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  1. P

    Looking for experienced plumber - kent

    Hi, We are looking for a Reliable experienced plumber to join the company, we are based near maidstone in kent. We carry out a variety of work from small maintenance jobs to full bathroom renovations & heating system installations. The position would be on a self employed basis, own van/tools...
  2. M

    Request for work shadowing please - SE London, Kent and Surrey

    Good evening I am looking for a work shadowing opportunity with a view to work alongside an experienced plumber/heating engineer such as yourself on a part time basis from July 2019. In the meantime, I would like to be able to enhance my plumbing skills and confidence so I would be very...
  3. IndyB

    Newbie from South East London / Kent

    Hi all, newbie here! Amateur DIYer at best. Currently going through a large house renovation including a new single story rear extension, new outbuilding and loft conversion. I've contracted a builder for the whole job. I've never really done a project of this scale so I'm hoping to find some...
  4. M

    Request for work shadowing in South East and Kent

    Good I am looking for a work shadowing opportunity with a view to work alongside an experienced plumber/heating engineer on a part time basis from July 2019. In the meantime, I would like to be able to enhance my plumbing skills and confidence so I would be very grateful if you would consider...
  5. KingDoey

    Heating Engineer required in Chatham Kent

    Hi all I wonder if anyone can help me. My Nan lives in Chatham. She is having problems with her heating. Its a fairly new boiler. Vaillant heat only on sealed system. Was fitted a few years ago. She keeps losing pressure having to top up most days. Also sounds like she has an issue in her...
  6. P

    apprenticeship opportunity near maidstone, kent

    We are looking for apprentice to join an increasingly busy plumbing & heating company based Near maidstone in kent. Wage will depend on age & experience, working hours can be varied Monday - Friday. Pension if entitled will be offered. We are only looking for punctual, well mannered and...
  7. P

    Apprenticeship opportunity near maidstone in kent

    Hi Everyone, looking for new apprentice, we are based near maidstone in kent. please send CV to [email protected] Must have great time keeping, neat & tidy, keen to learn and hardworking.
  8. M

    Work experience request for mature plumber student SE London and Kent

    Good afternoon all Apologies for the forward request but I believe in 'if you don't ask you don't get'! I am 38 years of age and live in Bromley, SE London/Kent border and I've had previous experience in plumbing but as we all know you can't learn everything from a plumbing course and text...
  9. S

    Central Heating engineer needed - Dartford, Kent

    Hi, I have a Worcester Greenstar 28i boiler that need the pressure relief valve and expansion tank replacing. Thanks. Simon
  10. T

    gas fitters

    gas fiter needed for work in gillingham kent starting soon dont know it if it helps but the gas spec is for a take away please pm with your number if you up for it
  11. K

    help needed

    hi lads im based in kent and in desperateley in need of some benders and blow torch like the supper fire or like them ones as mine was nicked last night thanks lads
  12. T


    needed asap pipe benders as mine was nicked im in kent and ill pick them up if need be please help
  13. F

    Plumbing Academy in Kent

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking of doing a 6129 technical certificate at the Plumbing Academy in Edenbridge as i really want to re-train and become a self employed plumber. Has anyone done / doing a course here? Any opinions would be really helpful. The course will cost me £5500 and take 3...
  14. A

    London & Kent

    Anyone know any house bashing firms in London and Kent? I usually do New Builds - Pricework or Day Rate, don't matter. Thank you
  15. B

    Newbie form Kent

    Hello im Billy from Kent on T4Ts plumbing course, i have just completed my 1st weeks training at Luton. It is good to have this site with like minded people. My round what is everyone drinking? :)
  16. J

    hi all currently training

    Hi Im currently training at college to complete a level 2 technical certificate. I have joined to read up and maybe get some tips to help me. Also if anyone is in the Kent area and looking for someone to help out with them working or an apprentice feel free to let me know
  17. M

    able skills kent

    hello everyone, has anyone been to able skills in dartford, kent for any plumbing courses. want to take a plumbing course but a little scared about handing over nearly £5000. would really love some feedback. thank you in advance martin
  18. P

    redwood futures

    hi, i did my c&G level 2 at the chessington center and have decided i don't want to go back there to do any more for varying reasons. i've been offered an interview at redwood futures in croydon for corgi and level 3 if i want to do it, does anyone have any feedback or info on whether they are...
  19. P

    Hi All

    Hi all, I am a plumbing & heating contractor based in Kent, and we mainly work for national house builders. Nice to see a forum with some intresting & knowledgeable members. I hope that i can add & learn more from this forum. Peter:)
  20. A

    Plumbing Tech Cert level 3

    Looking for a level 3 evening class in South East London/North Kent area or near to. Anyone know of one? A good one?

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