1. K

    Frustrating problem with stuck End feed Tee

    Hi guys Bit of frustrating situation, I was preparing to solder a 15mm Tee by lining it up to get the positioning right, etc and it was quite tight feeding into one of the pipes. When I came to dismantle to apply flux, etc, this side has become completely stuck! I can't seem to remove it...
  2. M

    Aqualisa Shower Pressure Problem

    When I turn on the shower or bath, initially the pump runs (quite loudly) and only a trickle comes out. I have to alternate turning on the bath and shower before I get a reasonable flow. Then once it is running, if the water is at maximum temperature on the mixer it flows smoothly, but as soon...
  3. Zach054

    Electric shower problem

    Hi, I have fitted an electric shower, teed off the toilet cold feed (Mains) The pressure for the shower is very very poor just dribbling out. Pressure is fine Lpm is fine Fitted loads like this before and never had a problem Any suggestions ?
  4. L

    Underground oil tank feed problem

    This unit is located in France where they use diesel not kerosene. The feed from the underground tank is not getting through to the boiler. The boiler works fine if I connect the hoses up to a remote tank of diesel. I am assuming that a filter is blocked somewhere but there is nothing between...
  5. Zach054

    Cylinder problem

    Hi There was no shut off valve on the tank feed to the hot water cylinder, and I needed to move a couple of hot water pipes, so I shut off the mains water, turned boiler off (Remeha avanta) and opened the hot kitchen tap to drain the cylinder. After doing the work etc, Everything up and...
  6. E

    Fitting an air admittance valve to 32mm push fit elbow problem

    In the photo there is a grey 32mm push fit elbow between the sink trap and down pipe. I want to replace the elbow with a "male" push fit tee attached to an air admittance valve to stop gurgling noises. I can't find a tee fitting that description, can anybody offer a solution as you can see space...
  7. A

    Ideal boilers

    Anyone shed any light on ideal boilers catching fire , something about air pockets in the heat ex ? ,in a fault condition , thanks ray .
  8. K

    Problem with shower - old style electric hot water

    Hoping someone can please help. I have an intermittent fault with my electric hot water. I have an older style electric hot water service that heats on controlled load over night. The large tank is in roof space of 60s built villa unit. Every few mornings, no hot water will come out of...
  9. Johnny1973

    Weird, nonsensical radiator problem. Out of ideas...

    Hoping somebody can help, So, in a nutshell… Standard 90s Westbury home – condensing boiler, pump, wall thermostat, etc etc... Normal, common or garden, run-of-the-mill British housing estate CH setup. Downstairs radiator, 1 of 2 in our living room, went cold one evening mid-November last...
  10. S

    Shower screen reinsert problem

    Hi I had to remove the glass panels from this quadrant shower cubicle and I'm struggling to get one of the screens back in place properly. The small glass panel is supposed to slide into the wall channel, and some holes in the side of the channel (inside the cubicle) should align with some...
  11. T

    TP5000RF problem with programmes

    Good afternoon We have a TP5000RF thermostat. We have programmed it to put on the heating at specific times during the day and night, however it keeps overiding these times and the heating comes on at random. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated
  12. C

    Some radiators not hot

    Hi all, Looking for some advice please. Got a building, all one level with 7 radiators. 3 individual ones in separate rooms then 4 radiators all together in one large room. The issue is with the 4 radiators in the large room. Basically not getting hot, the first 10% of the radiator is...
  13. samwardill

    Flue problem . How best to get it looked at ?

    I’m getting water in my boiler which I think is coming from the flue (pictured). Is it likely that the issue is with the flue itself or the roof junction? I guess if it is the roof then I’m better asking a roofer rather than a heating engineer - right?
  14. B

    Problem with flow rate upstairs only

    Hi Could I ask for some help with a water flow rate problem. I have good mains water pressure on the ground floor. There is no tank in the loft but an unvented cylinder in the upstairs airing cupboard. A gas heat only boiler. Upstairs I have two en suite rooms. One with a shower and one with...
  15. hkgccf

    Boiler pressure problem - Baxi EcoBlue

    the pressure of my boiler looks unstable After i re-pressurize to 1.5 bar, using tap is ok without problem. but when turn on the central heating, the pressure rises over 2 and the error code 117 showing water pressure high After i did the bleeding and re-pressurize to 1.3 bar, the heating is...
  16. B

    Elevated tap problem

    I have a bathroom in my first-floor loft conversion. The header tank for the vented boiler is located as high as possible but the sink tap is just above the head of water so obviously the pump cannot self-start. A momentary activation of the bath tap overcomes the problem but it’s not very...
  17. S

    Flue position - will this be a problem?

    We are considering buying a house which currently has a 20 year old Ideal Icos boiler, so we're factoring in replacing the boiler soon. Current boiler is on an external kitchen wall with the flue going straight out. However, it's positioned in between a door and the kitchen window, quite close...
  18. J

    Macerator problem,shower slow to drain.

    Hi, I've installed a macerator a while ago to manufactures specs, toilet, sink and shower. One problem I've always had is the shower tray is slow to empty and has over flowed a couple of times.To get around this if I run the sink tap at the same time all works fine and the shower tray does work...
  19. rjpthrsh

    Fix plumbing problem

    How to fix this? I am in a pickle here. Have to converge water two pipes into one. He fixed something honey trap or something idk.
  20. B

    What is the problem with my oil central heating system?

    Context for issue: Last winter the temperature switch on my boiler shorted somehow, the boiler was then running WAY too hot and ended up blowing/melting a hole in one of the pipes. I repaired this by putting in a new stretch of pipe in and just connecting it to the existing pipes with two...

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