1. F

    Rain,Bath,Greywater recycling

    Is anyone interested in a two butt rain/bathwater/greywater recycling project?
  2. J

    SVP (grey water) gases leaking out - What do you see (pics)?

    Hi all, I would really appreciate your eyes on these pictures - What do you see ? Does anything look strange about the Rockwool insulation to you? I suspect that my long ongoing rotting veg/sewage smell is caused by a fault in this connection that has been hidden from previous inspections...
  3. D

    Greywater Gravity Drain Problems

    Hey guys, I live in Arizona where it is hot as blazes and water is scarce. I made a DIY gravity drain system to reuse water from my washing machine to water my trees. Below is a really well-drawn sketch (haha) of the setup. My problem is that little to no water comes out at the tree! I already...

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