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Radiators are heat exchangers used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating. The majority of radiators are constructed to function in cars, buildings, and electronics.A radiator is always a source of heat to its environment, although this may be for either the purpose of heating this environment, or for cooling the fluid or coolant supplied to it, as for automotive engine cooling and HVAC dry cooling towers. Despite the name, most radiators transfer the bulk of their heat via convection instead of thermal radiation.

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  1. W

    What radiator size please?

    The recommended radiator size for my bathroom is 2500BTU. The rad. I have chosen is available in 2258 BTU and 2741 BTU. The smaller one will fit better but I would not want to compromise the heat output by choosing it just because it looks better in place. Bathroom size is 7' x10' x8' high with...
  2. M

    Connecting radiator with compression adaptor

    Hello everybody! Just a quick question and hopefully you would be able to help. I have 2 radiator pipes, coming out from plasterboard wall, those pipes was prepared to be connected to radiator, once it will be hanged. My question is: Is it acceptable to use compression elbow fittings chrome...
  3. Bogart

    What to feed a radiator in?

    Yes I know is a bit basic the header but have been milling this over for ages. Needs doing now as autumn approaching. I need to take a feed off a radiator in one room to feed another in an adjacent room. Problem is the doorway which I will have to cross. It is possible to cross under the...
  4. Damo33

    Solid fuel back boiler not heating the rads - HELP!

    Hi all, I'm really stuck with an issue I have with our soliud fuel back boiler system and my novice understanding is pretty much out of ideas so I'd really appreciate some advice. We've recently moved into a new place that has the hot water and central heating powered by a stove in the lounge...
  5. S

    If i remove a radiator in the living room will there be a cold spot?

    Hi, We currently have 3 old radiators in our living room, the room feels cold in winter and radiators take ages to get warm, system has been power flushed and new pump fitted, so want to replace the radiators. The room is 5.7 x 4.9m x 2.5m but heat vents upstairs to a landing with no radiator...
  6. M

    How to adjust radiator height without?

    Hello everyone! Its a bit tricky question, but i will give it a try. I came across the problem where one side of radiator lower by 10mm, while using spirit level it looks fine. When i look visually, i can see that one side a bit lower than another one(i used tape measure to check aswell)...
  7. D

    Central Heating Radiator Use

    Hi, This question is related to a 5 bedroom property, with a radiator in each room. Whereby heating is turned on/off in bursts of 2 hours (2 hours on, 2 hours off). 3 rooms are used constantly and 2 (smaller) are not. Assume the house is well insulated. A DIY family member believes that...
  8. S

    Viessmann Radiator Thermostats

    I was curious as I saw these that work with the entire Viessmann control centre and wondered if anyone has installed them. They come in various packs of single, 2, 4, 6 stats. They connect to the ViCare app and control, not sure what they do and how you control them. Or how they play if you...
  9. I

    Replace the inflow/onflow pipe to the radiator

    I need to replace the inflow/outflow pipe to the radiator, dog had a nibble and now has half a dozen small holes in it. I have attached pictures, it appears to be a fexible barrier pipe. I am just unsure about how it all fits together. From the pictures, can anyone tell me if it is a simple push...
  10. M

    Moving Radiator Along Wall

    The guy who fitted my kitchen and is having problems with installing the new radiators moved my hall radiator along the wall - however, he has changed the pipes around. What used to be the pipe that went into the right hand side now goes into the left hand side and vice versa. He said it will...
  11. M

    Radiator installation advice

    I purchased three new Milano Aruba Radiators to replace my old ones. The plumber has spent two days trying to instal them and it has just been a nightmare as the water has been gushing out from the valves of each radiator as there is no resistance when he tried to tighten them up. He has used...
  12. O

    Is this an anodised aluminium finish?

    I recently bought an aluminium radiator, online. The manufacture's web site led me to believe that you could get "Other Anodised AO" in a RAL colour; it says "These finishes are available in any RAL colour" and I know you can get coloured anodised aluminium like this: However, what I got was...
  13. E

    For Sale 9 Quinn Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiator covers.

    I have for sale a selection of Quinn Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiator covers for sale. Can be used on radiators as well as wall-mounted electric heaters. Safety compliant for NHS. In a variety of sizes. Well over £3000 worth. New unused. Clearance price only £500. Collection from...
  14. I

    Electric Radiator brands

    I will be installing electric radiators in a flat. Can anyone tell me what brands are considered most reliable and who to avoid? Thanks
  15. M

    No water from one side of radiator pipe.

    Recently added a new radiator to a gravity fed system, gone to fit the radiator and noticed water is only coming out of one pipe, I wondered if it could be a blocked return pipe or possibly a blocked 3 port valve, just looking for any suggestions, Thanks
  16. C

    Permanently hot radiator

    Am I correct in thinking that in our central heating system one radiator has to be permanently on? We have a radiator in a bathroom that is constantly drawing from the boiler and is constantly hot. It doesn't have a control on. I think I understand that a radiator needs to be open but if we put...
  17. B

    Replacement thermostatic radiator valve heads

    I installed central heating in my house about 22 years ago using bog standard Screwfix 15mm angled thermostatic valves marked E.C.A. where needed. The plastic has become brittle with age so the lugs which are clamped by the retaining ring have snapped off. I'd like to just replace the head but...
  18. EligijusB

    Trickling sound from radiator

    Hi all, need help with my bedroom radiator. Every time the heat is on, this annoying trickling sound is coming from inside the radiator. I tried bleeding the radiator multiple times. Wont help. Attached a sound recording.
  19. C

    Steel framed house radiator help

    We have just moved into a steel framed house and we are replacing the old copper system with push fit. Our fourth bedroom has a steel beam running outside the room door and going straight along. The wall is a load bearing brick wall seated on top of it. We have laid our pipes under the floor...
  20. Martyn

    Going from 10mm JG direct to Radiator TRV?

    So been trying to search this for some time and finding mixed results, I have 10mm JD Speed fit piping coming out the wall and hoping to use it on the original TRVs, things that keep popping up are these JG stem reducers, but doesn't seem right that the value would go onto the end? wouldn't...