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A central heating system provides warmth to the number of spaces within a building and optionally also able to heat domestic hot water from one main source of heat. It is a component of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which can both cool and warm interior spaces.

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  1. B

    Ever had Central Heating Water leak INTO Cylinder fresh water ?

    Hi, Vented system, F&E Tank etc. Cylinder about 10-12 years old. Just running some x800 through to try & improve radiator heat. (another story) Been in a couple of hours. Just run a bath & the water has a slightly odd brown'ish tint to it. never had before. does not smell. Is there anyway it...
  2. J

    Wet/electric ufh and radiator manifolds) in Southeast London

    As part of deep house renovation, planning to install wet ufh on the ground floor, and radiators on upper floor. Two bathrooms will have both water based towel warmers and electric ufh, and need dual thermostat to separately control air temp (by running towel warmer) and floor temp. Need...
  3. R

    Radiator vs underfloor heating

    I am in the process of having an extension for approx 4m by 6 m including sky lantern Whilst I appreciate underfloor heating would be good don’t think I can afford this however would a large vertical radiator be enough to heat the area space
  4. A

    Please help. When Heating on no hot water and vice-versa

    We have a Drayton 27101 - 3 port motorised valve 22mm compression Issue: when heating switches on there is no hot water, when you switch heating off you get hot water. I replaced the motor in the motorised valve, everything started to work like it should. But an hour later and the same...
  5. B

    Central Heating cuts out when DHW reaches set temperature

    Hello, I hope someone can give some advice with this problem. I have a Vaillant ecoTec plus 418 with Drayton MA1 mid-position actuator, Drayton HTS3 cylinder stat, Honeywell DT90E room stat and Drayton LP522 controller. Boiler fires up reliably, but after it cuts out as soon as the DHW...
  6. T

    Central heating room thermostat replacement

    Hi all, I have a simple mechanical Honeywell wall thermostat (i think you call it a 2 wire). I want to replace it as it is a bit old and unsightly and seems to have a lot of "play" between on and off. I could obviously easily replace it with the same thermostat or a very similar one, however i...
  7. L

    URGENT Tp9000 won’t stop heating

    Hi, moved to the house with tp9000 controller with sensor downstairs and another thermostat in top bedroom. Normally all works ok , ch and hw works as per temperature set points. Once a week(random) downstairs controller will not turn off and heat all the time. No red lights are on so it does...
  8. M

    Central heating switches off

    Boiler is working but out the blue is goes off. Controller is working, receiver is working, can see it clicking and red light flashes when I move thermostat up and down. If I override hot water, boiler fires up but nothing for heating. Boiler is Worcester Greenstar, 2 yrs old. Brand new...
  9. M

    Open vented system - Boiler turns on and then loses heating pressure?

    Hi guys, We have an open vented heating system and a Worcester Bosch greenstar boiler. Recently there is little to no heat getting to all radiatiors. It seems that when we turn on the nest heating the boiler starts whirring as expected as then dies down quite fast. I cleaned the magna filter...
  10. J

    What size heating element is needed for this tank?

    Just wondering what size heating element is needed for a 1200 x 450
  11. K

    No hot water if the heating is running, but otherwise okay.

    I have a strange fault with a Vaillant EcoTec combi-boiler. It's 100% reliable whenever the heating is called for, ie. by the room-stats. It's also 100% reliable when hot water is called for, ie. hot tap or shower, as long as the heating isn't running at the time. But if the heating is already...
  12. P

    Heating works but not hot water

    I have an Ideal combi isar HE 24. Heating works perfectly but hot water does not at all. Turn any hot tap on and water gets luke warm after about 10 seconds then boiler disengages and water gets cold again. Been told it could be thermistor, or a couple of other things. Can anyone please help?
  13. D

    Grundfos noisy oil central heating

    Hi. We have a wolf oil central heating system, with a grundflos alpha 2 circulation pump. Sometimes it makes a tinkle noise ( like metal to metal) and sometimes not. With and without burner running. I removed pump and impeller is ok and clean. Bled system through. Nothing helps.
  14. B

    Drayton smart heating controller/programmer help

    Hi. I'm new to this forum and just looking for some advice if someone could please help. I'm trying to fit a Drayton smart heating system and I'm unsure how to wire one of the components which I believe is known as the programmer or controller. There is one that was originally fitted with the...
  15. D

    Noise from centre heating system

    There is a noise, like a buzz that starts randomly but usually in the early morning. I can't seem to pin it down to one location. I have managed to record the noise and there is a link to YouTube if I'm able to post that? My heating and hot water are both on a gas central heating system, but...
  16. Fatboyslick

    Repeated air/hydrogen forming in closed heating system?

    Would love some advice please: I had 4 radiators replaced in September as part of a kitchen refit. This included new copper piperwork behind the walls where the Rads are placed. The system wasn’t flushed or anything, just installed and the plumber left. A few weeks later we noticed that our...
  17. J

    Radiators vs Underfloor heating large space

    Is underfloor heating much better than radiators for a largish open plan space? The room is 46 m sq, L shape open plan space with 4.6m of bifolds and another 2m and 3m run of bifold on the L, pitched roof on 3m of the space meaning a bit more than standard ceiling height there, total volume of...
  18. J

    Central heating in winter when on holiday

    Hi all, I am thinking to set boiler when we are on holiday soon this winter. First, I want to turn off the cylinder (hot water tank) handle (please see attached photo arrow pointing), this way the house will no water flow at all, this is to prevent water/pipe leaking/burst which happened last...
  19. knoxy777

    Back boiler not heating downstairs

    We have dual heating, back boiler and oil. The oil will heat the immersion tank and all radiators but the back boiler will only heat the upstairs radiators and immersion. We only moved in a few years back with the system already installed and are not sure if it was designed to do this. There...
  20. dips31

    Ground floor heating not working.

    We shifted to a new house with 3 floors. The boiler is in the attic. We have problem with the ground floor radiators which is not heating at all. When we shifted a plumber removed one radiator in the ground floor we are not sure if that is the reason. Its a one pipe heating system. So many...
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