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    gravity flow

    The gravity circulating head can be calculated if you know the head (height between flow & return), length of pipe run & the fittings to be used. It is all about the frictional resistance so if you can use pulled bends &/or swept fittings this will help greatly.
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    Good luck with your endeavours. but have you done a search for posts like yours on here? There are thousands asking for the same thing, for some reason gas engineers are not overly keen on helping to create more competition for themselves in an already crowed market place. I am involved in...
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    Constant flow automatic bypass valves

    Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) All leading manufacturers now do their own version, but not so sure how you would use it in a by-pass. Very cleaver but I am with Shaun too much for a domestic system.
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    Programmable cylinder thermostat

    Of course it depends how big your cylinder is & how much hot water you use but I get away with heating my one once a day, just before most is used during the morning ablutions. It therefore sits for most of the time with only a small amount of hot water in the top section loosening heat because...
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    Programmable cylinder thermostat

    I would still be interested in what is driving this desire to have different temperature water at different times ??
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    Descaling unvented cylinder

    From my experience an indirect unvented cylinder will not be suffering from scale unless the domestic side has been run at higher temperatures >65 degC but if you wanted to check why not drain it & remove the immersion to inspect the inside. It is more likely that the problem is with the water...
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    Air in gas main

    It has got to be something to do with the black technigas proving systems hasn't it ? 1565814794 How much pipework is there after the unit to the point they are purging from ?
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    G3 - Competent Person Scheme for Self Certification

    Just worth noting that it is not down to us to notify to BC but the house owner, they are the ones having the work installed that requires it. So long as we are qualified (Part G) & install it correctly, we probably have a duty of care as an "expert" to inform them (customer) of the requirement...
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    Megaflo only heating with immersion?

    Mark Turn the FCU (neon switch) underneath the pump switch off this is the power supply to the immersion & is only used as a back up if the boiler fails , this is why you are using a lot of power. Push the left hand button on the programer (HW) so the the box moves over the Auto or On's for hot...
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    Unvented pipe work

    Additional frictional resistance going over that length would effect the kW / discharge rating of the T&P under high temp discharge, I believe.
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    Hiring an apprentice pros/cons

    Good luck Andy hope you find an apprenticeship soon.
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    Hiring an apprentice pros/cons

    As far as I am aware the new Plumbing & Heating qualification starts this coming year. The C&G 9189 this is a 4 year program at level 3 only, so if you want a funded program for your apprentice this is now the only option. On the plus side they will come out the other side with ACS if you do...
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    G3 - Competent Person Scheme for Self Certification

    When they do final sign off of extensions / building works that required planing you might of thought that the clearly incorrect & sometimes dangerous unvented cylinders, clearly installed by the builder would have caught there eye but sadly not. As for the house holder who is paying for their...
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    Unvented pipe work

    It is 600mm from the T&P not so bad if the D1 from the Pressure Relief is a bit longer. I list and say that it doesn't comply the Building Reg's G3 & MI's.
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    G3 - Competent Person Scheme for Self Certification

    No you don't Shaun in fact there is a move afoot with a lot of BC to not allow direct registering they want it all do through CPS I guess cos they haven't got any officers who know what the hell they are looking at. Click4 have a look at this link...

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