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A master craftsman or master tradesman (sometimes called only master or grandmaster) was a member of a guild. In the European guild system, only masters and journeymen were allowed to be members of the guild.
An aspiring master would have to pass through the career chain from apprentice to journeyman before he could be elected to become a master craftsman. He would then have to produce a sum of money and a masterpiece before he could actually join the guild. If the masterpiece was not accepted by the masters, he was not allowed to join the guild, possibly remaining a journeyman for the rest of his life.
Originally, holders of the academic degree of "Master of Arts" were also considered, in the Medieval universities, as master craftsmen in their own academic field.

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  1. A

    Fluidmaster siphon not working?

    So I’m called out to fix a toilet that isn’t flushing. It is a concealed cistern within a box. When you press the button, the flapper comes up a tad without flushing. The outlet of water then pushes the flapper right up and does not sit back down again, so continuously flows into the pan...
  2. C

    Freeze master or Rothenburg rofrost

    Hi all, Freeze master 280 or Rothenburg rofrost 28?? Which is the better and why?? I have read that the clamps with bungee straps on the freeze master can get into awkward spots but what's the reliability like on both? Figure if I'm going to be spending around £800 I may as well ask the people...
  3. W

    Freeze Master Machine 350D

    Freeze Master 350D machine. A bit hit and miss, hence the price - could do with servicing, or it's possible to send them to Freezemaster for complete overhaul. £200 including carriage.
  4. moonlight

    Freeze master servicing

    I think one of the arms on my Freeze master may be failing? It seems to take longer to freeze. Has anyone had theirs serviced and how much does it cost? Thanks in advance.
  5. T

    Electric pipe freezer

    Honestly are they worth the money? I keep looking at them wondering if one will save me time. I always have a couple cans of freeze squirt on the van don't tend to use a great deal. Has anyone got one and its it of much use
  6. buckley plumb

    float valve

    anyone know the make of this float fill valve and how to separate it on the height adj as need to replace it - tried the washer and no joy - I would normally fit a fluidmaster but the toilet is a back to the wall pan an has been tiled around pan and no nailed to the floor.
  7. T

    Electric Pipe Freezer

    Any views on which is the best, most reliable and most efficient? Last I heard it was the freeze master. Are there any new contenders to the crown?
  8. T

    new heating advise

    Hi, I am looking to put in new heating system in a loft conversion. I need bit of help in a few areas. the heating and hw will be unvented and split into two heating zones. firstly I am looking at position of the stats I was thinking the downstairs zone stat in the entrance and the...
  9. F

    Siamp not flushing

    Hi, I took the lid of the cistern and had to screw the button off. It's a siamp storm 33a single flush, I can manual flush the toilet by lift it up but when pushing the plastic that the button was attached to it jams. I cant see how it's connected to push the unit that im doing manually...

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