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glow worm

Glowworm or glow-worm is the common name for various groups of insect larvae and adult larviform females that glow through bioluminescence. They include the European common glow-worm and other members of the Lampyridae, but bioluminescence also occurs in the families Elateridae, Phengodidae, and Rhagophthalmidae among beetles; as well as members of the genera Arachnocampa, Keroplatus, and Orfelia among keroplatid fungus gnats.

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  1. P

    Glow worm back boiler

    Hi I have a Glow-worm back boiler which is giving me grief (I would have upgraded it by now but its a listed building and there's issues with venting through the external wall and I'm reluctant to go with an electric boiler instead (because of the consumption cost)). It's a sealed system. The...
  2. C

    Boiler banging noises

    Got back from a week visiting family over Xmas and our boiler has now started making banging and grinding noises. It’s a British Gas 330 which is a Glow Worm boiler.
  3. crow_creadle

    Glow worm c35 not working properly vibrations and funny noises

    I got a problem with my boiler,it's got some vibration when it starts to work,it doesn't fire up unless I duck tap and blank half of the air intake,I checked if its enough voltage to the gas valve its 22v dc going from pcb to it exactly what it says on the gas valve,checked fan seams to work k I...
  4. dilligaf

    What Gas Boiler? Current one is a Glow worm micron 30ff

    Can anyone tell me of a boiler equivalent to a Glow worm micron 30ff. I am not sure what one I should get?
  5. dilligaf

    Glow Worm Micron 30FF Flue?

    The flue for a glow worm micron 30ff is apparently obsolete but there must be other flues that would fit it surely, it's just a standard 100mm horizontal flue right? I mean when a bg gas engineer tells you that you'll have to change the whole boiler as well because you can apparently no longer...
  6. R

    Help with replacement Glow Worm boiler options please

    I am looking for some basic advice please My house is on two floors, approx 240m2 and a spacious loft with good headroom and access. Glow Worm 30HXi boiler burning LPG housed in a ground floor attached storage room running 16 radiators including 6 doubles and a standard low output shower on the...
  7. J

    Glow worm boiler running cold water

    Hi all We have a Glow Worm combi Ultracom 38cxi boiler fitted in our house, which has been running really well for the past 10 years. Recently we have had an issue with the shower and water taps suddenly running cold water when we have the taps set to hot, the water will keep going hot and cold...
  8. P

    Glow worm boiler noise

    Does anyone know where I can find the decibel rating for the British Gas 330+ boiler? I'm looking to get it replaced and wanted to compare it against the Glow worm energy 18r or 25r boilers (18W or 25W) or does anyone have any experience of these two models in terms of how noisy they are?
  9. B

    Glow Worm Flexicom 30cx Intermittent leak

    Hi Have a Glow worm Flexicom 30cx-Installed 2010 and regaularly serviced. Last service October 21. Works fine, with no issues. However it has started to leak-though never when the house. is occupied. Went to Scotland over hogmanay for a week and when we returned there had been a leak of...
  10. R

    Glow worm Ultracom 30sxi not modulating low enough for "smart" TRVs?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice please. My system has 5 Drayton Wiser TRVs. There are 8 rads over 3 storeys and a 170l unvented cylinder. One of the attic rads is in the same zone as the cylinder so just has a "dumb" TRV on it. The two bathroom rads also remain without TRVs and I...
  11. Q

    Replacing a Glow worm Ultrapower SXI

    At some stage I will need to replace this boiler , any suggestions what would be a good choice in terms of size, efficiency, reliability, similar hot water flows etc … and what energy efficiency savings could be achieved in changing to a new boiler now ? The boiler does supply two bathrooms a...
  12. Steveo100

    Advice please. Glow worm energy 25c shows "no" re flow temps.

    Had glowworm do some warranty work on it a few months ago. Wondered if he has locked it ? Would be great to check the water and rad flow temps. Couldn't find anything in the manual. Would anyone be able help please ? Tia
  13. T

    Glow Worm MICRON 40FF Boiler Replacement

    I'm currently looking for a replacement boiler for a Glow Worm MICRON 40FF. I'm not sure if I need a 15kW or 18kW boiler?
  14. R

    Glow Worm 30sxi boiler hot water says no...

    I have a Glow Worm Ultracom 30sxi boiler that provides central heating and also heats a hot water tank. There are no error codes shown on the boiler but recently the hot water has stopped working. If I try and change the temperature under the tap symbol, it just displays 'no'. The boiler is...
  15. M

    glow worm energy firing for hot water when no demand

    Fitted a glow worm energy yesterday and is firing for hot water when there isnt a hot water demand, there are no leaks anywhere. Even when heating is calling the hot water demand is still overiding even though no hot taps are open. Has anyone got any ideas?
  16. dilligaf

    Glow Worm Micron 30FF Slight Yellowing Of Flame?

    I have a Glow Worm Micron 30FF and I cleaned the burner today. When I fired it up there was some slight yellowing of flames but is that normal? The other thing was the whole of the burner didn't light until I gently blew on the flames, I thought maybe this was due to the cover plate being off?
  17. B

    Glow Worm Fuelsaver 40B Mk2 Heat Exchanger Kettling

    I have an old Glow Worm Fuelsaver 40B Mk 2 installed on the kitchen wall. In November, the heat exchanger began making a kettling noise. It’s done this before. In the past, simply draining and refilling the system to flush out loose deposits was enough to stop the noise. In November 2021, I...
  18. Z

    Glow Worm Ultracom2 settings

    What water and heating setting for a Glow Worm Ultracom2? Also, when the house is left vacant for a couple of weeks during the winter do I change the boiler settings or do I turn the TRVs down low?
  19. G

    Glow worm boiler serial number age

    Hi I am buying a property with a flow worm flexicom 24 cx boiler. I am trying to find out age of boiler or installation date. I have the serial number. Is there a way I can check this pls
  20. TomGib

    Glow Worm Flexicom 15hx Leaking condensate

    I have a Glow Worm Flexicom 15hx that is leaking what I assume is condensate from the circled area, is this likely to be from the part of the flue that could also leak CO gas? Would the fix be as straightforward as replacing this plastic part if that is the source of the leak? Thanks!
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