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unvented cylinder

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  1. S

    Unvented Cylinder set up via gas system boiler and time clock

    Hi I wanted some steer from he forum for my set up. 2 storey house now extended on ground and a loft conversion. New plumbing install as of 18months. Worcester bosch 8000 life sysem boiler via natural gas. Time clock with HW / CH split, 7 day digital. 250litre Gledhill Select Indirect...
  2. H

    Unvented cylinder for ASHP

    Hi all. I have an Isoflo CL170 cylinder with good few years life left in it in my system which has performed trouble-free other than the odd new immersion element. I'm getting a new ASHP fitted and the installer is recommending scrapping the Isoflo and replacing it with a Secon Trade Heatpump...
  3. R

    URGENT Pressure loss in new loft (unvented cylinder)

    Hello. I need some urgent advice re water pressure in an unvented system. A few months back, I had my gravity fed system + boiler changed to an unvented cylinder + system boiler. The water pressure following the swap was incredible. We were originally talking about putting in a mains booster...
  4. R

    Megaflo Eco System Unvented Cylinder Loud Bangs

    Hi Everyone, Hoping for some advise / assistance on an issue I have on my Megaflo Eco System Unvented Cylinder which is making a loud band. This occurs when the hot water heating is on and when the cylinder heats up to temperature, once at temperature the motorized valve closes and there a...
  5. R

    Unvented cylinder viability??

    I'm looking at getting an unvented cylinder fitted but want to know if it's viable before even getting a quote. My cold incoming main is only 15mm but I do get a good pressure and flow which doesn't change alot when another tap or shower is used. Would an unvented be possible?
  6. B

    Nightmare boiler and unvented cylinder installation

    Hello and happy Easter everyone, hope you're having more fun than me! Friendly advice needed please. Long story short, we arranged to have a 2 day 2 engineer installation of system boiler and unvented cylinder, replacing a heat only boiler and unvented cylinder with broken coil. Got 3 quotes...
  7. J

    Suitability of Unvented Cylinder

    Hi I've read through dozens of threads on here about unvented systems but was wondering if someone might provide some advice on an upgrade we are planning as part of a bathroom refurb Current Setup: Gravity fed system with cold water tank in the loft and hot water tank in the hot press (1st...
  8. O

    Unvented cylinder - usage question

    We have an unvented cylinder with a Horstmann Electronic 7 timer. The cylinder only serves a wet room which is very rarely used. The rest of the house is served by a Vaillant combi boiler. The timer on the cylinder is set to heat up water 3 times per 24 hours, which I think it is the default...
  9. R

    Advantage of unvented cylinder outweigh the disadvantages?

    I have come to my decision I might as well do my G3, even if only for maintenance jobs. Question I have is WHY we are fitting so many of these unvented cylinders i.e. 27 gallons /117l size or above (I'm not disputing the need for 10l unvented 'cylinders'). They 'need' annual servicing by a G3...
  10. R

    Do I need G3 to repair a 10l unvented cylinder?

    Hi. Potential customer has a leaking 10l Ariston Europrisma cylinder. Probably just a flange gasket or the magnesium anode needs replacing. While I feel this is easily the sort of task I can tackle as I am very good at mending things, I get the impression I'd need my G3 to install such a...
  11. S

    Insulate a Unvented Cylinder

    Hi I have a warmflow unvented water cylinder (indirect 250) in a hotpress. It was installed two years ago, but never had any lagging put around it. Wanted to ask if that would have been for a reason why it wouldn't have, and also would insulation be a good idea to warp around the tank? Thanks
  12. I

    Draining ACV unvented Cylinder

    Hi Guys, has anyone come across the ACV cylinders, my client has SLE-160 in the loft and there is no drain off boss.. The cold inlet is on the top next to the hot outlet. I need to replace the immersion element located at the bottom of the tank. MI is not helpful. Possibly looking at...
  13. A

    cylinders, boiler stoves and heat genies. Advice please

    Hi, Moved in to 1980s bungalow in the last year. Doing renovations and manging things myself (I'm a qualified sparky -- clueless about plumbing until recently!)... New bathroom with all new domestic plumbing going in. Cylinder position is changing and new cylinder going in. Need to switch from...
  14. J

    advice on timer control for Unvented Cylinder

    Would need some advice if I could replace Newlec Economy to OP Ecosave Timer control for “Unvented Cylinder Megaflo Water heater” As the current Newlec Economy timer control limits to heat up full tank of water during midnight only( one time a day. ) OP Ecosave Timer control allows to set...
  15. D

    Electric boiler and an unvented indirect hot water cylinder

    Hi, I have recently purchased a cottage with an LPG combi boiler (no mains gas in the area). I intend to replace this with an electric boiler and an unvented indirect hot water cylinder. The boiler will run four radiators and the hot water cylinder. The cottage has one bedroom. What size (kw)...
  16. J

    Plumber or electrician to replace new timer switch Unvented cylinder

    Replace the current E7 Newlec Economy control to a mechanical 24 hour timer switch for unvented cylinder water heater, may I know if I ask plumber or electrician to do this job. Because Newlec Economy controller can heat up water once a day in midnight .I would require constant hot water in...
  17. D

    Unvented cylinder location

    Hi all, I have a fairly large property (6 bed 4 storey victorian) and when we moved in the pre-historic boiler broke down and it resided in its own boiler room attached to the kitchen. It broke down in November 19 and had a nightmare getting anyone to fix it but they said it was unrepairable as...
  18. J

    Unvented cylinder installed but no G3 qualification

    I had an unvented cylinder (and gas boiler) installed by a Gas Safe Register engineer. He later informed Gas Safe Register which issued me a gas certificate. But Gas Safe Register told me I should have a Building Regulation Certificate for unvented cylinder installation. But the gas engineer...
  19. J

    Advice on Install a new Electric Shower (currently unvented cylinder)

    Advice on Install a new Electric Shower for shower cubicle and keep using the unvented cylinder water heater for bathtub I have an Unvented Cylinder Water heater 125 litre (MegaFlo) in an apartment of ( 15 years old) Currently it is not really capable of delivering enough hot water for more...
  20. J

    Tundish in unvented cylinder system throwing lots of hot water away

    We’ve had some issues with our boiler system making loud noises recently which sound like a bath being filled when you’re sat downstairs. Upon inspection of the cylinder upstairs (boiler is downstairs), we can see lots of hot water coming out of the tank through the tundish and we have no idea...