1. T

    No hot water flow

    Afternoon. I have an issue with no water flow from any of the hot taps in the house, I can't seem to find a solution to the issue. System is a megaflo unvented indirect cylinder (125i) boiler is a Worcester greenstar. I have good pressure on the cold feed and all the usual stuff works, taps...
  2. M

    Why is Rad. Feed not as Hot as Flow Temp I've Set?

    Why is the radiator feed approx. 24degC just beyond/out of the Vaillant gas boiler (and also at the first radiator), when I've set the flow temp to 53degC? With boiler firing, the 53deg setting is always flashing on and off on the display - does this mean it never actually gets to 53? Thanks!
  3. T

    Hot water flow/pressure

    I recently had an eco tec plus 836 combi installed as part of an oil to gas conversion. One thing I can’t work out is why the bathroom sink hot water flow is 12-13L per minute with at 44c and even hotter. However the nearby bath freestanding tap is 8-9L per minute at this temp. Both taps...
  4. S

    Intermittent low hot water flow all taps

    Hello All, I wonder if you can help me? I have intermittent hot water low flow from all taps in my 4 bedroom house upstairs and downstairs. I can sometimes recover the usual water pressure by turning the hot and cold water taps on and off which seems very strange to me. There is no problem...
  5. M

    Gas pressure drop with flow to a larger pipe from a smaller one?

    Hi, Non-professional / knowledgeable person here. I'm a Brit in Romania who volunteers for a charity building an old peoples home for needy old people. Out here competence and integrity is harder to come by in a worker, in fact it's hard to find workers at all where we are in the countryside...
  6. G

    Saniflo Compact toilet-water flows into pan

    Hi there I fitted a Sanicompact 43 about10 years ago. A few years ago i noticed that it would intermittently activate in the middle of the night so I fitted a simple pull cord swith to turn it off at night About a month ago I recently had a blockage so pulled it apart and cleaned everything...
  7. 127bit

    Baxi Luna HT 380 - how to display/set flow rate?

    The User Guide etc states an available temperature range of 25-80c. Various instructions found online instruct to turn it fully clockwise to display maximum 80c, then back it off and stop at desired flow rate, ie 55c. However, turning the dial fully clockwise (hottest) displays maximum 30c, and...
  8. B

    Problem with flow rate upstairs only

    Hi Could I ask for some help with a water flow rate problem. I have good mains water pressure on the ground floor. There is no tank in the loft but an unvented cylinder in the upstairs airing cupboard. A gas heat only boiler. Upstairs I have two en suite rooms. One with a shower and one with...
  9. U

    Very handy flow rate/pressure/bore diameter calculator

    I was looking into a problem with flow rate in my bathroom. A bit confused with how flow rate, water pressure, pipe length, and difference in height all interact. I found this very useful online calculator to assist. Do a google for "flow-rate-calculator" at copely dot com. It is a free...
  10. U

    Low flow rate (5L/min) at electric shower, 30L/min at stopcock

    Hello, I have quite low flow rate for my electric shower (a piddling 5L/min), and would like some tips or advice about how to solve or find the cause. I would like a flow rate of about 12L/min. Here is my set-up: Standard gas boiler (not a combi) in the kitchen, have cold water tanks in the...
  11. Bottom

    Thermostatic Valve, fit to Flow or Return?

    I am trying to install a new single vertical radiator and need to know if matters if the thermostatic valve is connected to the flow or return pipes.
  12. R

    Advice on Flow and Thermastat

    I live in a very cold 3 bed detacthed house. We have a Baxi 400 heat only boiler and use Tado smart thermostat and controler to replace the old honeywell programmer. Pump is a CirculatingPumps CP50. The boiler flow temp is set at 75c and the thermistat is at 21c but it is not warm enough and...
  13. G

    Flow / return pipe layout - is this sensible?

    Hello folks I've moved into a property last month and started to note things that may need looking at. Some of the radiators on the ground floor aren't getting very hot, I've had a few passes of balancing to no avail, In light of the above, I took a look down in the subfloor yesterday to take...
  14. S

    Flow temperature discrepancy

    Morning all, I have a Worcester Bosch 8000 life 40kw boiler on system with 7 radiators and the boiler is located in the loft of a 1907 end of terrace house. It has been range rated down to 50% and I currently have the flow temperature set to 64, due to slow warm up. I recently purchased a...
  15. S

    Boiler output flow issues

    Morning all, I have a Worcester Bosch 8000 life 40kw boiler on system with 7 radiators and the boiler is located in the loft of a 1907 end of terrace house. It has been range rated down to 50% and I currently have the flow temperature set to 64, due to slow warm up. I recently purchased a...
  16. C

    Grohe Eurosmart 3246720l Poor Flow After Straghtforward Installation

    I fitted a brand new Grohe Eurosmart 3246720l (See Photo 1) mono basin tap a few days ago, replacing my previous Grohe tap (See Photo 2) as it had develop a small leak. Absolutely straightforward swap out, as I had 3/8” adapters in place from the previous installation. However, the water...
  17. T

    Very very low hot water flow

    Hello, I’ve been doing my first refurbishment is a two bed flat with a bathroom and ensuite . Learnt a lot and been grateful for input’s especially from Shaun. The customer had ordered swan neck mixer taps for kitchen, bathroom and ensuite. On installing then all the hot water flow is none...
  18. B

    Bi Flow dual taps query

    Hi everyone, I need to replace the kitchen tap, all my neighbours have two single taps in their kitchen and bathroom whereas I have a single lever tap in the bathroom and kitchen. Due to living in a flat and having a shared water supply I was advised to get a dual flow tap for the kitchen so...
  19. F

    Rothenburg water flow cups

    Hi guys I have been asked to install a new electric shower at a property. The customer is saying her old one has no power. She has a combi boiler so can’t fit a power shower and the original shower only has a cold water feed. I am looking at investing in a rothenburg flow cup. Are they any good...
  20. S

    No heating flow. Pump and diverter working, what else could be wrong?

    Hello all, I have a WorcesterBosch Greenstar 42CDi classic combi, which is providing DHW fine, but not heating. Was working fine in spring, probably not been used until recently now it's colder. When heating is called for, the boiler fires up ok but soon shuts down the heater as the...

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