Noise is unwanted sound considered unpleasant, loud or disruptive to hearing. From a physics standpoint, there is no distinction between noise and desired sound, as both are vibrations through a medium, such as air or water. The difference arises when the brain receives and perceives a sound.Acoustic noise is any sound in the acoustic domain, either deliberate (e.g., music or speech) or unintended. In contrast, noise in electronics may not be audible to the human ear and may require instruments for detection.In audio engineering, noise can refer to the unwanted residual electronic noise signal that gives rise to acoustic noise heard as a hiss. This signal noise is commonly measured using A-weighting or ITU-R 468 weighting.In experimental sciences, noise can refer to any random fluctuations of data that hinders perception of a signal.

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  1. B

    Noise from 8-Bar filling valve (Megaflo)

    In our sealed Megalo system, when hot water tap is used (say in bathroom shower) the megaflo is taking in some fresh water, I guess to compensate for the water used. The incoming water go via a pressure relief valve [most likely its this one: Heatrae Sadia 8 Bar Pressure Relief Valve -...
  2. J

    Why do I hear a hammer related noise coming from my water pipes?

    This issue arose about a year ago. Does anyone have an idea why I occasionally hear (about once every hour or longer) a hammer related noise coming from my copper water pipes when no water is being used? It basically sounds like the noise you hear after the water shuts off when your toilet bowl...
  3. T

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar knocking noise

    Hello, I have just moved in to a new flat this week and have a problem with noise coming from somewhere around the top of the boiler. It's a loud clicking/knocking sound that lasts about a minute, stops for 20-30 seconds and starts again. It seems to happen at night, starting in the evening...
  4. R

    Burlington bathroom tap noise

    I had new taps fitted within the last year on my bathroom sink. When turning on both the hot or cold tap, there is a vibration/squeaking noise, if the turn the tap fully on the noise stops. I have replaced the flexible hoses to both taps and fitted in-line isolation valves. The noise is now...
  5. C

    Worcester boiler noise

    Our boiler has started making a noise on start up and when it kicks in and out engineer says it’s an ignition coil bracket and nothing to worry about but it sometimes gets worse and it went on for few seconds todays (5) like it was stuck and then freed itself and might have been coincidence but...
  6. monkeydust

    Unvented System - Noise Issue

    Anyone know what might be causing this situation please? We have replaced the EV and non-return valve but still happens. Normal static pressure on that gauge is 2.5 but it builds up overnight to 3+ and then the problem occurs. Were a bit lost and had a few engineers look at it. At this...
  7. T

    Vaillant Ecotec 824 R1 - random noise when heating ON

    Hi I'm dealing with Vaillant Ecotec 824 R1 in one flat. The boiler make a very loud noise when central heating is on - this is random and occurs mostly at night. I'm sharing video showing the problem: So far we changed: 1. Expansion vessel 2. Pump 3. Water pressure gauge - analogue sensor...
  8. J

    Strange grating noise when mains water is running

    Hi all, Got a strange grating noise when the mains water is running in a property I'm looking after. It's a ground floor flat, with a first floor flat above it, and both share the same mains water pipe, and I believe the stopcock behind the washing machine isolates all water to both properties...
  9. D

    Worcester Bosch Magnetic Filter Running Water Noise

    Just had a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30Ri fitted with the magnetic filter. When the system is running the boiler is so quiet but there is a sound of trickling water through the filter, loud enough to hear quite clearly and is pretty annoying. I wouldn't of thought trapped air would sound...
  10. C

    Can anybody help identify the noise my boiler is making ?

    Hi , I'm wondering whether anybody can help me at all ? My boiler has started making noises which I am unable to identify. If anybody is able to guide me to the route of the issue itll be massively appreciated. I'm looking for an idea of how much it will cost to get it repaired. The water has...
  11. S

    Dishwasher making droning noise continuously

    I have a Bosch Dishwasher that has just started making a loud droning noise constantly when switched on. I have taken out and cleaned the filter, and removed the pump cover. The impeller is turning freely but water is not draining. I will try and attached a video which hopefully shows the issue...
  12. J

    Vaillant boiler vibrating cold start

    Vaillant ecomax 18e boiler noise at cold start. Replaced heat exchanger with reconditioned unit and new flue collector as kettling was getting problematic. Works fine except vibrating for around 10 seconds on cold start. Didn't do it before. Any ideas?
  13. L

    Strange noise - Macdee Wirquin Neo Air zero leak trap

    Hi, I had a Macdee Wirquin Neo Air zero leak trap fitted in a sink vanity unit in April this year. Today it has started making a noise which sounds like a whale blowing air through it's blowhole!! It's 'blowing every few minutes and is loud enough for me to hear from the room next door Any ideas...
  14. ArcticSimon

    Banging Noise and whining noise

    Hello, purchased a house in February this year and for a few weeks, noticed a loud banging noise which sounds like it is coming from under my sink, but happens when no water is running. I think it could be when my neighbour is either running water or maybe using a washing machine. House is an...
  15. S

    Horrendous noise from airing cupboard.

    Hi. Please can anyone help. My mum has just sent me this video of her airing cupboard. She had put the imersion heater on to warm the water for a shower when she noticed this horrendous noise. Can anybody shed any light on it ? She has BG cover but before calling them I thought I’d post here...
  16. S

    Washing machine makes scratching noise when NOT running

    I used my LG ThinQ front loader washing machine for the first time this morning. Just to wash some pocketless shirts, so I'm sure there was nothing in there that could have fallen out. Now, however, the washer is making a metallic scratching/ twanging sound every few seconds, even though it is...
  17. chloeradhsaw

    Gurgling Noise From Rad When System Drained F&E Empty And Boiler Off

    My heat only gas boiler is drained from the boiler drain valve - There is no water in the F&E tank. The hot water vented cylinder is removed. So far so good Twice this evening I heard radiator gurgling noises which frightened the life out of me I cant seem to reproduce the noise and I cant get...
  18. S

    Worcester Oil Heatslave 20/25 Thumping / Knocking Noise

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I have a Worcester Oil Heatlslave 20/25 that has started making a fairly loud knocking noise and the the pressure gauge flicks a little when the noise thumps. The hot water still works, I've turned off the heating for the time being. Any ideas on what the...
  19. D

    Valient Ecotec Pro Droning Noise

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can offer any advice/solutions... I have a boiler, a Valient EcoTec 28 pro, which was fitted a year ago. It makes a droning noise which resonates through the entire house. When it startes you hear this drone, which is loud enough to wake you if it kicks in during the...
  20. gasfitter63

    Trumpeting noise on Rinnai Zen

    Absolutely stumped as to what could be causing this noise we are getting on every 10th or so Rinnai Zen boiler we install. Boilers make the noise on coaxial and atmospheric flue setups, cover on and cover off etc. Have checked the flue "sleeve" that has been known to drop down and we are almost...
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