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    Honeywell motorised valve not working correctly?

    The default position, when there is no voltage to any valve wire is for port B to be open. This is the connection to the HW cylinder. Port A is the CH connection. If CH was the last call, the valve is held in the CH only position. So there is no need for the valve to move if there is a...
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    Honeywell motorised valve not working correctly?

    The valve is not operational when only hot water is required. The boiler is turned on by the HW cylinder thermostat. If only CH was the last call, the valve will remain in the CH only position. This is "feature" of the V4073A valve. The valve only uses 6 Watt, which is insignificant, though it...
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    Setting central heating flow temperature

    I think you meant to wiite: "if the boiler cycles due to its min output being > (greater than) heating demand. Yes, that can be a problem, but only with boilers which restart then automatically go to max output. More intelligent boilers will restart then go to the same output as when they...
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    Hard water filter for shower

    I have no intention of spending £1000 to validate the warranty on a £100 shower I think the suggestion of asking Mira for their advice is a good one; I will follow it up.
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    Hard water filter for shower

    I have just had to replace a Wickes electic shower; the new one is a Mira Sprint multifit. The installation instructions say that a water treatment device is required if water hardness is over 200ppm; otherwise the guarantee will not be honoured. My water is rated a Very Hard, so I guess it's...
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    Improving the effectiveness of a single pipe system

    If you have a pumped system, how is it relying on convection? If the system is pumped, there will be a pressure difference across the radiator. So water will flow through the radiator not due to convection, i.e hot water rises, cold water falls, but because of the pressure difference - water...
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    Increasing delta t

    Which boiler are you talking about?
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    Do you need to range-rate a modulating boiler?

    If 13kW was requred to maintain 20C continuously inside, the boiler would have to run continuously. But it doesn't. The boiler is turned off when 20C is reached, and turned back on when the temperature has dropped, say 2C. All that is now needed is sufficient heat to raise the temperature by 2C...
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    Do you need to range-rate a modulating boiler?

    That's not how I understand it. 13kW is the boiler output required to raise the temperature from, say -3C to 20C. It's the temperature difference which is important, not the target. So if the outside drops below -3C, say to -6C, the room will only get up to 17C, not 20C. Sorry, but I just don't...
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    Do you need to range-rate a modulating boiler?

    No. All that is required is sufficient heat to make up for the drop in temperature due to the hysteresis of the room stat. If you need 13kw to raise the temperature 23K (-3C to 20C) that is 13/23 = 0.565kW/K. So for a room stat with a 3K hysteresis that means 3 x 0.565 = 1.7kW (approx). But...