1. P

    Viessmann combi starts when cold, mixer, tap is opened

    Recently had a Viessmann Vitodens combi boiler installed, quite often when the adjacent cold mixer tap is opened the boiler starts for a few seconds! Can anyone tell me what is causing this? And how to cure?
  2. J

    Filter not on Ecofit combi

    Vaillant Ecofit boiler fitted into designer kitchen cupboard. No filter fitted. Boiler needs replacing type for type. No room to fit a magnetic filter anywhere without spoiling the kitchen. Will not fitting the filter but dosing the system with X-100 inhibitor make the guarantee void? thx in...
  3. J

    WB Greenstar 4000 Combi Fault Code 2965

    What is the boiler flow temperature required to flag this 2965 fault code?. This, I believe, is a blocking code that trips the burner but when/if it resets. the burner will refire without any boiler reset? If this fault code is up while in CH mode and there is a demand for HW, will the boiler...
  4. Roy_66

    Insulating pipes next to Combi

    Prompted by a surveyors energy efficiency report (and getting grants as this job belongs to a small charity) I've been asked to lag the pipes in this boiler cupboard. So questions: 1.Anybody got a photo of a good professional job please. 2. Where to stop the insulation under the boiler...
  5. A

    Should a plumber inform you that your new Combi boiler would be no good with a digital pump.

    Hi. I recently had a renovation done. My builder installed a new Combi boiler instead of my system boiler. He connected the pipework to the digital pump. He did not inform us that we would need a new processor because we had changed to a Combi and subsequently a valve blew. Should my builders...
  6. Zig168

    Combi Boiler vs System Boiler

    I think the last discussion was back in 2021. A few questions to guide any discussion. Which are the cheapest to heat over the year, system or combi in an average 3/4 bed property? Which will be the more reliable and cheapest boiler type to repair over the next 10 years? Is there a better...
  7. C

    Britony combi se 40 60 80 fault

    Hi all I have a britony combi se 80 with fault 40 60 80 had british gas out to repair under homecare cover but they can't seem to repair it. They have been out 7 times so far and fitted a new pump heat exchanger air pressure switch and a pcb. Does anyone on here know what else could be the...
  8. B

    MT10RF replacement on greenstar junior24i combi mk3

    The clock timer on the Mt10rf transmitter does not work, but it can be used in day mode to get the heating on. Is Drayton LP10RF a suitable replacement? I guess the receiver from this would need to be used rather than the existing Worcester one?
  9. A

    Baxi 424 combi tempreature not going above 57 degrees

    Hello everyone i have a Baxi 424 combi the system working fine but the maximum tempruter on the screen reach only 57 degrees for heater and 51 degrees for tap water this happened after a visit from (obviously) unqualified tecnichichan to fix a minor leak on the boiler, which initaly didn't efect...
  10. B

    PLEASE HELP Hot Water Combi Boiler Advice

    PLUMBING ADVICE NEEDED Combi boiler in our house, downstairs water seems to be piping hot. Upstairs basin, bath and shower only ever seems to be lukewarm - so much so that no one even wants to bath as it never gets hot enough! Open to suggestions as to what it might be and if anyone can...
  11. J

    Draining vokera combi boiler 2 drainage valves on different radiators.

    Hi, I need to drain my vokera 29 boiler in the attic as Im going away for 4 weeks at least to make sure there are no frozen pipes. In my small 3rd floor flat, I have a radiator in the front room and one in the hall (very close to each other), there is a drainage valve on one of these. My back...
  12. C

    combi boiler frost protection

    Hi I am somewhat confused. My daughter has a combi boiler bought 2-3 years ago and has it timed to come on in morning for an hour and at night for a few hours using "auto"? mode I had been brought up to leave boilers on manual and set the thermostat low at night to prevent pipes from...
  13. J

    Converting to a combi - advisable for mixrobore?

    Boiler broke over Xmas and needs replacing and I’m tempted to move away from our 1985 gravity fed system and get a combi as many other parts of that auger appear to be at the end of their life and need replacing. Our flow is 16l/min so not enough for unvented but we like the idea of a combi as...
  14. paulm05

    Grant combi oil boiler problems.

    My Grant combi oil boiler is giving me quite a headache at the moment. When I returned home last Friday I'd no heating or hot water. An engineer called the next day and diagnosed a faulty pressure switch. This was changed and everything seemed ok. However then the boiler began to lose pressure...
  15. mehmet

    Combi underfloor heating and external boiler connection?

    Hello, I have a gas boiler in my apartment that heats a net area of 300 m2 with an underfloor heating system. The boiler has a capacity of 45 kW. There's no issue with the heating system, but I want to increase the hot water capacity. I plan to connect an external 200-liter boiler. How can I...
  16. M

    Vitodens 222-F combi storage boiler and loft shower pressure.

    I have a viessman vitodens 222F combi storage boiler on the ground floor. It has 100l capacity inbuilt cylinder which is delivered on mains pressure. I bought it hoping I could have two showers across floors running with hot water even if it’s a short while, while avoiding an unvented...
  17. P

    alternate straight through CH return valve for combi

    I'm in a bit of a bind with a current CH install where I need to install a filter prior to a flush but no where to install My issue is the return on the combi (ideal 35) runs directly behind the boiler then up through the ceiling so I have no clearance to even attempt to snake it out to fit a...
  18. B

    Combi Boiler pressure refill?

    Hi, Just had a "Main Eco Compact" combi boiler installed as the Biasi one failed. It seems to work fine, gives a hot bath, i dont ever use the radiators or kitchen hot tap. (no point in upping the landlords gas bill for no reason) On day 4, the pressure is below 1. I filled it back up to >1, but...
  19. C

    Using combi fed and gravity fed showers simultaneously

    Hi all, I have a combi boiler for hot water and heating but have 2 showers in the house. Obviously low water pressure if both showers are used at same time. I'm wondering if I could install a water tank to gravity feed one of the showers, with new electrric shower and if so how to stop the water...
  20. Z

    Baxi duo tec combi 24 HE A Boiler de-aeration

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask is there a function to remove air from a Baxi duo tec combi 24 HE A. If there is can some one kindly tell me the procedure. Looking online i found on newer baxi boilers that you turn the heating knob all the way back (12-oclock) anti-clockwise and then 2 quarter...

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