Material is a substance or mixture of substances that constitutes an object. Materials can be pure or impure, living or non-living matter. Materials can be classified based on their physical and chemical properties, or on their geological origin or biological function. Materials science is the study of materials and their applications.
Raw materials can be processed in different ways to influence their properties, by purification, shaping or the introduction of other materials. New materials can be produced from raw materials by synthesis.
In industry, materials are inputs to manufacturing processes to produce products or more complex materials.

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  1. I

    Old gas pipe - what material is this?

    We have an old gas pipe in the understairs cupboard. The previous occupants had the gas meter moved, but this old pipe remained. This pipe goes behind the electrical CU which I'm due to have replaced soon. We are looking to cut the old pipe out, but trying to working out what material it's...
  2. F

    Can you identify this material

    Hi Guys Can anyone identify this material?
  3. G

    could this white material on radiator thread be/contain any asbestos?

    Hi everybody, I have noticed that unlike the other threads of the radiator which are sealed with something that really looks like hemp ("foto 1"), one of them has this white material wrapped around/inside the joint ("foto 2"). Could anybody tell me if it may be/could contain any asbestos? Many...
  4. M

    What material to seal the gap between bath and wall?

    I've found a couple options I could buy yo fix this - would you recommend either or something different...
  5. F

    Can I identify plumbing material on an old house?

    Hello! I'm looking to buy a second hand apartment. I've been talking to some real estate agents asking what I should be careful with in an old house, but nobody talked about the pipes. And when I raise the issue, it seems none of the agents I talked to had any clear idea of what to look for...
  6. H

    Soil pipe material identification

    Hi any ideas what this pipe is made from?
  7. S

    URGENT White hairy material around towel heater pipe joint: asbestos?

    I’m wondering weather this stringy stuff (see photos) around my towel heater’s pipe joints could be some kind of fiber/string with asbestos in it? They don’t really look like hemp to me, and I’m a bit worried about it! Thanks
  8. D

    Pipe covering material

    Hello everyone, I recently moved into a house and today I found these pipes covered by something I’m not familiar with. I read in some other places that it could be horsehair. Could anyone tell me if it could contain asbestos? Thank you in advance
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  10. A

    CoNGLP1 course material not provided

    Hey all, I just sat my lpg tickets this week. I'm now supposedly fully qualified to work on lpg. It's just that we were given no reference material to take away. Is this normal practice? Seems pretty poor to me! Cheers Amy
  11. F

    combustible material?

    Went to plumb in a washing machine and noticed a blanking cover directly above a cooker ( about 350mm) so I pointed this out to the owner, they said there was a single socket there but BG made them get rid of it but put a blank on it, have asked a couple of people and get mixed views, this...
  12. martind

    What is this “under tile to gutter” material called?

    I`ve seen this sheet type material used when a gutter was replaced. One end of the sheet material is tucked under the roof tiles about a few inches, and the bit left exposed overlaps in to the gutter by a couple of inches. It prevents any water from running back under the tiles. (It`s not...
  13. W

    Where can I get this flooring material?

    Guys , where can I get this flooring material, and what's it called? Colour doesn't matter as it's for chicken coop flooring so cheap(cheep) and cheerful;-)
  14. R

    soil and vent system

    Hi guys, I am aware this is a long shot but I am trying to identify a soil and vent system I have never come across before, can you help? Its a black rigid material, from the outside it looks like black painted asbestos but its not. Its installed in a domestic property built around 1960, when I...
  15. A

    Custom basin waste fitting - what material to use

    Hello, Q - Which is better for a CUSTOM basin waste - PVC or Aluminium? For 2 disabled colleagues I am considering a custom basin waste fitting (I am both Eng & Ergonomist). Conventional solutions: - Extends about 94mm below the basin, which even with a low height basin (115mm) only leaves a...
  16. S

    Heat Protective Material

    Had a kitchen refit 18 months ago and decided to put a fake cupboard door in front of our boiler to disguise the yellowed case and to make it neater. Anyway due to communication problems the boiler became fully encased in a cupboard and the door is much closer to the front of the boiler than I'd...
  17. D

    Hot/Cold water flow rate.

    Hi can anyone answer me a simplish question. Should the flow rates of both hot and cold stored water be equal? I have just measured the flow rates of my downstairs shower with no pump and there is a notable difference when I turn the valve from hot to cold, the cold running faster. Is this...
  18. W

    Best material to cover a CWSC with missing lid

    Other than a replacement plastic lid...
  19. D

    what would you class

    a radiant gas fire sitting on a wooden hearth
  20. T

    Acs material?

    Hi I have recently completed my part p defines scope and I am currently working towards nvq and tech cert 3 in domestic plumbing and heating. I am also going to start reading up towards the eventual acs exams and was wondering what the beat material is? Would I be the viper book or anything a...
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