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Pressurization or pressurisation is the application of pressure in a given situation or environment.

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  1. P

    Unvented ( pressurised ) Hot water tank lost pressure

    Hi, We have a large Heatrea Sadia unvented hot water tank, not sure of the size in liters but its about 1600mm tall. The tank is around 3 years old now and was amazing when it was first installed. Around a year ago we had a problem with water dripping from the overflow pipe outside and we ended...
  2. D

    install combi boiler and pressurised hot water cylinder

    Hello, looking for a heating engineer to recommend / install a pressurised cylinder and combi boiler system. There is ufh for a living space and two bathrooms, and radiators for the rest of the house. It's a 3 bed 2 bathroom property with solar panels on the roof, located in ringwood bh24. Any...
  3. B

    Pump advice on pressurised system

    Hi all Following some advice earlier this year on here, I finally have new boiler due to be fitted soon. I’ll be fitting a low loss header as advised due to loss in Vaillant 637. I currently have a Grundfos usp2 on my open vent system which I was planning on using for the time being until the...
  4. A

    Looking to replace Honeywell Diverter Valve on pressurised system

    Hi The area is near Telford in Shropshire. I have a 25 year old system. A gas fired Rayburn heats hot water and CH. The Honeywell diverter valve (the silver box thingy) has failed on the CH side, but I still have hot water. I bought a replacement, the Honeywell bit, connected to the 3 way...
  5. B

    Boulter Camray 2 to run unvented/ pressurised

    Hello, Re-jigging a serviceable Boulter Camray 2 boiler to run presurised instead of gravity. Manual says it can but we need to fit Manual reset Limit stat and Phail tube to put into boiler for sensor -both available. (Also Expansion vessel obviously!) This seems straightfrward - any comments...
  6. J

    How do I find a (small) leak from pressurised system

    I see that there was a post in November that refers to a LARGE leak, but ours is much smaller (needs topping up every ten days to two weeks, perhaps a litre over that period). It has been going on for about six months. The boiler is new since last year; however, to cover all bases, we called the...
  7. B

    ADVICE please - Adding pressurised Leak Sealer to Ferroli Combi?

    Hi All I have a Ferroli Domicondens F24 and it's slowly losing pressure after a few days, i can not find any leaks anywhere so looking to use a pressurised can of Sentinel Leak sealer - Sentinel LS Rapid Dose Leak Sealer & Adaptor 300ml -...
  8. M

    Leak from pressurised system

    My nextdoor neighbour has a pressurised heating system, downstairs the pipes ae in the screed. He keeps losing pressure in the system, he has to repressurise 2 or 3 times a day. it leaks so much that the upstairs radiators drain down occasionally. I went round to check for leaks, I checked all...
  9. H

    Isolate hot water in unvented pressurised system

    Hi, I need to turn off hot water in bathroom. There are no isolation valves from unvented indirect pressurised tank in loft. Turning off mains to house stops hot and cold water upstairs, but the hot in kitchen still continues to run (but at reduced pressure). But when I turn mains back on...
  10. A

    Dripping overflow from pressurised CH system on duplex tank line

    There is a constant drip from the 22dia overflow line which terminates at the HW cylinder but it is not the cylinder which is leaking as the tundish is always dry. There is cold water feed to the cylinder which has branches to 2 off expansion vessels with a PRV which can release across into the...
  11. A

    Liverpool New boiler and pressurised cylinder replace exist boiler in new location.

    I need a G3 qualified Heating Engineer to supply and install a new Vaillant 32kw ecotec central heating boiler with Green iQ system Vaillant smart heating control. Building has two bathrooms and one shower room and I want to increase ensuite facilities to four other rooms at a later date...
  12. C

    Gledhill inlet control valve leaking on pressurised system

    The plug on the opposite side of the red cap with 4.5 is leaking. I have tried tightening it but unsuccessful. My postcode is BA3 4JL, west of Radstock in Somerset. Hopefully a plumber would like the job - social distancing guaranteed during the job! 1587214286 Plumber found, please cancel...
  13. D

    Inhibitor in pressurised heating system

    Hi All, Hope you are all safe in these scary times. I need to replace a pressure relief valve and then put inhibitor in my system. I have seen videos on how to add inhibitor using a bit of hose and a hand pump sprayer. The bit I don't get is exactly what part numbers I need to order to fit...
  14. G M

    Mallusk, Northern Ireland - Leak in pressurised system soon after oil boiler install

    I recently got an external condensed boiler installed that was about a year old. No more than a few weeks after, my system is losing pressure. It is now losing about 1 bat every 12 hours or so and seems to be getting worse. I've been all round the house including crawling through the attic, but...
  15. C

    New Boiler - Pressurised System or Combi Boiler?

    Good evening, We are having issues with our current system, mainly around the water pressure being low and having to rely on shower pumps to get enough pressure for our showers - our second pump in so many months has just died so I'm sick of it and figured It's probably worth it in the long...
  16. R

    Loss of water and pressure in my greenstar pressurised system

    The green light in my greenstar to pressurised system has gone out after I lost water and pressure changing a radiator and valves. I re-filled the system and pressurised it back to 1.1 bar but the green light won't come on. It briefly came on when the hot water started but went out again.
  17. Rob Foster

    IF a combi system is over pressurised

    Which components are at risk
  18. Stants

    Changing to pressurised system

    Hi I'm thinking/ wanting to change From a Vented to pressurised I understand a few basics ( CW tank goes + Cylinder, Pump,gate valve goes Replaced by a mega flow or similar ) the boilers in kitchen and cylinder in bathroom ( directly above Boiler on 1st floor ) I'd like to move everything...
  19. M

    Excessive air in pressurised system

    Looking for some advice about my pressurised CH. Had an extra zone added on for UFH and needed to have a 3 port valve replaced by a 2 port valve to prevent the rads being turned on when the UFH called for heat. When the plumbers changed the pumps over they also installed a bypass to prevent...
  20. B

    Pressurised system help...please!

    Desperately looking for help, as SSE home services seem clueless. We have a pressurised system using an old but reliable Ideal classic boiler. Every now and then, I have to top up the pressure in a little red bottle in a downstairs cupboard. However, for a while now, the fill loop doesn't seem...
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