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  1. M

    MEXICO SUPER 3 CF 100 spares ?

    Hi, has anyone got a broken MEXICO SUPER 3 CF 100, or spares ? I'd like to buy the combustion chamber as mine has developed a hole, Thank you !
  2. CorgiDirect

    Question for Engineers about CORGI and Spares

    Hi everyone Just a question We are always looking at ways to expand our product range for engineers Would you be interested in CORGI direct selling fast moving spares at very competitive prices ?
  3. P

    Homebase tap spares

    Hi Does anyone know where I might get washbasin and bath tap valves spares. The taps are from Homebase and only 5 years old they both drip now and only need the valves replaced. However Homebase cannot advise me who supplies spares. I have included some pictures. It is the Homebase Evoke...
  4. J

    Various Boiler Spares

    I'm now chucking the boiler repair game completely. Mortgage is paid off so just going to concentrate on my day job for an ESP. Everything is brand new, some boxes opened to check but nothing used. I have as follows: 5132456 Baxi 3 Way Outlet 720301001 Baxi Gas Valve 5121447 Baxi Fan...
  5. L

    unwanted oil kit and spares for sale

    relocation means not renewing my oil ticket so i have stuff to sell, anyone interested.
  6. M

    Identify shower

    Hi, can anyone identify this shower please. Thank you !!
  7. S

    pexathem U/F Heating spares

    I 've got one of the origanal pexatherm u/f wet heating systems which i understand is knocking on 20yrs old,need to get some spares and having difficultly in trying to track them down - need an end cover for the maniford with the bleed and drain off points - does anyone know of any suppliers -.
  8. B

    2 new toilets and both splashing water onto seats when flushed...

    please guys is there a fix for this? on this thread below someone mentions a restrictor but i dont understand what exactly it looks like, and is it available in shops? please help thanks we used to fit 'restrictors' in the pan/flush pipe connection. This was a 'Y' shaped piece of...
  9. T

    Chartley shower valve

    'evening all, anyone heard of Chartley showers? Aside from the glass handles (!) am looking to get a service kit, temp control has gone stiff..
  10. S

    30mm tap aerator

    Hi all, I just moved into my new house and the bathroom sink has the weirdest tap ever. It has 2 taps (hot & cold) but the water flows from 2 different holes. That has as a result to put your hand under the water and feel cold & hot at the same time in half an inch distance which is very...
  11. D

    Traditional basin mixer tap, tap handles broken - help

    Hi I have a traditional basin mixer tap both handles are now loose and spin freely without turning the water on or off. How do I fix this issue? Can I replace the handles or do I need to replace the entire tap? Also, is this an easy DIY job or should I get a plumber? Thanks a lot, Davie
  12. JCplumb

    Dauntless Elite W.C. replacement syphon.

    Evening gents, Has anyone ever come across one of these? It's a horrible looking thing but I have been tasked with replacing the syphon on it, it's far from a standard syphon as the hole in the top will not take any other button than the one already there, the syphon works with a cantilever...
  13. T

    ebi transformer

    Hi guys was wondering do any of yous know do the suppliers still sell the old danfoss ebi transformer used on bentone or sterling burners? Some other guy in the last 6 mths changed oil pump and electrodes and leads. Now getting no spark at all but oil isnt a problem. Im in n.ireland if any of...
  14. E

    Boiler Spares

    I was just wondering where everyone else buys boiler spares, which suppliers are best for prices and for stock
  15. S

    Deck Mixer Tap

    I have a kitchen Deck Mixer Tap which continues to drip water or stay on after usage and the only way I can stop the water coming out is to lift the hot leaver upwards. Can anybody tell me how to fix this problem and what washer needs to be replaced or whether it has a cartridge instead. it...
  16. P

    Grundfos pressurisation unit.

    Anyone know a good place to get spare parts for a grundfos mini mono press pressurisation unit. Grundfos website doesn't seem easy to navigate for parts.
  17. P

    Grant flue seals

    Guys where is the best place to get grant flue seals from. Can't find anything online.
  18. M

    Boiler spares - advice please

    When servicing boilers, do you generally have spare gaskets, seals, etc in the van, or do you usually have to pop out for the parts if required? If you do buy parts for a service, and don't use them, do you keep them for 'next time', or do you return them? Or does it depend on how common the...
  19. J

    Sourcing Cartridge for Victoria Plumb Aria Riser System

    Apologies (and thanks!) in advance - long time lurker (and learner), first time poster in the forum. Bought a Victoria Plumb Aria Riser Head System in September 2011 - now the ceramic cartridge that switches flow between main shower head and hand held has totally failed. Been to PlumbBase...
  20. B

    tap upgrade

    Hi, looking to upgrade the kitchen and wanting to install a hose tap. I noticed the tap requires high pressure only (1 bar), I'm running cold straight off the mains and hot from the combi, will I have the pressure required? All help appreciated, Thanks.