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  1. A

    No hot water combi

    Baxi main eco elite. Call for hot water , no fire up. I have a service contract but as the fault is erratic and may not be evident when an engineer calls, he will not touch it while it's working, and I will have to pay £95 excess regardless. No fault code as yet. Can anyone help as to what could...
  2. centralheatking

    Real Combi Prices .. as offered

    There is so much chit chat about how much this and that cost. I put this up for info only...no connection with this outfit. Local paper for past few months
  3. T

    Replacing heated towel rail on combi system

    I have got a Worcester Bosch combi boiler heating system with a MagnaClean filter. The heated towel rail in the bathroom is white and rusting, so I plan to replace it with a chrome rail to reduce the likelihood of future rusting. Am I right in thinking that when I disconnect the existing towel...
  4. Dame1701-

    Refill a Baxi combi boiler (24 series)

    Hi guys, We have a baxi combination boiler which needs to be re-pressurised (error code 119 I believe). I've done this several times on different boilers using the tap on the front. I just want to confirm that we need to turn the two taps at the front to repressurise. From what I understand we...
  5. L

    How much do you actually save by zoning off upstairs and downstairs on a combi

    Hi all Just debating whether or not to zone my heating upstairs and Down? It's gonna be a new install and the house is under 150m2 but just wondering how much you would actually save on the gas bill as to whether its worth doing Thanks in advance
  6. P

    Main Combi HE 30 boiler

    Hi Everyone. My boiler has recently started playing up. When using the shower or hot water the boiler fires then cuts off for a couple of seconds then fires again. Resulting in Luke warm/cold water. I’m guessing it might be the heat exchanger as the boiler appears to be louder than usual. Any...
  7. L

    Combi boiler modulation for low heat output

    I'm looking to buy a 24kW combi boiler with only 4 radiators rated at 1.7kW each, so I can later expand and add more radiators. I expect relatively low heat dissipation from the heating circuit. If I run the boiler from cold, the water heats up to say 40 degrees in the heating circuit and the...
  8. J

    Will a new Combi boiler improve shower flow??

    As the title says. I have been going round in circles deciding what to buy or get fitted (with a raft of various advice)...the short story (so far). I have an old Combi boiler needs replacing and, I am having a new bathroom installed in October but, I want to improve the all round shower...
  9. G

    Viessmann 111W storage combi "Crinkly/corroding hoses" Your advise/experience

    Hi I'm new on this forum so my apology if this is not the correct etiquette. Earlier I thought I was posting this question on a forum but think I actually "started a conversation" with Scott) I am looking for advice on Viessman 111W corroding hoses. Background: I currently have a 19 year old...
  10. J

    Combi boiler advice for 2 showers on same time

    Hi, First post and, it may be a long one (sorry title looks a bit naff as well but...) Getting a new bathroom fitted and the old one replaced, it currently has a mixer shower attached to the bath. I also have a small en suite with another mixer shower (b & b), both are on the first floor...
  11. Atanas Peev

    Main combi compact 25

    Hello anyone know why the combi main compact the new model show 000 and fail ignite from first commissioning Thank you
  12. A

    Recommendations for new combi boiler install

    Hello, I'm looking for advice on replacing a back gas fired boiler with a new combi boiler. I was thinking of placing the new combi boiler in the store room where the mains gas meter is located. Been looking a Worcester Greenstar 32CDI compact combi boiler but really looking for recommendations...
  13. J

    4 Small Boilers or 1 Big one??

    Hi, just bought our first house which is a georgian tereace with 3 storeys + cellar & attic. It's about 70 sq m per floor, with the ground and basement both having a 20sq m rear extension. We might turn it into flats in years to come, but for the next 6 years it will be our home. The question...
  14. M

    Back boiler to combi

    Hi, new to the site so please bare with me. I have a property which is rented out, up until recently to a single guy. In the last month or so his partner and children have moved in making it a home for 4. The current heating system is powered by a baxi boiler with water tank in the loft...
  15. T

    combi boiler not kicking in

    Hi all, i'm relatively new to the world of plumbing and bathroom fitting. I've recently fitted a bathroom and the new basin tap (Bristan Orta Mixer) wont kick in the boiler when the hot is turned on. The new bath mixer and the existing kitchen tap work fine although the hot has to be turned...
  16. J

    Bosch CDI 30 combi boiler

    Hi, my boiler has been having an intermittent fault no one can seem to cure. When the hot tap is used , usually first time in the morning, it creates the boiler to over heat. I have to wait for it to reset itself and cool down then usually ok. Apparently not heat exchange plate.
  17. J

    Combi or unvented, which is cheaper to run

    Interesting thought I currently have a 28kw combi, 1 bathroom, 2 up 2 down semi. I'm g3 and gas safe. I fit unvented and replacement boilers all the time. I'm thinking about replacing my combi with a small 120 litre unvented cylinder in the loft. An unvented cylinder usually draws about...
  18. john hood

    Grant Vortex Combi 1e problem - CH but no CHW

    A few days ago, our boiler and local pipes began to vibrate when CH started up. Running a hot tap (to override CH) caused it to stop immediately. Suspected faulty CH pump maybe. Plumber took a look, that seemed to be the case and we ordered up a replacement pump. No sooner had he gone than we...
  19. DjClubber

    INTERGAS HRE 28/24 Combi

    Admit, not any experience with these but am really disappointed with them. Called out to rectify Hot Water going Hot then Cold, was thinking Plate and usual Boiler. Then get there no Plate and conversation with Intergas Tech stating only way to get working is hook up a Power Flush to the Hot...
  20. T

    Vented system to Combi

    Hi, So I can get my head around the work involved in this. currently have vented system with boiler in kitchen. Moving to Combi, staying in kitchen. has 22mm gas suuply and condense pipe can go straight out the wall. Hot & cold already in cupboard. in the airing cupbaord what needs to be done...

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