1. B

    Baxi boiler needs topping up daily

    Hi, we've got a Baxi Combi 105 HE boiler which is about 13 years old. It needs water adding every time I put it on as it keeps dropping 0. I was going to nurse it through another winter but I'm thinking things must be dire now. How much would a like for like replacement be with fitting, a...
  2. G

    Baxi Combi 80 fault

    Hi there I was called out tonight, no heating no h/w. Pump would run, pump proving made (continuity across connections at board), no power to fan across L-N, but getting 240v L-E. Going back tomorrow with the PCB but just wanted to confirm this diagnosis. The fan resistance was 30.6 ohms which...
  3. J

    Baxi Bermuda PW5 Gas Fire Problem

    Hi all, i have the above gas fire with back boiler. The boiler is working fine but there is a problem with the fire after first light of the cold season(cold according to my wife). The ignition has always been tempramentel so we have always used a "clicker" gas igniter. We press the knob down...
  4. S

    Baxi 800 (with EvoHome)

    Hi everyone Newcomer here and freely admit to not knowing much about central heating or even plumbing in general tbh! I've got an old (20+ years) combi at the moment that is on its last legs (hot water is intermittent plus various faults over last 18 months). Consequently I'm looking to replace...
  5. U

    Baxi boiler regular resetting

    Hi my old Baxi boiler, regularly serviced, keeps cuttng out and needs reset. Happens about every Pressure is absolutely fine. Mentioned it to engineer at its service 4 weeks ago and he could find nothing obvious, but it had only happened once at that point. Once reset all seems...
  6. Dame1701-

    Refill a Baxi combi boiler (24 series)

    Hi guys, We have a baxi combination boiler which needs to be re-pressurised (error code 119 I believe). I've done this several times on different boilers using the tap on the front. I just want to confirm that we need to turn the two taps at the front to repressurise. From what I understand we...
  7. ShaunCorbs

    Baxi Discontinuing

    Atm Baxi duotech Baxi platinum Baxi mega flow Start of October but this is depending on stock
  8. E

    Baxi Titanium vs Baxi Platinum

    Hello, I have been quoted £2200 for a Baxi Titanium and £2600 for a Baxi Platinum combi install. As far as I know both have stainless steel heat exchangers. The only difference seems to be the warranty - seven years vs ten - is this correct or are there other differences I should be aware of ?
  9. M

    Problem with burned baffle Baxi Solo

    Hi Folks, Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. I have some engineering knowledge but would not touch a gas boiler! I have a maintenance contract and the engineer came to check my Baxi Solo 2 PF for its annual service / inspection. On opening up there were lots of tutting noises. As I was...
  10. G

    Baxi Neta Tec Problem + Pos Replacement

    Hello All, Firstly I am not in the central heating profession. We moved into a property 3 years ago and got lumped with this paper weight stuck to the wall in my loft. In the 3 years we've had it, the pcb was first replaced after error 133 code and not getting a flame. The whole manifold was...
  11. B

    Baxi fire front compatability

    I have a Baxi 552 back boiler,don't laugh but because it's been so good I want to keep as long as poss. My gas guy has told me i now need a replacement fire front so I am looking out for one.As I understand there are two fronts for this boiler one with ceramic radiants which is mine and one with...
  12. A

    Baxi Duo Tec Keeps Dropping Pressure

    Hi, I have a baxi duo tec 28 HE which keeps dropping pressure and return E119 error code. In the last month it's had to be topped up 3 times and I topped up again early this week to 2 bar and today the pressure has dropped to below 1 bar. I've checked all the radiator valves for leaks but...
  13. R

    BAXI DUOTEC COMBI 24 HE A. Diverter issue. Motor, Sensor or Valve

    Hello all I have a BAXI DUOTEC COMBI 24 HE A. I suspect a diverter issue. Symptoms are hot water but cold rads. No fault codes to report. At least nothing that begins with the letter "E". No fuse issues. There is a CENTER wifi stat involved but I am satisfied that's functioing ok. Been...
  14. M

    Help with a Baxi Solo 30 HE Regular

    Hi All, This is my first ever post as a newly registered Registered Gas Engineer. I’m looking for help on an issue I tried to help with for an old couple that live locally to me. They have the above boiler and very recently have had constant issues with it kettling and almost immediately locking...
  15. C

    Baxi Megaflo Vs Baxi Ecoblue?

    Hi Guys, Making a choice between buying Baxi Megaflow 32KW System or Baxi EcoBlue 32KW System. Will be supplying Megaflo 210L cylinder. Baxi themselves don't seem to be able to give any answer on the differences other than one has an LCD screen, the other is just LED screen with turn knobs...
  16. S

    Baxi Combi 105 HE drips water

    Hey, I've got a Baxi Combi 105 HE, and there's a component at the bottom that drips water. Not a lot, I'd say 1 drop every 10 sec, but annoying though. Here's a screenshot from the manual with the part I mean: Is this something I can fix myself? I can do basic plumbing and central heating DIY...
  17. H

    Baxi combi zoned is additional bypass needed?

    Hi, Just installed U/F heating in my extension so put S plan in with 2 valves on the return. When the valves close the boiler carries on for a little while (orange connected to boiler heat demand). The manual says 'The boiler utilises the primary side of the DHW plate heat exchanger as an...
  18. G

    Baxi BBU with Bermuda fire front.

    Hi, I have a Baxi BBU AND Bermuda fire front. Both are in perfect working order and we’re not looking to have a combi installed anytime soon. Are there any fire fronts that are compatible, if we wanted to change it? Fire works perfectly. But it’s ugly! I have seen an SP3 on Ebay, but not...
  19. G

    Baxi Duo Tec 2 GA problems

    Hi guys, do any of you know when Baxi discontinued theDuo Tec 2 GA? I have had a long litany of faults since it was installed in 2012.
  20. F

    Daily lockout on Baxi boiler.. aargh!

    I had a engineer round my place last week to service my Baxi 100 HE Plus boiler as every single day I'm having to press the lockout button to get the heating to come on. He gave it a clean, increased the pressure and told me it should all be ok. But it isn't! The problem is still ocurring and...
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