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A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, and for sewage and drainage in plumbing systems.

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  1. S

    Xmas Gifts for plumbers

    Hi, I have quite a few plumbers in the family and wondering what to get them as gifts (men ages 35-45), bit random but do plumbers like copper jewellery/copper bracelets or is that bit of a stereotype.
  2. R


    This sounds like an examination question but it really is a problem two different plumbers have been unable to resolve after spending several hours studying my hot water system. My flat has a vented hot water system supplying hot water to the kitchen and bathroom taps. The pump is a Stuart...
  3. BulkWorkwear

    Plumbers Workwear | Bulkworkwear

    Plumbers! Let your workwear do the work. From high viz vests to logo applications, we've got it all covered in house at K*F']Bulkworkwear.co.uk #plumbers #plumbing #hiviz #highvisibility #safetywear #workwear #logoclothing
  4. M

    CSCS card plumbers card

    Has anyone done there plumbers CSCS card recently? What did you use to revise
  5. M

    New part L regulations for plumbers.

    Hi all. Just need to clear my head around these changes. I am guessing we do not need to put in new radiators when just replacing a boiler?
  6. L

    Octopus Energy is doubling the size of its heatpump installation team

    Calling all plumbing and heating engineers. We are doubling our heatpump installation team across the UK and need plumbers and heating engineers to help decarbonise the UK. You can apply directly on the Octopus website, or you can contact me directly.
  7. D

    Need local plumbers for product feedback

    I work for a company that makes silicone dispensers and we're running a small focus group in Hungerford (UK) on 14th June to get feedback on some new products. If you have any tips on how to find local plumbers who can help, that would be great. We're offering free lunch and a free cordless...
  8. C

    Lookingnto gain experience as plumbers mate!

    I'm looking in Leicster and lincoln area for volunteering as plumbers mate to gain experience with my lv2 city and guilds plumbing and lv 3 city and guilds water regs and advance hot water. If anyone needs an hand let me know...
  9. A

    Inspection camera for plumbers

    Hi, Can any plumbers recommend a good, reasonably priced inspection camera for use in waste pipes? Thanks
  10. D

    Saniflow pump running continuously

    Saniflow toilet pumps ok but doesn’t empty, l think external pipe may have frozen, has anyone else had this problem?
  11. stabi5152

    Looking for experience

    I’m due to finish my level 2 next year and I am looking for a plumbers mate work to gain some more experience, I have a basic theory knowledge in plumbing and still learning I’m currently looking to improve on the practical side on site. Is there any plumbers looking for someone? Thanks
  12. N

    any plumbers want to give someone a bit more experience

    Any plumbers on here from the Nottingham Area that want to help me gain more experience? I am waiting to finish my NVQ level 2 but i am worried that i have not gained much experience due to waiting for so long
  13. J

    look for local plumbers for new build

    I am looking for a local plumber in the lu4 area or close to, this will mean under taking a new build site in the area which includes 1st fix ,2nd fix,finals and gas sign off. must have experience in new build and be gas qualified. if you are interested please all me Jon Benton on 07881893105
  14. B

    Gas Leak - 2 plumbers haven't resolved

    We have been in our house (2 story) for 2 months. Smelled gas when we moved in around gas fireplace and room. Gas company detected gas and shut off gas. Plumber came out and couldn't find a leak after conducting pressure test. Gas company came back out turned gas back on. Started to smell...
  15. P

    Plumbers just finished up, did they do it right ?

    So our water supply comes in through the cellar and then splits in two to feed the kitchen/boiler and bathroom respectively. We just had the plumbers in to re-site the pipework before we do a cellar conversion. The plumbers have done a great job but one decision makes me wonder. The have used...
  16. E

    Plumbers / plumbers mates required - England, Scotland and Wales

    EPAS is an innovative environmental, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing business working on solutions to environmental & drainage issues. We are looking for experienced Plumbers/plumbers mates to undertake installations of our award-winning drainage protection equipment, in addition to a...
  17. D

    Advice needed to all experienced plumbers

    Hi guys, I’m really interested in changing career and getting into plumbing. I’m a competent DIYer but want to gain a recognised skill. Would you recommend? And what’s your advice on the right path to take?
  18. redditchprestigeplumbing

    Redditch Prestige Plumbers

    redditchprestigeplumbing submitted a business listing in the plumbers directory: Redditch Prestige Plumbers - A friendly family run plumbing and heating company in Redditch, Worcestershire Checkout this business listing... - Please leave a review for this company if you have used them before...
  19. redditchprestigeplumbing

    Plumber Redditch Prestige Plumbers

    Redditch Prestige Plumbers is here every day to not only provide excellent plumbing service but also to build long-term connections with our clients. We're not like the other Redditch plumbers. We're focused on achieving our mission to establish trusting relationships with our clients while...
  20. tobolerone

    I've got a buzzing Vaillant boiler, 3 plumbers say it's fine

    Hi plumbers forum, as title suggests I've got a buzzing Vaillant boiler. 3 times I've paid for people to come out and look at it. They've all signed it off as fine. Typically when they arrive it stops buzzing. It does it perhaps 3 times a day and doesn't seem to be linked to when the heating is...
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