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A central heating system provides warmth to the number of spaces within a building and optionally also able to heat domestic hot water from one main source of heat. It is a component of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which can both cool and warm interior spaces.

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  1. H

    ASHP worth it or better to upgrade the boiler?

    Not an expert at all here, so please bear with me. We bought a Victorian terraced house early 2 years ago that was maintained quite well, with a heating system consisting of UFH on the bottom floor with its own manifold and each room being a zone. We also have 5 radiators (2 aluminium cast)...
  2. RedMango

    Best heating design for a 1930s semi?

    Hi, been doing lots of research for a house we're about to move into and pulling my hair out on what to fit. The house: 1930s semi, 3 bed, 1 bath (separate shower + Bathtub) its essentially a shell (a rotted falling down shell) 😂 the whole house will be on electric only except gas for heating...
  3. J

    Diagonal Heating Zones!!

    Hope someone can help. I have dual zone heating in my new build. I have a TPOne-M downstairs and a TPOne-B in the master bedroom upstairs. When I turn on the heating using the downstairs TPOne-M it heats up half of the ground floor, kitchen/diner, hallway and then 2 of the bedrooms upstairs...
  4. B

    No Hot Water Unless Heating is On

    Hi, I have an old Bermuda back boiler, and 7 radiators (6 with thermostatic valves, and one that doesn't which is upstairs in the bathroom). There are 3 radiators on the ground floor, and 4 on the first floor. The problem is that I don't get any hot water unless the heating is on at the...
  5. D

    Extending water UFH to attic

    Hi, I have 5 bed house with underfloor heating on all 3 floors.I also have converted attic. UFH was installed in year 2000. I want to put low temp rads in attic (it currently has no heating!) and feed water from UFH on floor below. Question 1: Is this a sensible approach? Question 2: Is this...
  6. V

    Vaillant Ecotec plus 428 No heating

    Hi We've got a Vaillant ecotec plus 428 that doesn't seem to want to supply any heat to the radiators despite the hot water working just fine. Of some importance (I think) is that there is no radiator symbol displayed on the boiler screen, only a tap. We have a wireless thermostat (Altech...
  7. R

    First Underfloor heating install advice and tips

    Got an underfloor heating to install and Ive done a few repairs on manifolds etc but this is the first design and install for me. Advice and tip requested. The job is a kitchen extension with under floor heating this .will be added to the existing rad heated house. The new heated areas will be...
  8. J

    Problems with small bore pipe and an old central heating system

    The small bore pipe to 4 radiators was completely clogged up. One radiator stone cold , others barely luke warm. Those plumbers that bothered to quote said ‘power flush’ but would not guarantee any success. So I tackled it myself, ripped up the floor boards and traced back the small bore that...
  9. rowlanda38

    Boiler not heating water

    Hi my boiler has stopped heating the water, the pressure is fine just over 2, plenty of money on gas and my gas hobbs work fine, the water pressure is fine, but as you can see from the video it starts uo then at a certain point cuts out and goes up to 99 then to 00 Any help be appreciated
  10. A

    Electric heater for wet underfloor heating

    Hello I've got a wet ufh heated by gas boiler. Is it possible to connect an indoor electric heat pump or heater that would fit in the utility room cupboard and be used during the day when solar panels are generating excess electricity?
  11. I

    Heating Design Circuit - will it work?

    Hello, I'm looking at installing a new central heating system with UHF on the ground floor and normal rads on the 1st Floor. The design was initially to have at its heart an Ideal System Boiler and a Telford Tempest 500l Indirect Cylinder but I'm considering changing/modifying this design to...
  12. D

    Central Heating Radiator Use

    Hi, This question is related to a 5 bedroom property, with a radiator in each room. Whereby heating is turned on/off in bursts of 2 hours (2 hours on, 2 hours off). 3 rooms are used constantly and 2 (smaller) are not. Assume the house is well insulated. A DIY family member believes that...
  13. O

    Budget central heating off grid.

    Hi, sorry this is so long. I have tried to give all relevant info. We are building a new, small, two-storey house that is off grid for power. There are only a few companies that do central heating systems locally, and they are aimed at the very top end of the market. We are at the lower end of...
  14. W

    Oil Central Heating Switch

    I have an oil heating system, and also I have an open coal fire , the coal fire also heats the water through a back boiler and a neutralising tank , when the coal fire is on the water starts boiling, the only way i can stop it is to put the oil central heating on to circulate the water, is their...
  15. S

    S Plan heating system, heating coming on with hot water

    Hi Guys, Had a question about a S plan system. When customer turns on a hot water tap the boiler gets demand for heating as well and radiators heat up, the heating radiator sign (Vaillant Boiler) flashes on the boiler display screen. Customer has said it has been like this for a year. I have...
  16. N

    Heating and water system

    Hi I am trying to get my system as efficient as possible but am a bit baffled by how my system operates. I have a regular boiler, nest control and an unvented water cylinder. So a few days ago I noticed my boiler had an F1 message and the pressure had dropped so basically I guess it wasn’t on...
  17. P

    Can you use a heat battery for central heating?

    Hey all, Excuse me if I get some facts wrong, I'm a complete noob when it comes to anything other than replacing radiators. We're about to get PV Solar Panels (~6kw) and a large battery storage array (2xTesla Powerwalls for ~27kwh storage and ~10kw output). I'm looking to replace my old...
  18. M

    Which bits of Honeywell heating controls are 24v?

    Hi, I'm super-confused.My new ST9400C controller, V4043H zone valves and T6360B1028 room thermostat were purchased as 24v items (eg see ). But the ST9400C wiring diagram, for example, clearly shows that it needs to be wired to a 240v main supply and nothing in the instructions for either this...
  19. D

    idea logic +30 system s30 boiler

    why does my idea logic +30 system s30 boiler stopped heating my water??
  20. A

    URGENT Heating pipework size

    I am doing a 3 garage conversion into a annexe. I am doing it all in push fit plastic. I don't want to have any joints in the ceiling to minimize any chance of leaks damaging at any point in the future. My question is can I run from the boiler each individual radiator off a mainifold. Pipes...