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Worcester Heatslave ii problem after oil ran out

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We have an oil delivery booked for Friday but we ran out earlier today. We topped the tank with 150L from containers, bled the first boiler from the Allen key until the oil ran free and it fired up fine.

Did the same on the second one but that had an E9 over temp error. We reset the thermostat and it fired as well but clearly it got too hot. Now it runs but with lots of black smoke from the flu so turned it off. Is something clogged or worse? Thoughts... Thanks.
Have you checked the tank filter ?
Needs an oil engineer now. It's on the slippery slope to being sooted up. Needs a clean out, clean filters, new nozzle and combustion re setting with a glue gas analyser.
All fixed. Changing the nozzle and cleaning the pump filter got it burning correctly. It was well sooted up on the baffles and secondary heat exchanger but a good clean up later at it is perfect.

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