1. Garroth

    GlowWorm Boiler Burner Never Switches Off

    Hi, whenever my Gloworm 18r is on even if I leave it on non-stop for 6 hours the flame symbol for the burner never switches off and the radiator icon never stops flashing implying the rads are calling for more heat, even though they're all red hot and have been for hours, is this a fault or just...
  2. M

    Worcester Greenstar 24RI - Burner Seal Replacment

    Got some quotes for a service, one person has said if I haven't had the burner seal replaced for past 5 years, it should be done (& service price goes up by £55). Boiler installed in 2015 - never had the 'seal' replaced? Is it a necessary requirement just as a matter of course?
  3. G

    Is my gas burner an FSD problem or a thermocouple problem?

    I am troubleshooting a gas hob where one burner is reluctant to light. When it is lit and I blow the flame out the FSD on that burner cuts off immediately, whereas the others take 5-10 seconds as normal. I have tested the thermoucouple for continuity and also some sort of mV output (when held...
  4. J

    Trianco Eurostar 50 - 60 (S) oil burner riello motor problem

    I'm looking for some advice on a frustrating problem I'm having with my old Eurostar 50-60s oil boiler please? Although it's old, most parts needed to operate it are now new. The symptoms indicated a broken/seized burner motor or oil pump. I wrongly assumed the motor so I ordered a new one only...
  5. K

    One burner on gas hob not working

    How would you classify this for a LL cert?
  6. S

    Trianco burner locking out

    I have a customers trianco burner that starts from cold ok for a few minutes (say 3minutes) then locks out then will not stay on. Boiler had not been serviced in a long time and oil filters were bunged up as was the nozzle. I decided to service it with hopes it was simple starving of fuel from...
  7. P

    Worcester greenstar compact 30Ri burner.

    My Worcester greenstar compact burner green light is only firing up for 5 seconds then cutting out. Anyone got any ideas before I call an engineer out. Incase it’s something simple.
  8. B

    Grant / Riello burner choice

    I have a Grant Vortex Blue 26kw external oil boiler, installed less than 12 months ago. It's had intermittent non-starting problems resulting in multiple warranty visits, part replacements and eventually burner replacement. The replaced burner I discovered was a 'yellow flame' one, apparently...
  9. C

    what is this part called ? reillo g3b oil pump

    got new oil and tried to start my reillo g3b oil burner ,when it idnt fire and went to lockout i bleed the pump and check the nozzle ,and eventually took apart the pump to find lots of black oil slug around the oil pump.so i cleaned all the stuff of and cleaned through the pump and the only...
  10. Nicjones

    Riello 2.2 rgb oil burner won’t start

    Hello all Our riello burner intermittently won’t ignite. However for some reason when you tap gently the oil pump it lights every time. Any help appreciated. Thank you
  11. M

    Danesmoor 12-18 riello RDB burner can it use 35 sec low sulphur diesel

    I have just bought a Danesmoor greenstar12-18, fitted with Reillo RBD burner. Worcester notes should be used with C2 Kerosene, is it possible to run on 35 sec low sulphur diesel instead? Any advice is very much appreciated thank you.
  12. N

    Overheat protection for a wood burner with back boiler install?

    Hey guys, I've searched the forum, but haven't found anything useful. I don't know the name of the thing I'm looking for, so I apologize in advance if this is something basic that I should have found in a search. So basically, my electrician is an old fella who doesn't know much about heating...
  13. L

    URGENT Drigging oil from burner

    Camray 5 (90A) (20 year old) oil boiler, had a noisy fan on the boiler so investigated, just a bit of dirt in the casing however, having removed the burner unit I replaced the Burner Nozzle no problem, old was very dirty and sooty. Found the boiler wouldn't fire up. SO rather than than mess...
  14. L

    Camray 5 leaking oil from Burner Nozzle

    Camray 5 (90A) (20 year old) oil boiler, had a noisy fan on the boiler so investigated, just a bit of dirt in the casing however, having removed the burner unit I replaced the Burner Nozzle no problem, old was very dirty and sooty. Found the boiler wouldn't fire up. SO rather than than mess...
  15. M

    Rayburn 499k cooker burner blows out

    I have a 499k rayburn with a balanced flue. When we turn the cooker side on it works for a while OK, it could be OK for a few weeks then it will blow out and the kitchen smells of kerosene. If we try and restart it it won't come back on for a while. But then we just press the restart button and...
  16. A

    Looking to buy a log burner and have it connected to boiler

    Evening everyone I’m not sure if this is the place to post but was hoping for some help I’m looking to buy a log burner and have it plumbed into my central heating system to provide hot water to my house. I have no idea what I’m doing so a asking for recommendations of someone that ca do it...
  17. A

    Control box 569 Riello Thermital Burner fails to fire

    Why does the Control Box 569 for riello thermital supereffe 25 not fire?
  18. M

    Confusion understanding Burner manual specifications (electrodes gaps)

    Hello I've recently come across a Sterling Bentone burner manual online which is for my 2001 burner and I intend to use it to check my electrode gaps. The manual illustrates this information however it states multiple measurements and has me a little confused. For gap between electrodes it...
  19. J

    Oil burner boiler riello burner rdb HELP

    Hello alll, I have a firebird combi oil burner with the riello burner rdb in. It was working perfect up untill yesterday where it's going straight into instant lockout and won't do anything. Not fuel related because I can see it squiring out. Any guesses to what it could be ? Thank you
  20. gavdtra

    Thermostat on burner low but temp indivator much higher

    This thermoastat is much higher than the dial says. Correct.me if I'm wring but that doesn't seem right... It's been like that for days so it's not like I've just turned it down...

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