1. M

    Expansion vessel size unvented hot water

    I think I looked into it a few years ago. That a modern 200litre unvented cylinder would need a higher litre expansion vessel then one that was saying 10-15 years old. As they are made of thinner steele now?
  2. D

    Expansion vessel issue possibly?

    Hi I have a baxi duotec combi boiler that every day or other day needs topping up as pressure drops below 0.5bar. When fired up it can reach OVER 2.5bar also whilst running CH. Is this more than likely a flat Expansion Vessel that needs inflating or could there be other possible causes if...
  3. M

    Worcester 28i expansion vessel hose??

    Hi guys. Can this hose be removed without taking the vessel out? Is there a specific tool that makes it doable?? Cheers
  4. R

    Need to replace expansion vessel (oil fired boiler)

    Looking for someone that can replace the expansion vessel on an old heating system that is losing pressure every day and needs topping up at least three times a day. Trying to eliminate what the cause could be. Appreciate that it could be a leak somewhere, but looking to tackle one issue at a...
  5. RenzoPan

    Leak in the expansion vessel - can I keep the heating on?

    Hi, We have a leak in the expansion vessel, which is on the first floor, above the hot water cylinder. As we wait for a plumber, can we keep the heating on?
  6. RenzoPan

    What is the pressure in this cylinder expansion vessel?

    I was told by the plumber to keep an eye on the pressure, to ensure it stays above 1.0. The red one is… but the black one is not…. What do the two mean?
  7. Crossfingers

    Expansion Vessel Hose Change

    Hi How simple is it to replace the expansion vessel hose? Do I simply turn the boiler off, drain the boiler and swap hoses, using some PTFE tape?
  8. E

    How to calculate heating system capacity for expansion tank

    Hello want to know on how do you calculate size of expansion tank for closed heating systems . for example 500 meters of 16mm underfloor heating and 4 double ~1000mm radiators , hot water cylinder coil , and oil boiler
  9. K

    Fungus/growth floating on top of feed & expansion tank?

    I’ve recently cleaned my central heating system with Sentinel X400 cleaner, flushed it out clear, refilled & added Sentinel X100 inhibitor. After a couple of months, I went to the loft to check the feed & expansion tank, open the lid, there’s some kind of white/yellowish fungus/growth floating...
  10. T

    Unvented Expansion Vessel Replacement - what else needs changing

    Potable water unvented expansion vessel needs replacing - water is coming down the tundish. What else needs to be replaced. Does the enginneer need a G3 unvented certificate to do this work and what are the consequences if he does not have one
  11. L

    What threads for flexi pope to expansion vessel?

    Hi all, I need to order a flexible pipe to connect this vessel up with. The pressure vessel instructions don't mention the thread size? A 22mm pipe almost fits over the threads so I assume it's 3/4 BSP? Does that sound right? The other end goes to the valve, will a flexi like this...
  12. T

    Why is water flowing through my expansion pipe

    Water is flowing through my central heating expansion pipe even when cold with the pump running. Hot water flows through it when the system is heated. Pump has been replaced but still happens
  13. Andrew Garrett

    Worcester Bosch i30 Greenstar PRV and Expansion Chamber replacement

    Hi all What kind of time is required to replace the Pressure Relief Valve and the expansion chamber in a 6 year old Worcester Bosch i30 Greenstar? Is this a 3 hour job? Also what kind of price would be reasonable? I am using a new gas engineer and I want to verify that his bill is fair. I am...
  14. M

    Taking hot water feed from expansion pipe.

    I fitting a new Mira shower in a slightly different position in the bathroom. It’s going to be easier to feed it with cold water from main cold cylinder feed and from a connection to the hot water cylinder expansion pipe. These are just above the shower position. the pipes are both 22mm and I...
  15. C

    Do I need expansion vessels?

    Hi Looking at getting a Worcester Bosch 4000 24kw system boiler and a 210L Ideal tank. A friend showed us their system and they had two expansion vessels, one for the hot water tank and one for the central heating. Thought I'd have a look into the technical side before speaking with plumber...
  16. M

    Stopping pipe expansion noise

    I have a nightmare of a job trying to stop pipe expansion joint noise. There are 28mm copper CH pipes down a landing (at right angles to joists) that's 15-20m long, there are several branches and drops to rads. The joists are notched and felted, and the pipes have "Flexej" axials expansion...
  17. M

    Expansion vessel position

    I see a lot of small 2l expansion vessels fitted horizontally and a few with the water connection at the top, in the legionella advice it mentions having water connections at the base for draining and flushing, also so no debris falls into vessel. From a practical view if the membrane breaks...
  18. M

    Expansion Vessel leaking water - no air or water from Schrader valve?

    Hey, I've got a Grant Vortex that's leaking water from the seal around the expansion vessel - it's the round type about 50cm wide. The system is at 1.5 - 2 bar, but the expansion vessel has no air in it, and it's leaking water. No water is coming out of the Schrader valve either. The system...
  19. F

    Feed and expansion tank/cistern and few general system questions.

    Hi, I've got a leak coming from the loft into a bedroom which I think is caused by water overflow from feed and expansion cistern (see attached one of the photos when I found out the cistern overflowing above the overflow pipe) and one other pipe that has a small drops coming out of it that is...
  20. ollie74

    Boiler Expansion Vessel Question

    Hi, I have a Glow-Worm Easicom 28 boiler and i had to get a new 8 litre EV (expansion vessel) for it, which has arrived. i did check with the seller to ensure the new EV was correct for my boiler and he said it was. the query i have though is, on the original faulty EV, on the sticker, it says...

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