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Combi coupé is a marketing term used by Saab to describe cars with a sloping coupé-like rear hatchback. The term joins the European term "combi" (for an estate car / station wagon) with coupé.The design combines the functionality of a hatchback with the appearance of a fastback. As per a hatchback, the combi coupé incorporates a shared passenger and cargo space.

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  1. I

    Combi boiler question regarding usage with no pressure

    Hi, just a quick question. Do I need to fill my combi boiler to run it for hot tap water only? I'm planning to drain the system and leave it drained a while so I can decorate and change some pipes and rads.
  2. J

    Obsolete parts worcester combi 35 cdi

    Hi everyone, I have been searching the Web for a spare part for a Worcester 35 cdi ng boiler that is obsolete. I can't find one anywhere and its looking more and more likely I'm doomed . The part is the door extrusion seal 87161031280. I have sold my house STC and this has just happened , so...
  3. J

    Combi boiler obsolete part dilemma

    Hi everyone, I have been searching the Web for a spare part for a Worcester 35 cdi ng boiler that is obsolete. I can't find one anywhere and its looking more and more likely I'm doomed . The part is the door extrusion seal 87161031280. I have sold my house STC and this has just happened , so...
  4. B

    Worcester Greenstar 30CDi - Juddering - Rusty Deposits On Pipe (Pics)

    Hi everyone! My Worcester Greenstar 30CDi Combi boiler started making a rather loud juddering noise two nights ago. I bled all the radiators and releaaed air from the system. Repressurised the system afterwards with the water valve and the noise had stopped... until about the same the next day...
  5. M

    Shock arrester combi boiler

    I usually fit these on the cold feed to the boiler close to the boiler. But if fitting near the boiler would be unsightly. Would they still be effective fit somewhere else in the cold.feed in the system. Say under the kitchen sink? Thanks
  6. G

    combi boiler system draindown problem

    during drain down of system with all trc open and bleed valves open water just continues to drain out and boiler pressure remains at 1.5bar.Baxi combi boiler 105
  7. J

    Help me understand this pump curve

    This pump curve is from a combi boiler with an internal automatic bypass valve. Why is the maximum flow obtained with the bypass valve in the middle position? Shouldn't a fully closed bypass valve result in a higher flow through the main circuit? Also, any idea what 'V1' and 'V2' mean (no...
  8. B

    Is 22mm supply pipe always required for combi boilers?

    Hi All, I need your advise as I'm really concerned here. I only just had regular boiler replaced with combi (Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 25kw). I had few surveys done and everyone stated the gas supply pipe from the meter to the boiler must be changed from current 15mm to 22mm. The plumber I used said...
  9. R

    Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 Time clock jumper link

    Hi looking to remove my existing rf time clock and refit the oem link, but the installer didn’t leave it, anyone point me in the right direction
  10. J

    Gloworm combi boiler help!!!

    Some advice would be very much appreciated. Our Gloworm Ultracom 38CXI combi boiler recently developed a few issues. Recently some our taps/shower but not all of them will run hot initially and then run cold after around 2 minutes of running hot. The heat exchanger was replaced by our...
  11. Beshman

    Need new Thermostat for 2016 Ideal Logic Plus Combi 30

    I've got a 2016 Logic PLus Combi 30 and a Salus RT505TX RF Thermostat The thermostat seems to keep losing connection, no matter the placement. It can be next to the boiler or in the next room and it still not get a connection. Just a weird blackspot in the kitchen blocking it (could be the...
  12. J

    Combi boiler keeps locking out

    Hi everyone. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me with a problem I have. After using our shower for around five minutes it seems to be causing the boiler to lock out. It’s a thermostatic mixer shower running from a Worcester Greenstar 30si combi boiler. Weirdly, this only seems...
  13. S

    Gap in boiler tube help

    Hi, I just moved into a house about a month ago and today I noticed a small gap in the tube above the boiler flue. Is this something I need to call an engineer out asap? I guess so but wanted to post just in case people have explanation of this setup. I poked a tiny tie wrap and it goes all...
  14. C

    Old Combi Boiler Firestop Advice please

    Hi, We have 28 year old Valiant Combi Boiler in our Bungalow airing cupboard, where the vertical fan flue goes up into roof. As you can see in photo, we need a firestop plate, A) for fire safety B) Hopefully seal around pipe may stop warm air travelling through gap into roof space, and causing...
  15. J

    Magnacleanse on Combi

    Hi I have recently purchased one of the magnacleanse flushers and I know the process of using it as in isolate each radiator one at a time and vibrate around each one. But what do you actually set the Combi boiler to when doing it? Do you just put it on max rate or do you just have the heating...
  16. P

    Worcester 37 combi flow adaptor cost

    What would be a fair charge to fit a flow adaptor to a Worcester combi boiler? Thanks
  17. E

    new grants external oil fired combi

    Hi, is it ok to turn on and use new grants external oil combi boiler, before it gets commisioned next week ? or can this cause any damage at all, ? many thanks.
  18. R

    Most Reliable combi Gas boiler (25KW)

    Been a retired plumber now for almost 20 years so a bit out of touch with the trade. I am wanting to replace a combi boiler . What is the most reliable and cheapest boiler to install, I would welcome any comments on those so called 5/10 year warranties that are given out. I would prefer...
  19. T

    Heating eng` required in Fife to service a 3 year old Vogue combi C40

    I`m looking to hire asap. I feel the heating isn`t heating the room(s) up as quickly as they used to. I have about 16 radiators but only really use 4-5. The rest sit on frost free. I bled them all and apart from the bathroom towel warmer that hissed a little, all were fine. Went away 2 weeks...
  20. J

    UFH and Rad Pipework Layout From Combi.

    Hello I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask a question after having a good read. House is undergoing a complete renovation and new pipework needs to be installed for the heating system. The current boiler is a WB Greenstar 34CDI combi boiler and is not very old so I wanted to reuse this in a...
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