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  1. S

    Flue position - will this be a problem?

    We are considering buying a house which currently has a 20 year old Ideal Icos boiler, so we're factoring in replacing the boiler soon. Current boiler is on an external kitchen wall with the flue going straight out. However, it's positioned in between a door and the kitchen window, quite close...
  2. J

    Macerator problem,shower slow to drain.

    Hi, I've installed a macerator a while ago to manufactures specs, toilet, sink and shower. One problem I've always had is the shower tray is slow to empty and has over flowed a couple of times.To get around this if I run the sink tap at the same time all works fine and the shower tray does work...
  3. rjpthrsh

    Fix plumbing problem

    How to fix this? I am in a pickle here. Have to converge water two pipes into one. He fixed something honey trap or something idk.
  4. G

    UFH seems to have a problem

    I have two adjoining cottages, each with an identical UFH system downstairs. Both been going fine for around five years. But for the last few weeks, one of the systems doesn't seem to be running most of the time. Essentially the UFH does "work", in that I can turn the thermostat right up, and...
  5. A

    Combi-Boiler Radiator Problem

    Hi, I have a combi-boiler system and while I did some plumbing many years ago I have never fitted a combi-boiler and am confused by this problem . I removed a radiator on the upper floor of my house to clean and paint the wall behind it, when removing it I shut down the lockshield and packed the...
  6. R

    Three-way diverter valve -electrical problem

    Hi I have a fully pumped heating system fitted with a Drayton MA1 diverter, after the summer run the heating stopped coming on, so I replaced the Actuator head, however I have found the actuator is stuck on H (Heating), I have turned down both heating and cylinder stat - still stuck on H. The...
  7. R


    This sounds like an examination question but it really is a problem two different plumbers have been unable to resolve after spending several hours studying my hot water system. My flat has a vented hot water system supplying hot water to the kitchen and bathroom taps. The pump is a Stuart...
  8. R

    Grant oil boiler problem

    Any advice welcome as plumber stumped Had 36-46 grant vortex utility boiler 7 years no problem recently oil tank move and tigerloop install (tank about 1m lower). 10 days later and boiler either doesn't fire or fires stops, fires runs splutters stops. Most it runs now is 10 mins, but that's...
  9. Z

    Vailant ecotec Flow Return f23 problem

    Please can anyone let me know if the NTC thermostats are on the correct way around?? I did have problems with the return pipe heating up before the flow so I'm thinking the last plumber may have swapped them around somehow. Havin now reconfigure the central heating i've plumbed in all the...
  10. H

    Problem with unfamiliar CH - embarrass me by how simple it really is!

    I am generally a decent handyman, can usually make 2+2=4 and take care of most things to avoid troubling experts with just the basics, but know also not to bumble around blindly beyond that. We moved house last week and with the glorious hot weather we weren't bothered about the heating, more...
  11. M

    Shower problems mira

    Hi everyone , got a problem with a cartridge change on a mira shower. It seems only the hot side is working. The temp control only lessens the spray. Put the cartridge in the opposite way and only getting cold Im stumped.
  12. K

    URGENT Strange water supply problem

    I have a seemingly impossible problem. I am not a plumber but I can at least understand some of it. We have just had the Water Board inspector here and even he went away flummoxed. OK ....we have a stopcock under the sink that is stuck open - no amount of force will turn it. We need to turn...
  13. D

    Vaillant Turbomax F29 - What's the next step?

    I have a Vaillant Turbomax with an F29 fault. When there is a demand for hot water the gas ignites initially, and the water is heated. However the gas then goes out and then comes back on (not sure if this is usual to control the water temp), it does this a few times but then the boiler fails to...
  14. Inverness

    Shower waste problem

    New house and smells comes from shower... It's a merlyn shower waste it's not like your usual design. I've lifted up the chrome but or I'm I suppose to lift up the other bit to get the hair bucket removal out? This design I don't see where the seal is to stop smells through?? Any experience...
  15. B

    Vokera pre heating problem.

    I have a Vokera Vision 30C and when using a tap 3 ft from the boiler I can see the temp of the hot water in the boiler display. Most times it is less than 30 degC and the boiler takes maybe 30 seconds to heat the water. I have pre heat enabled, P shown in the display, but the water is never at...
  16. B


    Morning all, Can a towel rail thats been converted to Duel fuel trip the boiler RDC. We have just had a new radiator fitted and it's heated by heating system and a heat element via T-piece. we only have the electric element turned on with both valves open if the electric element is on can...
  17. andycorleone

    Kitchen Piping Tundish problem

    For over a week the kitchen sink is leaking water from what I think is called tundish ( I thought is was called overflow but little google search maybe pointed me to the right name) my guess is the pipe is slightly blocked because this only happens when there is a huge amount of water coming...
  18. M

    Problem with Vitodens 100-W ECO MODE

    Hello, One year ago I just bought model 100-W 35kw combo for central heating and hot water..and after one year using this central heating ECO mode stop working on DHW, Comfort mode work well for few mints and coming again cold water and after again hot water, but ECO mode stop working at...
  19. P

    Washing machine waste arrangement problem

    Hi, I have just moved the washing machine into the garage and it will not drain. I wonder if it's something to do with the way I have installed the waste? The washing machine is only a month old and was working fine this morning before re-positioned. I put an 1100mm hoorizontal run at around...
  20. B

    Ikea sink to waste problem

    Hey guys! I'm no DIY'er but have managed to replace our kitchen sink with a bigger one from ikea. I've done everything I can and now have the main grey ikea pipe into the pipe that leaves the property. The problem is that the connection between the grey ikea pipe and white...connector part leaks...
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