1. L

    Disconnecting a bath! How to cap off the tap supplies?

    I want to cap off the supply to my bath taps before removing the bath itself. Would I do this with a few Polyplumb stop ends? If so, is there an obvious point on each set of pipes that I should disconnect and add the stop end too, or will any work? (I'm only an amateur DIYer, but to me it...
  2. J

    Instructions say to apply glass cement to rubber washer. Can I use silicone?

  3. M

    Acrylic bath manufacturing standards/dimensions

    Hi all, I have been refitting my bathroom and the final piece is the bath. I have a separate shower so wasn’t looking for reinforced and decided I was happy with 5mm acrylic. As I was putting the feet on the bath I looked at the underside of the rim and noticed that the acrylic looked thin...
  4. S

    tanking. Is it ok to just seal everything with plastic.

    Hi All, I am looking to take my bath out and fit a shower. Regards to tanking. Is it ok to just seal everything with plastic rather than just paint tanking slurry? Thanks in anticipation, best regards Staggers
  5. A

    Bath overflow pipe

    Hello everyone. New to the forum and looking for assistance / advice. I live in a rented house with a not very co-operative landlord. I have just discovered that my bath overflow drain pipe is not connected as the flexible drain tube looks like it has been cut off at some point. After studying...
  6. drippy

    Trevi/Ideal Standard Bath & Shower Mixer A7000AA/A7100AA

    Please help me obtain a copy of the user manual for this bath and shower mixer, pictured below. I am particularly concerned about how to re-regulate the bath filler so it fills the bath to the desired level. Many thanks!
  7. C

    Best place to source low pressure bath filler taps

    I'm having a nightmare trying to find matt black wall or deck mounted bath mixer taps with 3/4 fitting that work on 0.2 bar. From tank to tap, I have around 2.4 metres, so a pressure of a little over 0.2 bar. The flow measured from the tap currently fitted is 11 litres per minute. Pretty much...
  8. F

    Rain,Bath,Greywater recycling

    Is anyone interested in a two butt rain/bathwater/greywater recycling project?
  9. E

    URGENT Bath tub drain smells - Getting blow back from drain?

    Hello All, I have an issue and hoping someone could shed some light on the problem. We have been getting a smell coming up in the bathroom, initially thought it was the toilet, but after smelling the bath tub plug hole it appears to be coming from here. I removed the P trap and very little...
  10. D

    plumber to replace bath with shower tray

    Sounds simple but I have already had a withdrawal. I live in Hull. The bathroom floor is very thick concrete because I live above a set of garages. Interested?
  11. G

    Best silicone for between metal bath and upvc wall pannels.

    Looking for silicone recommendations for sealing between a metal bath and upvc wall panels. I was going for dow 785+ but someone mentioned its no good for binding to plastic and that 785n would be better. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. B

    Hot black water coming out of bath tap in newly refurbished. Bathroom

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I’m hoping this isn’t a permanent problem. We’ve converted a gravity vented hot water system, into an unvented indirect hot water system to improve pressure in the house. The previous cylinders are in the loft now they’re in the garage next to the boiler. We...
  13. L

    Please can anybody identify this bath?

    I need to replace the bath panel on my P bath, but it came with the house and I don't know what type it is. It has a fairly small bulge for the shower end of the bath, so a lot of p bath panels wouldn't fit. I've checked the most popular bathroom places with no luck. Thanks
  14. M

    P shape bath panel??

    Out of curiosity folks. What are some solutions to fitting these panels when the floor is way out? Obviously if it’s all level there’s no issue but other than getting a chippy in 😳, what’s best? Cheers
  15. N

    How Yo Connect Water Supply To New Bath Taps

    Hi I have a 22mm hot and cold water supply to new bath. The pipes finish with compression valves. I need a 500 mm tap connector hose to connect with half inch thread on the new bath tap. All the connectors at the main plumb merchants are 22mm x 3/4 inch. No one seems able to answer question...
  16. M

    Mdf bath panel with plinth?

    Hi folks Do you guys fit your own timber panels or get a chippy in? A lad I know has fitted one of the mdf panels with the 100mm skirting trim using 2 battens either end of the bath. Customer is refusing to pay as it bows slightly when touched. Do you guys build a frame if you do it...
  17. S

    DIY Apartment Bath Draining Very Slowly Issue ?

    Hi, I have a bath tub in my apartment that is draining very slowly. It does finally drain but only after about 12-15+ minutes. After trying all the old remedies (fluids, powders, zip-it) I am now thinking about manually snaking the drain pipe.... But a Handyman guy who lives at my apartment...
  18. C

    insurance company say bath panel is not included for replacement bath

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can help me. I have an insurance company who is trying to get me to make my plumber re-quote for work to replace a broken bath. He's included a bath panel with the quote as it's the type of bath that requires a panel (and the original style is not available so can't...
  19. N

    Bath draining slow and water pooling issues

    Hi, I have a few issues with my bath drainage and leaking. The first issue is that the near corner of the bath by the taps is sloped downwards meaning that it pools in the corner and quickly starts leaking through gaps in the shower screen onto the floor rather than into the bath. The rest of...
  20. M

    Bath waste/plug issue?

    Hi all Do any of you guys use a silicone to seal between the bath and waste rubber underneath? The bath is only a cheap one and the bottom of the waste opening isn’t flat, which seems to leave an opening enabling water to leak out. I used silicone in the past for this very problem but I was...

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