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A cistern (Middle English cisterne, from Latin cisterna, from cista, "box", from Greek κίστη kistē, "basket") is a waterproof receptacle for holding liquids, usually water. Cisterns are often built to catch and store rainwater. Cisterns are distinguished from wells by their waterproof linings. Modern cisterns range in capacity from a few litres to thousands of cubic metres, effectively forming covered reservoirs.

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  1. Warchild75

    Cistern noisily leaking water internally from some kind of pipe?

    Hi, I have a noisy cistern that appears to be leaking into the pan a little but also making a very frustrating water noise from inside, I have attached a picture of the offending item that is dripping water constantly. Guessing the whole lot needs replacing but not sure what to ask for when...
  2. U

    Sealing side of toilet cistern

    I have fitted this brass float valve to my toilet cistern. Obviously the inlet is the same level as the overflow pipe so it needs to be water tight. The inlet pipe is not flexible and enters the cistern at a slight angle to the side of the cistern, the washer I used is not squishy. The result...
  3. M

    Fluidmaster concealed cistern

    Are these connectors any good that come with the fluidmaster concealed cistern they seem to move still when tight. Thanks
  4. C

    Problem with service valve connection

    Hi - I've replaced the service valve on the water feed to my toilet. It's screwed on fine on the bottom but the top connection to the nylon fitting doesn't screw on. If I remove the plastic washer it will screw on but it doesn't seal. It won't even fit on with the old washer, which is flattened...
  5. C

    Plumb rainwater to in ground cistern under house?

    I'm trying to pipe rainwater into my cistern under my house. I'm trying to find an overflow controle method. 4" auto valves are to expensive. Thought about putting a ring around in to raise the top up far enough to put an overflow pipe but I don't think I could get it to seal right. Is there a...
  6. H

    URGENT Looking for Beta Cistern Washer for old 1930's Armitage Shanks Toilet.

    Hi, I need a Beta Cistern Washer for an old 1930's Armitage Shanks Toilet. Nobody has one. Can someone help. Or know anywhere that I might get it ? Any help much appreciated.. Hazel...
  7. R

    Cistern Fill Valve Drip

    Hello everyone, I recently had a combi boiler installed and with the new pressure my old cistern system also needed updating to accomodate. However the fill valve contantly drips when filled, is this normal or is it a easy fix i can do myself? Thanks Rob
  8. B

    Cistern connection issue.

    Can anyone advise me on a possible flexible connection between a water inlet pipe and a cistern? I have posted images of a 150 mm long flexible pipe, the shortest I could find, and the existing pipework disconnected from a cistern. The pipe to the cistern will not reconnect properly and...
  9. A

    URGENT Thunderflush dual installation problem

    I have just installed a Thunderflush dual flush cistern outlet valve. The unit sits to high for the lid and buttons to sit and engage as they should. I have adjusted the button height fully yet it is still about 8mm too high. What can be done?
  10. H

    Hello from a DIYer in Shropshire

    My toilet cistern has a black box inside hiding all the components. How do I sort out the problem I have with my toilet constantly running/emptying?
  11. S

    Noisy Cistern on Flushing

    Hi folks, Soon after having oil fired central heating fitted my cistern started sounding like a foghorn having previously been quiet. It involved the fireplace being torn out, old pipe work crimped, cut and removed. The noise may be coincidental, but a noticeable increase in water pressure was...
  12. S

    Toilet Flushing Cistern Sounds Like Foghorn - Help!

    Hi, It may be coincidence but not long after getting oil fired central heating fitted to older ex-council property (fireplace and necessary plumbing torn out/replaced as required) every time toilet is flushed it sounds like a foghorn. Vibrations run through house and can be heard clearly...
  13. M

    Leaking water inlet to Cistern

    Hi everyone, thanks for your time reading this! We have noticed a leak appearing from the built-in toilet in our main bathroom that's spreading around our floors (great start to the year!). I've removed the panel behind the flusher and can see the water inlet attaching to the Cistern is slowly...
  14. B

    Cistern keeps overflowing

    My cistern kept overflowing randomly was told it was probably caused by the bottom filling valve failing I purchased one and a plumber fitted it and tested it and all seemed well, we where away for a couple of weeks and came back and there was no evidence that it had been overflowing but after...
  15. A

    No water flow into cistern

    Hi I have a Dudley vantage dual flush pneumatic Niagara flush valve system. The cistern is not refilling after a flush. The system has never been good - refilling very very slowly but now not even doing this. I can turn on /off the cold water tap on the bath which is situated next to the cistern...
  16. H

    Shanks Cavendish symphonic cistern

    I noticed a thread on a Shanks Cavendish symphonic cistern, is there anyone in the Irvine, Ayrshire area who has knowledge of this cistern and could carry out a repair ?
  17. H

    Geberit cistern waste into 110mm soil pipe

    Hi I’m trying to find something that will connect a geberit 90mm toilet waste pipe into a standard 110mm soil stack. The geberit cistern came with an adaptor that increased the outside diameter of the pipe to 110mm. However this is the same diameter as the soil stack pipe. Is anyone aware of...
  18. B

    Fitting a cistern (with frame) into a stud wall (100mm) (follow-up)

    Hello all, This is a follow-up to this post: Fit wall-hung toilet to inside stud wall? - https://www.plumbersforums.net/threads/fit-wall-hung-toilet-to-inside-stud-wall.127877/. I'd like to fit a cistern into a stud wall, which is 100mm wide. Typically, the dimensions of the toilet fixing...
  19. M

    vitra single button cistern lid won't come off

    Just move to a new place, toilet flush not enough water. Try to take off the lid to see vit it won't come off. Toilet has the word Vitra on it. Already unscrewed the single button off but the lid seems stuck or glued. Not even move slightly. Anyone have idea want else I could do please? Thanks
  20. N

    Toilet cistern flush max capacity question

    Hello Can anyone tell me if it is possible to buy a toilet which has cistern flush capacity (not sure if I have phrased that correctly) of more than 6LTRs? We previously had a Royal Doulton toilet which was accidentally thrown away when had the bathroom changed. New toilet is one of these...
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