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Baxi is part of BDR Thermea, one of Europe's largest manufacturers and distributors of domestic and commercial water and space heating systems.
Baxi employs 6,400 people throughout Europe, with a turnover exceeding €1.2 billion. The group has significant market shares across all major continental territories and in the United Kingdom. It is also expanding into new markets such as Romania and Argentina and already has a direct presence in Russia, China and Czechia. It has a presence of joint venture partnerships in developing locations, like Turkey.
Today, BDR Thermea owns and sells some of the leading brands in the European market for heating products.It is known under various pseudonyms worldwide, including Chappée and Ideal Standard in France, Roca in Spain, and Broetje in Germany.
Baxi operates four sites in the UK: Warwick, Preston, Norwich and Wokingham. There are also numerous training centers nationwide, including Dartford and Godmanchester.
Its investment is based on boiler products and renewable technologies, including solar thermal hot water systems, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, biomass boilers and micro combined heat and power with baxi-innotech.

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  1. L

    Baxi Platinum Boiler Error E1 33

    Hi Guys, I have installed a boiler "Baxi Platinum+ 40Kw Combi" on the outer wall in the loft. It works fine for 1 or 2 days and then it gives E1 33 error randomly. It is connected to the Hive Thermostat too. I have checked all the common reasons for getting this error but in no way could...
  2. E

    Baxi System Boiler Weather Compensation

    I'm wanting to install weather comp on my Baxi Platinum+ system boiler (GC No: 41-470-95). This is because the house is heated using underfloor heating which is mixing down to 35c but the boiler is set to 70c to heat the unvented cylinder up to 60-65c. The idea is to select a curve more suited...
  3. R

    Baxi 228 combi boiler hot water flow rate poor?

    Hi, Just checking I'm not talking rot. Today I visited a house with a Baxi 228 combi boiler. The technical spec for the DHW output is shown in the image. Boiler was installed 27 months ago. Baxi is claiming 13.3 litres @ DT 30. I set the boiler DHW temperature to a high setting. I was...
  4. S

    Baxi Combi 105e: CH lost 1 bar of pressure in a few hours

    Hi everyone Summary is in the title. Found the boiler was at 0.5 bar earlier today so topped up to 1.5 bar. Checked before bed and its back to 0.5 bar. There are no signs of a leak around any radiators nor any suspicious water damage on the downstairs ceiling. Before I rip up all the flooring...
  5. P

    Is a Main boiler a Baxi? Yes or no

    So, we were quoted for a Baxi boiler by a local boiler man. He came out and installed a Main. He said it's a Baxi. It's not what we were quoted and he's saying that they're Baxi. I understand they're part of Baxi but they're not actually Baxi boilers right!? He also told us he needed to sort all...
  6. P

    URGENT Baxi Duo-Tec Combi 33 HE DHW Fault

    Hello, Looking for someone who can please help solve this problem and fix our boiler. Staffs area. CH seems fine. Boiler can be coaxed into full burn with the fan spinning at full speed, so I think everythings fine on the gas/air/flue/condensate side of things. If there is DHW demand on the...
  7. N

    Baxi 600 without opentherm

    I've got a Baxi 600 combi, with a Google Nest thermostat, fitted a year ago. I've just learnt about OpenTherm, so went into my Nest settings, and found that it is disabled (only on/off mode is selectable, OpenTherm gives an error message). I spoke to the installer who says that he never...
  8. Gilbbb92

    Baxi 630i Error E133 Urgent Help

    Good afternoon Guy's & Girl's, So I have a Baxi 630i that is showing a e133 fault. Upon hours of extensive research it is an ignition fault that can be caused by numerous of issues. One being that the condensate pipe is frozen, given the current weather and climate I edged my bets on this...
  9. P

    Baxi 105e strange issue, for me

    I’m sure the gurus on here will have an idea what is going on with this boiler. Well boiler suddenly switches off, no ch or dhw, but main power light on no error lights etc. so check all usual suspects all fine, but, check across reset switch and output appears as about 24 volts when I/p to...
  10. U

    Baxi radiators too hot

    I've set the boiler (radiators) to 50°C using the up/down buttons, but the radiators and the display temperature are 70-80°. Why is the set temperature not working?
  11. W

    Baxi Bermuda 45 back boiler not working

    Hi All New to this and a little green around Gas boilers.. So, a house I’m in possession of has an old and trusty Baxi Bermuda 45 back boiler which worked perfectly fine until I isolated the gas supply from the meter box.. After a couple of months and with the weather getting colder, I’ve went...
  12. D

    Pre-heat function on baxi?

    I have a baxi megaflo 2 boiler and twice a day (6.30am and 5.30pm) I can hear it firing up for around 20 minutes or so. Is this normal for this type of boiler? I know some boilers have a pre-heat function that can be switched off but I’ve looked at the manual online and can’t see anything about...
  13. stings27

    Baxi solo 2 70 pf problem

    Evening all. Have encountered a problem with neighbours boiler and wondering if one of you out there could help me. When the programmer is turned on , everything seems in order. ‘Boiler on’ lights up, ‘fan on’ lights up, ‘pilot on’ lights up then burner on. After around 5 minutes, the boiler...
  14. K

    Baxi 400/600 materials issue?

    I've recently noticed some of the 'new' baxi boilers' cases going a bit yellow and am concerned that they're not UV stable and are going to start crumbling sooner or later. Replacing a condense elbow today that has turned into what I can only describe as plasticine has only added to my concerns...
  15. F

    Baxi Duo-Tec won't repressurise

    Hi. I am unable to repressurise my boiler after draining to remove some pipes. I have done this several times before it was moved into the loft. The guy who moved boiler is stumped and recons boiler is faulty. It's only 3 years old. Only a small amount of water enters boiler before it stops...
  16. R

    Baxi 105e plate heat exchanger upgrade

    Hi all New Diverter valve going in mid week ( subject to eng being available) and from my previous discussion, the dhw plate heat exchanger could also be causing the bypass to lift. So I have sourced a potential replacement dhw plate heat exchanger to go in at same time, but the original part...
  17. R

    Salus IT500 and baxi 636 compatable ?

    Hi all, Decided to get the Baxi 105 replaced. Going for the baxi 636. My question is, will my current salus iT500 be compatible with the 636 as there doesn’t seem to be a 0v switching contact. I don’t have a 230v wired thermostat and the salus uses 0v switching. I don’t believe the iT500 is...
  18. grumpydad

    Baxi 836 Vs Worcester Bosch 8000 35kw

    Hi all. My glowworm e50 has seen better days. Situation = 4 bedroom detached house, header tanks in the loft, all the rads are singles, they are all the originals from 1996. No TRVS. Some are rusted on the bottoms. Vented heat only. Essentially, it's time to spend some money. Got two...
  19. R

    Baxi instant 105e Diverter valve repair

    Hi all, Quick question. I have a baxi 105e instant that has a Diverter valve issue. The bypass is allowing hot water around the bypass pipe and into the CH return pipe. I have looked at a rebuild kit and it seems that there are 2 listed. One is a cartridge type and the other more a kit. My...
  20. M

    Baxi boiler just installed.... gurgling sounds.

    Hi. New Baxi 619 heat boiler installed last week. Type with a hot water cylinder. Lots of water / gurgling sounds when hearing switched on. Plus the boiler ignites and stays on for approx 10 minutes then switches off. Then comes back on after a few minutes.... this cycle repeats. Any advice...
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