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  1. D

    London Flat Living: Issues with Leaks from upstairs!

    Hi, I've had 5 leaks from my upstairs neighbour in the last 18 months and I've had enough. I believe that the joint seals are coming to the end of their lifespan as nothing has been touched since the renovation and install over 40 years ago. My questions is....is there a way to identify...
  2. Leon watson

    Looking for plumber to assist - East London

    Hi I’m looking for work with a plumber to work alongside whether it be boilers or standard pipe work related jobs in the east London area. I’m currently studying my lvl 2 diploma in plumbing twice a week (wednesdays and Thursdays) Fortunately I’m not completely new to the field and have had 1...
  3. M

    Request for work shadowing please - SE London, Kent and Surrey

    Good evening I am looking for a work shadowing opportunity with a view to work alongside an experienced plumber/heating engineer such as yourself on a part time basis from July 2019. In the meantime, I would like to be able to enhance my plumbing skills and confidence so I would be very...
  4. O

    all level qualified plumbers required in London and Cardiff Centre

    we currently have existing and new middle size and large size projects in London and Cardiff Center require all level plumbers to join us, to provide new and maintenance. ideally part time will be welcome. it will be appreciate if you can drop me a pm with a short introduction. we can set up a...
  5. IndyB

    Newbie from South East London / Kent

    Hi all, newbie here! Amateur DIYer at best. Currently going through a large house renovation including a new single story rear extension, new outbuilding and loft conversion. I've contracted a builder for the whole job. I've never really done a project of this scale so I'm hoping to find some...
  6. B

    Newbie from South West London

    Hi there, just introducing myself, Bradley from SW London :)
  7. D

    Looking to get experience in Gas Plumbing (trainee) London area

    Hi, I am currently training up to become gas safe and would like to further my experience in an unpaid traineeship. I had been in a plumbing apprenticeship in the past, but it didn't work out between me and my employer, possibly because of my inexperience, the fact that they wanted someone...
  8. Mickey D

    North London checking in :)

    Hi all :) Am doing my DIY shenanigans in North London where I own a house. As I am capable but not qualified, there are always "things" that need clarification. So I have come here to get best practice and expert advice from you professionals :) Mickey D
  9. D

    Any plumbers on here covering London W2?

    To add a couple of pumps to a flat to boost mains and gravity flows. Or, ideally, to go for a fully pressurised system involving a Challis CB+240 or S-T Flomate MBF 300 supplying a new unvented cylinder. Access to space is good for both solutions (dedicated timber 'shed' with mains power on...
  10. S

    Leaky sink in London, Chrome trap

    Hi all, Gonna tackle a leaking sink (appears to drip from porcelain seal / top trap collar). Reading previous replies to similar issues. will strip & clean everything. Question is: Can I use a 'descaled' to help remove any stubborn limescale on threads & washers? Thanks in advance ScruffyStu.
  11. K

    Apprenticeship Needed in London

    Hi, I'm based in East London I have my full drivers licence with no point and I have my own tools I'm reliable and trustworthy and have a can do attitude always, I'm willing to travel with the London area if necessary, I currently hold the Level 2 C&G in Plumbing and I have obtained my Water...
  12. Savva

    Gas Safe Registered Engineer needed- good rates. SW London

    Hi, we're a small firm with a a growing client list in the B2B sector, letting agents, property professionals & landlords. We need someone with a "can-do" attitude which for us, is more important than your experience or technical skill/ knowledge. You will be working in a reactive & planned...
  13. Savva

    Multi Skilled Plumber needed to cover SW London

    Hi, we're a small firm with a a growing client list in the B2B sector, letting agents, property professionals & landlords. We need someone with a "can-do" attitude which for us, is more important than your experience or technical skill/ knowledge. You will be working in a reactive & planned...
  14. M

    Work experience request for mature plumber student SE London and Kent

    Good afternoon all Apologies for the forward request but I believe in 'if you don't ask you don't get'! I am 38 years of age and live in Bromley, SE London/Kent border and I've had previous experience in plumbing but as we all know you can't learn everything from a plumbing course and text...
  15. Savva

    Can you diagnose faults with Heating and HW controls?

    I need someone in South London who can diagnose faults with controls and associated boiler parts like pumps etc. You should be able to diagnose, 2port valve, 3port valve, 2 channel programmer, room thermostats, cylinder thermostats, etc. Work available on a regular basis, invoices paid same day.
  16. S

    looking for an engineer for a cp12 se london

    hello i am in need of an engineer to do a landlord cp12 certificate .. keston boiler (ahhhhh) with a horizontal flue... , hatch for access but need engineer to be friendly and practical about it greenwich se london
  17. Gazzt

    London tower block fire

    What a tradgity, those poor poeple caught up in that fire. It was terrifying how quickly the fire went through that building. My tboughts and prayers go out to the people of london who have gone through terrible suffering.
  18. Oscar24

    Experienced mate looking for work in domestic plumbing

    To whom it may concern. Good evening, I hope you all are well? I am eagar to offer my hands and time to shadow or mate a plumber in London. You will benefit from my experience as a labourer with experience in domestic plumbing. You will also be happy with my punctuality and reliablity...
  19. A


    I've got too much work on and looking for someone to take on some of my boiler installs I'm expecting to be passing on 1 to 5 a week so its varied and not a full time job, but as its gets colder should be quite a lot of work At the moment most are in South London, but they can be all over...
  20. jaydebruyne

    Power Flushing Techniques

    To date, I've only done a couple flushes on sealed systems on a single floor. And to be honest, I was given a pump and told, go power flush this property and I had no idea what to do :/ So on the way to the job I googled it and did it as best I could. In a nutshell, drained a rad, connected...

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