Problem solving consists of using generic or ad hoc methods, in an orderly manner, for finding solutions to problems. Some of the problem-solving techniques developed and used in artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, mathematics, or medicine are related to mental problem-solving techniques studied in psychology.

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  1. T

    Cleanout problem... cannot open cleanout to get to drain obstruction.

    I have an obstruction in a drain pipe. Plumbing was new with the house 65 years ago, and the particular cleanout I need to open has not been opened in all that time. I put a wrench on the plug expecting it to come out. Instead, the plug remains firmly seated in the flange, and the flange...
  2. C

    Problem radiator

    We live in a bungalow and have a problem radiator that will not heat up at all. My OH has changed the thermostatic valve, tried bleeding it and has this morning taken radiator off and flushed it, still cannot get any heat from it, appeared to start heating up when he had bleed valve open then...
  3. J

    Baxi Bermuda PW5 Gas Fire Problem

    Hi all, i have the above gas fire with back boiler. The boiler is working fine but there is a problem with the fire after first light of the cold season(cold according to my wife). The ignition has always been tempramentel so we have always used a "clicker" gas igniter. We press the knob down...
  4. J

    AGPO ECONPACT problem

    Hello, I live in the Netherlands and I have a central heating system without boiler (AGPO ECONPACT 235c). It is leaking( very slow) a yellow thick sticky substance. it can hardly be removed if it drips to the ground. Does anyone know what it is?
  5. D

    central heating problem

    burner heating water but not rads any ideas
  6. Eric

    Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive 838 problem

    The boiler temperature is set at 70 degrees but when it fires up for heating it gets to about 45 then shuts down. The flame symbol during heating only shows two bars, out of the four. This is followed by the display of Heating Rem. off time 5 mins. And counts down before firing up again. The...
  7. T

    Glowworm Micron 40FF problem

    Hi I have a Glowworm Micron 40FF and it fires up ok but then trips out after a little while with the two LEDs alternately flashing. The thermistor value is ok and the OH stat switch is closed The manual says this is a software sequence error so I thought it was a PCB fault However I have now...
  8. M

    Honeywell ST699 Programmer Problem

    I have a System boiler with a programmable room stat and a still very common Honeywell ST699 basic programmer - ten years old. I know that this crosses over into an ‘electrical’ issue but would appreciate if anyone could tell me if anyone has seen this fault and if it shows shows it is faulty...
  9. E

    Bath/shower screen problem

    Hi, I have just fitted a 180 degree pivot bath screen and it will not stay on the bath edge and always swings into the bath. I have checked with a spirit level and it appears to be completely straight, so was wondering if anyone has any solutions to stop this happening? Would a better (thicker).
  10. S

    F1 Problem on an Ideal logic 24 combi

    Hi My ideal boiler (24) was fitted as a used swap (from a 35) a few weeks ago and the engineer is now ignoring me. It shows F1 and when I top it up (to 1 bar) it works fine for a couple of hours. It then spits water outside to release the excess pressure I guess, then it shows F1 and I...
  11. R

    Thermostatic Shower Interoperability Problem

    Hi guys, I need to replace a shower that has 22mm inlet pipes that I have been unable to repair. I do note that the majority of thermostatic showers now have 15mm inlet pipes. My questions are: 1. Is it possible to get some kind of adaptor to convert these two 22mm outlet to a 15mm one...
  12. P

    Worcester 42cdi Hot water problem

    Hello, I have a problem with my Worcester Greenstar 42cdi. It was working fine until yesterday. when I noticed that the hot water would not get hot. upon further investigation, I am even more baffled. The boiler is in the upstairs bathroom. 1. Bathroom sink, (closest to boiler) gives warm water...
  13. P

    Bathroom Floor Tile Problem

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a house constructed around 2006. The bathroom is about 9ft square with a corner jacuzi bath. The tiled floor has a lot of lateral cracks in it, in at least 3 separate areas (see pics). My initial thought was that the floor was probably not done correctly and is...
  14. mgw

    Pump on return is there a problem?

    I know years ago before the TRV the pump went on the return, but new house to me, all TRV's on radiators except for bathroom which does not really count as that is thermo syphon, not worried about boiler as thermo syphon domestic hot water with no motorised valve, but am worried about pump, will...
  15. M

    Problem with burned baffle Baxi Solo

    Hi Folks, Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. I have some engineering knowledge but would not touch a gas boiler! I have a maintenance contract and the engineer came to check my Baxi Solo 2 PF for its annual service / inspection. On opening up there were lots of tutting noises. As I was...
  16. T

    Is it a problem with Diverter Valve?

    My 5 year old Bosch system has recently started the CH sytem when the heating side of the controller is in OFF periods. The HW side still working to set times, and although not getting full heat on the towel rails, some heating is occurring outside the CH times set. I turned off CH side for 24...
  17. R

    Mira sport 1998-2005 problem

    Hi, my mira sport shower only gives out cold. Reading some posts I thought I would replace the thermal switch as its relatively cheap. But when I took the case off to check the switch before ordering I noticed this build up. Does anyone think is still worth replacing the switch or is it more...
  18. B

    Honeywell V4043H Weird Problem

    I wonder if anyone can help with this... One radiator circuit is constantly hot even though the room stats are not calling for heat. So the rad circuit is being fed with hot wat er from the manifold if (for example) the hot water cylinder is calling for heat. I suspected a stuck valve so I...
  19. A

    Vaillant Ecotec 937+ problem

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help... We have a 937plus about 8 years old. Some weeks ago we noticed radiators were hot but no hot water when demanded. Quick fix was to switch boiler off the back on. Our regular heating guy has diagnosed faulty diverter valve which seems logical to my very...
  20. A

    Vaillant 937 Ecotec Plus problem

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help... We have a 937plus about 8 years old. Some weeks ago we noticed radiators were hot but no hot water when demanded. Quick fix was to switch boiler off the back on. Our regular heating guy has diagnosed faulty diverter valve which seems logical to my very...
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