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  1. M

    Problem with Vitodens 100-W ECO MODE

    Hello, One year ago I just bought model 100-W 35kw combo for central heating and hot water..and after one year using this central heating ECO mode stop working on DHW, Comfort mode work well for few mints and coming again cold water and after again hot water, but ECO mode stop working at...
  2. P

    Washing machine waste arrangement problem

    Hi, I have just moved the washing machine into the garage and it will not drain. I wonder if it's something to do with the way I have installed the waste? The washing machine is only a month old and was working fine this morning before re-positioned. I put an 1100mm hoorizontal run at around...
  3. B

    Ikea sink to waste problem

    Hey guys! I'm no DIY'er but have managed to replace our kitchen sink with a bigger one from ikea. I've done everything I can and now have the main grey ikea pipe into the pipe that leaves the property. The problem is that the connection between the grey ikea pipe and white...connector part leaks...
  4. C

    Problem with service valve connection

    Hi - I've replaced the service valve on the water feed to my toilet. It's screwed on fine on the bottom but the top connection to the nylon fitting doesn't screw on. If I remove the plastic washer it will screw on but it doesn't seal. It won't even fit on with the old washer, which is flattened...
  5. B

    Bedroom radiator problem

    I have recently moved into a new house. We have a problem with the heating in a bedroom that sits above a garage. The garage is an integral part of the house with the bedroom above. The bedroom is very cold compared to the other bedrooms . The builder insists that the radiator in the room is the...
  6. G

    combi boiler system draindown problem

    during drain down of system with all trc open and bleed valves open water just continues to drain out and boiler pressure remains at 1.5bar.Baxi combi boiler 105
  7. jakubjakub

    Unusual Viessmann 111w problem

    Hi, I have a problem with Viessmann 111w I have a Vicare sensor and app. It goes like this : If I have a boiler in DHW only everything works as it should, but then I switch it to DHW and heating. Temperature in a room is 21 degrees. I set the boiler to come on when the temperature is 17...
  8. jakubjakub

    Unusual Viessmann 111w problem

    Hi, I have a problem with Viessmann 111w I have a Vicare sensor and app. It goes like this : If I have a boiler in DHW only everything works as it should, but then I switch it to DHW and heating. Temperature in a room is 21 degrees. I set the boiler to come on when the temperature is 17...
  9. A

    URGENT Thunderflush dual installation problem

    I have just installed a Thunderflush dual flush cistern outlet valve. The unit sits to high for the lid and buttons to sit and engage as they should. I have adjusted the button height fully yet it is still about 8mm too high. What can be done?
  10. B

    will a non return valve to my mains help with low presure?

    will a non return valve conected to my mains help with low presure?.
  11. A

    Problem pressurising system

    Hi there, I am having issues pressurising my boiler/system. my boiler was below pressure but I had to replace the external filling loop valve (tap had broken on the old one) I did this, and there are no leaks around it. However, every time I pressurise the system back up to 2 bars it drops down...
  12. M

    Toilet flushing problem

    Hi, can anyone explain why my toilet does not flush the contents away now that I have had a new cistern fitted. The plumber came back and adjusted the volume of water in the cistern, then came back and replaced the mechanism which began sticking, preventing it filling up. Still I have this...
  13. D

    Armitage shanks new mixer tap problem

    Installed a new mixer tap armitage shanks contour 21 to a disabled toilet. However water just continues to come out and will not switch off. Even taking handle off to enable full turns. Tested it with hot supply only and DOES TURN OFF. Tested cold supply only and doesn't switch off. Surely...
  14. V

    Volera 29c boiler problem

    Vokera 29c. Wouldn't have opted for it, but it came with the house, 2 years old boiler. It was locking out of a solid red light. Turning appliance off and on, whilst running a lot water tap kicked it back into action again. However, after a time, and usually after running heating, it locks out...
  15. D

    betacom 4 24c problem

    Hi, my Betacom boiler stopped working a few days ago and showed the error message F.28, I tried defrosting the condensate pipe then resetting the boiler and got the same error after about two hours. Then I took the condensate pipe out and let the boiler drip into a bucket, then reset the boiler...
  16. R

    CH and UFH performance problem

    Hi all, I have recently had a UFH circuit added to my existing CH/HW system and had a question on performance when UFH and CH are operating at the same time. My boiler is an Vailliant EcoTec Plus 630 and for a number of years this was running with a CH and HW loop only. Each loop had a 2 port...
  17. Z

    Hansgrohe showerselect curious flow issue

    Hansgrohe showerselect shower (push button on/off + temperature) fed from mains/combi. Flow rate dropped. Removed shower head which is fine (tested on another shower). Good pressure and flow rate from hose without shower head. Restricted flow through hose by placing thumb over end - flow...
  18. D

    Confusing problem with water supply

    Woke up today to discover the hot and cold taps for our bath, bathroom sink and kitchen sink all not working. It's been incredibly cold, so assumed frozen piping. However, combi boiler working fine with good pressure and providing hot water to radiators and the cold tap in our utility room is...
  19. K

    Problem with Kane 458s

    Issues with Kane 458s Bought unit back end of April 2022. 1st. Problem sent back to Kane on 7th July. After flue sampling it would take 2 minutes to slowly drop coppm. Then hang at 4 coppm for next to 3 to 4 minute's before zeroing in fresh air. Also ratio would jump around. Kane fitted a...
  20. B

    Shower problem no water

    Hi have got Triton t80 shower has been fine for 2 years then suddenly stopped working ie: no water , replaced solenoid coil just the same plenty of pressure coming from the water supply into shower so I bought another shower from Toolstation was just the same no water anybody got any ideas please .
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