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A power supply is an electrical device that supplies electric power to an electrical load. The main purpose of a power supply is to convert electric current from a source to the correct voltage, current, and frequency to power the load. As a result, power supplies are sometimes referred to as electric power converters. Some power supplies are separate standalone pieces of equipment, while others are built into the load appliances that they power. Examples of the latter include power supplies found in desktop computers and consumer electronics devices. Other functions that power supplies may perform include limiting the current drawn by the load to safe levels, shutting off the current in the event of an electrical fault, power conditioning to prevent electronic noise or voltage surges on the input from reaching the load, power-factor correction, and storing energy so it can continue to power the load in the event of a temporary interruption in the source power (uninterruptible power supply).
All power supplies have a power input connection, which receives energy in the form of electric current from a source, and one or more power output or rail connections that deliver current to the load. The source power may come from the electric power grid, such as an electrical outlet, energy storage devices such as batteries or fuel cells, generators or alternators, solar power converters, or another power supply. The input and output are usually hardwired circuit connections, though some power supplies employ wireless energy transfer to power their loads without wired connections. Some power supplies have other types of inputs and outputs as well, for functions such as external monitoring and control.

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  1. Gasmk1

    Ideal evomax loses its settings if power turned off

    Does the evomax lose its settings when power turned off
  2. S

    AS2000X stuck in comissioning mode after power cut. PCB replacement?

    Morning All, hoping you can help me out with some advice. I have a triton AS2000x manual power shower, we had a power cut last night after the power was switched back on around 20 minutes later I heard the shower running . It seems to be stuck in comissioning mode. So Ive turned off the power to...
  3. B

    No power to Manifold

    Hi folks, hoping someone can help with a problem that's been perplexing me since just before Christmas..... I have a wet underfloor heating system installed in 2003 and manufactured by Underfloor Direct in NI - Now out of business. It's one of their triple tube systems and hasn't given me much...
  4. R

    Replace Aqualisa power shower to mixer shower

    Hi - I want to replace Aqualisa power shower to mixer shower to a std. mixer shower, however, the centres for the hot and cold are only 65mm. I’ve tried finding something that would be compatible but no joy. Ideal would be a mixer head with the same centres. Does anyone have any idea as to...
  5. E

    Orange spots. Rust. Washing machine or power flush?

    I get orange spots when washing clothes. Please see photo. I think it is rust. I’ve checked there’s no metal in the machine. I have also run a long wash with lemon juice. Neither have solved it. I read power flushing is the answer to rust elsewhere in the system. How can I tell...
  6. Evapourized

    I want to swap my electric shower to a power shower!

    I want to swap my electric shower to a power shower. I have a 200 litre pressurised hot water tank in the loft (not a combi boiler) the hot side has a pump and decent flow, but the cold side/hot side has not got an equal pressure as the cold is just mains fed and would say the flow is below...
  7. C

    What is the difference between a thermostatic and manual power shower?

    Hi, I am not a plumber, I'm a customer looking to replace my existing Mira Go Power (Manual) shower and will hire a plumber to install it. I don't understand technical plumbing terminology. What is the difference between (for instance) the Mira Vigor manual and the Mira Vigor thermostatic...
  8. J

    Pump running but no power to boiler

    On a breakdown which is stumping me. The boiler has no power to it even though everything else in the system is working as it should. The 3 way moves across when it should and kicks in the pump but there is no power on the wire entering the boiler.
  9. M

    Power flush & system corrosion

    In December 2022 (i.e. 5 months ago) I had a full system power flush conducted. Now the previously clear UFH flow gauges are black again. Is it possible that enough internal corrosion could have occurred in this time period? I had a separate plumber out a month ago to test some pipework and he...
  10. J

    Grant Vortex Blue no power to CH pump

    Hi, I have an issue with my Grant Vortex internal combi boiler. Specifically the electrical side. Everything was working fine (with a dual channel Hive system) but then the central hearing stopped working. When looking it seemed like there were a number of loose contacts as when we moved the...
  11. C

    Satchwell 5 2 port power on power off valve

    Hi first time poster, My elderly Aunts bungalows heating system, Ideal e type cf floor mounted boiler, yes I know it's ancient however she steadfastly refuses to have it changed even when offered a free boiler grant. Long and short her hot water is now getting boiling hot, I suspect its either...
  12. S

    does the power switch to the cylinder need to be left on ?

    Hello i have a 300l centre store unvented indirect cylinder. does the power need to be left on for this ? is it left on to keep water at temperature all day ? for a previous system i had a power switch for the immerison heater that was only turned on in an emergency thanks
  13. M

    How to fix power connector to boiler?

    Hey. Got home from Christmas with family to find boiler isn't working, no lights on anywhere. Boiler itself is old but ok. There has been a leak from an upstairs flat and the grey square connector in picture is very wet. Nothing has tripped on main board...I'm guessing either the connector...
  14. T

    power off no lights showing

    hi all , had a strange one this morning, boiler just went off ,dead no lights nothing. checked electric no power cuts everything else on in house, tools out then first checked power to spur , on, checked power from spur, on , switched off at spur removed cover to boiler (intergas 24/28) ,pulled...
  15. J

    Radiators top half hot & bottom half cold/warm---to do power flush?

    Hi all, I had my new boiler and 13 radiators installed in July last year, but since installed all the radiators always top half hot and bottom half cold or warm. I know that if radiators top half hot bottom half cold/warm, it indicates there's sludge in the system. But as the radiators were all...
  16. T

    Alpha boiler power cut

    Had a power cut now alpha gas saver 34c boiler is dead. Any ideas please
  17. CorgiDirect

    Kamco CF40 & CF90 Power Flush Machines Now In Stock !

    Kamco CF40 & CF90 Power Flush Machines Now in Stock! Due to Popular Demand. Order Today While Stock Lasts Power Flush Machines - CorgiDirect - https://corgi-direct.com/power-flush-machines-18089-0000
  18. R

    Using gas when power is off

    We recently had a power cut for 3 days and when it came back on I thought I would have a look at the smart meter. As expected I had 2 full days of no use of electricity. However when I went to look at my gas usage it looked almost normal usage during the whole period. Gas in my house only...
  19. GeoffG1

    Y plan provides HW & CH irrespective of request, turn of the power and

    I have replaced a danfoss timer /switch on a older system to a Drayton LP522 which consist of a hot water cylinder (heater not working) with a cylinder stat. A Honeywell y plan 3 port, a pump and a back boiler but no thermostat. I have checked and checked the wiring and all seems correct...
  20. N

    replacement model for a Redring Expressions 520TS power shower

    Hi chaps - can anyone recommend a replacement for the above? keeping it as simple as possible please....hot and cold inlets are on tight side as is the cable....cheers Dave
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