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  1. YorkshireDave

    DND Services

    I'm David. I am (well) over 50, based in Wetherby, but will happily travel over a large area for the right people ;) My forte is doing your vital smaller jobs, the jobs that many other plumbers typically hate or promise to do but fail to turn up to. Through my industry experience, I am also...
  2. S

    New boiler fitted - Bath taps now not working

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and have joined as I've recently experienced an issue. In short, our traditional boiler packed up, so we decided to replace this with a combi boiler. A company came in looked at our system and gave us a quote, which we went with. The work took a couple of days...
  3. I

    Low pressure taps help

    Hello, I'm wanting to buy a low pressure mixer tap for my bathroom Basin. I see there rated by Bar, what Bar of pressure should I get? Thanks
  4. T

    Can anyone identify these taps?

    Hi Can anyone identify the taps in the attached photos please? Thanks
  5. S

    Help bath mixer taps with shower low pressure

    Hi. I'm having issues with my bath taps. I moved into a new house which only has a bath, I noticed that the pressure from both hot and cold taps on the bath is really good so I purchased mixer taps with a shower on them. I've never changed a tap before so decided how hard could it be...
  6. J

    Mixer taps with shower hose/head connection

    The hot and cold from the taps run fine but only the hot runs through the shower head. What would I need to replace to get the cold running back through the shower head?
  7. D

    Fittings needed for freestanding taps

    Bought this discontinued bath and freestanding bath taps from Wickes. The taps were quite discounted mainly due to the fittings that couples the unit to the hot/cold water pipes have been misplaced. So I'm trying to find/buy the correct fittings so I can connect this to the hot/cold water...
  8. phil hair

    gat whirlpool bath taps

    anybody know were i can get replacement filler valve for a GAT duvalli whirlpool type bath. tried google, not much showing. thanks
  9. W

    Carron Carronite MATRIX Bath 1500mm x 700mm complete with set of BRISTAN mixer taps and waste

    FOR SALE - This is a used item taken out of an incomplete bath project. Carron original fitting instructions included. Carron Carronite MATRIX Bath 1500mm x 700mm complete with set of BRISTAN mixer taps with shower attached and pop up waste. Dimensions shape and height etc are as per Carron...
  10. N

    New kitchen sink taps brushed copper/gold?

    Hi guys I like the look of the antique gold/copper taps but not sure of the practicality/durability/maintenance etc - have you had any problems with these taps- are they just aesthetics only? I will be having a black quartz worktop and maybe black granite sink.Also any brands in particular I...
  11. gingalig

    Chatter at taps and pipe noise

    Hi hope there can be some ideas here. I went to a job oil (heatslave 20/25 combi ) the pipework was chattering or banging very quickly intermittently but especially when cold tap was run at the same time. The flow switch was leaking badly so I changed it and the noise from the pipework stopped...
  12. Ryan Begley

    Hot bath/sink taps, cold showers

    Hi all. I hope I'm posting this in the right place :) I moved into a rented third floor flat in January and subsequently discovered that neither of the showers had hot water. Both had a single dial mixer shower. In the ensuite the temperature would increase up to 4 on the dial (out of 9) where...
  13. D

    No hot water from taps

    I have an open vented system. The flow of water from my hot taps lessened over a few hours and then just stopped. There is no hot water coming from any hot tap. All cold taps are working. Initially I thought this was an airlock. But I have forced mains water from the garden hose pipe back...
  14. S

    Check valves and mixer taps

    I noticed that the mixer tap was making the sound of running water when the main valve was open but the tap and the spray attachment was closed. I theorised that cold water was running into the hot pipe, as it is much higher pressure. I went online and concluded that the solution was a check...
  15. J

    Dripping Taps driving me mad.

    Morning I hope someone can assist as the constant dripping is driving me crazy. On the image supplied please can someone tell my how to change a washer on these taps? Surely it must be an easy 5min job. Thanks in advance .
  16. T

    Dual Flow kitchen taps and bath deck mixer

    Can anyone advise on makes/models of dual flow mono kitchen mixer taps that work for mixed pressure feed suppies - gravity hot and mains cold ? Also same for a bath deck mixer ? I know it can be a pain sometimes finding a tap that doesnt force the cold back through the hot pipe when both taps...
  17. C

    Lost of pressure in all cold/hot taps

    I recently installed a spin filter and a 10" triple filter system in our well house located 10 meters away from the house. The filters were placed right after the pressure gauge tank. Gauge displays 2.5 bars/28 psi Since then, all taps in the house (hot/cold) will show a slow flow decrease in...
  18. F

    Wickes monobloc Mixer taps

    Help needed please. Can anyone enlighten me how to access the cartridge/valve on Wickes Kumai monobloc kitchen sink mixer taps. I have looked everywhere on the taps for an allen type screw to enable me to remove the cartridge/valve cover. The last mixer tap I had there was a allen type screw on...
  19. Leigh Wray

    Help Needed Removing Tap Knobs

    Hi all, Can someone advise me how I go about removing the handles/knobs on this tap to give them some tlc please?
  20. M

    Kitchen Mixer taps dripping

    Posted in the shower forum and the advice I got was excellent so hoping it's the same for my tap problem I have mixer taps in the kitchen which had a drip now is a small constant flow of water. I've tried undoing the stem and pulling it out and there is no chance it will come out. I was...

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