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The Radiators, also known as The New Orleans Radiators, are an American rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, who combined the traditional musical styles of their native city with more mainstream rock and R&B influences to form a bouncy, funky variety of swamp-rock they called fish-head music. Described by OffBeat magazine as "New Orleans' longest-running and most successful rock band", The Radiators had only limited commercial success, with only a handful of chart appearances, but, as a party band from a party town, their enthusiastic live performances, danceable beats and relentless touring earned the band a dedicated following and the admiration of many of their peers.
In a feat of continuity rarely seen in the rock music world, the five-man line up in the year of their breakup (2011) is the same one as when the band formed in 1978. They performed at every New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival from their inception until their retirement (1979 - 2011). The Radiators had a repertoire which included over three hundred original songs—many never released on album—and over one thousand covers (or partial covers used as part of a medley). With the band's approval, over 500 concert recordings have been made available for free (for non-commercial use) on the Internet Archive.
On June 10, 2011, at Tipitina's in New Orleans, during the second of their final three concerts, The Radiators were inducted into The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

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  1. mookle

    CH upgrade - unreasonable gas usage expectations?

    Hi all. I recently upgraded our CH system, but rather than the expected drop in gas consumption, Octopus is saying we're using roughly 30% more! The installer has said they can downrate the boiler, but to my mind that addresses maximum consumption, not any inefficiencies there may be relating...
  2. N

    New rads added - last one cold

    Hi - I'm a reasonably experienced DIY plumber but just can't work out why the last new rad I've installed is cold - would really appreciate your help please. I've extended an existing 'run' of radiators - the last one on the run ( in downstairs kitchen) is cold. The first rad added is...
  3. L

    Is this why my new radiator does not work?

    Hello all, I live in a flat that has communal heating through a single pipe system. I recently had replaced a deco flat panel (waffle) radiator with a more mundane type 22 panel radiator. The problem is that the new radiator sort of worked in the beginning, but it does not emit any heat now...
  4. H

    Location of new radiator

    Hi, Im a homeowner and have had a new shower installed. This meant the installation of a new radiator also. However, the plumber has placed the radiator far too close to the shower. It is right next to the exit/entrace of the shower which seems unsafe as it could burn undressed people and just...
  5. Robooo

    Fitting new radiator

    Hi, I'm studying plumbing and my work mate sized the opportunity to help him installing a new radiator. I'm looking for general advice which might eliminate mistakes. It'd also help me to build a portfolio before getting a job in trade. The house is old built and the rad goes into the kitchen...
  6. K

    New radiators not heating

    Hi, I have a new extension with 3 radiators (it’s quite a large space). I had 2 radiators in my original space so I have 1 extra (albeit one of the others is larger than its predecessor). The pipework to and from the radiators is new (the original system is a one pipe system but we are...
  7. kreatiff63

    New radiator install, adding tails and on tightening, I heard a crack!

    Hi, I'm installing a new radiator and just getting round to adding the tails. The one with the heat control went on ok but the other made a single crack on tightening up the tail. Should I be less worried about this than I currenly am? I'm thinking its more likely to be the metal casing rather...
  8. T

    New Radiator Tails Rust looking Discolouration

    Hi, I had a new radiator fitted around a month back and I've noticed the joints which are sealed with Hemp (or modern equivalent / Boss White appear to be slightly discoloured / rusty. This might simply be a little seepage before the joint sealed etc as there is not weeping from the joint that...
  9. B

    scalding hot new Danfoss c-2 TRV cold lockshield and new radiator only hot at top .

    I have recently replaced all fourteen Stelrad radiators eight singles four doubles and two chrome towel radiators on small bore 10 mm piping in my four bedroom detached house.The Grundfoss pump is ten years old and sounds good .no bearing rumble.The Ideal classic ff 350 boiler is twenty years...
  10. Z

    Looking for Nottingham plumbing company to test a new radiator lifting device

    Hi, I'm working with a plumber who have developed a small new device to help with the movement, fitting and lifting of radiators to hopefully make this quicker, easier and safer. We've got the world's first patented prototypes and I'm looking for a plumber who regularly fits radiators, in...
  11. I

    New radiator installed,piping issue

    Last year i had a new radiator installed in the bedroom,done by a friend who said he knew what he was doing.Anyway recently the radiator has not been getting warm. Could this problem have anything to do with how the radiator has been connected. Please view the attachment to get what i am...
  12. J

    Do I really need to drain the system

    I am upgrading to a Type 22 radiator in my kitchen as I'm now working from my kitchen table and it's never quite warm enough in here. I have an old micro bore system, and having seen a plumber convert an upstairs radiator to type 22 I am confident of being able to do this myself in the kitchen...
  13. C

    Brand new radiator rusty internals

    hi i just had a column radiator delivered yesterday when i took it out of the box i could hear debris rattling around inside so i got a flashlight and had a look inside looks like surface corrosion all round the inside already Is this radiator fit for the bin now ? any input greatly appreciated
  14. N

    New bleed valve or new radiator?

    Our radiator is leaking from around the bleed valve. Not sure if the damage around the valve is superficial and it could be fixed by replacing the bleed valve or if we need a new radiator. Would appreciate any advice!
  15. F

    Is it OK to plumb new radiator off pipes from existing radiator?

    Hi all, Question from a complete non-expert - I'm about to have some extension work start in my house and for radiators in the extension space, my builder has suggested he will use the plumbing from an existing nearby radiator to plumb the new radiators. Is this OK/typical to do? Is there...
  16. I

    Adding new radiator to heating system

    Hello I would like to add a radiator to my current heating system and would like to take some advice on how to achieve this? Thanks
  17. S

    New Radiator Size Issue

    I have bought new radiators to replace my current ones (around 25 years old). Old radiators were all fitted with TRV's. I have put the new 15mm compression inserts into the radiator that came with the new valves/TRV's but this then makes the valves too wide to fit onto the existing pipes (by...
  18. Z

    New radiator not heating up

    Hi My house has five newish upstairs radiators and I just had nine new downstairs radiators fitted. Most of these are slightly higher rated than before. Before I had five upstairs and seven downstairs. The two extra radiators are fairly large compared to the rest. When the heating is on, all...
  19. F

    fitting a new radiator

    i want to replace a radiator.when i drain down the heating system this particular one never empties. i can take the radiator off by turning off the valves. the pipes for this radiator are boxed in so i removed some of the boxing and found 2 inline drain valves but these are very corroded. i...
  20. mbc0

    Cannot get new radiator to heat up?

    Hi, I have just replaced an old radiator with a new Revive 500h x 1100l Double Premium Radiator (P+) but cannot get it to heat up? The right hand pipe gets very very hot but it does not flow through the radiator. when I drained down the system (I had other radiators to replace and pipework to...
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