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  1. R

    Finishing plumbing NVQ

    Hi I done level 2 and level plumbing courses at college a couples years ago but never done an apprenticeship after and went into a different line of work and now want to do my plumbing but I have been told without doing the apprenticeship I haven't got the full NVQ, how do I go about doing the...
  2. W

    How to get work after nvq level 2

    Hello, could someone talk to me about how hard is it to get work while doing your nvq level 2? How hard is it to find someone willing to take you on? What's the best way to go about finding work? And if i get taken on how long will i have to work before i earn decent money. Im in my mid 20s...
  3. E

    Looking for plumber for nvq sign off

    Hello I'm looking for an experienced plumber of 5 years in the West Midlands area. I need a plumber that can help me with 2 maintenance and 4 fault finding jobs. I would be happy to work on my days off free in return for photos and sign off. The lockdown has made it impossible to find entry...
  4. J

    Help for a carpenter friend to get an NVQ in plumbing.

    Hi all, I have a carpenter friend who is very keen to learn and obtain an NVQ in plumbing. What would you suggest is the best route for him please? Cheers Jim
  5. E

    Should I do NVQ 3 or stick with nvq 2 and do acs, unvented

    Hello all, I wanted a bit of advice. i have done the level 2 diploma in plumbing and also the nvq 2. I will be completing the level 3 diploma this year. My question is this. Do I do the nvq 3 which takes 2 years and includes gas and unvented or do I stick with nvq 2 which makes me fully...
  6. C

    nvq portfolio CW and HW

    Wondered if anyone cal shed some light. so I've been assigned a new internal assessor for my nvq portfolio work. He looked over my original hot water and cold water submissions he wasn’t happy ( he’s very old school) so I re did another bathroom suit demonstrating hot and cold water cutting...
  7. M

    Plumbers mate/improver looking for work

    Hi guys, My name is Michael I am 31 years old from London and have 2 years plumbing experience. I am currently carrying out my NVQ 2 portfolio. I am currently working on a site but although I am getting on well there I have an issue with getting my hot and cold second fix evidence for my...
  8. A

    Please Help! Whats The Latest Gas Textbook for NVQ Level 1-3

    Hi I am new to the forum, this is my first post. I apologise if its in the wrong thread and if its been answered. Can anyone please advise me what are the recruitment cycles assuming there is a general one for the sector, so that I do not waste time. Any practical advice will be appreciated...
  9. C

    Best Route to Becoming Gas Safe Registered: NVQ Level 2 + Gas Course or Gas Course Only?

    Hello, I've done the C&G Level 2 in Plumbing Studies. I'm currently working as a plumber's mate (part-time). Eventually, I'd like to become Gas Safe registered and work on LPG - at leisure sites and maybe on boats, etc. Any comments or advice on how best to get there? Should I do the Level 2...
  10. J

    NVQ Level 3 Exams

    Hi guys, I don't know if any of you could help me out but I cannot find any revision material and/or mock exams for the City and Guilds Electrics exam (6189-025), if anyone has any links, documents or other material and could possibly send, it would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  11. R

    Looking for experienced plumber to sign off NVQ Level 2 Assignments.

    Asking if there are any experienced plumbers (In Kent) to help me complete my NVQ Level 2 assignments. Please PM if you are available, would greatly appreciate any help.
  12. M

    Looking for work to complete the Nvq 2

    I’m looking for work to complete my Nvq 2. I am 29 years of age and hold a valid cscs card.
  13. D

    Plumbing books nvq or city and guilds

    hi i am looking to buy some plumbing books and was womdering what books would be best for a new person starting plumbing city and guilds book or nvq level two book
  14. M

    NVQ whilst being self employed

    hi all! I’m currently a serving police officer but want to train for a plumbing qualification as a side business and backup option. I also spent a couple of years when I was younger working in a plumbers merchant and have fitted a few bathrooms with my father... so hoping I’ll take to it well...
  15. J

    New here need help with nvq level 2

    hi everyone I’m doing my nvq 2 I have done my level 2 deploma. Currently work five days but doing my nvq at weekends. I might have somone to help but if that fails is there anyone in the Bristol area that can help me get threw it . Many thanks James
  16. H

    Nvq for unqualified plumber

    Hi everyone. Apologies if this has been asked before but here goes: completed 2 years of an apprenticeship about 30 years ago so have no formal plumbing qualifications. Have been trapped in the same job since then but have always kept plumbing on the side, fitting bathrooms for friends and...
  17. B

    Need some advice about NVQ in Plumbing.

    Hi, I attended college a couple of years ago and came out with a Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing & Heating. This was after two years of studying part time in the evenings around my normal job. The lecturers said that the next step would be to seek employment in the trade and take the NVQ or else...
  18. G

    Mature college student needing help with nvq sign off.

    Hi all, I’m new to the forum after exhausting all other avenues! I finished my nvq level 2 in July this year, since then I have tried to get a job within the plumbing sector. Unfortunately for me I didn’t realise how hard this would be and to be honest it has knocked my confidence a little, i...
  19. J

    Are college diplomas worth it for getting into plumbing?

    Hello everyone. I'm 22 and want to get into plumbing. I can't seem to see any apprenticeships to apply for in my area (Newbury) but I can see my local college do Level 1 & 2 diplomas in plumbing. I have applied for a level 1 course and I am going to have an interview with the college next week...
  20. L

    level 2 plumber with certs looking for help with my NVQ lv2 sign off cardiff

    hi names Lenny I'm based in Cardiff. wondering if any one is looking for a new apprentice or willing to tag along on a few jobs until the Level 2 requirements are met, have all the certs and passed all exams and also have a water regs card would appreciate a job or if you can spare some time...