1. F

    Baxi 418 advice required before going ahead

    Under a boiler replacement grant I've been offered a Baxi 418 heat only. Has anyone any experience of this model? Apparently it has an aluminium heat exchanger but a lot of parts are combined into one so maybe costly if repairs are needed. Thanks
  2. P

    Could the BAXI commercial boiler parts/flue melt ?

    Boiler is SIRIUS THREE FS 70 Potterton commercial. Situation: We are small building contractors and my labourers managed to damage the radiator pipes during the strip out. Not the end of the world as damages happens. I am responsible builder and paying my bills and to repair the damages if...
  3. C

    baxi duotec e50 boiler error

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here may be able to help me out with an issue I have with my baxi duotec boiler. Basically, the hot water temperature has been fluctuating quite alot, dropping in temp then raising again whilst showering. I have had an engineer out who has changed the thermistor, but I am...
  4. A

    Baxi 424 combi tempreature not going above 57 degrees

    Hello everyone i have a Baxi 424 combi the system working fine but the maximum tempruter on the screen reach only 57 degrees for heater and 51 degrees for tap water this happened after a visit from (obviously) unqualified tecnichichan to fix a minor leak on the boiler, which initaly didn't efect...
  5. Spudbasher

    Baxi assure 30? Any good?

    Hi all,new to the forum and hoping to get some guidance through the boiler minefield . We moved into a 70s bungalow last Feb,its got a Greensted 241 junior mark 3. The expansion tank has failed, also it has a Boss therm sender unit wired to it but the previous owner didn't leave the receiver...
  6. 127bit

    Baxi Luna HT 380 - how to display/set flow rate?

    The User Guide etc states an available temperature range of 25-80c. Various instructions found online instruct to turn it fully clockwise to display maximum 80c, then back it off and stop at desired flow rate, ie 55c. However, turning the dial fully clockwise (hottest) displays maximum 30c, and...
  7. M

    Baxi boiler pressure drops after heating

    Hi, we have a back combi heater. Whenever the heating comes on it seems to lose pressure within a few hours and I have to refill each morning. The boiler seems to function well, and the pressure only drops with the heating and not the water being on. Ie it started last winter and was then...
  8. screwloose

    Repressurising a Baxi Duo-Tec boiler

    Baxi DUO-TEC boiler Trying to repressurise using the 2 blue valves - left valve won't budge. Any ideas please?
  9. hkgccf

    Boiler pressure problem - Baxi EcoBlue

    the pressure of my boiler looks unstable After i re-pressurize to 1.5 bar, using tap is ok without problem. but when turn on the central heating, the pressure rises over 2 and the error code 117 showing water pressure high After i did the bleeding and re-pressurize to 1.3 bar, the heating is...
  10. vampywiz17

    Baxi P74 parameter - what mean exactly?

    Hello there, Baxi boilers (with HAGC03 BX01 motherboard) have a parameter, named "Ignition delay (for HO)". It is the Parameter 74. My question is that what mean it exactly? I search a parameter that same like vaillant"Max. anti-cycl. time: Heating" mean:
  11. B

    Boiler decision - Worcester v Baxi

    Hi. I’m new here and due to have a new boiler fitted. Does anyone have recommendations or thoughts on either the Worcester 8000 40KW Combi or the Baxi 40kw Platinum or the Valliant EcoTec Plus 838. The Worcester is the most costly but I’m happy to pay more if it means a better boiler (long term...
  12. T

    Baxi 600 asking for heat

    Baxi 600 central heating is set at minimum the radiator symbol on the boiler is flashing. (asking for heat .fan is still running ) this is like this all day is this correct before I call out engineer there are no other controls ie time lock or room stat on system
  13. R

    Baxi 600 new version vs the older model

    Baxi have changed their 600 and 800 ranges....they look completely different inside and out .....has anyone got an opinion on the new version.
  14. P

    BAXI 105e, DHW Strange issue

    I have a very strange issue with my BAXI 105e DHW. if i turn on the hot tap the pump starts and demand for DHW is shown, after a some seconds it will show an error, 60 degree, pump or flow. Well switch the tap off wait maybe fifteen seconds turn tap on and low and behold hot water. If after a...
  15. Z

    Baxi duo tec combi 24 HE A Boiler de-aeration

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask is there a function to remove air from a Baxi duo tec combi 24 HE A. If there is can some one kindly tell me the procedure. Looking online i found on newer baxi boilers that you turn the heating knob all the way back (12-oclock) anti-clockwise and then 2 quarter...
  16. P

    Baxi 105e dhw strange

    Hope someone can offer some help with this issue, I have a Baxi 105e works fine no real downside, serviced looked after regularly. Have an issue with hot water, open hot water taps runs cold and indicates on boiler 60degrees or pump or pressure problem. Leave it ten seconds open taps again low...
  17. A

    Baxi boiler - heat exchanger

    I have a Baxi Duo Tech 28 HE. According to an online search with the serial number and GC number, I should have a 20-plate heat exchanger. So, I purchased a 20-plate unit. However, when I removed the old part, it appears to have 12-14 plates. Is there any harm in installing a 20-plate exchanger...
  18. J

    My boiler (label of Baxi) sent a 'low water pressure' warning 0.8 bar

    Hi all, My boiler is Remeha avanta ace 28c - Avanta Ace - The Feeling of Warmth - Remeha - It's 1 year old, and since I'm away for a few weeks I set it to 'frost protection' mode. This morning I woke up to a 'low water pressure' warning 0.8 bar, and since...
  19. P

    Adverts and Subscription?

    Hi, I've subscribed but still plagued with adverts. Does it take time to activate? Thanks, Paul
  20. G

    Baxi 105e CH loud screeching/whining

    Hi, around 3 week following a diverter overhaul with a valve and seal kit (due to leak between diverter housing and diff housing) the noise started to occur within a few minutes of activating CH. I'm pretty sure the noise is coming from the diverter and it is carried along pipework in walls and...
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