fr·ee is a global architecture and industrial design firm founded by Fernando Romero with offices in New York, Mexico City, Madrid and Shenzhen.
An active agent in the reconfiguration of site and public space, fr·ee’s commitment to translating historic, social, economic and environ- mental contexts into contemporary urban destinations has garnered critical attention and attracted millions of visitors, generating positive impact in cities and communities. Over the past 20 years, fr·ee has realized and proposed projects in a number of countries that en- compass different programs and contexts, from museums and office buildings to dense urban centers and the desert.

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  1. M

    Are repairs on a recently serviced boiler free?

    My boiler was serviced a month ago and now it's leaking. Is it normal for the plumber to repair the leak for free seeing as it was so recently serviced?
  2. R

    Free running radiator

    Free running radiator change. I currently have 1 radiator free running with all of the others fitted with TRV's. Problem is that the free running radiator is in the porch and I'd rather not pay to waste heat there. Question is will it be ok to close this radiator off and ensure that one of the...
  3. M

    builders recycling marketplace selling reclaimed materials

    Experienced builder and sons launching new London based website with customers and tradesmen able to buy and sell left over/unused building materials and tools on our recycled marketplace website. Tradesmen and customers will be able to register for free. Posting items for sale will be free. We...
  4. P

    PMT Stress free would like to say hello and introduce myself

    Hello All and thanks Lou i did write a reply but it would not let me send it? i am not sure what I am meant to write and I do not want to come over the wrong way so please keep in mind I am 57 and at school in the 70s back then was kicked out the lessons and put in remedial classes (before...
  5. G

    Unpaid work/experience

    Hi all, I am a 22-year-old building services engineer apprentice (SVQ Level 3). Looking for unpaid work/labouring and experience in any aspect within the Gas industry. I can work any evenings/weekends and maybe some day-time weekdays. I have a CSCS Card and C&G level 2 6035 diploma I am...
  6. G

    Looking for unpaid work/labouring and experience

    Hi all, I am a 22-year-old building services engineer apprentice (SVQ Level 3). Looking for unpaid work/labouring and experience in any aspect of Plumbing and Heating I can work any evenings/weekends and maybe some day-time weekdays. I have a CSCS Card and C&G level 2 6035 diploma I am...
  7. S

    Need help to sign off Gas Portfolio - Free Labour!

    Evening all. I am looking for an engineer to help me complete my portfolio. It is mostly completed , I just need to do some flue flow + spillage, some purging, 1 install and then any AR / ID + inoperable Gas Safety controls which may present themselves. I am professional, hard working and...
  8. K

    Volt Free Relay

    Hi, I need to connect 2 X 2 port valves to my boiler via a 10 way junction box. My boiler needs a zero volt switch line so I think I need to install a relay, in series, between terminal 9, coming from the valves, to the boiler. Any ideas what I need or when to get 1? Cheers, Keith.
  9. T

    Free Part time apprentice

    Hi guys, I’m currently working towards my level 2 and then onto level 3 gas and G3. I am doing my course around a full time job in a completely different career ( never too old to change). I’m looking for someone who will let me come along to the odd job 1-2 days a week to basically watch...
  10. J

    Leak on free standing tap

    Hi could someone help I have a free standing bath tap but it’s leaking from where it turns on and off thanks
  11. CorgiDirect

    Get a FREE Service in 2022 with Testo Flue Gas Analysers 300, 327 or 320B. Save over £100

    Testo FREE Service Promotion. Buy a Testo flue gas analyser 300, 327 or 320B kit before 31st December and get a FREE 1st year service in 2022. Save over £100. Don't forget to register your analyser. More information here -
  12. W

    NFG- Grohe tap ,"tool free fixing"

    Grohe kitchen mixer with new - fangled tool free fixing. Had 2 now, both with problems on the clutched plastic backnut - just keeps slipping and turning, not gripping - tap is about as solid as a fresh mackerel. They are trying to make it easier for diy / handyman but usually it's the water...
  13. M

    Free Plumbing Experience Kent

    Level 3 Plumber looking to help someone out on Weekends to gain domestic install experience. i have worked in ocnstruction 1st and second fixing for 5 years. I can drive and also have a Gold CSCS card. please PM me if you are intrested
  14. CorgiDirect

    FREE Delivery on Anton Sprint Pro Analysers

    Buy an Anton Sprint Pro Analyser at the best prices online from CORGI Direct. Browse the innovative and market leading range of products below that are aimed at making the job of a heating engineer easier.
  15. W

    Work Available in Tonbridge + Free Plumbers Mate

    Hi all, Recently purchased a property and there is quite a few jobs that need doing. Worked as a plumbers mate quite some time ago so would be keen to also get involved and learn a bit hence the title. To begin with the job will include: Moving external boiler pipework to internal cupboard...
  16. Dan

    Plumbing News and Plumbing Articles - POST YOURS FOR FREE!

    Plumbing News | Plumbing Articles - Plumbers News and Articles for Professional and DIY Plumbers Alike We thought we'd start getting involved in being a general plumbing news outlet for the plumbing industry. The above is our old Sponsors News and Offers forum, converted into an articles...
  17. CorgiDirect

    Free pair of ear pods when you buy this filter

    Free pair of ear pods when you buy this filter. Filter only £37.99 ex VAT. Excellent Price. Offer Expires 01/03/21 or while stock lasts -
  18. M

    Trainee plumber looking for experience (free) West Midlands

    Hi all just a quick post,my name is mark and I’m currently in collage doing plumbing on an evening course, But I’m looking for someone to shadow to gain valuable experience to go hand in hand with with my lvl 2. I know I will be doing a lot of the tool carrying etc but I don’t mind as long as...
  19. Plumbase Spares

    Free Delivery During Lockdown. We are here to support you

    We are here to support you - Plumbase - Gas & Oil Heating Spares - Boiler Spares - Free Delivery During Lockdown
  20. P

    Free standing exposed bath waste help

    Hi all, Sorry if this is a silly question. I have a freestanding bath that is on legs. Therefore I need to install an exposed overflow and waste onto it with a shallow trap. The plug I have just bought is one that screws from the top to the bottom to install it (not one that has a threaded...
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