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Combi coupé is a marketing term used by Saab to describe cars with a sloping coupé-like rear hatchback. The term joins the European term "combi" (for an estate car / station wagon) with coupé.The design combines the functionality of a hatchback with the appearance of a fastback. As per a hatchback, the combi coupé incorporates a shared passenger and cargo space.

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  1. M

    Combi vs unvented???

    Hi guys. I know there’s a lot of people who are happy to just chuck in a combi on every install, whether it’s suitable or not. What I’d like to know is, in what situation do you refuse a combi? Obviously things like a 4 bathroom house might not be suitable but what about cost savings with...
  2. M

    Combi boiler venting into neighbouring driveway

    Hi all, I really hope someone can help me because it is causing so much worry! I bought my house 3 years ago and didn’t know at the time that the boiler was venting out against regs into our neighbours driveway. Our house has a garage conversion so is right up to the boundary line, and the...
  3. N

    What size combi for my daughters house.

    Hi all....my first post.....talked my daughter into seeing about a new modern gas boiler to replace to very old one she has now. Its the type that has a separate electric water heater....parts are very hard to find for it. She has had a few prices and one guy said she needs a Worcester 32Cdi...
  4. T

    Ideal Logic+ 30 combi - timer or room stat off

    I have an Ideal Logic+ 30 combi boiler which was running fine up until a power cut earlier today. Now it's stuck saying "timer or room stat off" whilst in Winter mode and the central heating won't come on unless manually triggered by the thermostat by increasing the temp. I've tested the...
  5. S

    No hot water. Combi Greenstar i

    Good afternoon. Our Greenstar i combi boiler works fine for heating but I am trying to find out why the boiler doesn't fire when I call for hot water. The fan seems to go but no blue light or firing up. Checked the pressure, all OK. The radiator underneath the boiler had a lot of air yesterday...
  6. jojo77m

    Combi not stopping on schedule

    I have a programmable thermostat set with a daily schedule 06:00-09:00 the maximum temperature should be 21c, every radiator in every room has a TRV, this morning the room with the thermostat was at 25c and the radiators in that room (and all the other rooms) were still on and the boiler still...
  7. J

    Adding solar thermal to existing bosch combi idea.

    Hello, So I want to add a solar thermal system to my existing Worcester bosch greenstar but don't want to lose the functional benefits of the combi boiler. I'm proposing to install the solar collector on the side of the house in a position that will enable gravity flow to a 200litre tank just...
  8. Jarrvo

    Combi or System boiler advice

    Hi all, I'm after a little advice for my elderly parents. They have a Ideal Classic RS240 that is probably 20 years old which has seen better days and a hot water tank that has started to leak. It's a 3 bed house with 1 bathroom (shower bath with a pump). Plus an ensuite which has an...
  9. J

    Potterton combi gold 28 HE, fault?

    Good afternoon all, I am a commercial gas engineer so little experience with domestic (although fully qualified). I have a problem with a Potterton combi gold whereas I initially had no heating. I looked at the actuator on the diverter which was not driving so for £12:50 I just ordered a new...
  10. G

    Replace leaking hot water cylinder or change to combi boiler?

    Hi, In my 2 bedroom flat I have a Worcester Greenstar 24i boiler and a 200 litre Zip AquaFlow hot water cylinder. The hot water cylinder has started to slowly leak from the bottom and I think it will need completely replaced - quote to replace is around £1000. Given that this is only a 2...
  11. G

    Recommended smart thermostat/controller for ATAG combi (ATAG or Tado)

    Hi all I'm considering getting an ATAG IC Economiser (combi), and to take advantage of the 14 year warranty I need to get one of 2 smart controllers: ATAG One Zone Tado v3+ An annoyance about the Tado is that the UK version doesn't support OpenTherm (unlike the EU model), but this is...
  12. N

    Combi boiler loosing pressure fast

    Hi all, back again with yet another question about my grant vortex combi boiler 😩 Sorted all previous problems and was running sweet until recently… now it’s loosing pressure really quick, from 1.5 bar down to 0 in a couple of hours (even when on standby neither hot water or central heating...
  13. L

    Combi hot water cycling hot cold hot cold

    Morning all, ok so since having a new Worcester greenstar 8000 combi installed I’ve been struggling to get constant hot water… it runs hot for a minute or two then cold then hot etc. the system has been power flushed, magnacleansed, radiators agitated (very little sludge came out) it has mesh...
  14. J

    System or Combi in local pub?

    23 rads and one kitchen hot water supply plus two basins in toilets. Had an old Concorde system boiler which gave up. Two zones supplying two large rooms 50' x 12' x 24' each. Local heating company recommended Nevien 42kw combi boiler and things went wrong after that. The installers have made...
  15. G

    U6 Gas meter usage to combi bolier

    Good morning, I have a U6 gas meter (ft3) supplying a worcester greenstar combi boiler. It is currently using about 1.2 ft3 of gas per hour with the central heating on. Is this a normal amount. The reason I ask if I have just had a 41 day bill of £400. The home is in Scotland and we have only...
  16. M

    Single pipe system new combi boiler

    Hi everyone. I’m a homeowner, in essence when we moved in we weren’t aware that our house was a single pipe system we have now found out after the water cylinder has packed in and developed a leak. We have had a Heating engineer round who has advised us to fit a combi boiler doing away with the...
  17. C

    Replacing boiler for combi how shower will connect

    We have a traditional hot water tank with pumps in loft , the hot water I assume goes up into the loft from the hot water tank and the pumps pump it out at a decent rate. If we go for a combi how would this work as feb hot water would come from the boiler?
  18. M

    Central heating issue on Logic Combi ESP1 35

    Hi, I noticed the pressure this morning on my boiler was just below 1bar so I went to top it up, opened the loop and it just managed to hit over 1bar then just stopped increasing. Now the central heating looks like its on but all the radiators are luke warm even when temperature is 70 degrees...
  19. M

    Advice on electric combi

    Hi , can someone give me good advice on what electric combi boiler to buy , I have 7 large radiators one in each room , I'm after good all rounder , price and kw use , , thank you
  20. W

    Hot water in toilets

    I have recently moved into a rental property and 3 toilets on three different floors are connected to the combi boiler, it fires up each time one is flushed and the taps are round the wrong way as in the cold tap has hot water and vice versa, what could be the cause of this?