1. B

    Reliance inlet control valve 3/4.5 is overflowing

    My unvented domestic heating and hot water system incorporates a RWC CWIC 2000 3/4.5 bar pressure control which recently has begun to overflow periodically outside the house. The system is only 3 years old. I am not fully sure of the 5 RWC connections but the two regulated outlets feed the...
  2. D

    OSO unvented hot water cylinder - Wi-Fi / programmable control

    Hi all, I have an OSO Direct 210 hit water cylinder installed in my home, with 2 switches (on/off; and boost). The boiler is for hot water only (rads are electric). In the 5 years that I’ve lived at this property, I’ve never once turned the boiler off; however, with soaring energy prices, I’m...
  3. ericmark

    Google Nest Central heating control how to improve?

    I have a home with an oil boiler in a garage turned into a flat, heating both flat and main house, running c plan with two pumps, two motorised valves simple bi-metal thermostat on wall in flat with 4 standard TRV's rarely used so not worried about the flat, and main house has Nest Gen 3 in the...
  4. R

    Warmflow B1 Thermostat Control

    The boiler is a Warmflow B1 Oil CH Boiler. Does the thermostat fail in an open state or closed state with a hard failure? Can they simply start to malfunction and not control the temperature correctly in a soft fail situation? The boiler is working but the homeowner says it's running all the...
  5. P

    Replacing Thermostatic cartridge -temp control housing stuck

    I'm attempting to replace an ultra SASF2 – M thermostatic shower cartridge but, having removed the temperature control knob from the housing that incorporates the temperature 'stop' mechanism, I cannot pull this housing free from the rest of the assembly. I can see no circlip holding it in...
  6. J

    GROHE smart control tap

    Hi just purchased above tap it has 19mm flexi tails and want to fit to a standard 15mm isolation valve. Is there an adapter available as isolation valve is male type, so 19mm flexi needs to screw onto standard 15mm coupling. Any advice appreciated.
  7. G

    Control System for 3 zone Central heating?

    HI folks, this post is a follow up to my post relating to my single pipe heating system. In summary, I have a house built in 1980 (I bought it 2 years ago) that had a single pipe heating system but over the years there have been some changes made to the system that meant it didn't work. I have...
  8. notsure

    Grundfos Pump Domestic, Speed control

    I'm making my own replacement for a boilermate 2000 controler. I need more electical information on the pump so I can work out how to control the speed on it. does anyone know where I can find detailed electical info for this not just "on off" it looks like the original controler used PWM to...
  9. B

    Trevi CTV volume control handle removal

    I'm removing a Trevi CTV but struggling removing the volume control handle. The temperature control knob is removed but I can't see how to remove the volume control handle. It won't budge. Does it just clip off?I Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  10. C

    Building control and LPG installation for cooking hob.

    Outside of using a gas-safe LPG engineer, do I have to notify building control for the installation of pipework, hob and a 15kg propane bottle?
  11. J

    Heatslave 20/25 lockout not control unit or burner

    Hello!! I’ve got an old heatslave 20/25 running on kerosene. Came up with a lockout today. Tested everything I could. Symptoms, blower not starting. But… The burner runs and the boiler works if I bypass the “back to mainboard” loop for the blower motor live. To be specific, pin 4 pink wire from...
  12. D

    Is it possible to 'repair' a Hep2O (Wavin) UFH flow control?

    After balancing the flows, one of these blighters has started to drip very slowly from under the red cap. It feels loose to turn, so I suspect the seal around the spindle is to blame. It won't be 'worn' as such, as they don't get fiddled with for years, but this tiny adjustment was seemingly...
  13. E

    Setting temperature control on Heatmiser Slimline

    I have preformed a Factory Reset and re-calibrated the Thermostat. Can anyone tell me if I now Set the Temperature Control will that cover the total 24 hour period. I have tried to do this and then found the stat set at 5oC hotter - not a great idea in these cash-strapped times!!
  14. D

    Need help identifying shower control and cartridge?

    Single handle no markings any where. The seat rides on a cylinder and is concaved or valley shaped instead of flat. Been too every pro plumbing supply store and box store in town no help.
  15. M

    Will Building Control permit a combined rainwater / sewage system?

    Our Victorian house's rainwater down-pipes are connected to the foul-water sewer. In order to accomodate new wider French windows I want to move the existing soil stack. When they see the plans or site do you think Building Control will want to alter the existing rainwater arrangements? All the...
  16. I

    Honeywell Evohome hot water control for new boiler

    Looking for a quick bit of advice since I'm trying to wrap my head around what work I need done. Right now I have an old conventional boiler that heats my hot water tank. The water tank has manual open/shut valve so that I can only heat the water tank and not the heating. I'm replacing this...
  17. J

    Pump control to thermostat wiring

    Hi Installing single zone ufl with Grundfos pump/mixing valve and heatmiser thermostat - not crystal clear from the diagrams how the control connection to LR/LS should be wired (i.e. red on the pump control diagram) Any advice much appreciated!
  18. G

    How do I control my immersion heater?

    I have just bought a flat and the water is heated via an old UV Gold immersion heater system. A plumber friend of mine suggested I look for a timer to control it but I haven’t been able to find anything. I have no idea how to control the hot water! Does anyone have any suggestions? Pics...
  19. P

    House with two boilers - Smart heating control possible?

    Hi all - my prospective house I am buyig has been split effectively into two parts with Boiler 1 provided Heat/Water to the first few floors and Boiler 2 providing Heat/Water to the top floors. So two separate Primary and Secondary Circuits. Is there a Smart system that would enable unified...
  20. K

    Vaillant EcoFit Pure 835 Temperature Panel Control

    Hello all, Just moved into a house with a Vaillant EcoFit Pure 835 boiler that is 3-4 years old but the previous owner did not bother to register with Vaillant, so Vaillant says its not under warranty. I've noticed that despite setting the CH to 60 degrees on the boiler's control panel, the...

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