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A plumber is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable (drinking) water, sewage and drainage in plumbing systems. The term dates from ancient times and is related to the Latin word for lead, "plumbum".

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  1. Clubsport_tom

    Plumbers switching to offshore

    Hi , been plumbing for 6 years in the commercial game mixture of plumbing and pipe fitting anyone left it and gone on the rigs , decided it's the path i wanna go down currently getting the money together to get my tickets ready just wanted to know what's involved work wise on a daily basis .
  2. townfanjon

    Local numpty plumbers

    I will just let you have a laugh at this , sorry the pic doesn’t show much detail . Thermal stores with unvented components lol lol
  3. A

    Cheap plumbers from EU countries

    I've had basin fitted from an Egyptian plumber from Italy. He was cheap. He fixed the basin to the wall with putty like material (no bolt/nut into the wall). He fitted isolating valves (with compression joints) on plastic pipes without the insertion white hardening cylinders at the end. He never...
  4. N

    Just found UK Plumbers :-)

    Hi Everyone, Just joined the site; I am a DIY'er with many years experience. I always try to "Do It Right"; buying the correct tools for the job; whatever it is. I am nearly finished with a bathroom refit; this has been interesting :-) . I found 40mm waste pipe running flat notched into joists...
  5. J

    A strange plumbers merchants...

    Gas installer event...it’s like a massive plumbers merchants but nothing has a price on. If you want a price it comes with a long ass sales pitch! When you finally get the price, it’s more then your local merchants lol. Gas safe stand, guys all eating doughnuts! First time I ever went, I didn’t...
  6. V

    Plumbers of UK, would you mind answering a few questions for my research assignment

    I'm currently working on a research assignment to do with Digital marketing, specifically social media and how plumbing businesses use it. Would any of you be kind enough to aid my research and answer a couple questions below? What would you say from your experience your target market/customer...
  7. O

    Why aren’t plumbers plumbers any more?

    when and why did plumbers who work on heating systems decide they didn’t want to be called plumbers?
  8. S

    Question for plumbers

    My new neighbour moved in 2 years ago and had all new pipes and since then they complain they can’t shower if our hosepipe is on and our pipes bang like hell the early hours of every morning. We have had plumbers out but didn’t think it was anything to do with neighbours until now? Could this be...
  9. O

    looking for a part time commercial plumbers

    looking for one commercial plumbers be part time to join us. we are going to have 2 large project in London and others city UK and we are running few more commercial business in London. require a qualified electrician also who can work with right immigration condition in UK. what you need to...
  10. CorgiDirect

    Don't forget to download our new App

    Making it even easier to place your orders. Available on Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grafton.corgidirect&hl=en_GB … and the App Store - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/corgi-direct/id1446278980?mt=8 …
  11. gmartine

    Landlord plumbers advise required

    Advice not advise :oops: I attended a boiler breakdown (condensate) and spent most of the 2 hrs unblocking the sink outlet which was fairly solid with fat that had obviously been poured down the sink. Client wanted to know if they could claim it from their tennants/agency (18mths) and tbh I...
  12. J

    Dow Corning 785 or Plumbers Mait

    Hi, As per title, what out of the two would be best for sealing this bath fitting, everytime i google it i am getting mixed reviews, some say silicone, some say mait. The fitting is going into a enamel bath if that makes a difference.
  13. R

    Uk trade plumbers advice required please!?

    i've got some brand new boxed twyford thermostatic valves that after doing a little research i've realized there not cheap and probably worth trying to sell.... any idea of any plumbers forums or anything like that were i could advertise them ??? don't know where to start really.. thanks in...
  14. B

    How much do UK plumbers earn?

    How much do salaried, fully qualified plumbers earn each year in the UK? Also, do you need additional training to work as a plumber in Australia and/or the USA?
  15. O

    How much do UK plumbers earn?

    How much do salaried, fully qualified plumbers earn each year in the UK? Also, do you need additional training to work as a plumber in Australia and/or the USA?
  16. P

    Plumbers costs query

    Hello all, Could anybody please advise an approximate day rate cost of a plumber would charge in the South East England area (specifically Sussex)
  17. S

    self employed plumbers earnings

    Hi folks How much are the average one man band self employed plumbers ACTUALLY making annually? Say 5-10 years experience post qualified. (Outside London too) And are gas engineers in a similar position making more or less than a regular plumber in this day and age? Many thanks all
  18. M

    Looking for experienced plumbers!! IMMEDIATE START, excellent rates of pay, company vehicle.

    Ultraheat Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd are Hiring!! We are a family run business located in Ferndown, Dorset. We are looking for experienced plumbers to join our busy team. Must have at least 5 years experience, confidence when working, be able to work as a member of a team or on own...

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