1. B

    What happened to stop valve and hot water?

    Hi everyone, Could someone please explain if this set up is normal and what changed: Stopcock under kitchen sink turns off cold water supply in kitchen only Stopcock in kitchen wall panel turns off cold water supply in kitchen only Red gate valve in airing cupboard next to bathroom turns off...
  2. Bryan77

    WTF happened here? Viesmann went bang

    Two viessman boilers that work in tandem. Noticed upstairs radiators weren't getting hot because of air. Turned off boilers, bled the radiators. There was a lot of air trapped, so had to continuously repressure the system was I was bleeding. About 90 mins later (I was doing other stuff...
  3. townfanjon

    Aqualisa , what the hell has happened

    What a shower , literally !!! I need some info on the installation of one of their showers , started ringing last Thursday , best I got was seventh in the que, emailled them , no reply , went on “ chat” this morning, third in the que, gave up at 30 minutes. Joke !!!! Not .
  4. Stanios

    Oit! What happened to the Dumb button!?

    We need it now more than ever!
  5. E

    What's happened with Tapatalk and RGi section?

    I cant log on to Tapatalk anymore and cant find or access RGI section anymore
  6. SimonG

    Allright, What Happened To All The Mods?

    As the title says.
  7. jaydebruyne

    Feel physically sick

    I did a job recently, posted on here actually as had to get national grid out 3 times.. Anyway, everything got sorted and went back out Wednesday to service the boiler and do a GSC. Everything was fine. Just had a text from custard saying there's a gas leak. Said I don't see how since I tested...
  8. hammers4spanner

    Whatever happened to?

    Villa Tom ?? use to be a regular on here not seen him for about a year or so
  9. G

    What has really happened and who's responsibility ?

    Advice urgently required please. A legitimate gas/plumbing engineer is employed to remove an old combi boiler in a one bed house.The replacement boiler is a Baxi Platinum 28kw. Also in situ is an electric shower (over the bath) working perfectly. Apparently when finishing off and 'filling up'...
  10. M

    Where's the "Like" button gone??? And what happened to the forum??

    As above, really - had oddness on the forum where no matter what I clicked on - thread title, forum heading, user name - it looked as though it was loading the page but didn't change off the main page. I saw Croppie's facebook post so I assume it wasn't just me. But now none of the threads seem...
  11. hammers4spanner

    Whatever happened to?

    Ermintrude was on here loads then nothing
  12. C

    Couldn't believe it happened

    Got beeped at today by a couple of honeyies lovely looking and have to say put a spring in my step for the rest of today!! missus thinks I'm making it up haha
  13. gassafe

    First time this has happened!!

    Went to quote a job today & arrived a few minutes after are pre-arranged time... Just as I was turning into the driveway noticed another plumber parking up on the drive also!!! What would you guys do in this scenario??? Has it happened to you before!? i was tempted to just turn around &...
  14. I

    New Boiler Blowing Up

    Installed a new boiler last week, which after 5minutes of being switched on blew up in my face. (I certainly would not wish this to happen to others) It wrecked my good looks lol smashed my nose, 2 black eyes and bruised arms and sent me flying across the kitchen. At this stage I'm not prepared...
  15. D

    Loud vibrating noise when colder water tank is filling

    We recently had a repair done to a leak under our kitchen sink. Since then we are occasionally getting a loud vibrating noise, which seems to happen when the cold water tank is filling up in the loft. Last night the noise went on for a couple of minutes. I'm guessing it's to do with the cold...
  16. Y

    Water leaked from tank in the attic

    I've had a job done in 2009 I knew the plumber well as he was a customer in my London print business, we had several conversations and we had great exchanges over 8 years. When our old boiler needed replacing I asked him to do the work. When he finished, I had to call him back because of pipe...
  17. E

    What's happened?

    Hello brethren ! Owt occurring? Cropp or gas man offended anyone? Dan bought new bar stools? App drinking ale? Steve hitchhiker ? Ray given out freebies? Oh no wait hell is still hot and not frozen.
  18. W

    What happened to Jase?

    This might be old news, I'm not very observant. I hope that mentioning a banning isn't a bannable offence. If it is, I would like mention that I've always thought that the site owner(s), admin and their shadowy, secretive army of moderators are extremely wonderful human beings and highly...
  19. rpm

    What happened Dan ?

    You forget to put a shilling in the meter? Got the dreaded 522 last night.
  20. A

    OV system banging noise at boiler. Happened a few times, likely cause?

    Hi guys as above really, been to a couple of jobs where there has been a banging noise at the boiler on an OV system. everything is circulating ok and getting hot but occasionally there's a banging noise coming from the boiler. What can cause this? muck in the system? Struggling pump? Thanks

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