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"Taps" is a bugle call during flag ceremonies and at military funerals by the United States Armed Forces. The official military version is played by a single bugle or trumpet, although other versions of the tune may be played in other contexts (e.g., the U.S. Marine Corps Ceremonial Music site has recordings of two bugle versions and one band version). It is also performed often at Girl Guide, Girl Scout, and Boy Scout meetings and camps. The tune is also sometimes known as "Butterfield's Lullaby", or by the first line of the lyric, "Day Is Done". The duration may vary to some extent.

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  1. T

    Mixer taps and check valves

    Hello, I have a few mixer taps to install in bathrooms and kitchen. The kitchen tap also has a wondering spray arm capability. On researching something else, i stumbled across people saying that a check valve should be placed on the cold mains feed. How can I tell if the mixer taps/spray arm mix...
  2. A

    Will councils ever fit mixer taps?

    I'm a council tenant and my bathroom basin is broken and needs replacing, it has standard pillar taps. Do you know if councils would ever replace it with a mixer tap one if I paid the difference? (I'm guessing no but it's worth a try). How much more complicated and time consuming is it to...
  3. shaky310

    Kitchen taps, repair or change??

    Morning all, I recently changed the washers on my kitchen mixer tap due to it dripping, I reseated it using a tool but it's still dripping. I have had another go today and on closer inspection of the seat it appears to have a hairline crack. Can this be repaired or do I change them completely...
  4. C

    Additional outdoor taps

    Can i add additional outdoor taps by extending an existing outdoor water line (exiting outdoor tap) or does it have to be from the water mains ? will it reduce the water pressure ?
  5. A

    Advice on taps (good quality stopcock)

    Advice from experienced plumbers will be appreciated. I inherited the old stopcock without a disk (2 pictures below). Attempts to find a lever or disc with 8mm rectangular hole were unsuccessful and use of a locking plier was not convenient in emergency, so another stopcock was fitted after it...
  6. B

    Removal of cold water tank for bathroom taps?

    I live in an apartment and have a cold water tank in it. The cold water tank feeds the cold water tap in the sink and the bath. Recently, I refurbished my bathroom and, according to the plumber that fitted the new taps, high-pressure taps were fitted. Consequently, the water that comes out of...
  7. J

    Recommendations for reliable bath-taps with shower attachment

    I'm looking for deck-mounted taps for a low-to-medium head. Access once installed will be near impossible so the taps ned to be reliable. Recommendaitons and "avoid at all cost" advice appreciated. John
  8. R

    Can anyone help me identify these bathroom taps please?

    Hi Can anyone identify the make and model of these taps please? We have one dripping bathroom sink tap but the plumber we had couldn't find a way to undo the tap / take it apart to get to the cartridge. So he's saying the only way to fix it is to replace the sink taps which would mean also...
  9. S

    JTP: experiences with JTP mixer showers and taps

    Does anyone out there have a JTP shower or JTP taps installed? (previously known as Just Taps Plus). Have you found a JTP shower and taps durable and reliable for years after installation? And straightforward to install? JTP is being offered by a number of our local bathroom retailers and...
  10. L

    Where can i get spare spindle parts for bastow taps?

    HI folks, hoping to pick your brains. My bathrooms have Bastow tapware in federation style. House was built 1997, so these are 25 years old now. The spindle has a screw on shaft, that I assume lets them have just one type of spindle and then change the shaft for different colours - gold in my...
  11. A

    No hot water coming out from upstairs taps

    Hi there, I am in urgent need of advice! The weather has plummeted over the past week so at nights its -6 so this may be the cause. Anyways, since early this morning there has been no water coming out from the upstairs hot taps, both sink and bath. The cold taps work fine, I have checked...
  12. T

    gradual slow hot flow all taps

    This is probably a basic one, but just wanted to check. Hot water flow to all taps has gradually been getting slower over time and the thermostatic shower now needs to be turned up hotter to get a reasonable shower temperature. Its a vented cylinder heated by an oil boiler and the cylinder stat...
  13. C

    Isolator valves on basin taps

    Hi I have always had a poor water delivery to my bathroom and en-suit basins. The cold is just about acceptable but the hot is pathetic coming from the tank on the same floor. Both rooms have isolator valves fitted in the correct direction and then to flexi tails that just reduce the flow...
  14. D

    Durability of Bristan taps

    Just fitted new cartridge to a 1901 basin tap. Instead of being a quick easy job it took quite some time due to corrosion of the shroud. There was also some corrosion of the handle. The taps are nearly six years old. It was the hot water tap and there is a water softener fitted. I also have...
  15. J

    Basin - convert current (2) taps to a mixer

    Hi, I'm new here. I have a basin with two individual taps, I want to change it to a mixer - the taps measure (centre to centre) 200mm. I have looked high and low to no avail, any ideas where to get one from? I don't want to make more holes or get a new basin if I can avoid it, I just want to...
  16. K

    help identifying bath mixer taps

    Hi all, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find replacement cartridges for this set of mixer taps. They were purchased approx 10 years ago. I have been told they are from ultra finishing, but they having looked at the pics state it's not one of theirs. Any help identifying them would be...
  17. P

    Thermostatic mixer bath taps

    Just replaced taps on bath so kids can get a shower in bath as well ,worked fine to started with then water wasn't hot so took them back and exchanged them ,now these are doing same any ideas anybody ?
  18. Wamus_202

    Which Gate Valve will turn off cold water to the taps?

    I think we have an indirect hot water cylinder, we are trying to replace a sink. However there are no isolation valves on the in-between the taps and the piping. Is there a way to turn off the cold water flow to the taps, without turning off the main water supply incoming to house ? I have...
  19. S

    Brita filter taps using P1000 filters

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with any of the Brita kitchen taps? We're renovating a house presently (to live in) and currently have a Brita water tank in our fridge taking up half a shelf. Keen to instead have a filter under the sink. I hear that there are some third-party...
  20. brazilianx

    Flow Noise > Can't believe taps should be this noisy!

    Hi. First time poster. I've just had a new bathroom fitted in my loft and am having an issue with noisy taps - modern mono mixer. Not water hammer, but when they are half on they make a noise that I find unacceptable, yet my plumber insists this is just the way it is. However, my other taps...
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