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Hello, i have seen there are a few recent posts about this, but am in the same situation as the others but in different areas.

I am a 29 year old male and have recently completed my C&G level 2 diploma in plumbing and heating at college. I am very keen on learning further about plumbing and heating and am aware it takes more than just doing a course to become competent. I have some experience carrying out smaller jobs for myself, friends and family and am looking to get some better experience in plumbing and hopefully move onto gaining my nvq. Is there any plumber in or around Buckinghamshire or around east m25 area that I could join on some jobs. I can Provide labour and have a positive attitude and am very hard working. I can be fairly flexible around the days given and 2/3 times per week works fairly well if any plumber needs a plumbers mate to assist in the basic work and where I can learn in the real environment.
I have a full driving licence so will commute and am happy to volunteer my time.

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