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A central heating system provides warmth to the number of spaces within a building and optionally also able to heat domestic hot water from one main source of heat. It is a component of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which can both cool and warm interior spaces.

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  1. M

    Heating overflowing from vent

    Hi, I'm after some help regarding my Father in laws heating system. He has had a local engineer around but hasn't had a fix and is very remote so I'm looking at the issue before arranging someone to try to fix. He is on oil and has a modern raeburn boiler/range. He has a vented system with...
  2. S

    URGENT Help! Moved into house with underfloor heating

    Hi, I’ve just moved into a house with underfloor heating and I’m not sure how to turn it on/if it’s working. I have a small black handheld remote that doesn’t seem to be fully working (sometimes responds to touch, sometimes doesn’t). I don’t think I can insert pictures here but is there...
  3. G

    studio flat heating and hot water

    asked to specify for very small studio flat, architect has drawn a combi boiler, 2 radiators, heated towel rail and shower, basin, kitchen sink, washing machine. seems overkill to me, in the past i have used electric shower, 15l 3kw Ariston for hot water, and electric panel heaters, but he is...
  4. F

    Heating pump recommend

    Hi All, Pump gone on my parents heating system it's a Grundfos 15 60 130. New one best part of £300 is there any other makes you guys would recommend? Thanks
  5. R

    Underfloor heating advice for a very shaky floor (not kidding)

    Hi all! So yes, Richter level 7 earthquake at least. I need to plan an underfloor heating for a 4x4 expedition/overlanding off-road vehicle, and it has to be able to withstand hundreds of miles of Australian corrugated roads and many thousands more of very bumpy roads of all sorts. A shaky floor...
  6. S

    URGENT How to shut off hot water and heating on this kind of boiler and tank?

    How to shut off hot water and heating on this kind of boiler and tank?
  7. luckyvictor

    Boiler keeps on boiling water even heating is switched off

    The problem is, my ideal boiler logic heat h15 keeps on burning (igniting flame icon on) all the time, all day long, regardless of the programmed on off schedule for both heating and hot water. when we have the heating turned off from the thermostat programmer (danfoss tp9000ma-si), i.e frosted...
  8. D

    Limescale cleaner for central heating

    Hi Where I am living the water is very hard. The result is my heat exchanger most likely has accumulated limestone. The problem is that due to the limestone accumulation the boiler is cutting out at high temperature, thus not having the possibility to transfer enough heat to the radiators. Is...
  9. Ticking sound

    Central heating clicking noise. New install

    New install, under a year old. Boiler downstairs. Mega flow upstairs in airing cupboard. Undfloor downstairs. Rads upstairs. Whenever the heating comes on. I get a clicking ticking buzzing type sound. Please see videos. Coming I think from the metal boxes. Both upstairs and down. I believe...
  10. I

    Poor heating - Incomplete/incorrect iFlow, Navian?

    I have a Navian boiler with an iFlow air system that provides air around the house via high velocity conduit. It's just over a 1 year old property and I just moved in and found the heating suboptimal. I have had a plumber indicate the system is designed and installed incorrectly, which the...
  11. W

    do i require heat leak radiator

    connecting free standing woodburning stove to indirect cylinder, by gravity, do i need to fit heat leak radiator?
  12. V

    Central heating turns off early hours in morning

    hello experts, I am not a DIY plumber, just a home owner who had a plumber come in to fix a couple of things at home. But doing all of this, he may or may not have introduced a new problem which I wanted to get advice on from you experts Every night since the plumbers visit, the central...
  13. samwardill

    Honeywell Evohome with 2 zone heating

    Is there any advice on using Honeywell Evohome with 2 zone heating. Honeywell support are pretty useless and give conflicting advice. They suggested I ask my installer (but my installer suggested I ask Honeywell). I found a support article on the Honeywell Resideo website by Googling...
  14. C

    Heating Engineer - Central South West London

    Looking for someone to join a motivated dynamic team of 7 engineers. Based in South West and Central London. Conpany has been running for four years. 8-5 £200 a day after CIS Deductions Overtime paid at £35 an hour Payday every Friday Van tools uniform provided
  15. P

    water is ok hot, put heating on signal fires boiler then goes off

    Water is ok hot, put heating on signal from thermostat fires boiler up then boiler goes off after 1 minute, no error codes appear
  16. C

    Solid fuel heating system problem

    I could really do with some advice. Bit of back history, I have a trianco thorncliffe solid fuel room heater it has a back boiler, my dad put the system in just over 30 years ago, everything was bought from the then local fire shop, installed with lots of advice from them, the system has worked...
  17. D

    URGENT Noisy Nibe VVM300 heating system

    Hi all, I have been busy renovation a house that I bought a year ago during the winter. During the summer we switch off the heating system to conserve electricity as we are not living in the house. I removed some of the radiators during the wall renovations, refitted and bled the system. As soon...
  18. C

    Heating not working-advice

    Hi everyone, just after some advice. So I have a nest thermostat installed an a Worcester boiler. Now when I had my nest installed, the electrician was absolutely horrendous. Leaving dangling wires and all sorts. It did essentially work though. Now it brings me to this morning. So my wife...
  19. C

    Intermittent heating fault

    Hi Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction please. We have an old traditional old Potterton E50 boiler with an old Honeywell time switch and a more recent Salus wireless thermostat. I have completely powered down and re-set the Honeywell and Salus a couple of times and...
  20. M

    Heating valve what it does

    Can someone tell me what this stop valve does. if it’s to regerlate flow how it need to be adjusted. thanks
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