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  • If you central heating doesn't work, radiator isn't coming on, boiler wont come on, etc - then post a REPLY in this EXISTING THREAD My Central Heating Doesn't Work - Master Thread - Please aboid making new threads on this same subject.


A central heating system provides warmth to the number of spaces within a building and optionally also able to heat domestic hot water from one main source of heat. It is a component of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which can both cool and warm interior spaces.

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  1. Dan

    My Central Heating Doesn't Work - Master Thread

    I thought I'd create a master thread to move all of these similar threads into, over time like. If your central heating doesn't work boiler doesn't work radiators not working radiators or heating system is cold thermostat wont work or respond Then post a reply in this thread. Rather than us...
  2. M

    Vertical radiator not heating up fully

    I am after an advice, please. We have a vertical radiator from Reina, Evie, that heats up only 2nd column fully, 1,3 and 4 are lukewarm. I borrowed a thermal camera and attached is the thermal image. System is balanced, there doesn't seem to be air coming out of the bleeding valve and was...
  3. M

    Combi boiler hot water but no heating

    My first thought when I heard this fault a combi boiler with hot water but no heating. Was a problem with the stat, controls not making the call for heat. If this is not the case. Can the divertor valve be the cause of the issue?
  4. L

    Heating water from hot tap

    Hi all, just moved a radiator from one wall to another, straight forward job, heating is working, problem is that on turning on a hot water tap the water coming out is heating water ( Fernox smell)and the boiler pressure drops quite quickly. Baxi Platinum 28HE. Any help or ideas please
  5. M

    Issues with microbore heating

    Hi everyone. I'm currently working on a job for a customer. their radiators are not all heating up. in total there is 12 radiators. 4 of these are on 15mm pipework, the rest are on 10mm. its powered by a Grundfos ups3 pump. the boiler is an 18kw heat only boiler. There are two radiators mainly...
  6. C

    Renewing inhibitor in underfloor heating system.

    We have a Daikin Air Source heat pump feeding our hot water and under-floor 8 port manifold heating system. The Daikin has just had its annual service and the engineer commented that the water looked discoloured and that the inhibitor needed replacing?? Is this an easy procedure? I'm pretty...
  7. P

    Oil fired central heating boiler issue ?

    Hi, Over the past few months, my wife and I have noticed a constant pulsing sound throughout the house which is particularly noisy at night (this could be as a result of us noticing the sound more when there is less environmental noise). Unfortunately, it is severely disrupting our sleep, so we...
  8. S

    Losing pressure heating

    Hi all not a plumber but am an engineer I have pressure drop in the system Worcester Bosch came back after repressureising the expansion vessel and he replaced the heat exchanger element. The boiler is coming up for 15 years old. The boiler was going below one bar and not increasing when...
  9. MilkyBadger

    Seeking Engineer for Vaillant EcoTec 832 Boiler Issue - SE London

    Hello, I am looking for a heating engineer to diagnose and resolve an issue with my Vaillant EcoTec 832 combi boiler. Job Location: Copeland Rd, London. Job Description: Problem: The boiler is not providing heating under normal conditions, although hot water supply is fine. Interestingly...
  10. B

    URGENT What is the problem with my central heating system?

    Context for issue: I'd like to start by saying I'd rather not read 100 "Hire a professional comments", I will do that when/if it comes to it, but I'd like to do it myself if possible. All images for system here: https://*********/a/ngPQkre Last winter the temperature switch on my boiler...
  11. F

    Heating Possible conflict between Ideal boiler and Gledhill cylinder

    My heating system comprises an Ideal Logic 12 boiler located downstairs and a Gledhill OV SOL cylinder located upstairs . The problem is that when the Gledhill controls for the “hot water” and “central heading” are turned on the Ideal boiler makes a constant “clicking” noise and tries to start...
  12. S

    Why are my radiators not all coming on, some barely heating up etc

    Hello, So we have a two year old boiler and have cleaned / flushed the system twice recently but not all radiators will heat at the same time. All radiators have the ability to heat when the others are isolated so not likely the TRV. have been attempting to balance but seems like maybe not...
  13. RenzoPan

    Leak in the expansion vessel - can I keep the heating on?

    Hi, We have a leak in the expansion vessel, which is on the first floor, above the hot water cylinder. As we wait for a plumber, can we keep the heating on?
  14. S

    Towel radiator not heating

    Hi, I have an electric towel rail which has stopped working. All the lights are flashing from blue to red and the boost light is flashing green I have tried re-setting it but still no luck. Can anyone help please? I have the manual for it and it’s a Smart version from Advanced Heating Solutions.
  15. M

    Boiler packs and heating products??

    Hi guys Who are you all using for the above mentioned please? Even budget boilers seem to be expensive these days. Thanks
  16. av2597

    Wet Underfloor Heating Using Woodburner Boiler

    Hi all, I wanted to ask a general question about an underfloor heating system our plumber is proposing and if this solution will be sufficient to heat the rooms. We have only a woodburning stove (15kW nominal output) that heats our open plan lounge/kitchen/diner directly (6.5kW from the...
  17. R

    Strange central heating

    Hello its my 1st post hope im in the right place We brought a new house a medium-large 3 bedroom semi, we moved in the summer. Now coming to winter we started putting the central heating on. The central heating has a mind of its on it’s really strange iv never experienced this We put the heating...
  18. R

    Radiator is heating up only to 1/3 of high

    Hi to all, I have bought a new radiator as replacement for old one. After installation by plumber, the new radiator is heating up only to 1/3 of high. The rest remain cold. Also, radiator is making quite loud noise when heating up. The system/radiator is free of air. My plumber was...
  19. MarkWillGreen

    Add underfloor to S-plan - S-plan+? closely spaced tees? new boiler?

    Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice on the best way to pipe this. - 24kW Worcester regular boiler in kitchen, approx. 9 years old - unvented tank, zone vavles, pump, expansion is on first floor in airing cupboard - Currently piped as S-plan. - Hive controls. - Would like to fit 6-zone...
  20. J

    Heating won’t come on after draining system

    Hi, I drained the the central heating, to remove a radiator. After refilling it, the heating now won’t work. It’s a combi . I’m getting this symbol
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