1. P

    hep2O piping to rads advice

    Hi All I'm planning on replacing a couple of rads soon as they are far too small for the size of the room causing the room to take an age to heat up but they are all connected via what I assume is Hep2O nothing is labled on the pipes that route behind the rad just on the flap behind the rad...
  2. M

    Looking for advice or help

    I am repiping my radiators with pex al pex, manifolds. 2 zones one 4 rads and one 2 rads. I will have the circulator pumps on the return. The picture is sorta what I am going for My questions are: where should I install my expansion tank? what else should I have/add into the piping? if...
  3. C

    Basin Waste and Piping and Not Aligned - Causing Weeping of Connectors

    In my last posting, I requested assistance in exchanging a waste that had been fitted using silicone, without actually removing the basin. Mission accomplished. However, I now have a further issue for which I would welcome any suggestions or advice. I decided to replace the McAlpine Pedestal...
  4. andycorleone

    Kitchen Piping Tundish problem

    For over a week the kitchen sink is leaking water from what I think is called tundish ( I thought is was called overflow but little google search maybe pointed me to the right name) my guess is the pipe is slightly blocked because this only happens when there is a huge amount of water coming...
  5. A

    Extend copper piping

    Hi, i made the daft decision to fit my own new bathroom - like for like replacement of suite, no moving pipes. i have reached thenpoint kf tiling over my shower pipes to fit my new shower and i think they are too short. They only protrude from the tile around 10-15mm and this needs to be at...
  6. W

    Install boiler piping outside

    Hi there what’s the recommendations( also the type of insulation) for laying pex boiler pipes outside underground. And how do account for expansion over the length of about 15 metres. Thank you.
  7. D

    Loft insulation on piping

    Hi All, I have an unvented cylinder system up in my loft (tank, boiler & piping etc). I have insulated the loft roof (so kinsgpan in the rafters) On our coldest day so far this year the loft temp went down to 9°C, outside was around 0°C. I have many exposed pipes from my boiler system up...
  8. A

    Should I be concerned by this gas piping connection?

    Hi all, The shop below my flat has recently had gas and an external box installed. Two days ago British Gas fitted a meter then yesterday workman started drilling into box and messing with piping. The box door was left open so I had a look and took these photos. Obviously I'm concerned...
  9. J

    Piping rads

    Hi, looking to pipe a new build, oil boiler, multilayer with radiators(low temperature). The home owner hasn't provided me with any plans and although I know how I'd like to pipe I don't want it to be too expensive as they're a young couple. I'd love to feed two Manifolds, upstairs and down...
  10. P

    TBSE on a very long radiator

    I have a 225cm wide, 45cm high radiator on a standard vented, 8mm microbore two-pipe, fully pumped system. I am getting rid of its old twin entry radiator valve to install a trv, so I need to decide where to position it and the lockshield. Easiest option would be TBSE (top-bottom, same end) on...
  11. plumbingdoctor

    What are the right types of pipes to be used in underground piping?

    Hello guys Any thought I installed underground pipes assume any code requirements in installing a pipe when the frost gets deep in winter. I'm using a PVC
  12. S

    Corrosion problem in central heating system with standard plastic piping?

    Five years ago I had a new central heating system installed. The pipework for two of the radiators was done in plastic, running under the floorboards. Although the system was dosed with plenty of Sentinel X100 inhibitor, after about 18 months the water suddenly started to go brown, and I had to...
  13. I

    New radiator installed,piping issue

    Last year i had a new radiator installed in the bedroom,done by a friend who said he knew what he was doing.Anyway recently the radiator has not been getting warm. Could this problem have anything to do with how the radiator has been connected. Please view the attachment to get what i am...
  14. R

    Changed piping - homeboost pump not working?

    Hi all, First-time poster. Today I had some leaky 3/4" pipe changed along with a stopcock to 15mm. On the pipe, directly after the stopcock is a Salamander homeboost pump which has helped massively with the pressure. So the pipework went from 3/4" either side of the pump , to 15mm. After the...
  15. J

    40mm piping - welded parts / coupler / compression question

    Newbie - elemental parts-ordering question here:, relating to the size i need to refer to / compatibility when ordering replacement pipe parts. For 40mm piping (under sink / washing machine arrangement) - see photo 1. For 40mm piping, when ordering welding couplers, welding bends and welding...
  16. C

    Piping to replace Twin Entry Valve

    Hi - I have the (apparently) dreaded twin entry valve radiators. I really would like to get rid of my immersion heater (to make additional room in a new bathroom) so I believe I can't have a combi boiler with these old twin entry valves. So I would like to re-route the outlet valve (that goes to...
  17. milleniumaire

    Nice to have's for new CH piping?

    Having had a chat with my heating engineer this week, and a further chat with a very helpful person at Vaillant support, I'm now feeling confident that the Spirotech Spirocross AX100 LLH is the way to go with my CH enhancements. It's a little pricey but does provide the additional air and dirt...
  18. R

    Combining feed and vent piping from F and E tank

    It would save me a lot of faff if it was acceptable to combine the feed and vent in the manner shown in diagram below. Or should I resort to separate pipes for each, as small sketch. Boiler is Potterton Suprima I would be grateful for your advice. Thanks Rudy
  19. S

    Radiator valve replacement and piping alteration

    Can someone please advise me on the following problem? I have a Worcester CD30 SYSTEM boiler which is connected to the plumbing in an S configuration. Heating is pumped and hot water is pumped via 2 diverter valves. There is a radiator in the upstairs en suite which is part of the hot water...
  20. M

    Piping up bath taps?

    Hi guys. When installing a bath what is the preferred method of piping up the taps? Hard pipe or are people happy to use flexis?

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