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  1. B

    Mystery boiler problem!

    Hi, Have had a fault on our Ideal Icos HE15 boiler for a couple of weeks, keeps failing to light and shows LF (or FL) error. Boiler engineer came out today and checked boiler, no issues found. Then checked the gas supply, it seems when boiler demand came on the pressure at the meter dropped...
  2. P

    Honeywell evohome BDR91 problem

    Hello, I have just installed the Evohome system hot water kit . I now have 2 x BDR91 relays. One is commented to the electric supple to the gas boiler and the other controls the hot water valve. I have 8 x HR92's all connected and communicating fine with the Evotouch Controller. However I...
  3. josephchan74

    HIVE receiver problem

    My Hive receiver central heating green light is showing ON but the boiler is off actually and vice versa. It results that I am unable to adjust temperature in the thermostat as well as Hive App during “ON” status (the boiler is OFF at that time). Not sure if it is a wiring problem insides the...

    air problem with Worcester life 8000 regular

    Has anyone had any experience with the drain off/bleed valve on the primary return ,adjacent too main heat exchanger on Worcester life 8000 (45kw) regular ? I want too replace the 3/8 threaded drain off /bleed valve with a AAV ,has anymore does this? large system 28 rads 3 floors ,sealed...
  5. stings27

    Baxi solo 2 70 pf problem

    Evening all. Have encountered a problem with neighbours boiler and wondering if one of you out there could help me. When the programmer is turned on , everything seems in order. ‘Boiler on’ lights up, ‘fan on’ lights up, ‘pilot on’ lights up then burner on. After around 5 minutes, the boiler...
  6. R

    Thermostat problem help please

    Good morning, I wondered if someone could give me some help please. I have had a new boiler fitted and have a center thermostat but nearly every time I go to turn the heating on or off the screen goes blank. On the first one I had I had to completely reset the time date etc now I am onto the...
  7. A

    sink waste problem unscrewed

    Hi, please can you advise The sink in the kitchen has started becoming blocked and the sink keeps filling up. I have poked things down it to try and make the water go down and the sink drain became completely unscrewed. Is this possible to become unscrewed this way ? And how do I stop this...
  8. P

    URGENT Problem with Elterm warmtec

    I have an Elterm warmtec electric combi boiler, I can get hot water to the taps but not to the central heating radiators can anyone help I live in Newton abbot Devon
  9. P

    Hot water high pressure problem

    Hi. I have a hot water high pressure problem that my heating engineer (and other engineers that he has spoken to) cannot fix. I’m hoping someone on the forum can explain what is happening and how to resolve it. My hot water system uses an air bubble at the top of the hot water tank for...
  10. S

    Problem every time I reply to a post.

    I keep getting this message every time I reply to a post. The only way round it is to use 'snip and sketch' and post my reply as an attached file (like below). Any solutions?
  11. R

    problem with oil burner riello

    Hello. I have a problem with the oil boiler. After the summer season, he doesn't want to work normally. It started with blasting electric fuses. After looking inside, I saw condensation. Then it stopped working with the lid closed at the front. When the lid was open it worked. And since...
  12. Z

    BTL Sandro rimless flush problem

    I've just had a Bathrooms tonlove sandro rimless toilet installed as part of a bathroom refurb. Unfortunately the flush doesn't reach the front of the bowl and looks like most of the flush is being channelled down the back 5 holes at the back of the pan. It's a btw toilet fed from a concealed...
  13. J

    Secondary return problem

    Need advice on secondary return issue. When secondary return pump is running no hot water flows from hot taps.when pump off the taps work. Anyone come across this before?? Appreciate any reply
  14. W

    Salus st625tx display problem

    Salus st625tx display flashes not displaying anything but a couple of heavy dashes
  15. D

    Shower Pump & Surrey Flange problem

    Had a plumber here for 4 hours today to fit a shower pump. He disconnected the hot water outlet from the top of the tank and after 3 adapters for the surrey flange left after re-instating the setup with no shower pump. He said that he could not find a fitting to attach the thank. I am in a 10...
  16. F

    Megaflo Problem - advice please

    Hi All - I have a Megaflo which has required frequent repressurisation in the last year or so. The last time I did this, I had a continuous stream of water through the tundish for a couple of minutes which has never happened before. My naive guess is that the compartment membrane has died...
  17. M

    Possible Cylinder or blockage problem

    We had three radiators changed and after this the boiler wouldn't fire. Now we have heating but the no hot water. We have had the Baxi man out and he said we are not covered for the problem. Which he thinks is either the cylinder (which he said may be difficult to obtain the part) or a blockage...
  18. S

    Problem fitting new ceramic cartridge

    Hi, I had a leaking basin mixer tap. The Methven brand tap was leaking through the top. I was able to source 2 new replacement ceramic cartridges (1 as a spare). Both are identical to the old one. When I put either of the new ones into the tap & put it back together, the water won't turn on...
  19. C

    Vitra ts 823 flush problem

    Hi, new to the group and need advice with my Vitra ts823. The toilet stopped flushing and there is water constantly trickling inside it. I've removed the lid but not sure which part is knackered. I've tried pulling /pushing any bits that look like they should move but the trickle doesn't get...
  20. S

    Bathroom drainage problem

    What’s that blank for on my pedestal p trap? It’s like a extra bit that comes up with a blanking cap on the top? My bathroom sink drain makes a lot of gurgling noise when it’s finished draining. I’ve had drain unblocker and a snake down there but not made a difference. I’m not a plumber by...
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