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Good evening

I am looking for a work shadowing opportunity with a view to work alongside an
experienced plumber/heating engineer such as yourself on a part time
basis from July 2019. In the meantime, I would like to be able to
enhance my plumbing skills and confidence so I would be very grateful
if you would consider me joining you on any jobs during an evening and
weekend basis.

I have had experience on the tools and I have just recently completed
my self-funded level 2 Diploma City and Guilds in plumbing and heating
qualification. I am 40 years and wanting to make a career change. I
had experience at an improver/intermediate level on the tools over the
years so feel that I would be of mutual use in getting your jobs

My experience and skills to date includes:

* Social housing contracts
* Private properties all the way up to grade 2 listed buildings in
London and Kent
* A general all-rounder in basic electrics, carpentry, decorating and
making good

I live in Orpington, Kent and I have my own transport and
plumbing tools (including all power tools). Therefore I am happy to
meet on site where required.

Pm me for contact info

Thank you very much for your consideration and reply in advance.


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