Steven Paul Jobs (; February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was an American business magnate, industrial designer, investor, and media proprietor. He was the chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), and co-founder of Apple Inc.; the chairman and majority shareholder of Pixar; a member of The Walt Disney Company's board of directors following its acquisition of Pixar; and the founder, chairman, and CEO of NeXT. Jobs is widely recognized as a pioneer of the personal computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s, along with his early business partner and fellow Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.
Jobs was born in San Francisco, California, and put up for adoption. He was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He attended Reed College in 1972 before dropping out that same year, and traveled through India in 1974 seeking enlightenment and studying Zen Buddhism.
Jobs and Wozniak co-founded Apple in 1976 to sell Wozniak's Apple I personal computer. Together the duo gained fame and wealth a year later with the Apple II, one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputers. Jobs saw the commercial potential of the Xerox Alto in 1979, which was mouse-driven and had a graphical user interface (GUI). This led to the development of the unsuccessful Apple Lisa in 1983, followed by the breakthrough Macintosh in 1984, the first mass-produced computer with a GUI. The Macintosh introduced the desktop publishing industry in 1985 with the addition of the Apple LaserWriter, the first laser printer to feature vector graphics. Jobs was forced out of Apple in 1985 after a long power struggle with the company's board and its then-CEO John Sculley. That same year, Jobs took a few Apple employees with him to found NeXT, a computer platform development company that specialized in computers for higher-education and business markets. In addition, he helped to develop the visual effects industry when he funded the computer graphics division of George Lucas's Lucasfilm in 1986. The new company was Pixar, which produced the first 3D computer animated feature film Toy Story (1995), and went on to become a major animation studio, producing over 20 films since then.
Jobs became CEO of Apple in 1997, following his company's acquisition of NeXT. He was largely responsible for helping revive Apple, which had been on the verge of bankruptcy. He worked closely with designer Jony Ive to develop a line of products that had larger cultural ramifications, beginning in 1997 with the "Think different" advertising campaign and leading to the iMac, iTunes, iTunes Store, Apple Store, iPod, iPhone, App Store, and the iPad. In 2001, the original Mac OS was replaced with the completely new Mac OS X (now known as macOS), based on NeXT's NeXTSTEP platform, giving the OS a modern Unix-based foundation for the first time. Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor in 2003. He died of respiratory arrest related to the tumor at age 56 on October 5, 2011.

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  1. M

    Pricing jobs

    Can anyone give any advice on pricing jobs especially when only starting out. I find it really hard don't want to rip the customer off but neither myself. Thanks
  2. I

    Looking for experienced plumber in Southport Area - numerous jobs

    Hi, I am in need of an experienced plumber for the following jobs: bathroom: Remove exisiting toilet. Fix new toilet. Fix new wash basin and pedestal. Run new hot and cold pipes to wash basin. Fit new waste pipe from wash basin to drain. Fix new radiator Run flow and return pipes along...
  3. A

    I have learned to streamline the install process

    Streamlining installs . Hi guys ,I’m a plumber who is on the autsm spectrum. This means that Unlike most plumbers out there ,I Love repetitive work. If anyone knows of a company who needs an installer on a large job that requires the installation of identical units in each plot can u let me...
  4. Dan

    Dans Jobs

    1. Images and videos are screwed up, I'm fixing that today. Fingers crossed. 2. Email for the forum is changing to something @ - Using [email protected] for all three forums is just too confusing for me with the hundred or so emails I get a day. Splitting them up will...
  5. T

    bathroom fitters jobs

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me, I'm situated in the Newcastle city centre area. I am after some bathroom fitting experience. I have a tremendous amount of building experience in bricklaying, tilling, painting and decorating, floor fitting, cabinet fitting and some...
  6. D

    large property several plumbing jobs

    Based in West Yorkshire (Bingley) looking for a bathroom fitter. Several jobs at the property: 1) refurbish small downstairs cloakroom 2) refurb ensuite 3) reconfigure existing bathroom to bedroom with ensuite 4) reconfigure existing bathroom and separate toilet into bathroom
  7. J

    URGENT Meter in house, Value out of house ?

    Hi I have my gas meter in the house and shut off vale ECV out side were the meter was before, not very convenient but is this correct reg's wise ? (This work was done yesterday by gas provider) I also have a small leak by the boiler and gas supply has been caped off in ECV value. If anyone...
  8. W

    Homefix UK. Anyone any info on them - They want money up front for plumbing jobs

    HOMEFIX UK??? I've just been offered a contract with Homefix UK. It includes a substantial upfront payment. Have any of you out there had any dealings with this company. I'm thinking this might be to good to be true
  9. G

    Jobs in Glasgow

    Hi all, I work for a national company as a Service and Repair Engineer. I'm looking to get some install work. It's an area id love to learn more about. Is anyone looking for an extra set of hands? Im available nights and weekends. Id be willing to work for a reduced rate or trainee wage as I...
  10. I

    Time on Jobs

    Evening lads/lassies I'm not sure if this is allowed in here......If not please delete. I am running a small company - 5 lads (3 tradesmen, 1 apprentice, 1 labourer) & 1 office lady for admin ect. I keep finding myself getting frustrated at the times the tradesmen are taking to jobs, I know...
  11. Lou

    Warning About Companies Charging for Jobs

    It seems really clear to me not to pay such a company but I thought I'd make it clear in a post. Let's not name names because of solicitors letters, do that in a thread in the Plumbers Arms or Plumbers Cafe. But I've just found out about another company that sounds similar to BeeGeeAre Plumbing...
  12. A

    Plumbing jobs going about

    Does anyone know of any plumbing jobs or companies taking on round the Windsor or heathrow area, willing to be a plumbers mate or trainee as i want to get back into it. cheers guys
  13. missplumb

    ETA Innasol technical engineer vacancy

    If anyone is interested, Innasol (ETA Distributor) are currently wanting a biomass technical engineer. For more details and to apply, send current cv to [email protected]
  14. P

    bogus pay for jobs scammers caught up with at last

    Police probe bogus work claims boss after tradesmen pay £2000 for 'guaranteed work' but get no new clients - Daily Record
  15. S

    Plumbing jobs in London and surrounding areas

    I am trying to get away from working through websites .
  16. bright spark

    Car paint jobs

    Check out that car for a paint job. Mate spotted it in office carpark in Shanghai
  17. D

    Traing 4 jobs Plumbing course

    Hello dear plumbers and electrician Has anyone actually completed a course with train4jobs or know someone who has? I started a plumbing course with them but looking on the forums I realise I haven't seen anyone saying they have completed it. I am worried it is a scam. I just hope I get...
  18. E

    Plumbers mate jobs

    Hi I did a night course at college over a year ago it has left me part qualified so I have a level 2 nvq but need some experience to get my full qualification and I am realy struggling to get some one to take me on I have done weeks hear and there with plumbers and have some experience in first...
  19. U

    Plumbers mate jobs

    Hi I have been looking for a plumbers mate job but I am finding it difficult to get on with someone I did a level 2 night course at college and it has left me part qualified I have been doing days here and there with some plumbers but realy struggling to get full time work in the trade no a lot...
  20. M

    Pricing up jobs

    Hello guys, Right basically im pricing up a few private jobs and would just like to know a rough guide as what you lot charge just for the labour, ill list a few things that im going to be fitting and if you could tell me rough prices you would charge id appreciate it -1st fix & 2nd fix of...
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