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In 1924 Ernest Fisk (later Sir Ernest) of AWA - Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) suggested the introduction of a sealed set system (also known as a sealed receiver) where radio sets could only receive the transmitting service (or services) to which they were licensed. Under this model, the Government would issue a licence to transmit on a given wavelength (or frequency in modern terminology) and oversee the manufacture of receivers locked on that wavelength. The owner of the transmitting licence could then charge the receiver's owner a recurrent fee that would be used to run the station. This was seen as preferable to the British situation where the Government backed a monopolistic service (the British Broadcasting Company as it was then) and collected a single licence fee from each household with a receiver. There appears to have been little attention at the time to a third possible model; that of the licensee charging for advertisements, as was done in the United States.Radio Amateurs were compelled to sign agreements that they would not carry out activities that would challenge this project. Under the legislation being drafted to implement this policy, it would be illegal for the consumer to do unauthorised tampering with the radio.
The following stations operated under the system:

2SB, Sydney, Sydney Broadcasters Ltd, 13 November 1923 (known as 2BL from 1 March 1924);
2FC, Sydney, Farmers & Co Ltd, 8 December 1923;
3AR, Melbourne, Associated Radio Co, 26 January 1924;
3LO, Melbourne, Broadcasting Co of Australia, 13 October 1924;
5MA, Adelaide, Millswood Auto and Radio, April 1924; closed 1925;
6WF, Perth, Westralian Farmers, 4 June 1924.As early as July 1924, the Sealed Set system was declared to be unsuccessful and was replaced by a system of A Class and B Class stations. There were one or two A Class stations in each major market and these were paid for by a listener's licence fee imposed on all listeners-in. The five former Sealed Set stations became A Class stations, and they were soon joined by stations in other State capitals, and by a number of B Class (later commercial stations).

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  1. B

    New regular boiler (heat only) in a sealed system??

    Hi, I am replacing our 11 year old boiler (due to H.Ex. leak) with a new one. This is in a "sealed" system with red expansion vessel in airig cupboard & a megaflo (no tank in loft). However the exisiting boiler is Vaillant ecoTEC 4xx boiler - which is satated by vaillant as an "open vent" boiler...
  2. M

    Sealed system grabbing air

    Any ideas why a sealed system with a combi could be grabbing air. The upstairs rads have air in and the system reads 3 bar cold. When the air is bleed out the system returns to 1 bar or less. It's an ideal instinct boiler basically a logic.
  3. V

    How to bleed sealed system

    Looking at a friend's system yesterday. The boiler is refusing to fire and showing a fault code indicating no water flow. The pressure vessel gauge shows a pressure of 1 bar. I concluded the schematic was roughly as shown here I'm concerned that the pressure vessel gauge could still register...
  4. S

    Wood pellet system - open or sealed system

    Hi there, Looking at the manual for a lanordica Exflame costanza pellet boiler, it is designed for a 'closed' system - presumably them mean sealed. I've seen manuals for other pellet boilers advising they can be installed on open or sealed systems, I'm based in ROI but can anyone advise (for UK...
  5. B

    URGENT How can I fix a banging noise in CH system- 14 years new drayton and sunvic valves -sealed system?

    This started last night at 11.25 and has me completely flummoxed. A banging noise that is hard to track down. When I'm in Bathrooom that has airing cupboard it seems to come from hallway when in hallway it seems for come from cupboard. The system is a grant boiler in an outside house, purpose...
  6. M

    Sealed system kits

    I want to install one of these when converting a vented to sealed system. The only issue being the boiler manufactorys ask for the prv to be fitted on the flow as close to the boiler as possible. However if installing this kit I would need to fit on the return, due to the expansion vessels...
  7. J

    Sealed system efficiency compared to open system

    Would switching to a sealed system from an open system save money/fuel?
  8. W

    Pressure loss from sealed system stops when open/closing a zone with 'a leak'

    Hello all, Seeking any input on a matter that seems to defy logic and common sense. Sealed system Oil fired boiler (newish) feeding a large farmhouse from an annex with a good quality install/ pump etc that seems to be doing the job. The system is losing 1 bar per day for a long time. I...
  9. P

    Air getting in to sealed system ... !!

    I am collecting air in one downstairs radiator which requires bleeding once per week and a small amount on the auto bleed valve on the hot water side of the system. However, there is no pressure drop until I bleed the rad which then drops about 0.1 bar. The system was flushed couple of months...
  10. A

    Sealed System losing pressure on a daily basis

    Hi, Dumb homeowner just looking for a bit of advice so that I can talk sensibly to a plumber. Central heating system has been working fine for 4 years but suddenly lose of pressure each day in the evening when the system switches off. Suspect the expansion tank, which sits close to the hot...
  11. H

    Getting last of air out of sealed system

    Our old sealed CH system would always get a lot of air in after it was drained down, resulting the boiler overheating and cutting out. I learned in time that the boiler inlet and outlet pipes, above the boiler and a couple of inches below the ceiling, needed to be loosened to purge the air as...
  12. M

    Sealed system Air and leaks. HELP! At wits end.

    Hi, My heating system was changed from a vented to unvented OIL system. I have a magnaclean, nearly all the radiators are new. The maganclean is cleanish after months of use. I keep getting air in my system, and before you chastise me, I swear I cannot see any leak. The pressure keeps...
  13. S

    Worcester Highflow 3.5 (sealed system) Question

    Hello Everyone I spent some hours yesterday fitting a new filling loop, including draining the entire system and refilling with added inhibitor. All seemed to go well except right at the end i noticed a tee joint was seeping slightly - a joint i soldered some 7 years ago. It's a joint near the...
  14. M

    Normal pressure rise on a sealed system combined boiler

    When the heatings on what is a normal pressure rise if the expansion vessel is working correctly? Under 1 bar would you say?
  15. D

    Can’t find filling loop on sealed system

    Hi Self confessed novice here! Radiators at the top of our house are cold, the rest are fine. Only second winter with loft extension (where cold radiators are), last winter same thing happened but the builders were still here and they topped up system after we drained air from cold radiators...
  16. A

    Help Needed — Heat Pump Water Pressure Errors

    Dear Members I need some help from you guys. I am from Cork, Ireland and we recently replaced our Oil Fired Boiler with Air Source Heat Pump but every now and then the Heat Pump stops working with the error either “water pressure too low” or water pressure too high”. We contacted the...
  17. G

    Ideal classic sealed system 15 years old

    s plan. Zone valves opening and closing. Boiler will run and radiators get hot but when turned off boiler will not fire - pump gets really hot and I would say faulty but when it does run all the radiators get hot so it seems to be doing its job. Also it's a sealed system I haven't noticed...
  18. S

    Sealed System Pressure Issues

    Hello all, Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Background: Micron Glow worm 40FF boiler. Modern 4 bed, 2 floor house, 11 radiators. Leaking pressure relief valve, failed expansion tank behind boiler. Work undertaken so far: I have fitted a new expansion tank, specified by online...
  19. D

    boulter camray 3 sealed system conversion

    Hi to all, I have a boulter Camry 3 oil fired boiler, perfectly OK? I want to put a unvented cylinder in place of the domestic tank and loft cold water storage. My concern is this boiler runs a gravity hot water system and I want to change this to a sealed system with a pump and expansion vessel...
  20. M

    Sealed system heating

    As a newbie to this forum i thought i should open with a number of questions, I am removing my old heating (storage heaters) and hot water system and installing a new pressurised H/W cylinder and sealed system central heating, the H/W side of things are mostly piped and near finished. still a...
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