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  1. G

    Secondary return problem

    Had a customer contact me today. They have brought a property that has an unvented cylinder with a secondary return. The property has been extended the hot taps in the original side of the house work ok but the hot taps in the extension side run hot for a few seconds then go cold. The run is...
  2. S

    Combi boiler/shower mixer problem

    Hi. I have a Baxi Combi Instant 105e boiler. The problem is that the shower ran cold. So I called Brit Gas and they came and changed the DHW diaphragm and a temp sensor. The Hot water to all the taps is fine and constant but the hot water to the shower mixer goes cold more or less as soon as...
  3. O

    Shower problem with Iflo shower.

    I have a shower with an Iflo unit that is leaking. intermals are Halkin unit, 53560601G can I get replacement or service.
  4. M

    New macerator problem

    Hi, I have just fitted a new toilet macerator, the unit works fine when you flush the toilet, but when the sink or shower is used, it runs on and off and won't stop unless you flush the toilet...can any one advise??
  5. I

    Baxi 100 HE ignition problem

    Can anybody provide some help with the ignition problem in video please?
  6. M

    Hot water temperature problem

    I have a Glow Worm 24HX Condensing boiler on the ground floor with a pump in the same cupboard, a hot water storage cylinder in the airing cupboard upstairs (Kingspan 1500 x 450 grade 3, 162 Litre. cylinder) in the eaves area I have another pump (both pumps are Salus MP200 domestic circulating...
  7. S

    My boiler is leaking, has anyone else had this problem?

    Hi folk got a leaking boiler, WB greenstar combi. Has anyone had this before? Drips on the outside of the boiler.. was recently serviced and all seemed ok then. Thanks! 1579987904 Is this difficult or expensive to sort out? 1579987976 I dropped the pressure to just over 1 bar as it was nearly...
  8. F

    Linking water to shepherds hut

    Hi, I’m currently building a shepherds hut. I’m trying to link it up to my parents house for water and electricity. The problem I have is that my parents use a borehole system to feed there house. My proposed site for the hut is about 50-60m away from the house, and probably a 6m drop from the...
  9. phil hair

    glow worm ultracom 18hxi low flame problem

    hi, Im looking at a glow worm ultracom 18hxi that heats up to mid 70s/80s works for about 20 mins, then goes into low gas mode (one flame on display) and stays there for the rest of time. no heat in the water or rads. I have changed a 3 way valve (which was jammed with the black stuff) I then...
  10. B

    Is a missing flange the problem?

    I have a 2nd pump which has recently stopped working properly. Symptoms are 1) usually loses pressure quickly and the pump gets louder 2) no pressure at all. We can fix it by either changing the mixer tap on the shower to cold, then back to hot or by giving the hot feed pipe to the pump a shake...
  11. S

    Shower valve problem???

    Happy new year I have two showers in the house but this only affects one of them and no impact on any taps either. the showers are the type where there’s just a small control showing through the wall (mixer?) with hot/cold and pressure controls on the same unit. the pressure is good but the...
  12. PolypipeOverlay

    Pipes going in at angle into Underfloor Heating Manifold Problem?

    Is it acceptable to have plastic pipe going into the manifold at such angles as shown in photo? There is definitely stress on the fittings as the pipe is pulling hard to one side on numerous connections. The manifold does not leak under pressure test. Should it be kept as is if it does not leak...
  13. J

    Problem with new Grundfos UPS

    Hello everyone, I have a problem, to which there is probably a simple solution but I can't see the wood for the trees. I swapped out an old Grundfos pump for the new one. Gone is the lovely old silver button on the front where you can bleed the pump and now we have more bells and whistles. But...
  14. S

    What’s the problem here

    Hi, Can anyone identify what the fault is with this boiler? Beforehand it was cutting out and then back on constantly, before giving up completely over a few weeks. Grant Vortex Combi 21external oil
  15. D

    Can anyone please help with a water hammer problem?

    My cold water feed (from a private supply) has a pump because the head isn't great. This has worked well for years but recently started to make a hammering noise. I can see that this is due to the pump starting and stopping when the water level in the tank is almost enough to close the valve . I...
  16. A

    URGENT Noisy boiler problem

    Can someone please advise as to what is causing this issue with my sons boiler
  17. O

    Help needed on central heating problem

    Evening gents I have a Worcester green star ri controlled by a Honeywell st9420c controller and wireless thermostat All working fine this morning now when home from work I’m getting no heating. The light is on on the controller and the digital thermostat is showing the fire symbol but there’s...
  18. M

    Hole in the slab for vertical plumber position problem.

    The red one is sewage system. The workers put the vertical plumb where the big black dot is (зошто овде дупка во плоча за одвот) that means why there. There is a hole in the slab 30cm from each side of the wall. On the one side i understand cause there is a concrete beam, but on the other side...
  19. R

    Shower pump problem salamander ct60bu

    Evening all, Finished a full bathroom 2 days ago The system required a negative head pump to be installed (salamander ct60bu) as there was not enough head of pressure for a standard pump, Here is the installation spec/layout, The pump is installed at the base of the cylinder (1m below draw off).
  20. Gee

    Water temperature from electric shower is a problem

    Hello, I'm using a Triton Amber III and sometimes the water is just totally cold and other times irregular and the light at the top of the unit doesn't come on. Can anyone tell me what's happening? Thanks.