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  1. P

    Bathroom Floor Tile Problem

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a house constructed around 2006. The bathroom is about 9ft square with a corner jacuzi bath. The tiled floor has a lot of lateral cracks in it, in at least 3 separate areas (see pics). My initial thought was that the floor was probably not done correctly and is...
  2. mgw

    Pump on return is there a problem?

    I know years ago before the TRV the pump went on the return, but new house to me, all TRV's on radiators except for bathroom which does not really count as that is thermo syphon, not worried about boiler as thermo syphon domestic hot water with no motorised valve, but am worried about pump, will...
  3. M

    Problem with burned baffle Baxi Solo

    Hi Folks, Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. I have some engineering knowledge but would not touch a gas boiler! I have a maintenance contract and the engineer came to check my Baxi Solo 2 PF for its annual service / inspection. On opening up there were lots of tutting noises. As I was...
  4. T

    Is it a problem with Diverter Valve?

    My 5 year old Bosch system has recently started the CH sytem when the heating side of the controller is in OFF periods. The HW side still working to set times, and although not getting full heat on the towel rails, some heating is occurring outside the CH times set. I turned off CH side for 24...
  5. R

    Mira sport 1998-2005 problem

    Hi, my mira sport shower only gives out cold. Reading some posts I thought I would replace the thermal switch as its relatively cheap. But when I took the case off to check the switch before ordering I noticed this build up. Does anyone think is still worth replacing the switch or is it more...
  6. B

    Honeywell V4043H Weird Problem

    I wonder if anyone can help with this... One radiator circuit is constantly hot even though the room stats are not calling for heat. So the rad circuit is being fed with hot wat er from the manifold if (for example) the hot water cylinder is calling for heat. I suspected a stuck valve so I...
  7. A

    Vaillant Ecotec 937+ problem

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help... We have a 937plus about 8 years old. Some weeks ago we noticed radiators were hot but no hot water when demanded. Quick fix was to switch boiler off the back on. Our regular heating guy has diagnosed faulty diverter valve which seems logical to my very...
  8. A

    Vaillant 937 Ecotec Plus problem

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help... We have a 937plus about 8 years old. Some weeks ago we noticed radiators were hot but no hot water when demanded. Quick fix was to switch boiler off the back on. Our regular heating guy has diagnosed faulty diverter valve which seems logical to my very...
  9. D

    Urinal Auto siphon problem

    Hi folks, I've fitted 3 new urinals supplied with cistern,auto siphon etc. Now when I first fast filled the system everything was ok,water flowed into all 3 urinals perfectly,now since that,the cistern just fills up & overflows outside.Ive changed the siphon & same again.Ive took the cistern...
  10. G

    Baxi Neta Tec Problem + Pos Replacement

    Hello All, Firstly I am not in the central heating profession. We moved into a property 3 years ago and got lumped with this paper weight stuck to the wall in my loft. In the 3 years we've had it, the pcb was first replaced after error 133 code and not getting a flame. The whole manifold was...
  11. J

    Language Setting Problem - Vaillant Ecotec Plus 824

    Dear All Help! My boilers settings are in Polish and the manual online has a different settings box to mine (cf picture). I have tried google translating the options that come up but none of the words translate to 'language' in English. Help greatly appreciated. Best Joan
  12. john hood

    Grant Vortex Combi 1e problem - CH but no CHW

    A few days ago, our boiler and local pipes began to vibrate when CH started up. Running a hot tap (to override CH) caused it to stop immediately. Suspected faulty CH pump maybe. Plumber took a look, that seemed to be the case and we ordered up a replacement pump. No sooner had he gone than we...
  13. H

    Sink overflow problem

    I recently had a new Reginox 1.5 bowl sink installed. The sink is approx 18cms deep but unfortunately the overflow is positioned just over 10cms from the bottom which means I can't fill the sink much more than half. I contacted Reginox to ask whether there was any way of blocking off the...
  14. J

    Boiler overheating problem

    Hello, Any help on this would be greatly appreciated before I call out a professional, as I have tried every thing I can think of. Basically I have a British Gas 330 condensing boiler and a y plan system. I have turned off the boiler, drained the system, refilled and removed air from all rads...
  15. A

    Trying to pinpoint problem with boiler condensate pump

    Hi there, I am not a plumber, but wondered if any plumbers out there could help? My dad is also not a plumber by trade (although has plumbed plenty) and is a bit stuck with this one. Basically, there was a leak coming from underneath our floor-standing Worcester Greenstar CDi boiler, which...
  16. J

    Mid position valve problem

    Im trying to diagnose a problem y plan system that won't go to mid position but will go onto heating or dhw only, would that indicate a faulty valve or programmer issue? It's a Drayton ma1 mid position valve
  17. C

    Valiant eco etc pro pressure problem

    hi, I’m hoping someone can give some advice. My boiler keeps giving a error message of f75. I have replaced the expansion tank and it has been repressurised but what happens is the boiler will work then the red light comes on with error message the only way the boiler comes on is to send more...
  18. P

    Problem with shower pump

    Hi everyone, Wondering if any of you enlightened people can help me. We had a new bathroom fitted a couple of years ago. We originally had an electric shower but we wanted a shower with more umph, so we had a thermostatically controlled one put in. We have a boiler with a hot water tank so the...
  19. Y

    Problem with Ideal toilet seat, and cant work out how to change it

    toilet-1 toilet-2 Hi. My toilet seat was soft closing but one day i gave it a push down as it was closing and that made the top part no longer soft close. The top part has now come off and I cant see how I can reattach it as there is nowhere for it to attach onto. Hopefully the images will show...
  20. B

    Mira Platinum Dual Outlet - Problem

    Hi, Hoping someone will be able to give me some advice. I have a Mira Platinum Dual outlet HP valve, connected to a Megaflo unvented cylinder. There are 2 rear fed outlets to a shower on a flexible hose and a bath filler. For the last few days, on the first use in the morning, the shower only...

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