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  1. S

    Do I need to keep the overflow tanks in my loft if I get a combi boiler?

    In my loft I have 3 water tanks. A bigger black one, that I believe is the cold water overflow. A smaller black one, that I believe is the hot water flow, and a big brass tank that stores the hot water I heat. I'm thinking about getting a combi boiler, and I would like to know that if I do get a...
  2. M

    Combi off peak boiler

    Hi I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help me with this but as you will be able to tell I know nothing about boilers! I've just moved into a rented flat that has an electric boiler. The landlord didn't install the boiler so he's not super useful on how anything works! The boiler is an...
  3. C

    Currently awaiting repair Combi Boiler leaking for 8 years. Is my plumber incompetent?

    Hi everyone, my combi boiler has been leaking for 8 years. It is a german Vaillant VCW 204 The thing is, this device is from...
  4. S

    Combi boiler/shower mixer problem

    Hi. I have a Baxi Combi Instant 105e boiler. The problem is that the shower ran cold. So I called Brit Gas and they came and changed the DHW diaphragm and a temp sensor. The Hot water to all the taps is fine and constant but the hot water to the shower mixer goes cold more or less as soon as...
  5. M

    Thermal store combi boiler, hot water flow rate.

    Can anyone tell me the hot water flow rate on a thermal store combi boiler? As opposed. To a 40kw combi that will deliver nearly 16litres per minute. And any recommendations for a good thermal store boiler thanks.
  6. J

    Hot metal/burning smell from combi boiler

    Have some problems with my boiler that cant seem to get fixed. It's a worcester bosch greenstar cdi 30 combi and it's about 5/6 year old I think. So basically the boiler has been making like a burning/hot metal smell. But it seems to only make the smell when the boiler has been like working...
  7. T

    URGENT ideal logic combi +. Dhw problems,

    Boiler has been fine for 8 months then the dhw started getting colder. Replaced the heat exchanger and the flow turbine and all good for three weeks and now cold dhw flowing cold again. Replaced the turbine again and the divert valve and motor and no difference. I have removed the divert motor...
  8. J

    Worcester Bosch 37CDI Combi leaking

    Hi all, Our Worcester Bosch 37CDI has developed a leak from this part, located above the green casing, as you can see from the drip in the picture attached. Could you please tell me what this part is? Many thanks in advance John
  9. S

    Can one inactive radiator impact combi boiler operating pressure?

    Ideal C34 combi boiler, operating pressure dropping slowly but consistently. All active radiators regularly bled. However we have one radiator with TRV set to 0 (we don't want it come on) and this is never bled. Could this be impacting the boiler pressure and should we still bleed this rad? (Be...
  10. B

    hot water on combi boiler setting query

    Good morning, I have a query about the water dial on my boiler bought a few months ago (Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 25C Boiler) and apologies for no pictures. My hot water is fed via the combi boiler and cold water is mains fed. There are two dials under the flap one is for hot water and the other...
  11. K

    newcombi-boiler size in doubt

    just fitted a gloworm 24 kw into a flat with 6 rads one bathroom previous boiler were a 42 kw floor mounted ancient Worcester . client wanted wall mounted new boiler, only problem now is the flow rate too much for the boiler and full the water is luke warm did think of reducing the flow but...
  12. plumb_know

    Valliant Eco tec combi HE - heating issue

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with Valliant eco tec combi, tenant complaining heating is coming on sometimes when programable wired room stats (danfoss) are up to temperature. Typically when i attend it is always working fine so intermittent fault. I replaced both room stats for first measure...
  13. N

    New combi please help advise

    Hello I am looking to put new combi boiler in , had a few quotes for different boilers any thoughts on which you think is the best to fit viessmann vitodens 100w or ideal logik 30kw or Worcester ? Been looking at different reviews & that & they all seem to have good points & bad points , I...
  14. eagleeye

    Combi boiler producing milky slimy water

    We recently installed a new Gloworm combi boiler in a property and we had a call from the customer to say that when he runs the hot water it comes out a milky colour and feels slimy. Also when he runs the cold tap the boiler fires up and then goes off. This is happening at every outlet. Even...
  15. Bones0314

    Could do with some advice regards a ideal pro 30 combi

    Hi having a repeating fault 1st its has presser hot water and heating work Well last night it stayed on even after program had turned off set for 2130hrs was still on at 0230 when i hot up but it would not turn off tryed reset but came back on ended up turninging off electric to boilor .to try...
  16. S

    Im looking for an Old boiler case

    I am looking for a case for a worchester 240 combi boiler. The part is obsolete now but I would be happy to buy one if someone is renewing an old boiler and come across an old worchester 240.
  17. S

    Combi boiler whistling

    Hello, I have a potterton promax combi boiler which has developed a whistling/kettling sound when turning on the hot tap. The sound seems to reduce has the tap is slowed. I have also noticed this sound occurs when the boiler is turned off and the tap is running?? I can reduce the noise by...
  18. M

    Worchester 24CDi RSF Combi

    Good afternoon. Just after some advice on this boiler. Heating is working fine, no issues at all. The issue is with the hot water. It will fire up no problem then after about 30 seconds, cut out and fire back up again. I was thinking it was the diaphragm which i have changed and the problem...
  19. U

    Grundfos UPM3 15-60 azj on Baxi Duo Tec Combi 40 ERP

    I have an intermittent high pitched whine on a boiler of just over 2 years old (which I think is the pump). I can't seem to find a direct replacement and in any event is there another better alternative ?
  20. Z

    Earthing requirements for combi boiler linked to LPG bottles.

    I have 2 lpg gas bottles outside the barn with new combi boiler inside. my entire plumbing inside the cottage is now redone in plastic apart from feeds to the boiler. the boiler is close to a sink Can anyone suggest what earthing I will require and is any earth bonding required under the...