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Bath ( (listen) or (listen)) is the largest city in the county of Somerset, England, known for and named after its Roman-built baths. In 2019, the population was 101,106. Bath is in the valley of the River Avon, 97 miles (156 km) west of London and 11 miles (18 km) southeast of Bristol. The city became a World Heritage Site in 1987, and was later added to the transnational World Heritage Site known as the "Great Spa Towns of Europe" in 2021.
The city became a spa with the Latin name Aquae Sulis ("the waters of Sulis") c. 60 AD when the Romans built baths and a temple in the valley of the River Avon, although hot springs were known even before then.
Bath Abbey was founded in the 7th century and became a religious centre; the building was rebuilt in the 12th and 16th centuries. In the 17th century, claims were made for the curative properties of water from the springs, and Bath became popular as a spa town in the Georgian era. Georgian architecture, crafted from Bath stone, includes the Royal Crescent, Circus, Pump Room and Assembly Rooms where Beau Nash presided over the city's social life from 1705 until his death in 1761.
Many of the streets and squares were laid out by John Wood, the Elder, and in the 18th century the city became fashionable and the population grew. Jane Austen lived in Bath in the early 19th century. Further building was undertaken in the 19th century and following the Bath Blitz in World War II. Bath became part of the county of Avon in 1974, and, following Avon's abolition in 1996, has been the principal centre of Bath and North East Somerset.
Bath has up to 1.3 million yearly visitors, making it one of ten English cities visited most by overseas tourists. Attractions include the spas, canal boat tours, Royal Crescent, Bath Skyline, Parade Gardens and Royal Victoria Park which hosts carnivals and seasonal events. Shopping areas include SouthGate shopping centre, The Corridor arcade and artisan shops at Walcot, Milsom, Stall and York Streets. There are theatres, including the Theatre Royal, as well as several museums including the Museum of Bath Architecture, the Victoria Art Gallery, the Museum of East Asian Art, the Herschel Museum of Astronomy, Fashion Museum, and the Holburne Museum. The city has two universities – the University of Bath and Bath Spa University – with Bath College providing further education. Sporting clubs include Bath Rugby and Bath City F.C. The city is also home to software, publishing and service-oriented industries such as Future plc and Rotork.

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  1. L

    Please can anybody identify this bath?

    I need to replace the bath panel on my P bath, but it came with the house and I don't know what type it is. It has a fairly small bulge for the shower end of the bath, so a lot of p bath panels wouldn't fit. I've checked the most popular bathroom places with no luck. Thanks
  2. M

    P shape bath panel??

    Out of curiosity folks. What are some solutions to fitting these panels when the floor is way out? Obviously if it’s all level there’s no issue but other than getting a chippy in 😳, what’s best? Cheers
  3. N

    How Yo Connect Water Supply To New Bath Taps

    Hi I have a 22mm hot and cold water supply to new bath. The pipes finish with compression valves. I need a 500 mm tap connector hose to connect with half inch thread on the new bath tap. All the connectors at the main plumb merchants are 22mm x 3/4 inch. No one seems able to answer question...
  4. M

    Mdf bath panel with plinth?

    Hi folks Do you guys fit your own timber panels or get a chippy in? A lad I know has fitted one of the mdf panels with the 100mm skirting trim using 2 battens either end of the bath. Customer is refusing to pay as it bows slightly when touched. Do you guys build a frame if you do it...
  5. S

    DIY Apartment Bath Draining Very Slowly Issue ?

    Hi, I have a bath tub in my apartment that is draining very slowly. It does finally drain but only after about 12-15+ minutes. After trying all the old remedies (fluids, powders, zip-it) I am now thinking about manually snaking the drain pipe.... But a Handyman guy who lives at my apartment...
  6. C

    insurance company say bath panel is not included for replacement bath

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can help me. I have an insurance company who is trying to get me to make my plumber re-quote for work to replace a broken bath. He's included a bath panel with the quote as it's the type of bath that requires a panel (and the original style is not available so can't...
  7. N

    Bath draining slow and water pooling issues

    Hi, I have a few issues with my bath drainage and leaking. The first issue is that the near corner of the bath by the taps is sloped downwards meaning that it pools in the corner and quickly starts leaking through gaps in the shower screen onto the floor rather than into the bath. The rest of...
  8. M

    Bath waste/plug issue?

    Hi all Do any of you guys use a silicone to seal between the bath and waste rubber underneath? The bath is only a cheap one and the bottom of the waste opening isn’t flat, which seems to leave an opening enabling water to leak out. I used silicone in the past for this very problem but I was...
  9. tappipe

    shower bath diverter access mystery

    I have a traditional style bath tap with shower attachment via a diverter. The lever no longer moves, and so I managed to unscrew the lever arm and the brass (colonial) piece, exposing the plastic diverter valve. Unfortunately, I am stumped as to how to get access to the diverter valve, as the...
  10. M

    White silicone for around bath

    Hi advise on the best anti mould white silicone for around bath, I know none will stop it completely
  11. Kate Pink

    Is this setup causing a vile pong?

    Hello. Have nasty whiff emanating from the bath drain I think. When the nearby sink drains down there's a popping sound coming...from the bathplug. No amount of cleaning the bath drain by pouring stuff down makes any difference...it's always just glugging away when the sink is draining. The...
  12. G

    Whirlpool/jacuzzi bath frame and tiling advice required please!

    Good morning! First post looking for advice on an issue I am having with a bath installation. Although I have installed many baths before, mainly using perimeter battens for support, I am attempting to install a fancy whirlpool/jacuzzi bath for my son. Plumbing and electrics are sorted but my...
  13. L

    Lost fixings for hinged bath shower screen

    Good morning, I have a hinged shower screen for my bath that I don't have fixings for. The guide holes in the screen line up with guide holes in the frame - but the holes in the frame are horizontal slots, presumably so that I can adjust the shower screen for a not-quite-vertical wall. However...
  14. S

    Broken pipe in the wall while removing bath spout

    Hi all, My partner and I recently bought a house and have been attempting to make the bathroom less fugly. I was removing the bath and shower taps to replace, but while removing the bath spout (which had no nut to undo), the threaded section of the pipe broke. I thought the bit that broke must...
  15. T

    Advice on bath waste screws?

    Afternoon, our bath waste pipe in our rented property has started leaking slightly when we shower. We've narrowed it down to a loose screw in the centre of the plughole. My understanding is that this screw being loose means that water is able to leak out between the bath waste and the waste...
  16. K

    Recommendations for a sealant for misaligned bath overflow

    hi all, I'm just sorting the drainage for my freestanding bath. Due to a slight misalignment of the drainage / manufacturing error I'm unable to get the rubber seal for the overflow totally compressed up against the bath. Any recommendations on an alternative to the rubber gasket like Plumbers...
  17. J

    Bath tap mains fed or from tank

    Hi guys I'm wanting to install an electric shower in my new property what's the easiest way to check it bath tap is coming from mains ? The mains stop tap is located near the toilet in the room underneath me, when I switch that off it shuts all cold water off for every tap in the house. If I...
  18. G

    Connecting Bath waste pipe to hose outlet

    Hi Folks, I want to connect a bath waste outlet to a hose, but I'm struggling to configure it. It's for a temporary rainwater collection system that's being installed on a remote farm. I need to get from the plughole to a connector that will fit a hose. But I keep drawing a blank, but I'm...
  19. krashd

    My bath plug/drain has suddenly blocked, what might be the cause?

    Firstly, I already have a fair idea of what I need to do to fix the problem (I hope plunging will fix it, I just need to buy one), I would just like to know what sort of thing can suddenly obstruct the pipe that my bath drains to. The problem... Normally someone can have a bath and then pull...
  20. D

    Broken bath tap some help please

    Hoping someone can help. I have the bath tap as shown in the picture. I need to get the bit that sticks out (little round handle) off. The tap doesn't turn off properly as it ends up turning all the way to the wall. To get it off I basically have to pull the whole thing forward and push the tap...
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