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work experience

  1. D

    Plumbing experience and mentoring

    Good afternoon, I have very recently completed my level 2 diploma in college and am at a stage to wanting to get some experience in the real world of plumbing. I am a current serving Firefighter and am looking for a potential career change. Have always been interested in plumbing and thought now...
  2. P

    Mature Student Looking for Work Experience

    Hi folks, First post on here so please go easy on me if possible ! I’m a mature student in my 40s based in the Wrexham/Chester area looking to gain further knowledge and experience with a professional plumber. After a career change 12 months ago, I recently completed City & Guilds Level 2...
  3. B

    looking for a position as a trainee plumbers mate, or work experience in worcs/birmingham

    Hi, My name is Blake, I am 28 years old. I am currently doing a NVQ level 2 in plumbing and heating at Worcester college. I am doing the evening course (two nights a week). I would like to find employment as a plumbers mate in order to gain some experience, or some work experience with a...
  4. M

    Work experience in gas advice please

    Morning peeps, First post so don't really know how the forum works so please be gentle!!! Soon to be made redundant however have been given an unconditional offer to do level 3 diploma in gas engineering at local college starting in summer 2019. Until I start this course I have managed to...
  5. B

    Trainee plumber in Worcestershire, looking for a plumbers mate role. Or work experience

    Hi, My name is Blake, I am 28 years old. I am currently doing a NVQ level 2 in plumbing and heating at Worcester college. I am doing the evening course (two nights a week). I would like to find employment as a plumbers mate in order to gain some experience, or some work experience with a...
  6. O

    Work Experience with gas engineer

    Hi I am looking for a domestic gas engineer who will let me shadow them around the Merseyside area 2 days per week for approx 12 months. This will enable me to start a course in January through NWTC. I need to start asap so I have some knowledge prior to the course starting as this is...
  7. Tony

    Newly qualified - work - unpaid - help

    Welcome to the forum and all the best.
  8. B

    Work Experience, Salary and Health.

    Dear All, My name is Bhavin and I am a healthcare professional from SW London. I am thinking about changing careers and starting a Plumbing college course. Can any experienced plumbers explain the following: How difficult is it to get work experience, plumbing assistant jobs? Why is it...
  9. G

    Plumbers mate newly qualified looking for work experience & even trainee work

    Hi I presently work in maintenance in East London. I've recently completed my City & Guilds. In my job i do some installing of cold & hot water services, changing taps, swapping out showers (and loads of leaking pan connectors) have changed cold water storage tanks and showers. Really want to...
  10. V

    Heating Engineer Mate / work experience for Improver

    Looking for some assistance. Mate required preferably part time / self employed basis. Some experience required to Level 2. Portfolio help available for those who wish to gain experience. Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire triangle.
  11. M

    Work experience request for mature plumber student SE London and Kent

    Good afternoon all Apologies for the forward request but I believe in 'if you don't ask you don't get'! I am 38 years of age and live in Bromley, SE London/Kent border and I've had previous experience in plumbing but as we all know you can't learn everything from a plumbing course and text...
  12. Oscar24

    Experienced mate looking for work in domestic plumbing

    To whom it may concern. Good evening, I hope you all are well? I am eagar to offer my hands and time to shadow or mate a plumber in London. You will benefit from my experience as a labourer with experience in domestic plumbing. You will also be happy with my punctuality and reliablity...
  13. A

    hybrid liverpool

    looking into doing a gas course at hybrid in liverpool went for interview to discuss course and fees, very happy with what i saw but could anybody give me any info on this course and wether its worth the cost, any feedback would be apreciated;)
  14. A

    work experience needed

    hi all i am just enquiring to see if there is anyone in the chesterfield/sheffield area of the country who could take me on(no pay) so i can gain experience and be ale to go on my gas foundation course. if you/someone you know could possibly help me please get intouch. Cheers
  15. N

    Routes in to gas work.

    HI all. Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction here. I currently work in the family plumbing business and im doing my NVQ2 etc. My father never bothered with corgi registration so stopped working with gas years ago. I will be taking over the business in the next two years...
  16. A

    hi all

    hi everyone. hoping to start a plumbing course soon. just need some vital info and opinions on courses and companies. i'll start easy. College or private? OLCI or BTSC? does C&G tech cert level 2 = 6129? level 3 = 6089? what NVQ qualifications are they equal to? how easy or difficult...
  17. P

    Hello-New member Pitchpipe

    Hi all I would just like to quickly introduce myself. I’m doing my second year of 6129 Level 2 Plumbing course by evening classes, as a mature student I’m enjoying this very much. Don’t know why I did not do this years ago. Just wondering now what’s the best way to get work experience- unpaid...

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