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Recent content by PETE 123

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    Sweating cold water pipe

    Could be high humidity in room get a cheap digital Temperature Humidity Meter Sensor ebay.
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    Trying to fix leaky tap. Screws absent, so confused!?!?

    fit correct size socket not grips and undo note may be reverse thread.
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    Manual radiator valves help

    If valves are leaking change them.
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    How to replace a Baxi 105E microswitch?

    Pull off by hand or pliers. With power off.
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    Powerflush machine purchase

    Get a norstrom i did never regreted it.
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    Shower Tray Install

    I had a job where there was only joists under shower tray no other support one day the bottom fell off the tray there was a 6ft drop underneath lucky people they were not using it at the time.
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    No room for flexi Bath tap connectors

    If the gaps say 200mm get 500mm flexi and go round in a loop. No comments please saying im a bodger please.
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    URGENT Wash Hand Basin Height

    I used to do a lot of work for a landlord. When i fitted mirrors i fitted them so my face was in the middle of mirror (im tall) when he looked in mirror (he was short ) I always had to move the mirror.
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    Combi boiler with low flue???

    BAXI heat only boiler has rear flue.
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    Additional electrical socket for boiler in loft

    Regulations BPEC CEN1 Guidance regarding roof installation of a gas boiler is: Flooring provided to the boiler for service access The boiler has to be mounted on a wall capable of withstanding weight. Loft to be accessible with retractable ladder Must have fixed lighting in place The roof...
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    Additional electrical socket for boiler in loft

    Gas and electrics must be able to be isolated without going in loft say on landing.
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    Smelled gas, called cadent, gas leak detected, do i need to replace the whole pipe?

    Going back to the original post they could smell gas in flat i would put more effort into anything in flat to be tested and test again before a rerun.
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    Gas to outbuilding - Pottery Kiln

    If theres no info ( data badge) on appliance (kiln) how is the gas safe eng going to make sure its working correct.
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    Removing water valve on Main Multipoint BF

    Took me an hour once to remove one wd40 heat and tapping screw helped. stainless screw in corroded ali bad design.
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    Can anyone identify this flush valve?

    viva sanitary older style