A diving chamber is a vessel for human occupation, which may have an entrance that can be sealed to hold an internal pressure significantly higher than ambient pressure, a pressurised gas system to control the internal pressure, and a supply of breathing gas for the occupants.
There are two main functions for diving chambers:

as a simple form of submersible vessel to transport divers underwater and to provide a temporary base and retrieval system in the depths;
as a land, ship or offshore platform-based hyperbaric chamber or system, to artificially reproduce the hyperbaric conditions under the sea. Internal pressures above normal atmospheric pressure are provided for diving-related applications such as saturation diving and diver decompression, and non-diving medical applications such as hyperbaric medicine.

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  1. Bogart

    Drainage inspection chamber

    Whilst messing about trying to find the location of my underground pipw leak, still ongoing, I decided to have a look at my drainage chamber. A right mess it is. The chamber is 480mm diameter and is covered by a rotten lid of 620mm x 480mm. As you can see from the attached piccy the lid is the...
  2. N

    How to prevent chamber blocking

    After some advice please, my waste chamber clogs up about once a month, please see picture. i put the chamber there because the pipe turns 90 degrees right under the new extension also there's another pipe to the rain water down pipe. Please help do it need to move the chamber? And where?
  3. MDDIY2022

    Can i put a grill / mesh inside an obsersation chamber?

    Hi - I'm looking to install an observation chamber which will have 160mm pipe running in and out of it. I want to catch any debris in the observation chamber before it exits ... probably a small grate with 10mm squares catch everything I need. Would would be the best way to do this? should I try...
  4. P

    Plugging A Disused Drain Inlet Chamber

    Hi all, In trying to locate a foul smell coming from the property, we lifted manhole cover up, camera down each of the offshoots and seen one of them is not only disused but openly runs directly into the cavity beneath the suspended floor on the ground level. It's the one circled in red in the...
  5. johnnybaloney

    Johnson & Starley J25-32 Mk3 - How to open fan chamber door

    Hello, I'm trying to get into J25-32 Mk3 Modairflow (click for image) to give it a bit of a clean and remove corpses of bumblebees which at some point were trying to make it their home. The manual says: I removed the air filter no problem but how to remove that fan chamber door? I tried to...
  6. P

    Inspection trap and rusted chamber cover

    Hi I have an old inspection trap which is fed both from my bathroom and outside surface drainage which then enters an old brick inspection chamber. The inspection chamber is then also fed from from both mine and my neighbours toilet foul. The inspection chamber cover is severely rusted because...
  7. D

    water in combustion chamber

    Hi peeps i am just after some good fellows advice the waste pipe in my house blocked and unfortunately the condensate pipe went to it and then boiler would not fire up called a guy out to service it its an oil boiler worcestor camray utility 18/25 and the combustion chamber was is full of water...
  8. A

    Relocating an Inspection Chamber/ New Drainage Run - Help Required

    Hi, I am in need of some help/ advice regarding a project we are working on. We are refurbishing an existing residential house and converting an adjacent shop in to a new house in Kent (Southern Water waste). The existing drainage from the house runs under the shop floor, in to an inspection...
  9. H

    Oil Rayburn 480 kb balanced flue high CO

    Any advice much Appreiciated. I was called to Rayburn 480kb its Eco Flam >2001 customer complaining about fumes smell lock out. I Serviced and set up as below after Striping cooker burner and adjusted setting No signs of damage in chamber replaced new burner seals flue readings i now set to...
  10. T

    Inspection Chamber & Stuck Rod Leading to Septic Tank

    Hi all, This is my first post as a new member. Thanks in advance for any help or guidance. Here's my situation... We recently moved to a smallholding in a rural location. First time we have owned a house with a septic tank. There are two routes to the septic tank, one round the back of the...
  11. W

    Broken flush on toilet

    Moving house in 2 days and toilet flush broke. I know nothing about toilets and all my tools are packed. THe hand presumably lifts something up via the steel wire shown and a 4 inch long plastic rod?
  12. T

    Clay drainage pipe advice needed

    Hi all I have been asked by a customer to cut a channel in an old clay drain pipe and build a brick chamber/manhole around it to create an inspection chamber. I have had some advice from an old timer who told me to dig to the bottom of the pipe but not under it and backfill with concrete half...
  13. J

    Error E133 on Potterton HE Plus combi boiler

    My potterton HE plus combi boiler is about 6 years old. Initially had one of those annual service plans but they dont really do much other than measure carbon monoxide. They dont really service the boiler. After 3 years of paying for these lame annual services I just cancel the service plan...
  14. D

    Non standard drain PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Can anybody give me a rough guesstimate of how much the following is going to cost. I'm in the process of buying a house however the surveyor has said structurally the building is sound however the drain is non standard basically the waste coming from the house pipe is lower down than the pipe...
  15. T

    Inspection chamber inlet connection

    I have exposed the inlet on base of a 450mm IC for my future connection, offering up the underground swp to inlet appears to be very loose. I have spoken to drainage suppliers who say the inlet socket should be a tight fit & demonstrated this with an chamber base & pipe. The inlet seems to be...
  16. D

    Part query, can anyone tell me what this is?

    Hello, I work as a Legionella Assessor and recently came across this copper part which is inline with the flow on a vented indirect cylinder. The bottom is connected to the central heating flow upstream of a pump. Could someone tell me what it is and how it works. My concern is there is...
  17. E

    adding new WC ground floor

    hi :) please help Im adding wc in extension in garage. running new underground soil pipe along side of house to TEE into current pipe that runs straigt across path & manhole other side of fence its about 4.5m run do I need inspection chamber at both ends adding pics & where would rodding...
  18. E

    inspection chamber/ access ??

    hi all Ive dug trench to add new wc in garage the run is about 4.5m long im going down inside out the wall bend 90 degree add inspection chamber then straight 4.5m run to Tee into current pipes that run into manhole other side of fence. do I need another inspection chamber where I old pipes...
  19. T

    block inlet in inspection chamber?

    hi Does anyone the correct way (i.e. that building control will accept?) of blocking off a disused inlet inside a plastic inspection chamber. I have removed the downstairs loo from my house and wish to cap of the inlet inside the chamber. I know that you can buy caps that can be fitted on to...
  20. S

    Not so hot water

    Hi, I am a first time poster here, with little plumbing/heating knowledge so apologies for the potential newbie mistakes. We have a hot water issue whereby the boiler correctly heats the water in the cylinder (as has been confimed by more than one boiler engineer) and hot water comes out...
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