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A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid (generally water) is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.

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  1. R

    Robin hood cast iron boilers

    Dear colleagues , My name is Roohollah and an overseas Heating tech. I have recently collected some data on oldest cast iron boiler from UK which is called Robin hood boiler . Thus, I would like to request for any data or pics of those products if you ran into them before. Thanks a bunch for...
  2. P

    House with two boilers - Smart heating control possible?

    Hi all - my prospective house I am buyig has been split effectively into two parts with Boiler 1 provided Heat/Water to the first few floors and Boiler 2 providing Heat/Water to the top floors. So two separate Primary and Secondary Circuits. Is there a Smart system that would enable unified...
  3. J

    Storage Combi Boilers

    Do gas fired storage combi boilers store the water at high temperatures like say 75C? and if so do they have a internal TMV?. when the storage runs out presume they then just carry on like any combi boiler?. Do they allways store DHW and not primary water?. Oil fired combis probably are all...
  4. N

    Two new open vent boilers, problems ever since.

    Hi all, So I re done my house 2/3 years ago and had all my radiators taken out on the lower floor, changed to wet underfloor instead. 2 zones. 2 manifolds. As I was doing quite a bit, I’d decided to exchange the two 15 year old boilers with a pair of new ones. Vitodens 100w 35kw open vent...
  5. D

    Part l and range rating boilers

    Do we have to range rate boilers
  6. H


    Hi guys Looking on a deal to service 3 boilers in the sheperds bush area . If interested please get in touch .
  7. M

    Opinion/experience with Warmflow Boilers?

    Wanting to know people's opinion on these oil boilers? Particularly the heat exchanger as to reliability and build quality. Some very poor reviews on Trustpilot and other sites. Are they worth avoiding at all costs?
  8. N

    URGENT Temporary leak into tundish when boilers fires up

    Hi. I've just had my unvented hot water cylinder replaced. Works fine, apart from a slight trickle into the tundish when the boiler comes on after a period of inactivity for about 10 mins, which then slows to a drip and stops. He replaced the expansion vessel, all valves etc with new parts...
  9. M

    Effect of pipe sizing in heating system

    Current system Danesmoor utility installed in outbuilding. Flow/return connections on the boiler are each 1.5" BSP then straight into 32mm copper for a run underground of approx. 20m to the house. Main pump at boiler is UPS 25-55. Proposal is to replace old boiler with Hounsfield Tuscan 26/30...
  10. J

    Dew point on condensing boilers

    Can anyone tell me the dew points in kerosene and natural gas condensing boilers please.cant find answer online
  11. J

    What boiler do I need? (Ideal Logic boilers)

    Hi all, I'm just about to buy a new build house. The building company has changed their boiler set up from having a cylinder to a combi and I'm really worried it's a ciat things and I'm going to get a system that struggles more with the house size. I've attached drawings of the house which has 4...
  12. Lou

    COP26 2021 - Phasing out fossil fuel boilers for good.

    Cop26 has now come to a close and Glasgow is getting back to normality. But just how easy is it going to be to phase out fossil fuel boilers and move to a more renewable energy source for our homes? We had a look at the various promises and pledges made by the Government and how easy these are...
  13. fronty

    Will microwave boilers ever replace gas?

    Hi all, I was reading about these new microwave boilers that are due to come out from Heatwayv (A new way to transform how we heat our homes | Heat Wayv - https://www.heatwayv.com/), they seem to be a drop-in replacement for your old gas boiler, but with electrickery costing about 5 times as...
  14. S

    How to control pump in multi boiler system

    Hi all, hopefully you are good, The system I am looking at has an oil boiler, a solid fuel boiler, triple coil cylinder, 2 space heating zones and a 'systemlink' , Would anyone out there know which controller / wiring centre is recommended for these system links? Also, and more importantly...
  15. Stanios

    Are Worcester boilers all that?

    Let me preface - I install and repair boilers and in my humble opinion Worcester Greenstar i aka Junior isn't a good boiler. I realise why they are very pupular - the Bosch name, the marketing (best friends with Which?), "trusted" by the big installers. Installation - Probably the hardest...
  16. T

    Are storage combi boilers better than a system boiler?

    We are currently looking to replace our 40 year old vented system to a system boiler. We have had a suggestion of getting a storage combi boiler instead of a vented boiler with cylinder. Space is not a problem. I am more than happy to replace both boiler and water cylinder. We have many options...
  17. M

    CH change: large house & 2 boilers

    Hello I am renovating an Edwardian property with a two-storey extension that was built 10 years ago and currently has two boilers individualy covering original house & extension as below: Original house (system boiler, 10-15 years old) 4 ground floor rooms all with wet UFH 4 first floor...
  18. I

    What are you using to move external oil boilers

    I would like to know what you guys use to move external oil boilers into position. Due to covid my supplier was unable to deliver a boiler recently so i collected it myself with a trailer. The boiler was loaded onto trailer with forks and when I arrived at the property I had to negotiate the...
  19. A

    Electric boilers

    Hi, stupid question time Is there a electric boiler out there that will heat underfloor heating but also provide water to taps without the need for a storage tank of some sort ??
  20. J

    Modern oil boilers

    Hi, just looking for info on oil boilers and heating controls. They seem to be a bit behind gas boilers in terms of efficiency, would I be right in thinking that weather compensation and modulating output isnt common amongst the average modern oil burner? That leads me to my question, in rural...
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