1. A

    Noisy Pipes when flushing Loo

    Hi, This recently started... every time the Loo is flushed the pipes are noisy when filling again and it gets worse as the day goes on... If another tap in the bathroom is run the noise reduces and if the bath tap is opened fully the noise stops, also if I close the filling valve at the...
  2. T

    Noisy Pipes

    We have an issue where every three days whenever we draw water from either flushing a loo or turning on a tap we get a loud 'trombone' like noise. To stop this from happening we turn off mains water and open all cold water taps to drain the system and turn mains back on. This repeats every...
  3. K

    Neighbour refusing to fix her noisy Water supply pipes

    Hello there, I'm new on here and would like to ask if anyone has practical advice. I live in a converted house hence I live in the flat on the first floor and my neighbor on the ground floor. The water supply is via a single supply from the street which splits (either underground or in the...
  4. M

    Noisy tap

    We got new central heating installed a couple of months ago and now I have a very noisy bathroom (mixer) tap - but only for the hot water. According to the heating engineer the problem is the tap we currently have in the bathroom sink isn't designed for mains fed water and we need to install a...
  5. M

    Noisy mains (like hammer)

    Hi guys/girls , can any body help? , i have a loud water hammer noise ,(like a fog horn) mainly at night,( when nothing is on) (and normally occurs twice within 30 seconds of each time) i have ;;; turned heating off , reduced pressure/ increased pressure, i have checked and replaced ball cocks...
  6. H

    Noisy squealing cold water

    Hi. I need some help please. Our cold taps and toilets make a squealing noise. I've tweaked the stop cock (always had high pressure) and service ball type vale above and it's helped. It's only there a bit now and still when water shuts off from fluid master toilets (sqeeeeak as they shut off) do...
  7. L

    Unvented hot water tank noisy filling sound

    My Unvented hot water tank makes a noisy filling sound when the hot water and heating come on. Any ideas on how to stop it?? It's had a new expansion tank and prv recently.
  8. gmartine

    Noisy boiler cabinet

    Client is complaining about intermittent low frequency noise which she has captured on mobile but I can't recreate easily. It seems as if when the fan runs at a certain speed it induces a low level vibration in the cabinet. It's annoying when it happens but the client is cool about it, I said...
  9. K

    Noisy boiler (Rubbish Ferroli HE18)

    I have probably one of the worst boilers you could have (not my fault, blame the home developer!) It's a Ferroli Optimax HE18s. We are getting a really loud vibrating noise when the hot water comes on. But if I switch the boiler off then on again and stops straight away and carries on like...
  10. A

    Baxi Duo Tec 28 HE A Intermittent Noisy

    This boiler has had this fault for over two years. Many engineers have been but never when at fault. Many parts have been changed. When at fault it is generally when the outside temperature is very cold. The boiler is noisy and and never manages to raise the temperature high enough for hot water...
  11. E

    Noisy condensate on Worcester Greenstar 25i

    Boiler installed 7 weeks ago. Every 2 or 3 days I hear the condensate water running down the pipe loudly and then a glooping noise from inside boiler for approx 30 seconds. Boiler operates well. No error messages or flashing blue light. Any ideas what could be the cause? There are no blockages...
  12. D

    New system. Noisy taps.

    Hi, I’m renovating my house and a completely new plumbing system is being installed. New combi boiler, new pipe work, new everything. All is installed (except kitchen area) and the boiler is to be fired up for the first time on Friday. Problem is the taps are very noisy, as are the pipes when...
  13. S

    Noisy megaflo pressure reducing valve

    hello there, I have a megaflo unvented system everything works fine apart from the prv valve shown on the pic. Every time a tap opens or toilet flashed this prv makes noise. Spoke to guy who fitted the system and he said dont have much to say other than replacing with e new one. Just...
  14. J

    Noisy new shower mixer - help!

    hello, I’m John, new to the forum, and hopefully not asking a question in the wrong place or way! I have done a forum search, and a comprehensive number of web searches, but nothing has come up that matches my scenario. I’m a DIY guy, and this is my first bathroom fit. So, onto the details...
  15. A

    Heating Pump not horizontally installed by BG and noisy

    My heating pump was installed by BG with the motor shaft at a 45 degree angle. Could that account for why it is so noisy? From what I have read, pumps should always be installed with the motor shaft horizontal so that the bearings wear evenly. Should I ask BG to sort it out on the next boiler...
  16. S

    Noisy vibration in pipes when turning shower on

    I recently had a new combi boiler and thermostatic shower bar valve installed. There is a loud vibrating noise of the pipes for a few seconds when the shower is turned on. I have switched the bar valve for a new one and the problem remains.
  17. N

    What causes noisy hot water tank filling up?

    Just started recently - sound like a 'whirr' when hot water tank fills up after hot taps used for a few minutes or after a shower. I don't think anything to do with Potterton boiler as the noise happens when the boiler isn't on - for either water or heating. The noise seems to be from the cold...
  18. J

    Noisy combi boiler strange repair option

    Our worcester greenstar he boiler sounds like a world war 2 lancaster bomber trying to take off ! This happens when it first switches on in the morning - whenever the hot tap is turned on - or it pumps water when the thermostat clicks it on. An engineer has suggested we should add an extra...
  19. C

    Alternative to PRV for noisy tap

    I've got a mixer tap in my bathroom that makes a noisy "whooshing" sound. It's worse when it's partially on (hot and/or cold). After seeing other forums there is the suggestion the tap is for a low pressure system, opposed to my combi system. I was wondering if there's an alternative to...
  20. V

    Noisy toilet. Can you tell what the issue is?

    Hi, I'm a college student and need help with this project. Can anybody tell what's needed to fix the problem. Also can you please reply either (yes, or no ) if you would give an estimate based on what you see on the video below I can do with at least 20 responses. Thanks very much for your help!
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