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  1. H

    Bye-Directional Electronic Rad/Stat Valve Installation

    Is there an optimum position for them on a radiator - meaning position them on the Flow or Return side. I mean by this - is there a technical argument - If you have a choice (new installation) to say that mounting an Electronic TRV ( more sensitive) on the return side is better due to the...
  2. A

    Electronic or water gauges for TT?

    Digital or water gauges for TT?
  3. D

    Hi Advice On Home Magnetic / Electronic De-Scalers

    Hi, (New to the forum) My lovely girlfriend's Polish cousin's husband has asked her what price we sell Magnetic / Electronic De-Scaler here in the UK. My question to this group of experienced people is: Is there a specific model or brand (for home use) that above the others? Or do you have...
  4. Lee Davies

    Paper/Electronic Certificates and Signing off.

    Hello all, Just being nosey. How do you all carry your certificate completion out? Do you still use good old carbon copy pads? I know others pay for software which keeps everything under one roof. I have my own templates which I have created for the following: Landlord Safety Certs...
  5. S

    Electronic self certification - gas safety register

    Hi guys I'm after some help with something that maybe fairly obvious. Boring stuff to do with the gas safety register website. I have a client who is a house builder, they are after getting habitation certificate done in one house from local authority and on Monday I have commissioned the gas...
  6. king of pipes

    Hydroflow hs38 electronic water conditioner

    Any of you guys tried one of these just put one on my own supply as a test really was recommend by a former installer and now a gas safe assessor , 50 - 50 at the minute will report back in a few weeks . Cheers kop
  7. F

    Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - does it work in hard water area?

    I've been looking at water softeners/descalers as there is too much limescale everywhere in my flat (hard water area in London). I heard years ago that electronic devices are insufficient for hard water areas, but they do keep the minerals intact which is nice. And they do not add salt to the...
  8. A

    Digital / Electronic format for Gas Safety Record etc

    hi currently i am doing a cost for my business and i would like to go paper-free I am looking into getting a digital / electronic format certificates like CP12 , CP14 , CP26 and CP8 forms etc. can anyone advice me the best route or how i go about it i have a tablet and laptop available to use...
  9. 0

    Best Digital Manometer!

    I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a digital manometer, just wondering which is the best on the market; Omnitron, Anton, Testo, Kane? Any others better? Thanks for any replies Sam
  10. T

    Electronic scale inhibitor

    Installing an electronic scale inhibitor, done plenty of in-line ones but the question I have is with the electronic ones can I wrap the wires around the hot cylinder outlet or can it only go on cold feeds? Thanks in advance.
  11. D

    Pipe freezing kit

    Going to invest in a co2 pipe freezing kit, Rothenberger or arctic/polar. Which one is best?
  12. B

    Megaflow , a bit confused

    I am looking at a megaflow that runs out of hot water quicker than it was . I have megad both immersion heaters / stats and they read 19 ohms which is correct. They both have a 230v supply . so i am confused as by all accounts they are ok. Age of cylinder approx 7 years , thanks for any thoughts...
  13. P

    Boiler electronic timer.

    Does anyone know if there is an electronic timer out there that can be programmed over a 4 week period. Thanks.
  14. K

    Flue Gas Analysers and cold

    With this cold snap and the cold winter forecast, I recommend that instruments such as FGA, multimeters and other test instruments are taken inside during the night and if possible put them in the front of your vehicle between jobs. Modern electronic instruments do suffer from condensation as...
  15. Y

    Problem with Pump(Maybe)..

    Hi all i have a traditional gas central heating system and have had a strange problem for quite a while..All the plumbers i ask onsite have little or no idea on what it can be. My pump keeps running and running the boiler kicks in every two mins and clicks off after about a minute..This does...
  16. Dan

    THE Quit Smoking Thread

    Right lads and ladies? We've had a guy quit smoking on tilersforums and he made it look easy. He's done 9 days now and has his sense of humour back already (he'll chuckle if he reads that). | Tile Forums | Tiling Forum So we've made a thread on tilersforums. We're...
  17. M

    newley registered with gas safe

    hi all a quick question i have registered with gas safe and got the confirmation email stating im now part of the gas safe register and that my cert and card will be sent out in the next 10 working days.... but the question is can i now work now that i have my gas safe registration number or...
  18. R

    Boiler starts whenever the Room Stat calls for Heat - even when the Programmer is ON

    Some time back I posted a query in this Forum about Boiler either ignoring the Room Thermostat or the Programmer. I was suggested (by doitmyself and others) to get the Sunvic MoMo 3 Port Valve replaced by a Honeywell. After getting this done (Honeywell V4073A), the Boiler is now completely...
  19. A


    Hi. I have a switchmaster 900 timer running a Barlo 65F boiler but it is not flexible enough in that it doesn't allow heating and water to be switched at different and various times of the day. Can anyone recommend an electronic programmable timer compatible with the 900 and are there any 'crib...
  20. R

    System improvement

    As a result of a unfortunate accident on the roof, (please don't ask) we are replacing our Ideal Isar HE 30 with a Broag Remeha Avanta 28C, after an awful lot of research. To be honest the Ideal has in fact been far from "ideal", having had a new PCB, three igniters and User control board...