The Young SVP (German: Junge SVP, French: Jeunes UDC, Italian: Giovani UDC) is the youth wing of the Swiss People's Party (SVP/UDC).
Founded in 1977 as a part of the SVP's Zurich branch, the Young SVP served as a training ground for many of the SVP's future leaders.

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  1. S

    110mm End Cap Solutions

    I am currently plumbing in my shower and wondering whether I will get away with the endcap as seen in picture one, already fitted, or whether I should replace it with the solvent weld type that is seen in picture two? Normally you would avoid compression fittings where they are hard to get to...
  2. B

    Replace elbow with Corner branch svp

    Hi everyone, I’m a kitchen/bathroom fitter and have a job coming up where the customer has had an extension built and added another bathroom which backs onto the existing bathroom. the existing svp comes up in the corner of existing bathroom then runs horizontally to the toilet in a 1m high box...
  3. M

    50mm shower waste into horiz SVP. Picture option A, B or C...

    hello, I need help getting shower waste into horizontal svp. (outside of house) The 50mm shower waste (red circle) exits the building above the horizontal svp pipe (blue). This 'red' shower waste has already traveled 2.3m at the correct fall before it exits the building. Which option of pipe...
  4. C

    Shared SVP in Block of Flats

    In blocks of flats, is it normal for all the toilets to share a single soil stack / SVP? So if there is a blockage in the lower part of the SVP, what is to stop the sewage backing up and overflowing from a lower flat's toilet? All the sewage from the flats above would keep flowing down and the...
  5. D

    cast iron svp

    I went to a house today and the pan connector is going into a short length of 4" pipe. Then the 4" pipe is slotted into cast iron with a collar around it. Who ever fitted this has then used putty around the 4" pipe so it makes a seal basically a bodge job. Does anyone have any ideas apart from...
  6. S

    Retrofitting internal SVP

    Do you think building control (approved inspector) will go for this (sketch attached)? We're fitting a new internal SVP to take a new bathroom and en suite + plus existing toilet and a new basin and washing machine at ground level. The existing WC connects directly into drain at floor level and...
  7. S

    I want to fit a svp

    I have a bungalow style property where the 2 toilets drain straight down into a 110mm drain run under the floor. There has never been a vent pipe fitted and this is causing drainage problems. I have only just gained access to under the floor and the pipe runs and my question is where should I...
  8. D

    Venting a SVP network

    Hi, New to forum so this question may have been answered else where but here goes: I am installing a main bathroom upstairs, and en-suite upstairs and down stairs WC. I have installed all the 100mm pipes for all three toilets but there is no option for venting either of the two upper legs...
  9. S

    SVP Poblem

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but I've got a problem with my house in Spain. About 2 years ago I had an exra bathroom added to my single story property and the existing bathroom renewed by a Bulgarian building company(big mistake and no longer contactable). From the start 1 of the toilets never...
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