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  1. C

    Vitra ts 823 flush problem

    Hi, new to the group and need advice with my Vitra ts823. The toilet stopped flushing and there is water constantly trickling inside it. I've removed the lid but not sure which part is knackered. I've tried pulling /pushing any bits that look like they should move but the trickle doesn't get...
  2. S

    Bathroom drainage problem

    What’s that blank for on my pedestal p trap? It’s like a extra bit that comes up with a blanking cap on the top? My bathroom sink drain makes a lot of gurgling noise when it’s finished draining. I’ve had drain unblocker and a snake down there but not made a difference. I’m not a plumber by...
  3. C

    Toilet not flushing problem

    Hi We have just moved into a 3yr old new build house i.e. someone else has lived here for 3yrs and we have just moved in. We've been in for a few weeks and had no problem, however the toilet in the en-suite is now not flushing. The plunger device on the reverse side of the lid is a big...
  4. @

    Problem concerning WC pan connectors

    I have bought a new close-coupled WC that will be installed by a plumber. The plumber and I are currently in discussion about how it should be connected to the drain hole in the concrete floor. The situation is as follows. The technical drawing of the manufacturer (Armitage Shanks) indicates...
  5. JustinD

    Turbomax VUW 242 boiler problem with hot water

    Hi all So we still have this very old boiler but we have still having problems with the hot water, we have called out 3 repair engineer's, but as it's a old boiler everyone seems to guessing, so far they have changed the thermistor, secondary heat exchanger, primary heat exchanger, diverter...
  6. T

    Water Hammer problem

    We have had a minor water hammer issue for years but it was never really a problem until the last year or so. It is so loud it sometimes make you jump, it's driving us crackers. It happens sometimes when we use the electric shower or washing machine but then it's not at it's worse. It never...
  7. B

    Problem Thermostatic shower cartridge

    Hi, Newbie needs soem help please... i got a shower wall plate with shower diverter knob at top and thermostat knob below. The thermostat knob is dripping..... I took off the knob and can see the head of the thermostat cartrdige. I dont know the brand and it's not on the plate as fitted 12yrs...
  8. S

    Cistern problem/Meter readings

    Hi, I am just about to move into a new build property. I took the water meter readings and they read 000000,620 I had a look around the property like you do and used the toilet. When I flushed it the water kept trickling into the toilet and not into the cistern. The cistern is built...
  9. J

    Can anyone help to problem solve this noise from hot water system?

    Hot water system making a very high pitched squeal. Very loud when using the bath upstairs, not as loud in the downstairs kitchen but water pressure has dropped. My step dad (not a plumber) has changed the combination valve but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks! Attached are videos of the noise...
  10. M

    Rayburn 499kb lockout problem

    I have a fault on my Rayburn 499KB. The boiler side fires up fine when cold. Once its hot, or oven hot, it will not fire & goes to lockout. Cooker side is working fine. Has Ecoflam twin burners. I have had the burner out & replaced damaged PEC, leaking capacitor and both burner nozzles. Have...
  11. A

    Cold water flow problem has stumped 3 plumbers...can you help?!

    Afternoon all - We have a problem with very little/no cold water flow on the ground and first floor of our (fairly new build, 7 years old) 3 story town house. All flow is fine on the top floor and the hot water is unaffected and runs throughout the house. It's an unvented, balanced system...
  12. L

    New home owner. 10k pipe problem?

    My sewer pipe got clogged from flushing paper towels. Rotor rooter came and unclogged it. They also sent a camera threw it. These are the options they gave me. Does this seem right. Are these prices accurate? #1 jetting ( $1760) this is the minimum you can do will buy you time but only so much...
  13. Chris Eley

    Problem with shower pump

    I have a customer with a shower pump feeding the downstairs bathroom, kitchen hot and a hot tap and mono tap upstairs but downstairs works fine but the pump won’t feed the upstairs supplies, any ideas of a fix? The upstairs will work as long as something is open downstairs to get the pump running
  14. D

    Possible Problem with an EVOSTA 2 pump

    Hi all, I have had a new Grant boiler system fitted which powers 22 rads and an immersion heater - 8 of these rads are large double convectors. We have had a lot of issues with the install of this Grant boiler but my main issue is if the pump is man enough for this system. As mentioned it's a...
  15. S

    Had a new bath in no hot water

    Had new bath in now no hot water
  16. J

    Hot water problem in the kitchen

    Good afternoon, we have a Potterton Performa 30HE and have got a problem of having no hot water in the kitchen. The boiler is in the kitchen and feeds the bathroom first and then comes back down to the kitchen, the hot water is ok in the bathroom but the tap needs to be running virtually full...
  17. K

    Toilet flush problem with water coming down pan after successful flush

    Our toilet which is a year old has begun to have a problem with its flush. It flushes seemingly normally but then when the cistern has filled water comes down the pan for about 20-30 seconds then stops. Hoping somebody has a fix for this :)
  18. N

    I Have a problem with my central heating system

    At the end of December 2021, I moved into a ground floor flat with a "wet" Central Heating system. It is fitted with a Sadia Electric Boiler (Amtec 9Kw), which is fairly new and has been checked very recently. The system works OK when the room stat is set a temps below 15degrees but if it is set...
  19. T

    Aqualisa Aquastream 03 Problem

    Bought this shower in 2015 and it has been excellent. However, recently a problem is occuring intermittently. Sometimes, when I turn off the shower the motor continues to run even though the water flow stops. Eventually by fiddling with on/off dial we manage to stop the motor. Any advice on what...
  20. S

    Potterton Powermax with mains water problem

    I’ve been called out to a problem with a Potterton Powermax involved. The water pressure coming out of every tap dies off after around 30-50 secs. I took the multi-block off & pressure tested the mains where I have over 4 bar coming in. I changed the multi-block & although I have a slight...