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  1. L

    low flow rate, undecided on options.

    Hi I have an old property with a Low flow rate coming in from Mains. Old black imperial pipe from a long run. This is not a simple job to replace so looking for other options. It currently has 5 bar on standing but drops off as soon as one tap or shower is used. <1 bar. The property is being...
  2. K

    what shower head is fast flow

    so long story short... old shower going hot and cold new shower installed new shower going and cold heat exchanger plate replaced shower still hot and cold kitchen hot tap (not a mixer staying hot) just removed the shower head on the new shower to test the water coming directly through...
  3. R

    gravity flow

    Can gravity flow work in a circular motion ? e.g. 28mm flow rising from stove accross ceiling down through cyl coil and return to stove under floor I know that this system has to be vented properly. I could fully pump as an alternative as the cylinder is about 5 m from boiler. I have plumbed...
  4. J

    Higher Flow rate required

    Hi there, I'm away to first fix 3 x 1 bedroom flats. There is is One Cold supply in basement below flats, the pressure/flow rate isn't great. Without getting council to Install a bigger service is it possible to install a pump or Cold main booster to give adequate flow rate to these...
  5. J

    Higher Flow rate needed

    Hi there, I am about 1st fix 3 x 1 bedroom flats, small 15 litre water heaters under basins and sinks. Electric showers. Problem is there is One 25mm (poly) cold feed with low pressure. Without involving Council for Larger supply to property is it possible to install a suitable pump...
  6. K

    HELP - Identify Flow Cartridge ?

    Hi PF - Can anyone help identify Manufacturer of this Flow Cartridge - spindle is 71mm long, taken out using 23mm box spanner . didn't get rest of the dims from my plumber before they put faulty part back into the wall . have tried all usual suspects . shower doctor, national shower spares...
  7. A

    Advice on flow to radiators after new boiler

    Hi All, I am looking for a bit of advice. I am not a plumber, just a DIYer who has been doing his own plumbing for more than 40 years. I understand how central heating works with flow and return but have a bit of a potential issue which I want to discuss. Bit of background first. I had a...
  8. J

    Flow gauges for central heating pipe work

    Whilst installing a new heat only boiler today I thought why don't we have flow gauges, in litres per min, on the flow immediately after the pump and then on the return near the boiler? This would allow us to see in real time the performance of the pump and the loss of flow around the system...
  9. R

    Trevi boost shower mixer, hot water flow only.

    Hi, Our shower only gives out hot water. The volume control works fine but the temp control turns fully both ways without any cooling effect. A plumber has tested and said that cold water is reaching the mixer ok,( the separate bath mixer tap below works fine with hot and cold ). The plumber...
  10. J

    Will a new Combi boiler improve shower flow??

    As the title says. I have been going round in circles deciding what to buy or get fitted (with a raft of various advice)...the short story (so far). I have an old Combi boiler needs replacing and, I am having a new bathroom installed in October but, I want to improve the all round shower...
  11. A

    Version boiler flow rate.

    I have decided to go for the Version boiler when I get my system upgraded but I currently have a Glowworm 35 store which gives lashings off hot water which ilike, so I'm looking at the 111-w as its the same performance as the glow worm, I did initially go for the 100w button I was a bit...
  12. townfanjon

    Gas flow rate table. .

    Guys , do any of you fine chaps have the figures for 35 mm copper tube flow rates ( 3 , 6 , 9 meters etc etc ) only one I have goes up to 28 mm . Cheers in advance
  13. G

    Vaillant Ecotec 630 - Flow Temp

    Ok so am looking for a bit of guidance. Last year I had a Vaillant ECOTEC 630 Plus (System Boiler Version) installed to upgrade an old Keston something or other. According to the manual (and if I am reading it right) I should be able to set a target flow temp for the when the water Cylinder is...
  14. B

    15mm flow and return, plate exchanger blockage?

    The combi boiler has 22mm flow and return outlets but they are immediately reduced to 15mm as they come out the boiler. After the pipes come out of the boiler, they split off into 3 branches. Branch 1 is for a single radiator only. Branch 2 feeds about 9000BTU diownstairs and branch 3 feeds...
  15. M

    Any apps for calculating flow...

    of water through pipes at different pressures and sizes?
  16. R

    Flow rate of 20mm MDPE

    Hi Not sure if this is the right forum but i wanted advise on flow rates coming into a house. I have an incoming blue MDPE 20mm pipe that terminates into some kind of connector that goes to 15mm copper. From here into a stop tap and then to the rest of the house. Testing the flow rate at...
  17. T

    Flow rate on Intergas Boiler

    Hi I am thinking about buying a small intergas boiler. The HRE 24/18. It is a 17kw boiler but the house i rent out is a 2 bed terrace. It has a bathroom with bath and a shower over it run off the boiler. My concern is the low Flow rate on this boiler. Has anyone had any issues with it .
  18. N

    Fast flow vs high flow waste?

    Hi guys - what is the difference between the two waste types. As I understand both enable water to drain effectively and both can be used with shower trays but how do we know which one to buy? Also from the sizes they both come in 90mm. Are Mcalpine wastes the most effective or can I just go...
  19. Simmo

    Hot Water Flow Decreasing.

    Hi, I have an Ideal Logic Combi C24 boiler in a house which I've recently bought and I noticed the other day that when I turn on the hot water tap to a 'steady flow' that the flow starts off OK but then rapidly decreases to a trickle. If I open the tap a bit more it seems to settle down and run...
  20. S

    Flow switch, sheared bolts...

    Hello, failed flow switch on potterton precision boiler. British gas, sealed system. There had been some water escaping and the bolts retaining the flow switch to side of boiler became seized, I tryed penetrating oil (wd40) and they began to come out... Then sheared. They are protruding maybe...

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