system. He then bled all the rads and left...
  18. C

    Radiator only half hot

    Hi all. I live in Germany and have a communal heating system. The radiator and n my lounge has an entrance with TRV and then an exit (pictured). My problem is that this year only the first three bars of the radiator are getting hot. The rest get nothing g. There is no way of bleeding the...
  19. M

    Radiator water flow noise - Can anyone help, please?!

    Hi, Since having some house renovations 2 years ago, which included adding two extra rads, replacing others and re-plumbing the boiler , I have suffered from quite loud, (but variable) 'water flowing' hissing noise, which is especially noticable from the first two rads on the system (which...
  20. R

    Can too much antifreeze effect radiator valves

    Hi there, we are having issues with Mitsubishi ASHP Pre Plumbed cylinder. we have 2 zones. UFH and radiators on the first floor. Feeds come off the low loss header at the tank. Both pumped. UFH works fine. It’s the rads that struggle. We always seem to get loads of heat to the rad valves but...