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Flow (stylized as flOw) is an independent video game created by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark. Originally released as a free Flash game in 2006 to accompany Chen's master's thesis, it was reworked into a 2007 PlayStation 3 game by his development studio, Thatgamecompany. SuperVillain Studios developed a PlayStation Portable version of the game in 2008, and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions in 2013. In Flow, the player navigates a series of two-dimensional (2D) planes with an aquatic microorganism that evolves by consuming other microorganisms. The game's design is based on Chen's research into dynamic difficulty adjustment at the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Division, and on psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's theoretical concept of mental immersion or flow.
The Flash version of Flow received 100,000 downloads within its first two weeks of release, and had been played over 3.5 million times by 2008. Its PlayStation 3 re-release was the most downloaded game on the PlayStation Network in 2007 and won the Best Downloadable Game award at the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards. It was nominated for awards by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). Reviewers praised Flow's visual and audio appeal, but noted the simplicity of its gameplay; several considered it to be more of an art piece than a game.

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  1. R

    Advice on Flow and Thermastat

    I live in a very cold 3 bed detacthed house. We have a Baxi 400 heat only boiler and use Tado smart thermostat and controler to replace the old honeywell programmer. Pump is a CirculatingPumps CP50. The boiler flow temp is set at 75c and the thermistat is at 21c but it is not warm enough and...
  2. G

    Flow / return pipe layout - is this sensible?

    Hello folks I've moved into a property last month and started to note things that may need looking at. Some of the radiators on the ground floor aren't getting very hot, I've had a few passes of balancing to no avail, In light of the above, I took a look down in the subfloor yesterday to take...
  3. S

    Flow temperature discrepancy

    Morning all, I have a Worcester Bosch 8000 life 40kw boiler on system with 7 radiators and the boiler is located in the loft of a 1907 end of terrace house. It has been range rated down to 50% and I currently have the flow temperature set to 64, due to slow warm up. I recently purchased a...
  4. S

    Boiler output flow issues

    Morning all, I have a Worcester Bosch 8000 life 40kw boiler on system with 7 radiators and the boiler is located in the loft of a 1907 end of terrace house. It has been range rated down to 50% and I currently have the flow temperature set to 64, due to slow warm up. I recently purchased a...
  5. C

    Grohe Eurosmart 3246720l Poor Flow After Straghtforward Installation

    I fitted a brand new Grohe Eurosmart 3246720l (See Photo 1) mono basin tap a few days ago, replacing my previous Grohe tap (See Photo 2) as it had develop a small leak. Absolutely straightforward swap out, as I had 3/8” adapters in place from the previous installation. However, the water...
  6. T

    Very very low hot water flow

    Hello, I’ve been doing my first refurbishment is a two bed flat with a bathroom and ensuite . Learnt a lot and been grateful for input’s especially from Shaun. The customer had ordered swan neck mixer taps for kitchen, bathroom and ensuite. On installing then all the hot water flow is none...
  7. B

    Bi Flow dual taps query

    Hi everyone, I need to replace the kitchen tap, all my neighbours have two single taps in their kitchen and bathroom whereas I have a single lever tap in the bathroom and kitchen. Due to living in a flat and having a shared water supply I was advised to get a dual flow tap for the kitchen so...
  8. F

    Rothenburg water flow cups

    Hi guys I have been asked to install a new electric shower at a property. The customer is saying her old one has no power. She has a combi boiler so can’t fit a power shower and the original shower only has a cold water feed. I am looking at investing in a rothenburg flow cup. Are they any good...
  9. S

    No heating flow. Pump and diverter working, what else could be wrong?

    Hello all, I have a WorcesterBosch Greenstar 42CDi classic combi, which is providing DHW fine, but not heating. Was working fine in spring, probably not been used until recently now it's colder. When heating is called for, the boiler fires up ok but soon shuts down the heater as the...
  10. Z

    Vailant ecotec Flow Return f23 problem

    Please can anyone let me know if the NTC thermostats are on the correct way around?? I did have problems with the return pipe heating up before the flow so I'm thinking the last plumber may have swapped them around somehow. Havin now reconfigure the central heating i've plumbed in all the...
  11. I

    Can I do anything to boost flow rate into my Roca cistern?

    Hello, First post, be gentle! Anyway, here's my issue. I have a Roca The Gap D-Trit close-couple toilet with integrated macerator in my secondary bathroom. In all it's a great solution for a problem location for a bathroom. However, the cistern has a typical european style side inlet pipe, and...
  12. J

    Unable to lower boiler flow temperature.

    Hi. Just got a new Worcester Bosch 28cdi. The central heating temperature control will only turn clockwise from the "e" point which is 62 degrees to the maximum which is 85 degrees. It will not turn anti-clockwise from the "e" point to decrease the temperature. The manual says the "e" point...
  13. 1

    Solar thermal flow meter blocked

    Hi, Solar thermal not so big these days but a couple of Q for anyone who still works in it. Background. I'm an Electrician not a plumber.. I've been maintaining my otherwise excellent solar thermal (Original install MCS by Others), for the last ~ 18 years, over which time I've needed to clean...
  14. I

    Zone valve Flow Direction may be incorrect - Advice required

    Hi, first time plumber and poster here. I've installed two new zone valves and replicated the direction inwhich the original valves were installed. I'm really confused now as I think the originals may have been installed the wrong way round. The Grundfos pumps' arrow is pointing down whereas my...
  15. Z

    Return pipe hotter than flow from boiler

    Seems strange and I may be reading the MI wrong but i dont understand how the return pipe seems to be hotter than the flow. I have a Vailant EcoTec 438 conventional condensing boiler. Here's a photo of the install. You can see the plumber put a Magnaclean on what i thought is the return flow...
  16. T

    No flow from Megaflo.

    I’ve a Megaflo system with a conventional boiler, and yesterday, with no warning, it stopped passing any water. The cold flow is fine, there’s only the tiniest trickle from the hot taps on the lower floors, nothing on the higher ones. I’ve checked the combination valve for blockages, and...
  17. alexic82

    Flow rate of LPG bottle

    Hi Guys Not sure if this is the correct area to post? Firstly, i'm not doing this work myself but I need to get a question answered as it impacts an outdoor kitchen slab i'm going to pour and need to run pipe or conduit under it. Having a commercial LPG griddle installed on the outdoor...
  18. D

    Is it possible to 'repair' a Hep2O (Wavin) UFH flow control?

    After balancing the flows, one of these blighters has started to drip very slowly from under the red cap. It feels loose to turn, so I suspect the seal around the spindle is to blame. It won't be 'worn' as such, as they don't get fiddled with for years, but this tiny adjustment was seemingly...
  19. H

    What happens if you set a flow temperature lower than HW cylinder

    Hi there, I was wondering if you set a boiler flow temperature at lets say 50 degrees and your unvented indirect cylinder is at 55 degrees - is it the case your cylinder will never reach up to temperature, or will it reach the temperature but just take longer? I have an older boiler where I can...
  20. J

    Single pipe systems - can I reverse the flow

    I have a single pipe system retrofitted to a 1930's house. It is powered by a condensing gas boiler. As expected, the radiators get cooler the further they are from the boiler. It occurred to me that if I fitted a "crossover switch" between the punp and the radiators I could send the water...
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