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The Range Rover is a British made, full-sized four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by Land Rover, and serves as its flagship model. Land Rover is one of several auto manufacturers owned by Tata Motors, a part of the Indian multinational conglomerate Tata Group. The Range Rover was launched in 1970. It is now in its fourth generation. Land Rover has expanded the Range Rover model line to include different designs: the Range Rover Evoque, the Range Rover Velar and the Range Rover Sport.

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  1. Chris Churchman

    Replacement for TS Range Flowmax Cylinder

    Hello... Looking for advice regarding a replacement for my old Range Flowmax 140 Thermal Store combination cylinder that is starting to show its age. I wondered if anyone had any recomendation for which manufacturers to look at? I know they are not cheap anyway, but I dont mind spend a bit extra...
  2. T

    Jet Range by Wolseley - DN20 Isolation Valve

    Is anyone familiar with the Jet Range isolation valve DN20 which is operated by screwdriver? Does this valve have a known design fault causing it to fail? During the retification of the leak in my other thread "Wear And Tear Causing Leaks?" (in another part of the system), the plumber...
  3. CorgiDirect


    The new Anton Sprint Pro range offers the professional engineer a reliable, robust and built for purpose flu gas analyser with many key features including - * double water stop technology - SAVE TIME AND MONEY * Wireless Comms to iOS & Android devices for connectivity with Sprint Mobile (From...
  4. Gazzt

    New work wear range lol, ministry of defence approved

    Customer won't know your there
  5. T

    Select range from hwos

    Hi was just looking at the select range from hwos particularly the motorized valves and circulating pumps. I service and repair oil boilers but don't do any plumbing work as I'm not a plumber but I have done oftec 101, have a fga etc. What I'd like to ask is can you replace a 5mtr head...
  6. Bogart

    Why boiler outputs have a range?

    Probably been asked before but cannot see where so here goes again. Just was thinking re my oil boiler it is rated at 25kw to 35 kw currently fitted with a nozzle that supposedly can manage up to 31kw. What is the reasoning I can fit one of 3 nozzles to obtain 3 maximum outputs? Why not just fit...
  7. T

    Range TS95H30 - Interference sound??

    Hi, I have a question about an interference type sound that is coming from the cylinder thermostat which I hope someone might be able to help. Attached to a Range Tribune HW cylinder is a Range TS95H30 (pocket fit) thermostat. About 15 seconds before the HW cylinder reaches the target temp of...
  8. G

    Range cookers and water heating

    There is much discussion in various places on the web about disconnecting the pipes from a water heating AGA or Rayburn and filling the tank with sand. Has anyone on this forum ever actually done it? And if so did it work? Did the range fail within an unreasonably short time afterwards? I...
  9. I

    Bought a new Range Cooker.

    Hi Guys, can anyone help. I've just purchased a new range free standing cooker, I invited a Gas Safe engineer to install it, he says its in breach of regulations, is this correct. The range is 1100mm, the opening the same, it appears the wall cupboards above are the problem, the distance between...
  10. R

    IDEAL are up against it!!! Heat exchangers replacing

    to just bring to light the problems Ideal are having and why they are trying to default on their warranties for their boilers. picture says it all really and this is just one example of a heating engineers typical weeks work !!:thumbs_down: thats TWELVE heat exchangers that have failed, and...
  11. hammers4spanner

    Baxi ecoblue combi

    Whats your thoughts on these then?
  12. A

    Fluke T5

    Hi. I'm looking at changing my electrical testing equipment. At the moment I use a cheap multi meter from maplin's that ive had for years, although this isn't really up to the job and is quite bulky. I primarily use it for testing boilers and heat pumps so need to be able to measure quite a...
  13. D

    modulation range

    Sorry I keep reading about modulation range for combi boilers: what is it? What is a good one?
  14. M

    Indirect cylinder thremostat

    Is it possible to get a thermostat which has a 'tight' temperature switching range? Ours seems to cycle around 4-5 degrees before switching (according to the setting dial) and the water sometimes varies too much in temperature. It would be good to find one that switches on a smaller range.
  15. M

    Range rated heat input.

    Hello, I am new to this line and I just wanted to understand what range rated heat input is? If anybody can help that would be great
  16. S

    Thermostatic Shower Valves

    Hi, I've been looking for a really good quality thermostatic shower mixer valve (exposed and gold/brass) but they seem to be few and far between and also very expensive. Top of the range seems to be the Aqualisa range of valves but I can't believe that I it is really necessary to spend in...
  17. E

    ACS portfolio help please

    Hiya all- I've gotta produce a portfolio of evidence to submit to my local college when signing on to do my ACS could anyone give me advice as to what I need to put in it? What type of evidence will they need to see?
  18. C

    online retailers of traditional sanitary ware

    hello again, My customer would like me to direct her to somewhere on the www that will sell quality traditional sinks, toilets and thermostatic showers. I have an account with nicholls & clarke yet their range is very limited. What are you opinions on victorian plumbing? (never again will I...

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