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Flow (stylized as flOw) is an independent video game created by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark. Originally released as a free Flash game in 2006 to accompany Chen's master's thesis, it was reworked into a 2007 PlayStation 3 game by his development studio, Thatgamecompany. SuperVillain Studios developed a PlayStation Portable version of the game in 2008, and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions in 2013. In Flow, the player navigates a series of two-dimensional (2D) planes with an aquatic microorganism that evolves by consuming other microorganisms. The game's design is based on Chen's research into dynamic difficulty adjustment at the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Division, and on psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's theoretical concept of mental immersion or flow.
The Flash version of Flow received 100,000 downloads within its first two weeks of release, and had been played over 3.5 million times by 2008. Its PlayStation 3 re-release was the most downloaded game on the PlayStation Network in 2007 and won the Best Downloadable Game award at the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards. It was nominated for awards by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). Reviewers praised Flow's visual and audio appeal, but noted the simplicity of its gameplay; several considered it to be more of an art piece than a game.

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  1. T

    No flow from Megaflo.

    I’ve a Megaflo system with a conventional boiler, and yesterday, with no warning, it stopped passing any water. The cold flow is fine, there’s only the tiniest trickle from the hot taps on the lower floors, nothing on the higher ones. I’ve checked the combination valve for blockages, and...
  2. alexic82

    Flow rate of LPG bottle

    Hi Guys Not sure if this is the correct area to post? Firstly, i'm not doing this work myself but I need to get a question answered as it impacts an outdoor kitchen slab i'm going to pour and need to run pipe or conduit under it. Having a commercial LPG griddle installed on the outdoor...
  3. D

    Is it possible to 'repair' a Hep2O (Wavin) UFH flow control?

    After balancing the flows, one of these blighters has started to drip very slowly from under the red cap. It feels loose to turn, so I suspect the seal around the spindle is to blame. It won't be 'worn' as such, as they don't get fiddled with for years, but this tiny adjustment was seemingly...
  4. H

    What happens if you set a flow temperature lower than HW cylinder

    Hi there, I was wondering if you set a boiler flow temperature at lets say 50 degrees and your unvented indirect cylinder is at 55 degrees - is it the case your cylinder will never reach up to temperature, or will it reach the temperature but just take longer? I have an older boiler where I can...
  5. J

    Single pipe systems - can I reverse the flow

    I have a single pipe system retrofitted to a 1930's house. It is powered by a condensing gas boiler. As expected, the radiators get cooler the further they are from the boiler. It occurred to me that if I fitted a "crossover switch" between the punp and the radiators I could send the water...
  6. H

    How to best measure flow and return from boiler?

    Hi there, I have the following system boiler setup with a low loss header and four different circuits. I've set the boiler flow to different levels between 65 to 70 degrees but the surface temperature readings never seem to reach much above 55 degrees into the LLH - I have tried a clip on...
  7. G

    WB Greenstar 8000 Range Rating and Flow Temp

    Hi all, I've had a WB 8000 35kw boiler installed today and was searching through some websites which talked about range rating your boiler and/or turning down the flow temperature to save on cost. I spoke to the engineer that installed it and he advised against rage rating saying that having 17...
  8. A

    Glow-worm ultracom - pcb or flow sensor?

    Good morning. We have a 10 year old Ultracom which now very frequently thinks there's a demand for hot water, even though there isn't, so the boiler kicks into that mode, and sits there heating tap water that isn't going anywhere. Sometimes this happens if a cold tap has been used or the loo...
  9. S

    Need to renew 17yr old combi boiler.

    Renewing 17yr old Gloworm combi boiler, running dom h/w and 15 rads, 40% are doubles. Water flow from stop valve has been measured as 6L p/m, is that enough to run system effectively?
  10. P

    Worcester 37 combi flow adaptor cost

    What would be a fair charge to fit a flow adaptor to a Worcester combi boiler? Thanks
  11. C

    no flow through boiler

    two storey house with vented system and baxi boiler. Have had the BAXI engineers to fix a slight leak on boiler but when they tried to fill the boiler there was no flow . They think that the cold water feed is perhaps blocked with sludge although this enters the 22mm return flow just after the...
  12. G

    How to prioritise flow at tee

    I have a water pipe (unpumped) from a stream in to my shed that houses a water tank. I require a continuous flow of water along pipe A in the photo. At the tee junction water can also be fed in to the tank, pipe B. I want Pipe A to run continuously (it heads straight in to another stream) but...
  13. H

    Hello from a DIYer in Shropshire

    My toilet cistern has a black box inside hiding all the components. How do I sort out the problem I have with my toilet constantly running/emptying?
  14. daniel218

    Slow tap flow after new tap valve

    Recently had a repair done on a leaky tap they replaced the tap valve on my bathroom 1/4 turn taps, now the hot tap flow is slower What my problem please and what could I do to fix? They is no areiator on my taps
  15. WizPip

    Fast hot water then noise and normal flow after heating hot water

    Hello, I'm a fairly adept DIYer but I have an issue with my plumbing and not entirely sure what's left to check. I have an unvented indirect system with 1 hot / 1 heating zone, cylinder is a Range Tribune HE 150L pre-plumbed. For quite a while now I've had a problem where after the hot water...
  16. F

    Mixed diameter Flow & Returns

    Hi all. Recently had a new combi installed (Glow-worm Energy 30kw) in a new location (moved from upstairs to down). The flow and returns now leave the boiler in 22mm (for approx 1m), then drop to 15mm to feed the first two upstairs radiators, which are closest to the new location. This then...
  17. A

    No water flow into cistern

    Hi I have a Dudley vantage dual flush pneumatic Niagara flush valve system. The cistern is not refilling after a flush. The system has never been good - refilling very very slowly but now not even doing this. I can turn on /off the cold water tap on the bath which is situated next to the cistern...
  18. Z

    Hansgrohe showerselect curious flow issue

    Hansgrohe showerselect shower (push button on/off + temperature) fed from mains/combi. Flow rate dropped. Removed shower head which is fine (tested on another shower). Good pressure and flow rate from hose without shower head. Restricted flow through hose by placing thumb over end - flow...
  19. T

    gradual slow hot flow all taps

    This is probably a basic one, but just wanted to check. Hot water flow to all taps has gradually been getting slower over time and the thermostatic shower now needs to be turned up hotter to get a reasonable shower temperature. Its a vented cylinder heated by an oil boiler and the cylinder stat...
  20. J

    Vaillant EcoTEC Pro 28 - radiator flow temp locked to 50 degrees

    Hello all, I’m looking for some advice on my Vaillant boiler, which is controlled by my Hive thermostat. I have set the radiator flow temperature to 75 degrees on the boiler control panel, but the actual temperature never gets hotter than 50. I have done some checks, and believe I have found...
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