1. I

    Cleaning a Magnetic Filter without an isolation valve

    Hello All, We have a Vaillant boiler, it has an advanced protection kit fitted that gives it a 10 year warranty. My understanding is that this is essentially a magnetic filter that captures all the deposits before the enter the boiler and contaminate it, thus invalidating your warranty. I...
  2. J

    Danfoss - heating water

    Hi All, I hope you are well. I have Danfoss CP715Si controller and when I try to heat water the boiler does not kick in. When I select Hot Water to ON or press +1HR button to turn it on for one hour the red light comes up on the controller but the boiler does not kick in. It does kick in when I...
  3. T

    New plumbing & heating system advice

    Hello, I'm installing a new central heating & plumbing system and just wanted to run through my design choices to make sure I haven't overlooked anything! It's a 2 bed, 1 bathroom semi-detached house. These are the proposed appliances: WC, Basin, Bath, Shower, Bath, Washing Machine, Kitchen...
  4. T

    New plumbing & heating system advice

    Hello, I'm installing a new central heating & plumbing system and just wanted to run through my design choices to make sure I haven't overlooked anything! It's a 2 bed, 1 bathroom semi detached house. These are the proposed appliances: WC, Basin, Bath, Shower, Washing Machine, Dishwasher...
  5. J

    What are the best heating flushing systems

    Any advice on selecting the best central heating flushing system would be most greatful
  6. S

    Closed system top up fed by domestic storage tank.

    I know of multiple estates built during the celtic tiger where the closed system heating is topped up by teeing into the cold feed to the copper cylinder using a check valve and expansion vessel left permanently connected. Recently went to one of these houses just to fit a new tap, but...
  7. G

    Does this look like a heating pipe leak

    Hi, I have some damp moving up the walls and the floor is risen in one place also. I got someone to take a couple of pics with a thermal camera. Does the brightly glowing circle look like it's a leaking heating pipe? The blue circle is where the glow is on the thermal image and the red...
  8. G

    Central heating pipe routes

    I need to extend my central heating from my newly built extension in to the old part of my house. I need to feed 3 rads in separate bedrooms on the first floor and then to feed a towel rail in a bathroom a rad in the utility and a rad in my lounge on the ground floor. Can I run my 22mm flow &...
  9. H

    Water heating hammering

    Hello, I've just found this forum and wondering if anyone can please help us. We've not long moved into our new home. It's has Johnson and Starley warm air heating and hot water tank in airing cupboard. All has been working fine until yesterday. We had the water softener serviced and since then...
  10. M

    1 pipe system, 2 downstairs rads not heating up properly.

    I have had a problem where 2 downstair radiators are not heating up the same as the rest of the radiators around the house, now previously i had an electric boiler which heated all the radiators just fine, but around a few years ago i had a gas one fitted and the radiators in the living and...
  11. D

    Boiler pressure dropping to zero when heating turns off.

    Good afternoon, I am experiencing a pressure issue with my heating system and was hoping to receive additional insight as to what the problem could be. We have a biomass boiler and stratification tank set up and recently had an issue with boiler pressure dropping off when the system was cold...
  12. P

    Refilling underfloor heating

    Hi, gotta a bit of an issue with refilling my underfloor heating. Am I right in saying that the flow meters along the manifold should be on the top rail, but as you can see they are at the bottom? Also have I got to loosen off the electrical actuators at the top to refill the system? Cheers
  13. P

    Should I insulate vent pipes in loft (from DHW cylinder and central heating)

    Hi I recently did some pipe insulating in my loft. The only two I didn't do were the vent pipes. Not sure if that is the right term for them? They are the pipes that feed water back into the top of the tanks when there is excess, presumably from steam, expansion, etc. The one going to the cold...
  14. D

    Nu-heat Blend valve not working on underfloor heating

    Hi, I have I blend valve from Nu-Heat ( they bought it from Reliance, as per attached spec). I have dismantled the valve now 3 times and replaced it with new components from Nu-Heat but the valve is not working properly. The valve replacement seems very simple with 4 main components and some...
  15. F

    Vertical Radiator Makes A Bang When Heating Up & Cooling Down

    Hello, I have a customer with a modern anthracite vertical radiator and a modern TRV and lockshield. The radiator makes a loud metallic bang from within the radiator, when it heats up and cools down. I have opened the lockshield fully, lowered the boiler pressure from 2.5 bar to just over 1...
  16. mattgriff88

    Flushing/Cleaning central heating system?

    Hi I have recently bought a house which is 17 years old. There was a small leak from one of the radiators So I took the pipe off and drained the radiator and the water was black/brown. I took the radiator off and flushed it out with a hose pipe out the garden but it's got me thinking and I...
  17. B

    Central Heating T up & downstairs, valve to restrict upstairs?

    Hi, I have 3 port value for HW & CH. Loft extension added many years ago so they added a T to go upstairs, only 2 rads up but 11 downstairs covering at leave twice the floor area As per diagram has free flow Up or Down, no way to balance. Works pretty well but last few Rads (in kitchen) are...
  18. K

    hot water but no heating

    We have a dual heating system, a solid fuel stove with back boiler and a external kerosene heater. The kerosene heater is working fine heating the radiators and the water for the taps The solid fuel stove will heat the water for the taps but the radiators will only get luke warm. Can anyone...
  19. seweller51

    Vertical radiator not heating up

    Hi all. Could someone help with a issue I have been having with my vertical radiator. I have one vertical radiator in my bungalow and it does not heat up unless the surrounding radiators are shut off. I have tried turning the surrounding radiators down but the have to be completely or very...
  20. J

    Banging noises in central heating - Help!!!

    Desperate for some help! Be a life saver of someone can help as suffer from a high intolerance to noise. Moved into new house 1940s (copper pipes) and having serious issues with banging pipes only when central heating is on. Not when running taps We have a wall in living room that has stop tap...

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