1. C

    Best place to source low pressure bath filler taps

    I'm having a nightmare trying to find matt black wall or deck mounted bath mixer taps with 3/4 fitting that work on 0.2 bar. From tank to tap, I have around 2.4 metres, so a pressure of a little over 0.2 bar. The flow measured from the tap currently fitted is 11 litres per minute. Pretty much...
  2. T

    Bristan Taps Rigid Tails Instead of Flexi

    Hi, As I need to purchase two new taps for our en suite, I've noticed that almost all taps now come with flexi tails as standard. I've read some horror stories about these bursting / leaking so would prefer rigid fixings like the existing ones they are replacing. I'm looking to purchase this...
  3. S

    Intermittent low hot water flow all taps

    Hello All, I wonder if you can help me? I have intermittent hot water low flow from all taps in my 4 bedroom house upstairs and downstairs. I can sometimes recover the usual water pressure by turning the hot and cold water taps on and off which seems very strange to me. There is no problem...
  4. C

    Kitchen pull out mixer taps

    Hi Anyone know of a pull out kitchen tap that has decent pressure? I have had low pressure from this tap for a number of years and it's not helped with the two 10mm tails that must reduce even further. Hoping something is around that I can use 15mm full bore tails and isolating valves but all...
  5. C

    Taps and metalic taste

    We tastes metalic! Help please!have installed new mixer taps and now the water
  6. M

    Cold water from downstairs tap, but no hot water

    Hi, I woke up this morning with cold water (mains) from downstairs tap but no hot water from downstairs tap, and no water at all from all the upstairs taps, I have a combi boiler and no water storage
  7. B

    Yellow water in cold and hot taps

    Can anyone help me with an ongoing issue I've had since I had an annual service on my combi boiler, which is a Potterton Performa 24. Literally after they left I started experiencing yellow water (pale) from all my taps - hot and cold, including the toilet. This was intermittent and then...
  8. T

    Noisy Taps since insides replaced

    I have quarter turn taps in my downstairs bathroom, the sink taps were getting a bit stiff so I replaced the insides with Flomasta 1/2" BSP quarter turn ceramic tap glands from Screwfix. They work fine but are really noisy unless on full flow or trickle, anything in between sounds like Niagara...
  9. B

    Is toilet water same as bathroom taps

    Hi everyone, I turned my cold water feed off in the airing cupboard which supplies only cold water to my bathroom but it also turned the water to my toilet off is that a correct set up? Because it didn't used to before the stop valve in airing cupboard only turned off the cold water supply to...
  10. U

    Ariston microGenus blue taps

    Hi I'd be very grateful for any advice. My Ariston microGenus boiler is at least 20 years old. Every few years I've had to repressurize it. I've lost the note I had about how to do that. The boiler has two blue taps underneath. The rhs one turns clockwise. The lhs one is so stiff I can't move...
  11. N

    How Yo Connect Water Supply To New Bath Taps

    Hi I have a 22mm hot and cold water supply to new bath. The pipes finish with compression valves. I need a 500 mm tap connector hose to connect with half inch thread on the new bath tap. All the connectors at the main plumb merchants are 22mm x 3/4 inch. No one seems able to answer question...
  12. B

    How to balance water pressure in taps

    Hi everyone, Gas combi Boiler Mains fed in all taps and shower How do I balance the water pressure in all faucets in my flat. Every tap/water faucet is mains fed but the cold water is really strong in every tap that if I open the tap fully it flies out like a fountain but the hot water is not...
  13. B

    Bi Flow dual taps query

    Hi everyone, I need to replace the kitchen tap, all my neighbours have two single taps in their kitchen and bathroom whereas I have a single lever tap in the bathroom and kitchen. Due to living in a flat and having a shared water supply I was advised to get a dual flow tap for the kitchen so...
  14. T

    Mixer taps and check valves

    Hello, I have a few mixer taps to install in bathrooms and kitchen. The kitchen tap also has a wondering spray arm capability. On researching something else, i stumbled across people saying that a check valve should be placed on the cold mains feed. How can I tell if the mixer taps/spray arm mix...
  15. A

    Will councils ever fit mixer taps?

    I'm a council tenant and my bathroom basin is broken and needs replacing, it has standard pillar taps. Do you know if councils would ever replace it with a mixer tap one if I paid the difference? (I'm guessing no but it's worth a try). How much more complicated and time consuming is it to...
  16. shaky310

    Kitchen taps, repair or change??

    Morning all, I recently changed the washers on my kitchen mixer tap due to it dripping, I reseated it using a tool but it's still dripping. I have had another go today and on closer inspection of the seat it appears to have a hairline crack. Can this be repaired or do I change them completely...
  17. C

    Additional outdoor taps

    Can i add additional outdoor taps by extending an existing outdoor water line (exiting outdoor tap) or does it have to be from the water mains ? will it reduce the water pressure ?
  18. A

    Advice on taps (good quality stopcock)

    Advice from experienced plumbers will be appreciated. I inherited the old stopcock without a disk (2 pictures below). Attempts to find a lever or disc with 8mm rectangular hole were unsuccessful and use of a locking plier was not convenient in emergency, so another stopcock was fitted after it...
  19. C

    Hot water is ok but only runs when two or more taps are on

    Hello, I'd love some advice on my system, I've had a couple of plumbers come in that seemed to specialise in gas systems and seemed perplexed by my all-electric systems and the issues I'm having. My system is all electric heating and hot water system, in a flat on the 4th floor. The mains...
  20. R

    Unsolvable water hammer when shutting taps

    I have read a few threads including one by Debbie Stano that were similar to my issue but that thread stopped a while back without any resolution I could see. I'm in Brisbane, Australia but I'm after general ideas from anyone here or in UK (I realise this is a UK based site). Point form...

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