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Combi coupé is a marketing term used by Saab to describe cars with a sloping coupé-like rear hatchback. The term joins the European term "combi" (for an estate car / station wagon) with coupé.The design combines the functionality of a hatchback with the appearance of a fastback. As per a hatchback, the combi coupé incorporates a shared passenger and cargo space.

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  1. J

    Vaillant Ecotec Exclusive Green IQ 835 combi modulation problem

    Hello, We got a Vaillant Ecotec Exclusive Green IQ 835 combi boiler in November 2021 as we wanted the most efficient boiler that modulated really well, especially for heating. Two weeks after the installation, the heating engineer needed to recalibrate the boiler and after that we started...
  2. iCannon

    Flow issues with a Potterton Heatmax Combi 28 HE

    Hi I have a Potterton Heatmax Combi 28 HE that was installed in 2014. Over the past year or so it has slowly had more trouble heating distant radiators. It was serviced in February 2022 and given a clean bill of health, however since then it now only heats the two nearest radiators and at a...
  3. G

    Firebird Combi CH Not working

    Evening Gents. That time of year again the wife has demanded the CH Be turned on. However, im having an issue with it - It simply isnt turning on. The LED On the front panel illuminates to suggest the CH Has been turned on by the boiler, but nothing happens. The HW works perfectly normal. If...
  4. P

    Constant head pump for old combi?

    Hello forum, 1st time here. The Grundfos 3-speed pump in a Worcester Heatslave 15/19 oil combi boiler is on its way out. The boiler is old but in v good nick. The network is trunk/branches. All rads (but one) have TRVs. Pump is set on max, which seems to be what it needs when supplying all...
  5. D

    firebird enviromax combi lock out

    Hi. I have a firebird enviromax combi boiler. each time it turns off the motor on the riello burner keeps running for a while then the whole thing goes into lock out. flashing green and red. shouldn't the motor turn off straight away? I'm also getting pressure building up while it's running...
  6. M

    Choosing Combi with Modulation and Smart Controls

    Hi all I wonder if anyone could offer some advice. I’m looking for a new combi and thought I may as well upgrade to smart controls if we have to change it. I’ve pretty much worked out that I need a boiler with decent modulation (10:1 or as near to it would be great). I’d like a stainless heat...
  7. R

    Advice on Combi Boiler

    Hello - I was hoping for some advice and opinions on a new combi boiler I currently have a 3 bed semi with a myson orion boiler (it isnt a combi) - the boiler was installed around 1989, hasn't given any problems and is still working fine. Due to the increase in gas prices it is time to change...
  8. E

    EPH COMBI PACK 4 to ida

    Hi there Advice needed having a eph combi pack 4 fitted to my ideal vogue c40 gen 2 boiler 2017 model the wiring change on post 2019 boilers. Do I need a separate power supply for the reciever or can this be powered from the boiler. It will be connected via open therm. Many thanks
  9. K

    Error E119 Potterton Combi Gold 24E

    I'm getting an e119 error which I assume is low water pressure. I'm turning the 2 valves that I think should increase pressure but I'm not getting anything. Any ideas?
  10. V

    Can I oversize a new combi for DHW flow rate?

    I have to replace my combi (Vaillant ecotec 35kw) and installer has suggested Ideal Vogue 32kw. Happy with his advice regarding the model but I see that the DHW is only 13 l/min whereas on the old Vaillant it was 15 l/min Therefore I was wondering about getting the 40kw Vogue as this is...
  11. A

    15+ year old Glo Worm back boiler repair or replace with a new Combi.

    So I've got a Glow Worm back boiler fronted by a gas fire, at least 15 years old probably a lot more. The water heating makes a row as there is a partial blockage in one of the pipes - this I believe to be resolvable with a power flush and pump replacement. The front fire is spilling fumes and...
  12. N

    Combi boiler flue leak

    Hello, I have a Vaillant Ecotec combi boiler. The flue pipe extension has started to leak at one of the joints. The internal plastic connection pipe appears to be intact. It still drips when there isn't a demand for the boiler. I've attached some pictures and moved the joint strap to see...
  13. S

    Daily pressure / top up. Combi Logic. help

    I wonder if anyone has any thoughts? Combi Logic 30 Boiler - constant pressure loss - no obvious leaking. Few years ago we got an error code indicating pressure was below minimum. We resolved ourselves by using the manual and topping up per the guide. Sometime later, in some really cold...
  14. E

    Vitodens 200-W Combi WB2B Steppermotor does not move

    Hi, My combi-boiler has just given up heating the house and basically only delivers hot water. While in central heating mode it heats up and stops to prevent overheating of the internal section of system. No fault or error code are displayed. Suspicion: 3-way changeover valve assy. So I...
  15. Renier

    Do Combi Boilers only provide hot water at 100% Open Tap?

    Recently had boiler issues heat exchanger was replaced but water would still go Cold Randomly especially in the shower. Engineer says Combi boilers can only provide hot water if the turbine is spinning at max speed so you have to open the tap at 100% to get hot water. So he removed(broke) the...
  16. P

    Can I install a stove back boiler with a combi gas boiler?

    Hi all, I have a Logic Combi 30 gas boiler installed in my house. The wife and I would like to install a multi fuel stove with a back burner to give us another option for central heating and hot water (especially with the current price of gas). With the pressurised system, is it possible to do...
  17. N

    Main combi 24 HE, heating starts and stops

    Hi All, Hope someone can help with this one too. Main combi 24 HE, heating fires up as normal then stops after about 30 seconds. Any thoughts? Hot water works fine.
  18. A

    Vaillant Ecotec Plus Combi & UFH Control - V Smart Possible?

    Hi All Looking at having controls replaced / upgraded for a Vaillant Ecotect plus combi boiler. Currently have x2 zone valves on the heating (x1 for rads via a Honeywell wireless stat, and x1 for UFH circuits via Heatmiser stats - both wired to a Heatmiser wiring centre) I'm interested in...
  19. RedMango

    Best heating design for a 1930s semi?

    Hi, been doing lots of research for a house we're about to move into and pulling my hair out on what to fit. The house: 1930s semi, 3 bed, 1 bath (separate shower + Bathtub) its essentially a shell (a rotted falling down shell) 😂 the whole house will be on electric only except gas for heating...
  20. R

    Seitching to Combi boiler. Advice on hot water

    Hi everyone. I'm in the process of deciding if to switch from a traditional boiler to combi. One thing that is irrationally worrying me is if kids leave hot water taps running. Would that mean the boiler (if it was 30kwh boiler) would be running full pelt and using 30kwh gas every hour? Want...
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