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  1. A

    Hi guys, can you tell me if this transformer has leaked, it's a PCB for a baxi 105he

    Hi guys, can you tell me if this transformer has leaked, it's a PCB for a baxi 105he
  2. B

    Baxi 200 compatible with hive smart thermostat?

    Hi there, couple of questions. 1. Is the hive smart thermostat compatible with a baxi 200.combi boiler? 2. Is the hive smart thermostat compatible with the baxi duo tec 24? 3. In terms of quality and performance what are the differences between the baxi 200 and duo tec? 4. What is the best...
  3. I

    Baxi 100 HE ignition problem

    Can anybody provide some help with the ignition problem in video please?
  4. A

    Low pressure bar - Baxi 105e

    Hi all , just looking for a little bit of help with this if possible. My boiler is showing low pressure and after watching countless videos and reading other threads I’m still stuck on what I should be touching or if I’m missing a fill pipe and that’s why or whether the taps are there and I...
  5. C

    Baxi 105he leaking after servicing with diverter valve kit

    Hi all. After experiencing issues with luke warm hot water and reading about the relative simplicity of refurbishing the diverter valve in the Baxi 105 he I went ahead and did the job (with some trepidation) To my relief the boiler is now working much better, however it is also leaking a fair...
  6. U

    Grundfos UPM3 15-60 azj on Baxi Duo Tec Combi 40 ERP

    I have an intermittent high pitched whine on a boiler of just over 2 years old (which I think is the pump). I can't seem to find a direct replacement and in any event is there another better alternative ?
  7. R

    Baxi Brassillia Wall heaters

    Do baxi wall heaters have an FSD built in or are they literally on or off .?
  8. B

    Baxi DuoTec Combi 28 HE A - No central heating

    The central heating on my Baxi DuoTec Combi 28 HE A has stopped working but the hot water is fine. I have also discovered a leak from somewhere on the lower isolation valve to the Fernox TF1 Compact filter, it may just need tightening up. I'm guessing that it could be the diverter valve but...
  9. M

    Old baxi bermuda to combi boiler cost help!

    Hello all and thanks for letting me post this question in your forum. I have just had a quote in of £5,700 to replace our old baxi bermuda back boiler with a new baxi 800 combi boiler. All pipework in the property would be changed and along with nine radiators. Decommision and remove the old...
  10. J

    Adding second DHW to Baxi combi boiler

    Hey guys, Just after a bit of advise if something can be done and if so how complicated it would be... I currently have a Baxi duo Tec combi 28 he a boiler which runs the central heating for the house and hot water for down stairs. We are currently ripping out our upstairs on suit to re-vamp...
  11. D

    Central heating pipe banging new baxi 228

    Just installed a baxi 228 2 weeks ago flushed the system out as there was a fair amount of sludge ,boiler was running fine but now the ch pipes below are banging occasionally but kept them up throughout the night ,the boiler doesn’t even have to get to temperature on the heating .ive tried the...
  12. Matt0167

    Baxi inovia 30c no hot water

    Hi guys any of you lot familiar with these , Not firing for hot water at all doesn't even try, had the call brought a hot water flow sensor as it was only pennies saved going back to merchants , no joy . heating works fine. Can some one explain to me how the sensor works ( on a blue tab...
  13. J murton

    Baxi part number if possible please

    Hello Baxi duo combi tech he a 28 Does anyone know the part number of this valve please picture below. thanks
  14. G

    Baxi Duo tec 2 straight swap needed.

    Can any of you fine folks tell me which Baxi/Potterton/Main boiler would be a straight swap out for a 28Kw Duo Tec 2 GA Combi please. I dont do many boiler changes but have been co-erced into doing this one. If I can get a boiler that would fit in its place without altering any pipework would...
  15. A

    Baxi Solo 2 change recommendations.

    Hello everyone. Another post to add to the endless list. I have been asked to go and give a price for replacing a Baxi Solo 2. The customer has said that he has already been quoted for a 30kw boiler. It's a y plan set up with open vent. He said he might also decide on an unvented cylinder...
  16. B

    Baxi boiler needs topping up daily

    Hi, we've got a Baxi Combi 105 HE boiler which is about 13 years old. It needs water adding every time I put it on as it keeps dropping 0. I was going to nurse it through another winter but I'm thinking things must be dire now. How much would a like for like replacement be with fitting, a...
  17. G

    Baxi Combi 80 fault

    Hi there I was called out tonight, no heating no h/w. Pump would run, pump proving made (continuity across connections at board), no power to fan across L-N, but getting 240v L-E. Going back tomorrow with the PCB but just wanted to confirm this diagnosis. The fan resistance was 30.6 ohms which...
  18. J

    Baxi Bermuda PW5 Gas Fire Problem

    Hi all, i have the above gas fire with back boiler. The boiler is working fine but there is a problem with the fire after first light of the cold season(cold according to my wife). The ignition has always been tempramentel so we have always used a "clicker" gas igniter. We press the knob down...
  19. S

    Baxi 800 (with EvoHome)

    Hi everyone Newcomer here and freely admit to not knowing much about central heating or even plumbing in general tbh! I've got an old (20+ years) combi at the moment that is on its last legs (hot water is intermittent plus various faults over last 18 months). Consequently I'm looking to replace...
  20. U

    Baxi boiler regular resetting

    Hi my old Baxi boiler, regularly serviced, keeps cuttng out and needs reset. Happens about every Pressure is absolutely fine. Mentioned it to engineer at its service 4 weeks ago and he could find nothing obvious, but it had only happened once at that point. Once reset all seems...