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Control theory deals with the control of dynamical systems in engineered processes and machines. The objective is to develop a model or algorithm governing the application of system inputs to drive the system to a desired state, while minimizing any delay, overshoot, or steady-state error and ensuring a level of control stability; often with the aim to achieve a degree of optimality.
To do this, a controller with the requisite corrective behavior is required. This controller monitors the controlled process variable (PV), and compares it with the reference or set point (SP). The difference between actual and desired value of the process variable, called the error signal, or SP-PV error, is applied as feedback to generate a control action to bring the controlled process variable to the same value as the set point. Other aspects which are also studied are controllability and observability. This is the basis for the advanced type of automation that revolutionized manufacturing, aircraft, communications and other industries. This is feedback control, which involves taking measurements using a sensor and making calculated adjustments to keep the measured variable within a set range by means of a "final control element", such as a control valve.Extensive use is usually made of a diagrammatic style known as the block diagram. In it the transfer function, also known as the system function or network function, is a mathematical model of the relation between the input and output based on the differential equations describing the system.
Control theory dates from the 19th century, when the theoretical basis for the operation of governors was first described by James Clerk Maxwell. Control theory was further advanced by Edward Routh in 1874, Charles Sturm and in 1895, Adolf Hurwitz, who all contributed to the establishment of control stability criteria; and from 1922 onwards, the development of PID control theory by Nicolas Minorsky.
Although a major application of mathematical control theory is in control systems engineering, which deals with the design of process control systems for industry, other applications range far beyond this. As the general theory of feedback systems, control theory is useful wherever feedback occurs - thus control theory also has applications in life sciences, computer engineering, sociology and operation research.

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  1. G

    Bronze record. pump control - PIR and timer?

    Need to spec a bronze. pump for a secondary return circuit. Furthest point approx 35 metres in 22mm. Any recommends for which pump size and type? This circuit serves an occasional-use bathroom which may not be used for a week at a time. Since it's occasional use I would like to be able to...
  2. taffyinhighlands

    Control logic with 2 rad circuits, ufh, dhw and towel rails circuits

    I have an oil heated circuit that now appears to be misbehaving and the main circulation pump running across the bypass wgen all the logic controllers are off. I think this is a new phenomena but cant be 100% sure. The ufh isnt on a logic controller, and its own booster pump is triggered by the...
  3. A

    Control box 569 Riello Thermital Burner fails to fire

    Why does the Control Box 569 for riello thermital supereffe 25 not fire?
  4. D

    titan processor unit not talking to the control unit

    I have just replaced the Titan digital mixer processor unit which failed. like for like, but when i try to turn on the shower the control unit say connection error. i have tryed turning the power off and on again hoping for a reset. nothing. it appears the processor will not pair with the...
  5. J

    Shunt pump control - Viessman boiler

    Having Viessman Vitodens 200-w 32kw installed. I’m expecting to then install low loss header and secondary pump for whole house. (Size / flow rate justifies this). I’m looking for 1) confirmation that the secondary pump will be controlled via (something like) their EM-M1 controller...
  6. T

    Boiler runs ok when cold and lasts about 30 minutes

    I have a 10 year old oil boiler has run well and gets serviced every year all tests are spot on, last week started locking out, would reset and run for short time, engineer fitted new control box and said thats it he was only away 10 minutes and it locked out, now waiting on new photocel, boiler...
  7. R

    Leak - water getting into shower control unit

    Hi We have a Ideal Standard Connect Easybox Slim Built-in Shower - When using the shower, water is getting through the control faceplate and causing a leak. We were advised by one company that there was probably a problem with seals inside, and advised that they needed to buy a new unit as they...
  8. J

    advice on timer control for Unvented Cylinder

    Would need some advice if I could replace Newlec Economy to OP Ecosave Timer control for “Unvented Cylinder Megaflo Water heater” As the current Newlec Economy timer control limits to heat up full tank of water during midnight only( one time a day. ) OP Ecosave Timer control allows to set...
  9. garry71

    URGENT Rifeng FN5C flow control valve

    I'm looking for flow control valves to fit 2010 Rifeng FN5C manifold (fine-thread?). Is there an alternative out there?
  10. J

    Honeywell Evohome HR92 valve control stopped working

    I have a Honeywell Evohome system that is in general working well but one of the HR92 radiator valves has suddenly stopped working just before Christmas The valve appears to be communicating with the controller but the valve was stuck open. It appears to be communicating with the controller but...
  11. F

    Aqualisa Colt- on/off control come off & can’t turn off.. help please

    I have an Aqualisa Colt shower, the on off end end part has come off and the shower will not turn off… water is gushing out and the only way to stop is to turn off the water for the whole house… really appreciate any DIY fixes please, so I can use the water, heating (combi boiler) until plumbers...
  12. J

    Glowworm hot water express 80 Any help on this control appreciated

    Hi there, I am trying to take care of my mum's house as she has gone into a care home, and I have to keep the heating going through the winter, her Central heating control is as old as the boiler, approx 30 years. And there is a dial on it 1 to 5, I have no idea what it does, any help would be...
  13. H

    wifi connected TRV's without the need for a control hub....

  14. A

    How to disconnect Franke sensor faucet from control box

    I have an issue with the faucet (Franke Atlas Neo Sensor) and it will require it to be sent back to the manufacturer. However I have an issue with disconnecting the hoses from the control box (Franke control box). The hoses plug into the control box without screwing, they're simply pressed into...
  15. B

    Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 System boiler control options

    Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 and gledhill 250 indirect tank control options Hi, I am in the process of renovating an old farm house. I have been advised to have installed the Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 system boiler with a gledhill 250l indirect tank. I met with the heating engineers yesterday as...
  16. B

    Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 sensiocomfort control setup

    Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 and gledhill 250 indirect tank control options Hi, I am in the process of renovating an old farm house. I have been advised to have installed the Vaillant ecoTec plus 637 system boiler with a gledhill 250l indirect tank. I met with the heating engineers yesterday as...
  17. T

    Setting the oil control valve on an Aga

    I recently moved to a house with an oil fired Aga. After it sooted up, I adjusted the settings on the BM-30 type oil control valve but am struggling to get it settled again. The Aga is overheating even when the low fire is set at the lowest setting. I couldn't find a clear set of instructions...
  18. W

    ecoFIT pure 830 temperature control

    I have chosen to set the CH temp to 63, but often find the water temp is displayed as high as 66, even when heat is staill being called for. Is this to be expected/normal?
  19. IanHoll

    External Controller Wiring

    I recently had a Worcestershire Bosch 8000 Lifestyle installed but they also installed the inferior ESI control panel and wireless thermostat. I've just purchased Worcestershire Bosch's CT-200 EasyControl with the RF key. The app is paired with both the RF key and the thermostat and I can see...
  20. J

    drayton rf902 dual channel rf - hot water control

    I'm looking to reduce my bills in a rented property, which has an ancient boiler, standard old-style hot water tank with thermostat, and an LP722, no room thermostat. So I want a programmer with a wireless thermostat, which is a drop in replacement for an LP722, as I can't fiddle with the wiring...